Friday, August 31, 2012

Thou shalt not spank your children

Time to discipline the parents

Spanking children is old fashioned now and the modern day psychology can do much better with drugs and counseling.  Also the legal system is setup to jam you up as we are redefining the traditional family real good in this matter of spanking and discipline: 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Martial law is coming.  It's coming very soon!  One thing not being reported is how Wal Mart is involved in this:

If you don't believe Wal Mart actually has memorandums of understanding with the government just wait until the EXECUTIVE ORDERS implementing this feature are announced.  Go study how Wal Mart is set up with their parking lots, surveillance camera arrays, and ask anyone who works for them how their management and workers are being served government propaganda for citizen control.

There is also a serious problem with INFOWARS and other "alternative media" that has been crying wolf for some time now about certain things just to make money and profits.  Now these things are really coming to pass and they are crying again.  Now the big bad wolf arrives and nobody cares:


The Illegal Legal System in America

Time to get this!  Time to take back the U.S. Constitution! 

Recently there have been several events that could wake up America but only if the Americans start paying attention: 

Psychology is also at war with the minds of men.  Oddly enough this "profession" has been given unbelievable authority to steal, kill, and destroy:

Do you want to join the U.S. military?

Don't let the media molest your mind.  You're really safer in Israel than all the propaganda would like you to believe:  Also, God really does have a covenant with that nation regardless what your opinion is about it:

These days where the U.S. military has been making a habit of going out and making war against nations at the discretion of leaders who inhabit the United Nations you might consider serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).  Do you know you can actually do that?  You would probably learn more from that than becoming a slave to the corporate killing squadron.  Everyone gets involved in the IDF even the women:

Or you can join the U.S. military that of course has some handsome pictures and commercials making it look like you can have all sorts of fun jumping out of helicopters (which actually crash all the time) and clearing out buildings in urban settings, etc.  Then when you get back your country doesn't give a damn about you and furthermore are subject to potential mental evaluations and diagnosis along with being branded a potential terrorist.  You call that honorable?

Personally I feel this show the end of a nation when the nation uses you to kill for their corrupt system and upon re entry into civilian life they give you a mental disorder so you can spend the rest of your life in the bar, on psychiatric drugs and television: 


Embracing the New World Economy

In the new world order there is an alleged order to things as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is trodden under foot of men and the world is set up for the man of sin, the son of perdition.  It's time to embrace religion in every form imaginable and become a global world unity where there is peace and safety:

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

For those few of us who are radical fundamentalist extremists with a Holy Bible (Authorized Version) and who believe on our God and Saviour Jesus Christ we are considered to be intolerant terrorists by those whom God has sent his strong delusion that they believe a lie:

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:


Time to load up on SILVER

The News UNIT suspects silver will break below $20 soon:

Another great buying opportunity is coming!

The next dip is coming soon.  If you watch the price action on the stock market the precious metals follow the stock market trends.  Keep an eye on "barnone11967" YOU TUBE CHANNEL for the latest updates on this critical dip coming.  Also watch "SirRawDoglet" as he may change his mind and start to bark it out a bit about selling your metals again.  

You see this market is a very changeable environment and it's no longer a long term investment atmosphere as the economies are set to implode and create a global corporate fascist world led by the man of sin, the son of perdition.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Recently George Soros was reported to be buying gold.  Also the usual "King World News Cartel" is all on the big buying bandwagon again telling everyone gold is going to $10,000.  You better load up and sell everything you have.  All you need is a "bug-out-bag" and a bunch of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum to carry for your survival emergency when the SHTF: 

Check the news at "King World News":  There are some new names now that I have not heard before.  Soon James Turk will be making some price predictions.  Let me guess:  GOLD to $5,000 and SILVER to $95 by the end of this year?  :-)  Keep stackin'! 

Or maybe it's time to get some silver bullets?
"Keep in mind it's not the end of the world but it is the Myan prediction coming through."
---Dr. Bob Flower

In the above video Dr. Bob Flower says, "...this is a done deal."  You should listen to the video above and kind of get a little taste for the state of the United States Of America.  The new world economy is coming soon.  

Dr. Bob Flower makes an interested comment by saying: "...keep in mind it's not the end of the world but it is the Myan prediction coming through."

People are embracing the new world economy now and you will see more and more people reject the true and living God for the god of this world as the god of this world is exalted.

I think it's time to short precious metals and oil

I have a group of trolls that like to chide The News UNIT here but I'm going to say I think it's time to short precious metals and oil.  However, you can be certain the price at the pumps will have no relief and also even though the U.S. DOLLAR will increase in value it will not increase in purchasing power for the majority of Americans.  This entire market and all it's indexes have been cooked now to the point where it's one very large labyrinth of deceit:


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Get your Hollywood rush on either the television, computer, or in the movie theater and then get used to living in the ever increasing police state developing here in the sweet land of liberty:  Some of you don't think this is a police state and that's probably because you are getting used to walking around with your head down like a good Soviet and your brains have been wiped out by a life of entertainment and other forms of propaganda:

Many Americans are also being brainwashed to try and be a YOU TUBE star as the majority of our population seeks to make a name for themselves and become nothing more than a society of actors and actresses through role playing and other pathetic fantasies.


