Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mass Shooting in Richmond, VIrginia at Greyhound Bus Station


"We're not commenting at this time why the troopers were there (those in the drill)..."
--OFFICIAL (unidentified woman)



We are monitoring LIVE NEWS feeds should they break in and give further updates on this Richmond, Virginia shooting.  It appears however it may not be that important in the news right now. What's more important is to accuse Donald Trump and his campaign manager of being thugs and inciting a violent campaign complete with assaulting women and minorities, etc.

Somebody died but now they didn't die?  What kind of drill was this?  Was it all a drill? Reporters on the scene can't get the facts...

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump is in over his head on foreign policy

America needs President Hillary Clinton

This woman is no stranger to foreign policy:

Donald Trump has no credentials for president:

John Kasich agrees with Hillary Clinton that Donald Trump is not prepared to be president:


Goodbye Donald Trump and hello Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders

You think us old REPUBLICANS are going to vote for lying Ted Cruz? LOL!

GOP you just earned more votes for either Clinton or Sanders

I'm changing to a DEMOCRAT now!  FULL TICKET!

The entire establishment runs this election and it's obvious.  There's no way anyone in America can fight it.  Even billionaire Donald Trump was unsuccessful:

As I stated in a previous post here is my position in regards to the Trump/GOP DEBACLE:

THE TRUMP/GOP DEBACLE will lead me to vote for Hillary Clinton:

Given the current situation with Donald Trump being assaulted by the enemies of America and how the powers that be are indeed in control of our nation's political process, it looks like Donald Trump will have to withdraw from the campaign for president.  

The Republicans have demonstrated to me that they are very dangerous enemies of America. How these alleged conservative Christian Republicans attacked Donald Trump along with the state of our nation with the economy and the ongoing destruction of middle class and lower class Americans, I shall be inclined now to vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.  

Many of us REPUBLICANS are fed up with the REPUBLICAN PARTY now and will be forced to turn to the DEMOCRATS for our own financial survival and government benefits.  There's just no other way now since Donald Trump is being taken out:

So once I see the GOP enemies of America finally betray Donald Trump to the point of his withdrawal from the race I am turning to vote for the DEMOCRATS and give America what it wants.  As a matter of fact it is going to be what we all need now to survive as slaves to the system even to the point of handing in our guns.  

Go Bernie and Hillary!  I want to survive as a poor American now.  There's just no other way:

Michael Savage you sure tried sir!  But we all lose now:

I have to hand it to Michael Savage who really explains the state of America here in his recent report. The fact that many of us who were hoping we could trust the REPUBLICANS have found out now that they are enemies of America themselves.  So we have to join the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS now and vote for our survival.  We just aren't in a position to fight.  And it appears even billionaire Donald Trump is no match against Wall Street and the Goldman Sachs and other hedge funds: 

Give our regards to Donald Trump for whatever it means.  We understand our destiny now: 

I realize Michael Savage says, "Liberalism is a mental disorder." But remember in this new world system of Communitarianism or whatever you call it we are all going to be diagnosed with mental disorders and hand in our guns.  So it's all ok now as we comply and submit to the New World Order.  You cannot fight against it: 

Go Hillary Clinton!

The Clinton Global Initiative will prevail:


MAJOR STOCK MARKET CRASH COMING and you have been warned


Prepare for the worse...

Get on the sidelines from stocks and get into GOLD:  



THE TRUMP/GOP DEBACLE will lead me to vote for Hillary Clinton:

Given the current situation with Donald Trump being assaulted by the enemies of America and how the powers that be are indeed in control of our nation's political process, it looks like Donald Trump will have to withdraw from the campaign for president.  

The Republicans have demonstrated to me that they are very dangerous enemies of America. How these alleged conservative Christian Republicans attacked Donald Trump along with the state of our nation with the economy and the ongoing destruction of middle class and lower class Americans, I shall be inclined now to vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.  

Many of us REPUBLICANS are fed up with the REPUBLICAN PARTY now and will be forced to turn to the DEMOCRATS for our own financial survival and government benefits.  There's just no other way now since Donald Trump is being taken out:

So once I see the GOP enemies of America finally betray Donald Trump to the point of his withdrawal from the race I am turning to vote for the DEMOCRATS and give America what it wants.  As a matter of fact it is going to be what we all need now to survive as slaves to the system even to the point of handing in our guns.  


Are We the People still hanging in there with Donald Trump?

Let's turn from the MAINSTREAM MEDIA propaganda and hear what We the People still have to say:

First Graders plot to kill classmate in Alaska School

Are our schools safe?

New safety measures may need to be established:

The rank sinfulness and wickedness is spreading:


The enemies of America gang up on Donald Trump and his campaign manager

The whole nation is concerned about Donald Trump's campaign manager and alleged threats and unacceptable behavior: 

Nothing else matters right now...

America has gone absolutely nuts! 

Hang in there Donald Trump.  There are We the People that do support you...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Donald Trump to be removed from GOP for UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR

*****THE END for Donald Trump*****


White House concerned about Donald Trump's UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR and PHYSICAL ASSAULTS:



Donald Trump's CRIMINAL CAMPAIGN is now being discussed by The White House and his behavior is unacceptable.  Disciplinary action will likely follow soon in the wake of the recent assault on a news reporter.  The Trump campaign has turned out to be one that incites violence and physical assaults across America:


Here's the type of assault that the enemies of America say Trump is condoning at his rallies including sexual assault and groping of females...TRUMP SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR!????....REALLY?....FUCK YOU YOU LIBERAL MOTHERFUCKERS IN AMERICA AND ENEMIES OF AMERICA.  YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF TROUBLEMAKERS YOURSELVES.  GO FUCK OFF!

You might not like the way I tell it here on the News UNIT but America is about to destroy itself unless it votes for Donald Trump.  Here's a good reason why...


Tuesday, March 29, 2016


SILVER to $600 and GOLD to $10,000...

Terminally ill woman in Wisconsin thanks Donald Trump for his support

You have to admit it seems more like what America used to be at the Donald Trump rallies:

What's going on in America today?

America has been given over to ENTERTAINMENT 

The foundations of America are EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT:

The U.S.A. is on the road to destruction now.  It may not seem like it to you but it is:


Prepare for a STOCK MARKET MEGA RALLY after Janet Yellen

No need to explain anything here just look at the charts:

There really isn't much of an explanation other than it is:



Donald Trump LIVE in Wisconsin

*****Donald Trump LIVE*****

PREPARE for the next U.S. PRESIDENT:

President Donald J. Trump

You enemies of America can squirm now....:-)...


Wisconsin wake up and vote for America!

"There's a lot of hate in Wisconsin and I think that's bad..."
--Donald Trump

He's right on:  Wisconsin has a lot of HATRED:

There are many of you that know me personally that read my site here and you're from Wisconsin.  You know how I feel about many of you and how sad and pathetic you really are with hatred toward your fellow Americans.  Wisconsin has a lot of hatred and it causes the people here to destroy one another.  This state is a sad state in may ways.  We're going to find out now if there are any common decent Americans left here in Wisconsin and this vote will show the state of this state.  I unfortunately am losing interest in even living here anymore and should this vote turn out a victory for the enemies of America I shall move elsewhere.  And then I look around and wonder where I should go since the entire nation is becoming just like Wisconsin:

The Enemies of America are always nearby with Trump

THE COURT OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA wants to have a continuous session about this batter charge against Corey Lewandowski.  I hope Corey takes this all the way through the courts and destroys that reporter who is claiming assault and injuries. 

Ted Cruz doesn't comply with the FEC over $1.3 MILLION in bank loans

Cruz in in good with Goldman Sachs

They have more power than Donald Trump has:

Donald Trump is finished!  The enemies of America will win:

Flint water crisis families plea their case as their children die

The criminal government in America doesn't care about We the People...

The want you to DRINK LEAD and DIE...

WISCONSIN to DUMP TRUMP as Ted Cruz rises

*****Donald Trump's campaign is now ending*****

WATCH Donald Trump LIVE in Wisconsin below:

Donald Trump to make  CONCESSION SPEECH soon...

WATCH TRUMP LIVE in Wisconsin:

Donald Trump is losing now...


Donald Trump's criminal campaign manager charged with battery on a reporter

*****Trump's VIOLENT THUGS revealed*****

More proof Donald Trump is inciting a violent campaign:

Trump's Campaign Manger Corey Lewandowski charged with battery.  He assaulted this former Breitbart Reporter Michelle Fields:

Donald Trump is a bully and he has to be taken out along with his thugs:

We need kinder gentlemen like Ted Cruz:

Donald Trump needs to be removed from the GOP. This is not the type of person we want as a president...

The Trump movement thugs try to weasel out of their vicious assault...


WATCH THIS!  This is how America is today.  America has lost its mind and it's only getting worse and it will get worse if Trump is not elected:


The GOP is a complete joke now and is imploding

It's amazing to watch these poor speakers like Carli Fiorina on the stage:

They would be better off with The News UNIT up there speaking:

I cannot believe this woman is an alleged professional

As a REPUBLICAN myself I am embarrassed at all of this:

Very sad...

What happened to the skill of public speaking?  Have we had our heads down in the cell phones for too long now and are our brains fried by electromagnetic radiation?  It's really sad to watch what's going on with America today and in this current presidential race.  I have to admit when it comes to public speaking Donald Trump tops them all on the stage:


Man shot at U.S. Capitol is a Black man now and he's a pastor from Tennessee?

Who is the real Larry Dawson?

We were originally seeing pictures of this Larry Dawson:

And now we have this Larry Dawson being reported:

So who's the real Larry Dawson that was shot in Washington D.C. at the U.S. Capitol on Sunday? We'll let the mainstream media sort it all out for us eventually.

If the story below is accurate we now have a black man named Larry Dawson who is also a Pastor from Tennessee.  Trying to find the truth in the news is not easy with today's misinformation:

America needs to be safe from GUNS and GUN VIOLENCE:

Hillary Clinton will help us all... 

CNN reported that Larry Dawson (whoever he is) is MENTALLY ILL.  Hillary Clinton is currently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin discussing the issue of GUNS at a GUN VIOLENCE FORUM:


HIllary Clinton is busy with a GUN VIOLENCE CONFERENCE

Mr. and Mrs. America hand in your guns...

What they don't tell you is this is taking place in Milwaukee's "HOOD" where all the crime takes place every day.  But of course We the People are about to lose the U.S. CONSTITUTION because many Americans have been brainwashed into the New World Communitarianism: 

Wisconsin will put an end to Donald Trump and take him out

Governor Scott Walker just endorsed Ted Cruz

Donald Trump is facing fierce opposition in Wisconsin

I happen to know Governor Scott Walker is a man of integrity and he's choosing Ted Cruz so I'll have to look at this from a great perspective amidst all the misinformation and political wrangling that's going on in this year's campaign.  Ted Cruz might just be the right guy after all:


Michael Savage tries to salvage the Trump campaign

It looks like all Donald Trump was was a waste of time and good entertainment.  I see Michael Savage is trying to salvage Donald Trump as he knows Wisconsin is the nail in the coffin for Donald Trump.  

It's the end of the line for Donald Trump.  Goodbye Donald Trump and hello Ted Cruz:

Ted Cruz wants a ONE ON ONE DEBATE with Donald Trump:

Is this a challenge to a DUEL?

Watch Donald Trump LIVE in Wisconsin:


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz

After a lot of thought and a lot of prayer Governor Scott Walker endorses Ted Cruz:

Pope Francis I heals young girl by the laying on of his hands

Pope Francis I and the power of healing:


It's ok to rap about killing Donald Trump

They want to shoot Trump with an AK-47

They have a 100 round drum of ammo for Trump...

...and more...

To be clear America's Black Community is not all like these thugs, however there is a growing number of them that are beginning to demonstrate themselves to be domestic terrorists and they need swift action against them by the SECRET SERVICE and other officials. Their alleged FREE SPEECH with their "Niggas, bitches, and hoes..." criminal culture is a direct threat:


Monday, March 28, 2016

Donald Trump is up against a CRIMINAL GOP

Will America wake up and call out the corruption?

Trump calls them out, but what more can he do now?

We the People are content to let the enemies destroy America:

Roger Stone and Alex Jones reveal some very dangerous activity going on in our entire U.S. GOVERNMENT as the enemies of America are allowed to do this without any resistance from We the People:

This nation is screwed!  I mean REALLY SCREWED!


America is about to be RAPED by the BEASTS OF ISLAMIC JIHAD


America wants Islamic Jihad

The majority have called them a PEACE LOVING RELIGION

Learn more about this PEACE LOVING RELIGION that is coming to rape America for Allah:

Guys like Wild Bill for America will have to learn how to balance the beliefs of Islam and allow them blend into our American culture.  The right of LGBT's and ISLAMIC JIHAD is protected under the U.S. CONSTITUTION: 


Gunman in Washington D.C. was a PROPHET OF GOD

The shooter was a PROPHET OF GOD...

Described as MENTALLY ILL by CNN

Larry Dawson, 66 years old, from Tennessee

We are learning more now from the media reports:

Is God about to destroy America?

Something is about to go down:

Appeared to be a gun?


The STOCK MARKET and GOLD are about to CRASH


Harry Dent says DOW 6,000

How low will GOLD go?

CLICK HERE to finally hear the truth about GOLD

If this is the case then the safest safe haven is the U.S. DOLLAR for the ultimate crash that's coming.  This might actually be the ECONOMIC RESET that everyone has been expecting.

There is no reason to own GOLD and SILVER as an entire RESET is coming: 

Also WAR is coming: 

Shooting at Washington D.C. Capitol







HELICOPTERS everywhere... 









LIVE COVERAGE:  Also Arizona in upheaval over denying voter rights and voter fraud hearing...MUCH CONFLICT and CHAOS rising in America...and it's all Donald Trump's fault for inciting violence...


LIVE COVERAGE and WORLD NEWS:  The whole world is under a growing FEAR OF TERRORISM.  THE WHOLE WORLD IS COMING UNDONE and CHAOS is about to ensue:


Ted Cruz is God's man backed up by Mormon prophecy

The Prophecy of Glenn Beck the Mormon:

END TIMES NEWS and TRENDS UPDATE as the world reels to and fro

The world is reeling to and fro like a drunkard and the scriptures must needs be fulfilled:

NYPD assaults USPS Postman

USPS Postal Carrier is lucky to be alive

His mail truck was left unattended

New York Police have a history of this type of behavior:


BREAKING NEWS: Armed Terrorist Cells in Los Angeles -- SHOTS FIRED



You're not safe in GUN FREE ZONE California

California is a great place for terrorists because of their gun restrictions and GUN FREE ZONES.  Now we have terrorists assaulting We the People at large in America.  Even the Marines who were off duty couldn't do anything:


Evangelist Nick Hall calls for Christian unity across America

This is what will save our nation:

Meet the Billy Graham of the next generation:

Evangelist Nick Hall:

I thought Dr. David Jeremiah would replace the ranks of Billy Graham but now the media is reporting that this Evangelist Nick Hall is the man.  So be it:


Wisconsin will take down Donald Trump


Wisconsin will rescue America from Donald Trump

Finally we can continue our course to destruction

Who would want America great again anyway?

Prepare the way for the New World Order:

The enemies of America are counting on Wisconsin to destroy Donald Trump.  The media is all over this and is suggesting it will happen as the polls are changing against Donald Trump.  Credit is also being given to WTMJ RADIO Talk Show Host Charlie Sykes for destroying Donald Trump in a recent interview.  So it's looking like Trump is a has been now in this present election debacle and will finally be taken out which is what the majority of America wants anyway: 

Donald Trump has certainly revealed the state of our nation but it has fallen on a large number of deaf ears.  The majority of America has been sold out to the establishment and they are content to see our land blend into the New World Order of Global Communitarianism which is preparing the world to receive the man of sin the son of perdition: 


WTMJ Milwaukee Radio Host Charlie Sykes attacks Donald Trump

*****Charlie Sykes THE BIGGEST MOUTH in Wisconsin*****

Charlie Sykes cross examines Donald Trump on WTMJ

This is the self-righteous WISCONSIN ATTITUDE

Wisconsin is the land of perfect liberals, conservatives and OVER EXTENDED LAW ENFORCEMENT, and they (both conservatives and liberals) love their court of public opinion and talk show host Charlie Sykes...

Charlie Sykes is another enemy of America

"Obviously I failed in my effort to introduce you to Wisconsin and our tradition of civility and decency by getting an apology from you for Heidi Cruz or for what you said about Scott Walker..."
--Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes is admittedly an anti-Trump activist and insists on making Donald Trump guilty of whatever he deems necessary and tries his best to take down Donald Trump in an on the air interview on WTMJ Milwaukee. 

Here in Wisconsin we have many people like Charlie Sykes who claim to have civility and decency but are the most dangerous of vipers and the most unfriendly, self-righteous people who have an element of pride and arrogance that is demonstrated by destroying even their own neighbors.  Wisconsin is the home of many enemies of America and this election here will go to either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders:

In this report it is suggested that Charlie Sykes just destroyed Donald Trump.  Such is the way of most Wisconsinites as they are very proud of their ways of destruction and misery.  This is a very miserable state in many ways: 
Charlie Sykes, Adulterer, Coward, Vindictive Republican shill

Charlie Sykes has his own problems and is also known as "Scumbag Sykes:" 

And such is the way of Wisconsin as the majority in this state seek to applaud themselves for the satisfaction of destroying Donald Trump: 

Charlie Sykes is the type of guy that would turn you in for burning leaves and is likely the type to call in a driving complaint over anyone he deems suspicious.  He is NOT THE CONSERVATIVE he claims to be but is the typical snake in the grass style of Wisconsinite: 

Destruction and misery are in their ways:
And the way of peace have they not known:
There is no fear of God before their eyes.
--ROMANS 3.16-18


Sunday's Terrorist Suicide Attack in Pakastan gets less press than Belgium

Is Belgium more important than Pakistan?

Taliban says they specifically targeted Christians on Easter Sunday:

...and Obama says nothing:


The hatred toward Donald Trump is fierce complete with a tombstone prank in New York City

The enemies of America are full of hatred:

You enemies of America need a lesson on hate:

I hate the enemies of God and the enemies of America with perfect hatred.  And God hates also so if you have a problem with hate your own hatred has found you out.  And your hatred is actually sin since many enemies even make sport of assassinating Donald Trump and clearly desiring his death.  Looks like The News UNIT will have to give you a lesson on hate and also the hate of God:

Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.
--PSALM 139:21-22 

Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.
--PSALM 97:10

Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way.
--PSALM 119.128


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Global Communitarianism is setting in with the New World Order

Communitarianism and the spirit of antichrist

The world is moving fast and is perfectly set on course for the man of sin the son of perdition.  It certainly is evident that things are falling away.  Trouble is coming and now is:

Oh and by the way we need more British reporters to give us our news and economic reports too;

President Hillary Clinton will rescue us

The Clinton Global Initiative is on the way soon:

And Donald Trump really has no place as President of the United States.  So then VOTE HILLARY and enjoy:


It's the END OF THE LINE for Donald Trump

*****Donald Trump to soon surrender*****

CNBC Confirms THE END of Donald Trump is at hand:

Donald Trump will now lose the GOP nomination

WISCONSIN will ruin it for Donald Trump

I'm moving out of Wisconsin after this election

The media loves death and destruction and all manner of dirty laundry as usual.  And destruction and misery are ahead now for America unlike ever before.  This nation is currently prospering however it is a false reality and the reality of it's ultimate end in destruction is about to be revealed.

Thanks for trying Donald.  None of us can do anything now.  It is the ultimate END OF AMERICA:

It's good for Donald anyway because they would probably kill him otherwise: 

...and by the way it looks also like Ted Cruz will lose:










Is Donald Trump the target of an assassination?

The GOP is desperate to stop Donald Trump

Will the enemies of America use any means necessary?

For some time now we keep hearing offensive language being directed towards Donald Trump from the media, his own Republican Party, and many other enemies of America.  There is rising concern now over the growing concern of Donald Trump being assassinated:

We are living in a time where evil men and seducers are waxing worse and worse and they are also very bold in their evil ways.  They no longer care that even alternative media reports the truth and been emboldened to commit more evil works: 


Happy Easter and Prepare for WORLD WAR III and the U.S. DOLLAR COLLAPSE

Are you prepared for what is coming?

At the time of this post police are inspecting suspicious packages at a Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas.  There are ongoing protests in Belgium and Belgrade.  And the world conflict is rising amidst all manner of economic and political instability.  

Tensions are rising and even our own Homeland Security officials are citing that we have a vulnerable infrastructure when it comes to terrorist attacks.  What are we going to do now?  We will watch the officials take care of us:

Sen. Ron Johnson has some not so good news on our Homeland Security as our infrastructure is vulnerable to terrorism:

Underground Drug Tunnel from U.S.A. to Mexico found linked to American home

Trump's Wall will have to be dug deep:

Not only do we have the Deep Underground Military Bases and large array of Underground Interstate Highways across America, but we have drug tunnels also between the U.S.A. and Mexico.  When Donald Trump builds the wall he will have to build it deep also to block tunnels:

Is it possible some of these tunnels are linked to AREA 51?


SILVER STACKERS remain just a few on a Google Hangout

Here's what's left in America with SILVER COLLECTORS:

SILVER of course has fallen out of favor and the price is expected to keep on dropping:

You can learn a lot from these experts:


Joel Osteen is America's Positive Preacher

*****The largest CHRISTIAN CHURCH in America*****

 The Success of Joel Osteen

Ministering a Message of Christian Empowerment 

America's Positive Motivational Preacher

 Meet the man and wife who were called to the ministry:

Joel and wife Victoria lead the largest congregation in the United States of America:

America is a Christian nation and with Ted Cruz being chosen by God things are only going to get better. Just ask preachers like Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copland, Glenn Beck, and Oprah Winfrey: 

Today of course is Easter Sunday and I wonder if Joel Osteen believes that bunnies lay eggs: 

Joel Osteen's message of hope:

The power of "I AM" in your life...

Guys like Bill Still will never measure up to the status and stature of Joel Osteen:

But wait there is an obscure piece of antiquated old fashioned scripture that may shed some light about who God hath chosen:

For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:
But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:
That no flesh should glory in his presence.
--I CORINTHIANS 1.26-29 

You won't write a NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER with this doctrine of Christ and you won't pastor the largest congregation in America.  So if you want to be successful you'll have to go the way of Joel Osteen.  Personally I'd rather leave Joel Osteen alone and let him go to his own place:


Donald Trump is speaking out clearly on his plans for foreign policy

Donald Trump for U.S. PRESIDENT

This guy is a no-nonsense 'America First'  U.S. PRESIDENT


So many presidents over the last several decades have sold America of to the U.N. and GLOBAL COMMUNITY that we no longer even think, act, talk, and even look like the U.S.A. anymore.  Not so with Donald Trump!  Take a look at even the media admitting that America has a problem.  Donald Trump is the solution to fix many of these current problems:

I'm still voting for Donald Trump for 2016.  It's time to make America great again or at last resurrect it from the current path to destruction.

All satire aside we really don't know if God even has chosen anyone to be the U.S. PRESIDENT.  God knows who it will be and he knows all about the evil men and seducers in their high places.  Even so, come Lord Jesus: 

But nevertheless I'm planning to vote for Donald because not only do I think he will do what he says, I believe that those of us who are experiencing all too often unwanted offenses (such as calling us radical right wing extremists and potential terrorists, etc.) will be able to lead somewhat of a more quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  

I'd like to see the Donald Trump cabinet reinvent Washington D.C. and take out all those whose mouths have been open for too long speaking their great swelling words of vanity and causing much mischief in our nation and throughout the entire world:


Tourists got too close to AREA 51 and were put at gunpoint by PRIVATE SECURITY

CLOSE ENCOUNTER with AREA 51 turns almost deadly

*****AREA 51 ON ALERT*****

What are they trying to hide at AREA 51?


Is this a staged story?

Take a look...

Here's the close encounter with AREA 51:

EUROPE to close its borders and then comes WORLD WAR III

A GIANT ASTEROID (Wormwood?) will smash the Earth also...

What saith the scripture?


Happy Easter Sunday

Do bunnies really lay eggs?

Today many are waking up to Easter baskets and candy and bunnies that lay colored eggs.  Am I missing something?

Others are waking up to COINS and BULLION made of GOLD and SILVER:

Is Jesus better than SILVER and GOLD?

If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?
--LUKE 16.11 

Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.
--ACTS 3.6 

Is GOLD and SILVER insurance?

Many of you (and me) who follow NEWS and CURRENT EVENTS along with the WORLD ECONOMIC DATA have been hearing a lot about GOLD and SILVER recently.  Some say we about to have a serious ECONOMIC COLLAPSE worldwide and GOLD and SILVER is your INSURANCE against the tribulation to come:  

Bill Still simply speaks from his heart

It may not be excellency of speech or wisdom but it is the testimony of God and that's what's important:

And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God.
For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.
And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling.
And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:
That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

He's still preaching the gospel of Christ...

A DARK CLOUD is hanging over America...


Some kook says he wants to kill Donald Trump

This guy wants a visit from the SECRET SERVICE:

Maybe Obama will invite him to The White House:

"I'm going to kill, I'm going to have a fuckin' gun,...I'm going to kill your ass."

Oh yea Buckwheat?

NUCLEAR JIHAD threatens Brussels Belgium


Fear in Belgium over NUCLEAR JIHAD threat:

The God Allah likes to steal, kill, and destroy.  Who is this Allah?  And who is this prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?  

Islam and its JIHAD is absolutely nuts!


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Who is this Roger Stone? Some shadow Trump supporter?

Roger Stone exposed:

The whole damn gang is corrupt and there is no truth in the news anywhere.  We have all evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse deceiving and being deceived:

Roger Stone has some old ties to Cuba.  And why the sudden interest in Cuba with Obama?  Maybe Obama is a swinger too?  He sure knows how to Tango:


Professional Protester Thomas DiMassimo NOT GUILTY of charging Trump stage


Since then this guy has been a hero:

We are a country led about by lawyers.  Many lawyers have and continue to lead and destroy this nation:

Thomas DiMassimo is a hero now and he will continue his professional protester career with even a greater presence: 

Some of us never broke a FEDERAL LAW in our entire life and yet we are somehow considered GUILTY or some kind of POTENTIAL THREAT.  Amazing America!

After I watch Wisconsin ruin it for America and take out Donald Trump from the current presidential campaign I'm planning to move to a different state.  It's hard to pick a state today in America because most of them have turned into a global community of chaos:

God sends a bird of peace at Bernie Sanders Rally

*****Our Father in heaven just endorsed Bernie Sanders*****

Bernie Sanders:  The man of peace...

Perhaps God is finished with the false Christians in the GOP and has decided to choose Bernie Sanders to lead America?  Is this a sign from heaven?

It's time to vote for Bernie Sanders

This sign from heaven truly did it for me:

I'm going to have to vote for Bernie Sanders now.  In fact I'm going to vote for him in Wisconsin's primary.  I'm tired of the alleged Christian Republicans who have a form of godliness and deny the power thereof.  So after God endorsed Bernie Sanders through this sparrow landing on his pulpit, who would want to do anything contrary?

Bernie the Jew didn't get the Mormon prophecy that Ted Cruz recently received from Glenn Beck.  Bernie didn't have a whole load of Evangelical Christian hands laid on him either from those such as Kenneth Copeland or Dr. David Jeremiah and others.  But Bernie Sanders had God send one of his sparrows down for a brief visit.  And people are taking notice of this:

Ted Cruz is not eligible to be the President of the United States


Is it true or not Ted?

Friday, March 25, 2016



Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli

The WAR ON ISIS is making progress

We are going to be safer now from terrorism

Is it ISIS or ISIL.  In this report they call it ISIS but President Obama calls them ISIL.  Ether way it sounds like they stopped the money flow for the ISIS movement.  We should all feel safer now: