Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Open Forum

No not Harold Camping's radio program.   I am looking for observations and comments on tonight's market behavior.  I'm noticing that CRUDE OIL is going up now and GOLD and SILVER are in SPLASHDOWN.  The MARKET INDICES all went gap-up after hours and are holding up.   The US DOLLAR is rather weak and still retreating slightly.  

MY CONCLUSION OF THE MATTER:  The World Banking Cartel has it in for every one other than their own kind.  They want to take this down and they want to take any means of survival away from the end users also.   They really have it in for the precious metals right now.  

I'm sorry but setting all the exponential gold and silver forecasts aside I have to look at what is going on now.  That's how I forecast the weather and it works every time.  Obviously forecasting the weather is easier because it's more progressive but the market mayhem is another animal all of it's own.

Sure looks like GOLD and SILVER are in for a real take-down again.  Hang on or get out.  It probably doesn't matter either way now.

The CFTC Criminals

Silver analyst Ted Butler is getting close to throwing in the towel on the CFTC's willingness to reign in the big four bullion banks manipulation of silver:
The behavior of the big 4 COMEX shorts on the next silver price rally will determine the nature of that rally, so their behavior will be monitored closely. But I will say this in advance - if the big 4 [JPMorgan] dramatically increase their short position on the next silver rally, I will have no choice but to conclude that the CFTC has crossed the line from being merely incompetent and unresponsive in their handling of the silver manipulation, to being clearly in cahoots with the silver crooks. I know many of you feel that way already, but this will be the litmus test for me.

Take Notice of Crude Oil

CRUDE OIL just disconnected from running nearly in phase with GOLD and SILVER over the last several weeks.  This is my observation and you can see for yourself on the charts:


Gerald Celente on King World News

Gerald Celente is the only guy I know who accurately describes the Federal Reserve injecting more money into the nation's sinking monetary system.  He says:

"...they keep printing that digital money that's not worth the paper it's not printed on...."


Fukushima Update

The fallout continues:

Gold and Silver Splashdown

Here we go again!  We had the SMACKDOWN and now comes the SPLASHDOWN.  Call the bottom anyone?  I'll guess GOLD will be going to $1,110 and SILVER to around $27.00.  

I'm convinced the World Market Cartel is taking everything down slowly and controlled until just the right time to put the screws into the serfs and start completely over:


Keiser Report

Forget the "Flash Crash";  Here comes a possible "Splash Crash":  The whole market is rigged: 

G20 Meeting on Commodity Concerns

National Intel Report

George4Title says they are trying to take him out

Says: "This shit is real guys!" 

Staged Civil Unrest

From Boston all the way to Florida the ENTIRE EAST COAST reported to be active with shootings....see DRUDGE REPORT NOW....developing...
Miami, Florida:
Cops stand there for a while and then blow away driver stopped in a vehicle at close range with a full auto M4 or M16's.  Sounds like they pumped at least 60 rounds into that vehicle.  The car doesn't look like it's being used as a deadly weapon here.  Watch the video....OOPS...THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED....How about that?

Myrtle Beach: Who's doing all the crime?
Charlotte, N.C. Violence:

(Is it the WHITE MILITIA doing this?  SEARCH "white militia" on this blog and see what you find.)

The Gold and Silver Trade

Take a look at this carefully: If you have followed the gold and silver discussions now for at least the last year you should realize this has intensified interest both by market monitors, general investors, and in the world's elite.

To me it seems the elite do not want the average investor to have any of this gold and silver as they have been driving the price up beyond reach of the average savings account. Show me one out of a thousand people anywhere who own gold or silver! You cannot. There is a very large risk in this investment for the small investor. Of course that is contrary to popular belief (or popular propaganda) as we are continually hearing the Siren song to "protect your assets".

So why the recent crash in silver? It was accomplished by the elite to keep the upper middle-class from trying to corner the market, similar to the Hunt Brothers. Methinks the silver hoarders may have stepped on a few toes in the process. These are the class who want to slide into the "rich" category with the ease of purchasing say 1,000 ounces of silver eagerly awaiting Max Keisers $500 projection and other similar entertaining forecasts. Fact is you are either born into the upper class or you are a member by invitation only. You do not take it upon yourself to beat the system.

Most of the wealthy already have owned their gold and silver for a long time and they have so much of it that even if the price dropped to single digits it would not matter to them. The DOLLAR VALUE of gold and silver means nothing to them. For the smaller investors the DOLLAR VALUE has to be considered because they are forced into subjection to the US DOLLAR whether they like it or not.

So keep in mind there is a great risk in owning gold and silver for the small and average investor while they are forced to value their assets by the paper rule. The other caveat is not only if the price drops you lose, but if the prices rises you might be subject to confiscation. How about that?

Game Change to Gold

Here we go again with more advice on the "global economy".  You need to have gold now to protect your wealth/assets.  I expect this might be just a peek into some inside information: Silver is going to take the plunge and gold will ultimately hold up it's dollar value.   Remember "dollar value" still applies even though you might not like it.  Get used to it!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silver Smackdown As Supplies Increase

Demand on the decrease now and supply gluts at most dealers:


Here comes $30.00 and $20.00 and probably even $15.00US Silver again.  Most people realize now that even if they try and preserve their assets the criminal U.S. Government will be out to confiscate their holdings.  This goes for Canada too as we are now one big happy Global Community under the rising Beast.

Enjoy your fiat until they confiscate that too.  Oh that's right they already are training for that in Tennessee.  666 doesn't look that far away now:

Next is food shortages and they outlaw meat and growing your own garden.  Organic foods are going to be the next precious commodities along with clean water.   Perhaps invest in water filters? 

BE READY TO BE A SLAVE and KILLED unless you are of your father the Devil. 

Congressman Ron Paul is hated by the majority of Congress and if you think somehow the battle between the US DOLLAR and precious metals will be won by the metals you might rethink the legend in your own mind.  Even though the US MINT is increasing production of silver bullion does not mean anything.  The price is going DOWN as the entire U.S. Government has surrendered to the leadership of Obama and the world:  This article is just another failed attempt to pump precious metal prices again:  http://goldandsilverblog.com/us-mint-to-increase-production-of-silver-bullion-coins-to-meet-unprecedented-demand-0253/

UPDATE:  SGT Bull:  I'm starting to think we might be hearing from Peter Schiff again here this week as the large group of NIA activists is revealed to include many of the big names in gold and silver.  Maybe Peter Shiff is just trying to get himself out of trouble ahead of time and seem like the good guy?  Just food for thought.   Well here we go again.  This time it's $8,000 GOLD and $400 SILVER coming according to James Turk.  Yawn!

SORRY but The News UNIT sees a RED FLAG in all of this.  I hope I'm wrong and you all become rich some day but the Federal Reserve and the IMF want the US DOLLAR to prevail.  Who do you think will win this fight?  Take a guess. 

I know I sound cynical now but I can't help it.  Give me a good reason not to be then.  I'm not going to say that this is my ultimate opinion here for now because I'm still weighing all the information and will of course monitor this mess as accurately as possible.  These are just my observations of what is going on right now and right now gold and silver are going down with crude oil and the dollar is going up.   If it changes direction please let me know. 

ANOTHER OBSERVATION:  Why does the "NIA community"  (I'm going to lump them into one name for now like "global community") keep telling us that Ben Bernanke and the FED is running the printing presses at full speed?  They are not running any such thing at full speed.  They are just electronically pumping money into the system and not printing any more paper notes.

Goodbye U.S.A. and hello New World Order.


Meat Scientists Making Synthetic Meat

Not only are steaks being glued together to make them look like roasts, http://thenewsunit.blogspot.com/2011/04/toxic-food-alert-meat-glue.html meat scientists are creating a new meat product coming that is completely manufactured.   Of course all this in the name of climate change too:

(Perhaps all the animals will be eradicated now?  I wouldn't doubt man seeks to destroy everything now with this rising Beast government.) 

These days vegetarians try to eat healthy and have to dodge the genetically modified vegetables and fruits. Now we have manufactured or synthetic, lab-grown, invitro-meat made by meat scientists.


Unlawful Tree Trimming

Law In Force continues:

Watch the Gestapo local governments now as they are out to ENFORCE local statutes and ordinances that people are probably not even aware of.  It's just a continuation of creating chaos and more conflict.  Our entire government now is turning against the people and you can be certain this will get worse:

Why The U.S.A. Falls

Ron Paul really says it the best and not only do the people pass this all off and not even consider it the majority of Congress  and our representatives don't even care.  In fact may of them endorse this new Beast government and would rather have it so:  http://thenewsunit.blogspot.com/2011/05/true-state-of-union.html

Internal chaos has set in and every man is against one another (for the most part).   This is how the government will control the people.  They get us all to hate one another and have continual conflict and there is no unity to resist the tyranny.  

Couple this with alleged "patriots" and those who support the U.S. Constitution that claim they want to "take back the Republic" who are really only interested in their money from ADSENSE, GOOGLE, and running their radio shows and YOU TUBE CHANNELS with no intent of making a difference by their ongoing entertainment of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

Same bunch promotes buying gold and silver.  Just watch those charts today plunge to the bottom.  The Silver Shakedown hasn't even started!  This will go down in history as a failed pyramid scheme attempt.  Mark it down.  (sure my opinion and you have yours--mine isn't allowed eh?)

Based on what I hear from Gerald Celente and Bob Chapman along with some Marc Faber and Jim Rogers commentary, I think there is some major problem that is going to catapult the CONUS (look it up) into a major crisis.  It will be more than an economic crisis.  The economy should be the least of our concerns.


Michelle Obama Says Dance but U.S. Park Police have different rules

"We the People" are under different rules now:

People across the U.S.A. are getting confused.  Michelle Obama encourages dance and then even if we slow dance we are arrested.  Next time get a group of blacks there with rap music and dedicate your assembly to Comrade Obama.  You will probably be left alone....

When the Fuhrer's wife is there you are encouraged to dance:http://thenewsunit.blogspot.com/2011/05/just-dance.html

When The Gestapo arrives they will just tell you what their rules are for the moment:

U.S.S.A. Park Police in Soviet Amerika:

Here are the type of people that are allowed to express themselves in the U.S.A.  This is even endorsed and invited by The White House:

The crowd arrested by the U.S. Park Police above was probably more of a threat I suppose?

Is anyone paying attention yet?  Probably not.  Too busy watching HELLEvision and the mainstream media.....developing...

The True State of The Union

The Fate of The Republic is now sealed:

Ron Paul describes The United States of America:

Has anyone notice how Ron Paul is mocked in most hearings?  Get ready folks.  I won't be posting here much longer.

The strange thing about all of this is no one really believes it is happening.  

Destination--Liberal Utopia.  Read this:


The Patriot Act is Deadly

Wake Up Dummies!
Is anyone paying attention to The Patriot Act news?  Probably not.  Are you watching too much HELLevision, G4T, Man of Lies, and sending a million text messages?  Probably yes.
The U.S.A. is now a nation of dead beats and fools if this keeps up:

Here's what we have today teaching us what's going on with the government.  It's "CHALK TALK G.I. JOE".  He probably had a few beers after listening to Alex Jones and he thinks he's all revved up now and going to save the Republic so he feels a little military now with his helmet and dog tags.  Alex Jones and all the rest of the talking heads in the alternative media won't be there for him but he has YOU TUBE to keep him company now.  What a sad day it is watching these guys prance around and keep telling us over and over again that 911 was an inside job and the U.S.A. is descending into chaos while it just keeps happening....


Collapse Net Update

After listening to this I feel extremely privileged because this is actually for MEMBERS ONLY.  Can you believe people actually pay to hear this?  I feel so special now.

U.S.S.A. More Obvious Now

This article is rather eerie but accurate in it's depiction of the current police state here in the U.S.S.A.   If you disagree with this just wait around a few weeks;  you will realize it too late....



Saturday, May 28, 2011

I know this much is true....

Some say the NIA gang goes alot further than just YOU TUBE.  There is quite a bit of internet porn rings too that are involved in "alternative news" and other "alternative media".....developing...

G4T meets with "Man of Truth"....

These type are great candidates to start a 501(c)3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION together and do it for "the Lord".   I'm sure they will figure out some more ways to get donation$....$$$$$$$....

THE NEWS UNIT is considering a road trip to Southern California eventually.  Depending on how things develop with NIA, I may have to use my FREELANCE PHOTOJOURNALIST techniques and give the YOU TUBE community a bit of a shakeup.  Stay tuned.  Do you think I'm kidding?  Don't mess with a stormchaser!  :-)

Russia Stands Against Sodomites

Russia compared to the U.S.A. doesn't tolerate sodomites:

I salute Russia for their stand against Sodomites.  The article states here that anti-gay sentiment in Russia is high:
If any of you faggots who visit here want to challenge me, help yourself! :-)

Joplin, Missouri Area Pastors Take Heed

Beloved in Joplin, Missouri Take Heed!
The philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other counselors are coming your way with their wisdom of the world.  They are ready to make merchandise of orphans and those who have lost their families as if they are "specialists" in dealing with grief and loss of life.  In this article they call it a "forever loss" and also claim that the trauma could cause all sorts of problems in peoples lives, promiscuity, etc.  

You should learn what the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is "The DSM" and also understand that these devils (all of them inclusive) are masters at their craft and have every intention of making merchandise of people after a disaster by counsel and even more sinister by diagnosis and drug treatment of "disorders" and "mental illness".  You better take this serious! 

Let me go on record and say there is NO SUCH THING as a CHRISTIAN PSYCHOLOGIST or a CHRISTIAN PSYCHIATRIST!  Did you hear that?  Let it sink in real good!

The News UNIT is calling on every God fearing person in that "bible-belt" area of the U.S.A. to be sober and vigilant now as your adversary the Devil is out seeking whom he may devour.

In this story below a young boy lost his parents but his testimony is just as he said, "They are with Jesus."  He's a prime candidate for the adversary.  Get busy!



KWN Weekly Metals Wrap

Looks like there is potential for some 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Commodities and ETFs Turning Chaotic

The Market has morphed into a Monster or Beast System:

It should be obvious that the Stock Market is now a very difficult environment to analyze with more computer algorithms and insider manipulations.  It may soon become impossible to invest or trade without high speed trading programs as the ultimate market manipulation by computers wreaks havoc on personal trading platforms.  Or are we already there?

Can anyone figure out the current complex commodity debacle?  

Even trader Dan Norcini has this to say:


Obama Embarrasses Himself Unawares

Here's an interesting story as Obama screws up in the U.K. with the Queen.  Watch the video first and then go read the story that a friend of mine wrote at the LINK BELOW:


Highway Robbery In Tennessee Police State

And it's the POLICE who take your cash on suspicion of drug money:

Beware if you carry cash now in some POLICE STATE areas.  Your cash may be confiscated due to suspicion of possible drug money.  The POLICE STATE of TENNESSEE is only the beginning....

Here's another story of harassment for no crime.  Or shall I call it "guilty until proven innocent"?

Peter Schiff Exposes More Fraud

Would Trump Be Proud of Himself?

Trumptel-6? We'll leave the drain plugged for ya!
Chris:  I'd still like to know why I'm banned from your YOU TUBE channel?  But I wouldn't bother to post anything anyway.

The Restructuring of Society

Are you ready for this?  

Forget Silver and Gold: Got guns?

Some say guns are selling quick.  Obama is about to come up with some sneaky gun legislation soon.

Martial Law Information

Review MARTial LAW information here: http://thenewsunit.blogspot.com/2011/04/wal-mart-hotel.html 


Marc Faber says Prepare for War

Some say GOLD is going to take off now and I suppose SILVER will also go back up again as the market seems to be moving up and awaiting more FED intervention and manipulation (I'm trying not to use the "QE" terminology).  

No video with Marc Faber on this but I'm still searching:

Obama Extends Patriot Act with Autopen

Before you read this you might want to review this LINK:


Here's why Obama is in such a hurry for this.  He also has OTHER PLANS soon to follow:

The United States Of America is led by a DICTATORSHIP GOVERNMENT.   It's rather sneaky isn't it?



The CEO and the Laborers: Big Difference

Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.      --JAMES 5.4

Victory Independence Channel

Just posting this here for review.  I don't trust this Danny from VisionVictory; VictoryIndependence; or NIA; or where ever he is from.  Same old song and dance.  I would pay more attention to Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, and listen to Bob Chapman's radio reports. 

BrotherJohnF Silver Update

Silver $68 Price Target:

Bob Chapman

Thieves Put Copper in Demand

Copper is more in demand among thieves than silver:

This is way too much work for $3 per pound:

Just more proof that the general public hasn't even realized silver.  

CNBC Vultures Talk With Peter Schiff

GATA Chairman Speaks on Gold Supression

I don't believe I ever posted this interview which was reported to take place on April 29, 2011.  This is good background information right before the SILVER SMACKDOWN:

Bob Chapman answers about NIA, Stansberrry, etc.

The Con-Artists Continue to Surface:

Don't buy their garbage.  How about TKRFF?  Is that garbage? (You know how to thank me...of course we do....)

DEAR SMALL INVESTOR:  If you have been taken down by gold or silver and have been listening to some less than honest ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, you need to study this post and related LINKS!....Don't fall for many of these fakers...

Keiser Report

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Former NIA employee speaks out

I'm convinced this whole family of YOU TUBEers are working together on this.  They think it's cute to trash the U.S.A. with their confusion and deception and are laughing behind the scene as they make $1000 to $3000 per month from GOOG for their YOU TUBE videos.   Some of these people even admit working for Ron Paul.  Perhaps they are working together to trash Ron Paul too....?  I don't believe them:

Large LINK to what has been going on here with the NIA (National Inflation Association) and their YOU TUBE family:

I strongly encourage you to VISIT THE LINK HERE ABOVE.  It's quite possible that all these people like the exposure regardless of their questionable practices.  All they care about is making money from GOOG on YOU TUBE videos.  They also create E-MAIL lists and have no concern for our government or the state of this fallen nation.  In fact I suspect they are part of the problem and may even be hired as paid deceptive insiders to cause confusion and chaos.  If you take some time to study these people closely on YOU TUBE and see for yourself.

Israel or Zionists?

...For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:...  --ROMANS 9.6

Show us the gold

Enormous Upside Potential For Silver

$50 soon?

John Embry talks on King World News about silver and gold.  He says silver has an enormous upside potential:

Silver Should Be $150

Here's the UPDATED silver outlook chart:


The Patriot Act Showdown


Meanwhile Comrade Obama is out to TAKE OUR GUNS:



I have some new suspicions about these guys who continually beat their silver drum and babble about the CFTC and the COMEX but I'll post the interview here for now.   I smell shades of NIA and other precious metals B.S. here just to trap investors unawares.  I doubt there is a big crash coming now even though there is a group who would like to "get rich quick" on gold and silver.  It's not going to happen!  Nevertheless:

For the record:  This Road to Roota and Wizard of Oz nonsense is abominable idolatry.  More on that at another time.  Woe unto you if you are a fraudulent silver pumper.

Marc Faber Interview

How The U.S. Government Manages Money


Catch That IMF Dollar

It looks like the IMF is just manually drawing the dollar chart higher with less volume.  The insiders are great data specialists...

Asia The New Frontier

Pay attention to the BUZZWORDS of the elite:

News UNIT Observation:  FOOD and WATER  H2O problems ahead.....let that sink in....


The Philosophy of Fraud

Keep this in mind concerning the alleged ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, NIA and YOU TUBE CHANNEL MASTERS who are masters at FALSE NEWS PRESENTATIONS, E-MAIL LISTS, PENNY STOCK SCAMS and GOOGLE COMPENSATION.   I'm convinced that much of the INTERNET, YOU TUBE and GOOGLE lifestyle is social-networking and Darwinian thought taken to the max and it is in fact degrading everything:
Even G4T states in a recent interview that the NIA is a fraud and was involved in "...ungodly amounts of money...".

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The US DOLLAR World War is Coming

Operation Odyssey Dawn is about GOLD...

Don't be a sucker for $40.00 Silver. It's going down.....

I know there are those who don't like me saying this but you have your own opinion and you can be wrong too.  So go ahead and listen to everyone trying to talk it up again here which will never happen.  The industrial companies who run this show behind the scene are keeping the cost of silver down so your electronic toys are affordable and keep you wanting more. This silver will probably be range bound now between $27.00 and $38.50US.   All the SMACKDOWN was was a PRICE CONTROL.  Even the Silver Liberation Army could not push this up again....

Congressional Leaders' Stock Market Profits Have Abnormally High Returns

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.  --LUKE 12.2

Forget JPM, GS, The NIA YOU TUBE CIA Conspriacy Crowd along with the GOLD and SILVER Ponzi Scam, etc.   Take a look at our U.S. Congress who are sworn to integrity and uphold the U.S. Constitution "....so help me God."


Remember there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed.  It doesn't mean that things are going to get better by man.  But it is certain that God will judge the world by that man which he hath ordained....and it has already started....

United States Police Force Patch

[COUNTER 04:00+]  LISTEN...

Bob Chapman Update

NIA and YOU TUBE Scammers

More YOU TUBE Channels are exposing the fraudulent:

I found another YOU TUBE channel and many of these are forming now with additional information on the NIA conspiracy:

At this point it's going to be more difficult to find credible news and information apart from the alleged mix of conspiracy humor and entertainment (whatever that is).  

As far as I'm concerned most of these YOU TUBE junkies can self-destruct together.  It's a sad day when our fellow countrymen are just out for their own profit by use of deception.  

NEWS UNIT OBSERVATION:  Recently I had a string of DELL computer technicians who are contracted by DELL fix my computer.  They were mostly Asians and I found out something through conversing with them that was very peculiar:  3 separate men who came here within a 6 month period, all of them not related to one another, and all of them had stated that their dad, uncle or some other relation worked for the CIA.  What does that mean?  Is it just coincidence that 3 separate men who are Asian have CIA families?  It means that there is a multitude of people that work for the CIA and I don't know why.  Somebody knows the rest of the story.

UPDATED LINK:  http://thenewsunit.blogspot.com/2011/12/you-tube-con-artists-paid-by-google.html

Obama Works on Gun Control



Ruthless Criminal Michael Savage Banned from U.K.

Michael Savage has been declared a THREAT TO PUBLIC SECURITY in the U.K......believed his views might provoke violence....placed on the country's BANNED ENTRY LIST of ruthless criminals....


Harold Camping Responds to Questions


Tax Cheaters Get Stimulus Money

Business criminals in the United States continue to mock the American taxpayer and so does our government:

Analyst says I would not be holding stocks at this point

I received this via Email and it may indicate that the 20% Marc Faber correction is very near:

For our dear readers who still have a large stock portfolio, take note of the warning just issued by Richard Russell.  Having followed Russell since 1983, I tell you when he issues a warning, I take it very seriously.  His track record is way too good to ignore:

Warning -- I have applied the "fan-line principle" to the NYSE Composite Index. Here we see three consecutive trendlines violated. According to the fan-line principle, three trendlines are drawn from the same base. When the third fan-line is violated the trend has reversed and turned down. Based on this chart, I would not be holding stocks at this point.

NYA May 23 Index

A piece below from "MarketWatch."  "Is the stock market about to take a 10-year nap? That's the warning coming from fund managers and stock market historians, including Yale University professor and housing guru Robert Shiller.  "Shiller sees stocks gaining between 2 percent and 3 percent during the coming decade. He sees no reason to believe in a resurgence of consumer spending, considering that the real unemployment rate, by his calculation, is 15.9 percent, and housing is headed south again.   "'Even at this point, with the recession technically over, we are in the worst financial shape we've been in since the Great Depression," he told an audience in Las Vegas, reported InvestmentNews.com.   "Shiller's unemployment figure counts unemployed, underemployed, and people forced into early retirement by the economy. On top of all that, consumer confidence is weak and the foreclosure crisis continues to spread, Shiller notes.   "'It worries me because if people don't have confidence, they don't spend money," said the professor, who is best known for the widely cited S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price indexes


David Schectman
Miles Franklin

Silver Recovery May Be Very Near

Some say silver may recover soon and retest $50.00.  I have been paying attention to my local coin dealers and other contacts and I'm noticing similar patterns prior to the last run-up.  I think I'll buy some physical this week and join the SLA just in case.  Here's a couple of recent updated articles:

The YOU TUBE and NIA Battles are nothing new

GOOGLE actually pays people to do this:  Are you a subscriber to their channels?  Get a life!  Hopefully if there is criminal intention and activity here it can be dealt with.  Thanks to Peter Schiff for the initial heads-up on all of this:


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NIA or George4Title Scam?

Peter Schiff vs. the YOU TUBE trolls:  A load of information here regarding this scam:

George4Title from Survive and Thrive TV:

Peter Schiff Interviews George4Title on the Peter Schiff Show:

The National Inflation Association Scam:

Watching the NIA Scam from Australia:

Is the NIA a scam?

Bob Champan Exposes the NIA:

NIA's George4Title Fires Back at Peter Schiff:

A historic look at the NIA and InflationUS:

Watch out who you trust on YOU TUBE (Cf. NIA, etc.):

The NIA is about "building Email lists not about changing goverment policy":

The Silver Scam and NIA Conspiracy:

NIA Watch:

A historic review of what's going on here:


The Keiser Report

Senator Rand Paul on The Patriot Act

George4Title Survive and Thrive TV

I guess getting on Russian Television is all about having a weird sense of humor, dark humor, jokes about Fukushima.  HA HA HA....

Have a good laugh everyone....

All the shit is going to go down.....I'm sick of it too actually.....


Peter Schiff and George4Title

After listening to this interview I can tell you that I no longer trust Ron Paul.  George Hemminger AKA "George4Title" or "George4Vlogger" is involved with Ron Paul Radio and if Ron Paul has people that promote false Fukushima news (for entertainment) and all sorts of questionable reports from southern California then I no longer trust Ron Paul or anyone associated with him.   Appears Libertarians may be nothing but liars and they seem to enjoy promoting false conspiracies and fear mongering for personal gain....developing...

Bob Chapman