Current Events Commentary

This is a good observation by a YOU TUBE participant.  And God is coming back this time to take vengeance on them that believe not.  Good stuff:

  Comments on silver.  This guy is easy to listen to because he's not on some high horse agenda like many of these are on YOU TUBE.  I don't really care if he's wrong or right it's just nice to hear someone talk sense:
I personally doubt there will be QE3.  The global government is working diligently with their high speed computers to steer the market to their advantage and fit their agenda.  The world is shuffling toward Armageddon and the scripture will be fulfilled.  The god of this world is Satan and God is going to run this program exactly the way he planned it out.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Eric Sprott Speaks


Police shoot woman in her back yard

Psychology and the Police State U.S.A.

PsychoHERESY and PsychoBABBLE

Listen to this Psychology "profession".  They are always creating a new DSM Manual (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW and watch the Psycho-babble from the Psycho-babblers:


How the FBI Soviets Detained Brandon Raub

The Psycho-theraputic Police State in America

This is no joke here as Alex Jones has guests now from the Rutherford Institute and other credible sources.  Alex is now entering into the thick of this case regarding Veteran Marine Brandon Raub:

Judge says there were no factual allegations to have this man detained.  Meanwhile a psychiatrist threatens Brandon telling him he's going to brainwash him and force medications on him:  

Notice how on Facebook you are being watched, you can be picked up for not committing a crime and committed to a mental institution or prison.  According to Attorney John Whitehead this is happening to thousands and thousands of people across The United States Of America: 

psychiatrist crazy's on on the loose in america, psychiatry is nothing but a fake science, thud, experiment, psychiatry, most psychiatrists these days are "schizophrenia. 'Psychiatrists love defining new disorders and creating more and more. Psychiatry is pseudoscience (fake) and a waste of money in society. It serves Psychiatrists who are the evil minions of the whatever hell-spawn their mental illness wants to believe in the fake 'scientific progress' with freedom hating psychs.
markhansel1 18 minutes ago


Marc Faber says recession 100% certain

Who and where is this "Syrian Girl"? I want to know...

I want to know how this chick in Syria can get on the internet.  Is she in the U.S. Embassy?  Or is she down the hall from Alex laughing and joking around while drinking a Tangy Tangerine?  I really would like to know:

  • I don't like how she's laughing on camera and wonder why she's lauging. What the fuck is really going on here? Is this a bunch of bullshit?
  • It's easy to laugh when your in no danger, she doesn't live in Syria she has family still there. Any information she may have comes from second hand news via family. The only reason she's on the Alex Jones show is because she's good looking and Alex obviously has an eye for the ladies. Is this called disraction tactics?
I don't think Syrian Girl is in Syria.  If we find out what's going on with her what do we do with INFOWARS?  Do we believe them anymore?  Seems Syria has some real problems right now.  Take a look here.  WARNING GRAPHIC:


1 BILLION rounds of ammunition? Why?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

DON'T LISTEN TO THIS UNLESS YOU LISTEN TO IT IN IT'S ENTIRETY!  JUST DON'T EVEN BOTHER!  Also I recommend to ignore the host here but the guest you need to pay 100% attention to.  Enough said:

One more thing:  There was only 1 view on this video at the time I'm posting this.  If there is not over 1,000,000 views as a MINIMUM on this video then we know this message is not getting out.  Are you going to send this LINK out or not?  


On another note a Texas official is preparing for an Obama induced civil war:



We have a world moving toward war again according to the scripture.  Nuclear war is going to come from Russia and China.  Also, the times of the Gentiles shall be fulfilled which means THE END OF THE United States Of America.  (Put that in your pipe and smoke it!)  The man of sin, the son of perdition is going to appear along with the strong delusion that God sends to damn them that have pleasure in unrighteousness.  After that the end time scenario kicks in according to the scripture.  Even so, come Lord Jesus. Amen and Amen.

