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Wow! The ministers of OSAS vs. The News UNIT: Much love...


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Reflect Upon The Word
Diamondustification & everyone: I leave this comment with such a grieved heart at my recent "fellowship" with n.u. I have been roped in to too many wrong channels these past 2 years & the recent one I've been trying to give a chance because I'm trying to see good in the fella on his channel. But, when I go back,theres so much wrong speech that is harmful to the soul, & we need to be careful of what we receive in our minds. I actually was on a stream listening to what Tim Henderson said, & I thought he said the same thing to, and I was completely out of my depth to go there! Jesse & Rodney have emailed me many times after I've emailed them, to say be careful, but I'm always trying to see fellowship with people, that are actually damaging to the body of church of Jesus Christ. I want to leave my full apology here today to Jesse but mainly to Tim. I want to ask for prayers please, that Jesus would guide me from rotten fruit channels, & stay on good channels like this. I'll leave this & Jesse, I pray you forgive me in Jesus name. I'm going offline for a while because it's much needed. Please stay safe all amidst the situations. God Bless.
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Defending the faith.
Ben. I had him on my live. He came as a wolf in sheep’s clothes. He pretended to be a brother. Yet I found out he was only gaining material to make a video later that evening trying to make me look bad. For some reason you are slow at figuring out who this guy is. You need to stay away from him. We are not to be in fellowship with people that we cannot teach. God has to call that person. We are to tell the truth. As we do. But not all can except it. Why? Because they do not belong to Him. He has not called them into sonship.
Reflect Upon The Word
@Defending the faith. I didn't know, he was gaining material to make a video to make you look bad. I'm sorry to hear that. I feel so out of sorts about it & also feel very sad actually because of ever going over there & talking with the guy. I have taken the Liberty to unsubscribe & walk away from the guy. I really lift up my apologies to you & all here but mainly to Jesse. I want you guys to know, I did actually appreciate Jesse's channel when I spoke to the guy. But, I really would appreciate your prayers. Stay in touch through email brother Rodney.
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Defending the faith.
@Reflect Upon The Word I have been in constant prayer for you. You know what Jessie and I teach is truth. And we will not sway from the truth just because some guy wants to divide the body by saying we are devils and will be judged. He doesn’t even know what he is saying. I know who leads me in truth. And will not go away from it. Know this. The enemy has not authority over me. So he should just move on.
Reflect Upon The Word
@Defending the faith. Thanks brother. I understand & I know your channel is edifying to. Your a humble brother in Christ & I'm very grateful.

1 day ago
Hey family. How many of you feel this way? A lot of people have been asking me how I feel lately, which is a question I don't typically answer, both because it's not the purpose of this channel and because I don't think there's anything anyone can do about it. However, if we are all of the same body, then we share the same wounds.
A Subscribers Question
Oh dear Brother^ .. 
     Do you think that you could use a faith healing ..and/or deliverance ?? 

And wilk get a good' Brother to pray tOo concerning you and the tiredness  

Please excuse me if i may come off as over zealous about this ..but i want to see you healed..  ok? 
          If and when it is no trouble ...could you share more about the tiredness youve been feeling? 

My Response

There's nothing to be done. I have seen all the world has to offer, the prettiest sights, the ugliest atrocities and as the writer of Ecclesiastes puts it, all is vanity. There's no momentary event that is going to put the life back into my step, no reminder of truths that I am well aware of and preach on a daily basis, no specific prayer that will give me the deliverance I crave because what I want is far more then reprieve. I want to be free from this flesh and the putrid estate of this world.

I tire of contention and having to explain the obvious about as much as I tire having to fight against myself to avoid being on the wrong side of the fence of that by becoming arrogant and prideful. I tire of wrestling with responsibilities that seem to be thankless in reward, as well as the cold shoulder fellowship of my fellow Christians here on internet, even when they try so hard, these words on a screen rarely ever match that of in person. Then again, no one in person could do anything for me either.

I tire of the weight of my past which while I may be forgiven for, follows me around like its own entity (and sometimes is), attacking my senses and ever trying to draw me back toward the anger and evil I once had, and it always swells up the most when I am assailed by people who claim to be for Christ while they mock and deride everything he stands for.

And I am sick to death of turning off my computer hoping that I can perhaps find shelter here in my own home, only to have our lawless younger generation or their parents who are even worse trespass all over my property and give me added headache. I tire of evil men getting away with it while I seem to suffer.

I tire of restraining myself from acting out in the flesh against them when my prayers for their departure in a truly long term fashion seem to go unanswered. I tire of well doing being expected of me, when I seem to get absolutely NOTHING for doing it. I tire of being convicted for my failures (which I know is God trying to heal me) when some of those failures come from physiological needs that I will never utilize nor do I want to and could just as well be removed from me permanently. Why fight a fight when the source could be cut off.

God is not forgetful, God shall deliver from all things, we suffer as Christ suffered, the flesh wars against the Spirit, God can give me life, God can give me peace. I know the answers, but nothing will satisfy.

How many of you feel this way? Well, try not to be discouraged. The Lord is not far from us in any capacity, and our sufferings were bore both by the apostles and every old testament saint before them. We'll be going home soon. Please don't hide your injury. Now more then ever we need to support each other.

Come Lord Jesus. There is no doubt in my mind that we don't have much time left on this earth. Plenty of my fellow grace channels have shown off the immense amount of prophetic fulfillment going on right before our very eyes, and one of them, our sister watchwoman 65, was even censored for doing so. Pray for each other, but know that these pressures only further confirm that we are not apart of the world.

Rejoice at your position in heaven.