Here's a couple more interviews with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts below in an embedded format.  CLICK TO PLAY:


Law Enforcement replaced The Police

The Land of Perverted Justice
 and Lawless Lawmakers

The Police Departments and Sheriff's Departments have been transformed from the "protecting and serving" public servants into LAW ENFORCEMENT:

It's all about going out now on the prowl to enforce a load of laws and making criminals out of lawful citizens.  Those of us who are law abiding citizens who have no criminal record or intent to do any mischief or lawlessness are now targeted by LAW ENFORCEMENT who is out to find and even manufacture unconstitutional detainment and arrests instead of protecting and serving.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

TSA Criminals Exposed and Texas Prepares for Civil War

For those of you who don't like The News UNIT because I cut and paste and embed videos here you are just very simple minded.  This is here for those who are true Americans.  If you're a passive dumb American then go watch ESPN or some OUTDOOR CHANNEL and get a fix on shooting some deer or catching fish while you sit back and talk smart on the bar stool or your easy chair.  This is for "we the people" and for our education and information:


The FBI Commited A Felony By Arresting Mr. Brandon Raub

Every one of those FBI agents should be charged with a FELONY and Mr. Brandon Raub should petition a signed affidavit with a bill of particulars for damages caused by these anti-American thugs!


Civil War Preparation in Lubbock, Texas

Officials in Texas are now warning Obama policies likely to result in CIVIL WAR:



School Lunchroom Palm Scanning Technology



SILVER to gap up to $39 within one week








Of course you don't have to if you don't want to BUT then look back at it in about 6 months.  The best prices on Palladium are at TULVING, APMEX and Northwest Territorial Mint.  Otherwise just go watch the NIA CULT tell you what to do: 

Raw Dog and His Pal Day Trade Show Donnie both NIA SUSPECTS

This Vision Victory gangster is in league with that entire gang who stems from the NIA and even after their little mutiny among themselves with penny stock fraud G4T started his next venture out in Southern California.  You know have another branch growing with more rotten fruit and it's fun to watch their internal conflict with one another.  They are still trying to get Raw Dog to join their team and make him a yes man.  He almost falls for it at times but recently he pissed Day Trade Donnie off.  What a bunch of tools! 

These guys are trying to get going again on YOU TUBE to expand their cartel with new and unsuspected members.  Until now!  :-)  Yea we know who you are.  These are all in this BIG SILVER MAFIA CULT together:

Maybe the next show will be "The Donnie and Danny show"?  Are we supposed to buy bitcoins now?
Also I really think these guys wanted to pump silver to $75 with James Turk but the "banksters" aren't going to let it happen.  Personally I don't want to see the government overthrown I'd just like to see it get healed.  Also I have no intention to harm myself or anyone else FOR THE RECORD!

Donnie wants you to unsubscribe from him and go watch Raw Doglet.  What a baby!  These little children all they care about is who's watching their YOU TUBE CHANNEL while they dish out a bunch of B.S. continually:

CORRECTION:  Raw Dog is NOT part of the NIA cry baby club or Day Trade Dummy.   Raw Dog barks it out here for himself:

The NIA Mafia and Sons of Liberty Silver Cult Watch

"...This is it folks!  You gotta get your act together:  Get your gear together; get your mind together; get your mindset; umm and I've been doing everything that I keep preaching about--I've been stacking silver as much as I can but AT SOME POINT IT'S NOT ABOUT SILVER it's about making sure you've got that final bit of FOOD and AMMO and GUNS and stuff for to ride out a storm...."
---Chris Duane, Sons of Liberty Academy, Veteran U.S. Marine

Every one of these videos although they may be sometime informational they are inwardly ravening wolves and men who lie in wait to deceive.  My guess is these are really a bunch of rich Jews that like to create confusion and capitalize on current events acting as if they are Constitutional, freedom and liberty loving Americans.  

I really believe they are out to destroy America and create a group of people to worship them by posing as "Sons of Liberty" under the guise of a sort of form of being "Christian" when in fact they are known to want to start a REVOLUTION and overthrow the order of government.  

I've watched this group make trouble for people as they themselves don't like your freedom of speech but only their own.  

I do agree with one thing Chris Duane said here and that is people need to educate themselves.  Yes they do!  They need to know what you're up to: 

I'll never trust these men no matter what they say or how they make every effort to act like freedom and liberty loving Americans.  They are not!  They have made trouble for people I know on YOU TUBE and have their own insider cartel and agenda much like the criminal "banksters" that they loudly crow about on a regular basis:

We have to be on alert in this country for these types that want to create a new country in Montana, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming areas with them as the leaders and the sheep running to them to buy gold and silver.  Oh and now guns and ammo are ok all of sudden?  Ex U.S. Marine?  VOMIT!

Natural gas and oil rich North America

Better than GOLD and SILVER and any other metal is NATURAL GAS and OIL which although is abundant in supply is extremely underutilized.  That is about to change:  


Nokia is coming back with a line of products

Nokia has been sidelined for some time now but is moving again.  I tried to get Don Harold to talk about this some time ago but he refused.  And he calls his channel "The Day Trade Show".  What a joke that is!  He also took a load of his B.S. VIDEOS down beside.  He's just beating the air with his B.S. now and is involved with a group of YOU TUBE cry babies who are very thin skinned.  

But I don't trust technology stocks here in America even though it seems there is a never ending demand for the latest cell phone and hand held computer gadgets.  Now when India gets involved in this you have to remember that everything now is based on a "global culture".  

The only thing I care about in a cell phone is battery life and signal strength.  I'm told NOKIA beats the rest in the smart phone segment.  I guess it's time to turn my old flip phone in for a NOKIA:


Peter Schiff says get in GOLD and SILVER now!

This sounds like Peter Schiff is letting everyone know that this is the LAST CHANCE to get into some tangible assets.  Schiff also says THE US DOLLAR is no longer a "safe haven".  Do you believe him?


Everyone says go for the GOLD; including China


China leads the world and has a great interest here in the United States Of America for their educational purposes and that of global expansion and control.  China's leadership is wiser than that of America and behind the scenes have an economic plan unlike any other.  Many Americans are even moving to China to work these days.  You already work for China even here in America and China has been here very recently planning more industrial and agricultural interests: 

Now we know the rich are well set as GOLD gets ready to take off to higher levels.  George Soros is in gold along with all his pals like Jim Rogers and Marc Faber, etc.  How high will gold go?  Some are saying $8,000 by 2015: 


Observations on the Illuminati

Brandon Raub released by a constitutional Judge: How about that?

Veteran Marine Brandon Raub will return home in Virginia after a Judge closes the case.  We the people only would like others in civil service to not violate their oaths of office instead of committing felonies against lawful citizens with civil rights. 

I'm hoping The News UNIT can be instrumental in getting useful information out and at least make an attempt to keep our public servants in good standing with their oath of office:


Pastor Manning calls for REVOLUTION Patrick Henry Style

I never knew of this man in Christ before.  He is a brother in Christ which transcends color of skin.  You know why I haven't heard of him?  Our media like to keep this quiet and keep their lies at the forefront: 

This video has been out since 2009!  And I'm troubled that I haven't seen it sooner.  This is why I post things here on The News UNIT.  Some of my own Americans mock me and say this blogspot is useless.  To them I say you are en enemy of America and care not for the truth.  Get out of here then!
He also is letting this administration know what's going on.  We never even hear one of our own elected representatives speak in such a manner!  And no wonder for Satan is the god of this world.

Vote the long legged Mac Daddy out!   Here's another preacher that will tell you straight out what's going on with Obama:


Wall Street Death Race

Wall Street equities enter the DEATH RACE.  U.S. Dollar looking good again for the SAFE HAVEN:

Killer Food Called "Natural"

Sounds like Monsanto is another outfit that needs a beat down.  Meanwhile we wonder why we are getting sick and diseased.  And soon if you get found out with your own garden or rain barrels you will be a terrorist under seige:


Watch GOLD and PLATINUM price spike


For now here's an article about the South African mine debacle which will likely create a large impact and shortage of GOLD and PLATINUM. If there's a price spike from just the latest job action in that part of the world just think of what will happen with the EU situation on September 12th.

Pay very close attention to The News UNIT, INFOWARS and even a few pumpers when they have the proper guests on their interviews.  I'm trying to keep up with the latest developments here now.  Things are going to get very critical here VERY SOON: 


Silver rises above $30 and here come the pumpers!

Ho look now!  THERE'S NOW A GLOBAL SHORTAGE OF GOLD AND SILVER.  BETTER GET STACKIN'!  SGTbull07 with his load of BULLION BULL again is on board.  This should be his website logo here:
This is no less than entertaining! :-)  I can't wait to hear the price forecasts.  Even Raw Dog is barking it out big time!  STAY TUNED FOR MORE ADVENTURES....developing...

Latest FROM SGTbull07 otherwise known as SGT B.S. or Sean Turnbull: 

Raw Dog is barking it out here but I don't consider him a pumper.  Raw Dog is a Texan!...

Don't get silver tunnel vision:

Texas Prepares For Civil War

*****NEWS ALERT***** 
Time to move to Texas!  I'm in!  I have all sorts of friends in Texas that are REAL BLOOD TEXANS.  I also have friends that have become Texans.  I've always been a Texan and am well received there.  Praise God, there's a place of safety:

Many of you dumb ass truthers and patriots wouldn't fit in in Texas.  You're too effeminate!  They will throw you out of town and ignore you completely.

Take a look at these men here.  These are men.  In case you haven't noticed they look like men too.  Real men like Texas! 

Keep an eye now on LUBBOCK COUNTY in Texas.  They may be surrounded one of these days by the Fed's like they did in Waco years ago.  Only one problem.  The people in Texas are many Cattlemen and have guns.  The rest of us are watching this too.  With great interest I might add:

Maybe it's time we make this election one that matters in the country.  How about it America?  Can you get off the Television and start checking The News UNIT, INFOWARS, and so forth?  There needs to be more than 20,000 people watching.  We need 200,000 Americans to wake up!  Vote these treasonous enemies out of office NOW!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Make Love Not War

Here's a pop up ad on YOU TUBE I just saw.  Seems there are lots of game players in our society today that live on the computer role playing "Dungeons and Dragons" and various extremely advanced video and graphically capable programs which take the player into a "virtual reality".  They are getting better at this with advanced technology.  

So here you can go make love to this little harlot here.  That's why there's so much perversion today because it is being sealed into the minds of men.  Then they take their filth abroad and we will end up with a society filled with people with emerods, scabs, the itch, and some other botch in their secret parts.   Fill up your cup you perverts!


NBC Promoting REVOLUTION series

The age of STRONG DELUSION begins

This is how utterly ridiculous our networks combine forces with Hollywood to make movies pertaining to our nation's destruction and revolution.  All this so people can watch it and get revved up and then make some alleged threatening comments on Facebook to trigger Homeland Security, or an FBI response team to forcibly detain them and drag them into a mental health facility for evaluation.  This get tough mentality comes from Hollywood trash producers who manufacture this nonsense:

This is why even though our government is getting increasingly ridiculous too the solution is to capitalize on it and just make more money and profits for advertising, etc. so the dumb sheep "we the people" can watch this nonsense and get a rush over it.  And you know what?  It actually works! 

What this really shows is that the majority of the world has lost it's mind and God shall send strong delusion now to give them exactly what they want.  They want terror and they will get a good measure of the terror of the Lord very soon enough.  Those of us with renewed minds in Christ Jesus may not like it but we shall prevail by our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.  His promises are sure and steadfast: 

The News UNIT calls on the FBI and Homeland Security to fully investigate NBC and Hollywood and issue TEMPORARY DETENTION ORDERS FOR MENTAL HEALTH PURPOSES to anyone involved in the production and promotion of this type of offensive and threatening entertainment.  

There is one exception to this:  If it is their U.S. Constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression with this violence then leave them alone and also leave "we the people" alone along with those Veteran "we the people" who have recently been detained without committing any crime or evidence of damage from their actions:


APMEX ALERT: Silver ASK above 30.00

SILVER HITS $30.00 ASK according to APMEX at 9:12 P.M. E.D.T.:

BREAKING NEWS:  HERE COME THE PUMPERS! :-)  Get a load of toilet paper at the ready!

Get ready for Sergeant Bullshit to lead the cavalry with his load of "SGT BULL" just like "Papal Bull":
Shorts are about to have a bad case of diarrhea
See I cannot give up on The News UNIT.  This is just too much fun! :-)

RAW DOG UPDATE SOON COMING....check back later...


The silver market looks extraordinarily strong according to FXEmpire:

This guy below really leans into the SILVER CULT freaks and misinformation muppets that falsely call themselves "truthers" and "patriots".  Far from it!  Let them have it.  I'm pretty much sick of them too including most who align themselves with SGTBull and that entire NIA Mafia:
Raw Dog is barkin' it out!...He says GOLD and SILVER are going way up and it's time to LOAD UP!!...

Watching SILVER approach $30

Here's an old video and in fact it's the first video I have ever uploaded on YOU TUBE on the "newsunit" channel.  REMEMBER THIS IS AN OLDER VIDEO and MY OPINIONS have changed since then but still some of the information there is worth some review.  I even listened to SGTbull07 back then.  

Notice I mention THE PRECIOUS METALS NEWS BLOGSPOT which had shortly thereafter disappeared.  Where it went and who was behind that I may never know.  Does someone else know?

Notice I mention here that a monster box of American Eagles was selling for $22,000.  Right now they are selling for about $16,500.  So do the math and some say silver is going to break out again and go up to $50 easily.  If that's the case it would be a handsome investment to have: 


American citizens are standing up agains a threatening government

If you listen to Alex Jones carefully here you may find that he's actually been propelled into covering the truth of the latest in a plethora of current events unlike any other time in the history of INFOWARS.  I have to admit at times I have suspected him of doing things in a questionable manner but more and more I'm becoming convinced that there really is a problem in this country with our government and people are finally starting to address the issue through the alternative media and hopefully next through our elected representative that have not forgotten their oath of office.  

What we may be seeing now is a scared government trying to round up a few innocent civilians who speak their mind and stealing their liberty and freedom by use of force and operating in direct violation of their oath of office under an authority that has placed themselves above the law of the land instead of understanding that they are those that are under authority while they protect and serve us.  

Time to get busy people!  No I'm not quitting The News UNIT but I may have to take a couple days off and go fishing here because not only have I been reading so much of this recently about our government out of control but I have recently lived through a personal experience where I was almost killed and shot by a Sheriff's Department after calling them for assistance.  


Temporary Detention ORDER For Mental Health Purposes

Today we can be detained for another reason other than "probable cause".  It is called a TEMPORARY DETENTION ORDER FOR MENTAL HEALTH PURPOSES.  This new age of psychiatry sets out to destroy the lives of people whom they deem mentally deficient.

(Throw out the U.S. Constitution and keep making new laws that abrogate everything and allow due process to be destroyed.  That's exactly what is happening here!) 

This is an example how "we the people" have allowed ourselves to be property of the corporation in Washington D.C. and have allowed unconstitutional jurisdiction to prevail against us.  This is very strange indeed.  

Notice the protestors in this video who have Ron Paul t-shirts.  They are also considered potential terrorists.  But then now we have Ron Paul who has gone into hiding after his son Rand teamed up with Mitt Romney.  Perhaps Mitt Romney has plans to have Ron Paul on his cabinet? 

Yea I know I said I was leaving.  I'll go now.  Perhaps I'll auction off to the highest bidder?  Believe me I wouldn't settle for anything less than popular CEO bonus amounts:


THE END of The News UNIT

Better [is] the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: [and] the patient in spirit [is] better than the proud in spirit.

On second thought this might be only THE BEGINNING:

Due to lack of financial solvency I have to scale back for now.  (this is true it does take some money and time) You can go watch the TOP 100 YOU TUBE channels and keep informed.  Personally I'm content to sit back, trust God, and watch America be destroyed by both the government and it's dead beat citizens.  Is there really anything we can do about it?

Can't afford to continue this operation.  Go to: 

If you really want to know the truth in Christ and the gospel then go read this and whether you believe it or not is your business: 

So why am I getting away from this?  Because actually I'm doing some things about our problems behind the scenes.  I'm not going to be grandstanding about it and making a name for myself but will be diligently at work behind the scenes (and lawfully) putting myself again on the line of sacrifice as I am supposed to do.  Later on when those of us are finally together in Christ at the redemption of the purchased possession we will be rejoicing with no memory of The United States Of America or The U.S. Constitution for this shall pass away with a great noise as the elements melt with fervent heat. 

Hey someone likes The News UNIT.  This means more to me than money.  I'd rather know that at least I'm doing something to keep the awareness of current events maintained for someone.  Even though we all don't agree about my personal commentary at times The News UNIT is like a newspaper.  Just go to the next post.  There is a load of information there.

This Harley guy here is starting to do more videos.  I'm actually annoyed he doesn't have at least a few hundred hits a day either.  Maybe it's time to send these links to your Harley friends.  Harley riders may seem like a rough crowd to some but I've never met one that hasn't been a decent chap.  They are a more loyal bunch than a lot of people are.  These days good friends are hard to find and when you get at least one good one you cherish them.

We need a few men like this around.  And a good thing about him is he likes women. :-)  You can easily tell that one:


CLARIFICATION:  I guess I should clarify something here about The News UNIT.  The News UNIT isn't leaving unless GOOGLE erases it.  The fact is I'm just leaving The News UNIT (or at least going to try to more often) for a while.  I've been on here too much.  If something comes up I'll post it as usual but I'm just in need of some fresh air after all that's going on in the world lately.  

I was almost killed and almost shot:  Just need a little break time!

Recently I even had situation where I called the police about being threatened by a black subject and was surrounded minutes later by at least 4 M4 assault rifles with red dot laser sights, ordered out of my vehicle and on the ground face down, told " wrong move and we'll blow your fuckin' head off.." (among other things), and then detained in the back of a police cruizer for over two hours while my personal items were looked through and confiscated while I was intermittently interrogated about my personal property over and over, then finally released and threatened not to come around "their county" anymore along with being told I didn't do anything unlawful or illegal BUT they still don't trust me.  As a result of begin handcuffed I cannot feel my thumbs and have nerve damage in both my wrists and hands now.  Very nice eh?  You could say I know what it's like out there now and yes I DO BELIEVE IN THESE CONSPIRACY THEORIES NOW.  They are absolute facts in many cases!  STAY TUNED!   

Oh one more thing:  If you're rich and you want to send me a LOVE OFFERING hit the DONATE button.  It's better than losing it to government waste, fraud, and abuse.  


One of the most popular YOU TUBE channels

Well here's a couple of them:

See for yourself what the highest ranking YOU TUBE CHANNELS are.  I think maybe I'll take The News UNIT down soon for lack of interest.  I'm not entertaining enough and never will be: 

This is an example of one of the HIGH RANKING VIEWED YOU TUBE CHANNELS.  Do you think this is why the United States Of America is in the state it's in?  And you think this is a civilized society?  I guess we are turning into a culture of entertainment:

This shows me that there are quite a few people that like guns but of course they are afraid to own and learn about one.  Here's a guy that likes to go out and say: "...let's blow some shit up!"  I'd consider him a potential terrorist for making a comment like that.  Or is that his "freedom of speech"?  I don't even know anymore.  Do you?

Toxic GMO Corn FOR SALE at Wal Mart

Who needs laboratory animals when you have THE CONSUMER (humans)?  If you're not satisfied with Wal Mart GMO corn you can return it.  See what it does to your stomach:
Nice time to have some really sweet corn isn't it?  Get this in your belly and eat some insecticide that has never been tested on humans---UNTIL NOW. 


QE3 or no QE3? What will it be?

Watch this video if nothing else but to learn how the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is manufactured:

Freedom of speech and expression is only for certain people...

Those who are protected by Title 18 USC Section 242 are not the ones being arrested and thrown into mental institutions.  Has anyone noticed this?

Apparently President Obama is going to play basketball with one of these guys here in the video.  Who are they threatening to "...lynch his ass.."?  Take a look:

Veteran Threatens to kill President Obama Arrested


Veteran is arrested for allegedly threatening to kill President Obama.  Well what did he say and who did he say it to?


Gold Confiscation Coming

If the gold price is going higher then you can expect the government to confiscate gold.  This is why it is safe to be in the paper asset than the physical asset.  GLD, AGQ, and SLV would continue to rise nicely and also PSLV and PHYS would be good choices.  The precious metals rush is on but do not believe the truthers and patriots who think they are exempt from an EXECUTIVE ORDER like this: 

Find out what people like Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, George Soros, Peter Schiff, and others do to protect their gold.  They probably have safes outside the U.S.A. in other countries that honor their property more than the American government does.  

Police Officer violates oath of office: Assaults woman

How about this?  Well we neither understand neither do we consent to this behavior anymore.  In fact it's time for due process:  This is an example of a cop committing a felony criminal act of violence.  How about that? 


Market Data and Charts

Here's a group of CHART ANALYSIS from  Don't overlook any of this.  You might regret not picking a position here at this point:

$8,000 GOLD by 2015

Is it time to buy gold now?  George Soros just reported to load up on the metal.  When George Soros loads up on a metal that probably means something: 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

American Christian Gun Owners BE ON ALERT!

If you want to get all revved up read on.  I'm tired of these obscure one or two people showing up getting mentally evaluated while most of their story is not really known or disclosed.  I don't believe them.  Therefore I shall sleep in peace tonight even though recently I have had my own share of adversity:

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.
---PSALM 4.8

Is this happening for real?  Are Christian Americans are being taken prisoner, threatened, and violated Soviet style...etc...LISTEN!...BUT DON'T BE DECEIVED BY ANY OF THIS! 

For this you need more than just an attorney standing by.  You have to know the U.S. Constitution and law for yourself.  If you don't you are dangerously in peril. 

Moreover if you are not in Christ Jesus according to the truth of the gospel of Christ then you are in greater danger than that of the U.S. Government or any official therein.  

I'm watching these men as they preach what I'll call the gospel of the U.S. Constitution.  They never mention the truth of the gospel of Christ but are always blabbing of the evil men and seducers in high places but cannot give them the gospel.  They will go to the same hell they (the "elite") do except ye believe on the Lord Jesus Christ:

This guy wants to start a radio show now and make a name for himself.  Actually let him have his FREEDOM OF SPEECH and run his mouth wide open with great swelling words of vanity.  This guy knows not God nor obeys the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ:  Listen to him tell you the Mormon gospel actually.  Listen close:

And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost.
---MORONI 10.4


GOLD at Jim Sinclair's REFERENCE DATUM price

GOLD = $1,640

Gold is at a key price and I've notice this price is being referred to by other analysts.  Is there something to this price and the elite? 

I've been studying a bit here about what is going on behind the scenes with among some men of activity such as:  Lindsey Williams, Jim Sinclair, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, and one person I will not reveal but his initials are P___S_____.  Let me give my readers something to chew on:

Pay attention to these categories over the next full two months (now through end of October 2012):
  1. Water -- Yes water.  There's going to be a problem with water due to the excessive drought.  We may see water rationing.
  2. Crude Oil -- It's going up to $150 and higher in the near term.  Mark it down.
  3. Pump gasoline prices.  Will be $5 to $6 very soon.
  4. All corn products.  High prices and problems due to drought
  5. Weather:  More dry weather and drought coming across much of the U.S.A.
  6. War -- WW3
  7. Guns and ammunition --  There are more people buying like never before.  Stop in at your local Cabelas or Gander Mountain and see for yourself.
  8. Health -- Another plaque is going to rise across the U.S.A. soon.  I think it's already started in Illinois.
  9. College and universities -- graduates are in trouble finding jobs
  10. More cash jobs and off the grid citizens.
  11. Wal Mart is going to have a bank real soon:  Wal Mart Bank and Trust.
  12. Terrorism not by "terrorists" but by those in authority who violate their oaths of office according to the U.S. Constitution.
  13. There will be sort of a bank holiday soon.  But it will be unlike any other.  It will be emergency legislation to freeze the assets of "we the people".  


China Economic Outlook Looks Dangerous


Many are wondering what to do but watch this video in this story below and listen to the statement made that there is no place left for an investor to go.  We have now arrived at a place in history where there are virtually no investments for the average investor and it looks like the system could virtually implode as the cost of living rises and pay comes down low.  

Although it's ignored, God's word states that the rich keep back wages by fraud.  The hire of the workers is going to be diminished and that means wages are coming down while the cost of living rises.  The result will be the majority of the global population to turn into slaves to the system. 


Prince Harry Likes Lasciviousness

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?  Welcome to LAScivious VEGAS:

The leaders who run the world are going mad and they will ultimately be given a good dose of the cup of the wrath of God in due time: 
There are more drunken orgies at American universities and various places than ever before.  There's going to be more and more nakedness now after this as people want to be like the prince.  When you get the sodomites involved now then it will really get perverted.  Don't tell me these days aren't increasing unto more ungodliness: 

More on this if you want to know the truth: 


Extreme wickedness will return again

I'm convinced that history will repeat itself soon and that it is coming to the United States Of America which sadly exists now in name only.  If you are a believer on the Lord Jesus Christ you are now considered to be a potential terrorist and the government is constructing ways to get us.  For those who think there isn't trouble coming you will soon find out.  Only those who keep their head down and submit to the jurisdiction of that Wicked will escape.  But after that they will escape no further since they are on course for the wrath of God:


A very sensible gold and silver analysis

I've notice that the GOLD and SILVER hubbub is calming down a bit now as the prices stay in what I'll call a relative equilibrium pattern.  I keep hearing silver is going to take off here soon and in a matter of a few weeks should be in the $40's but I don't personally believe it.  Some investors have indicated that they have taken a position in the AGQ and I think they are in for some disappointments.  

Having said that I really don't know where this high frequency traded market is going so the best thing to do right now is to try and save raw cash.  I do believe the market is being constructed to have an advantage against the investor just like a casino.  That's why I call it The Wall Street Casino.

Even if you think you are like the MIT Black Jack team and figure this out you are just betting against the Wall Street Dealer who has some very clever and deceptive tools at their fingertips:

Here's a very good video on a couple of commodities that "truthers" and "pumpers" don't usually mention.  Precious metals are not so precious compared to corn and oil:

Check out Elvis here and see what he has to say about it.  Elvis knows what he's talking about:


I tried to leave a comment here but have been blocked by this guy.  I don't even know who he is but for some reason he blocked me.  I don't even know why unless he's really one of the Sons of Liberty or some tie with the Truther Mafia who have warned him not to let me make comments.  Very strange indeed.

But it sounds like he might have been one of them pumpers before and he's finally wised up to what's really going on in the world at least in part.  Here's my comment I tried to post on his channel:


Your money is government property in times of duress

Here is just one of many additional unconstitutional slavery proposals coming through our illegal legal system once again:

Here's some more good video updates from Ann Barnhardt.  You can learn something if you have desire to do so at:

For a gal that's a Roman Catholic I'm surprised she knows the U.S. Constitution so well because of her allegiance to Rome and the Pope.  Any honest person who reads the U.S. Constitution and understands story should admit that the Roman Catholic "Holy See" or "The Vatican" has our unconstitutional leaders appear before them under their global jurisdiction.  Don't kid yourself Ann Barnhardt.  You might have a form of godliness but don't deny the power thereof.  This is still under observation and investigation by The News UNIT:

I wonder how Ann Barnhardt considers this Catholic deer hunter? 

Anonymous COMMENT on The News UNIT

For those of you who like to threaten me on here with your COMMENT and call yourself "Anonymous" just remember this blogspot is run by GOOGLE and you are not as "Anonymous" as you think you are.  I leave COMMENTS open here because I still uphold the U.S. Constitution and free speech, etc. 
But for those of you who think you're "Anonymous"---you're not!

BrotherJohnF on Brandon Raub Arrest

Beware of the Sons of Liberty Academy Cult

BrotherJohnF is reviewing involuntary commitment and confinement to a mental institution.  Also notice here (if you watch this video) that BrotherJohnF reveals that the U.S. Marine, Brandon Raub was a member of Chris Duane's "Sons of LIberty" group.  If you want to know more on the Sons of Liberty and how they are discussing "REVOLUTION" and other topics see these LINKS.  I notice they are starting to take some of their videos down or make them private--interesting: 


Behavior Recognition Video Surveillance

Technology is going to make us all prisoners now.  Just stay home and don't go anywhere?  That's the idea actually.  No more freedom for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: