Saturday, September 29, 2012

Obama-CASH for Egypt

Obama Cash for Egypt

Our current president cozies up to the Muslim Brotherhood and hands out the cash to Egypt.  He doesn't hand out the cash to Americans though...but he did hand out some OBAMA-PHONES recently in Cleveland: 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Chuck Norris Warns America

The Obama Phone

Here's an Obama supporter that is exercising her free speech and expression at a recent Romney event.  Maybe Mitt Romney will come out with a "Romney Phone"?  

How about an Obama car?  Obama shoes?  Obama lunch? (Michelle already did that)  Obama clothes?

It's all about Obama.  Vote Obama for more "Hope and Change":


******MAJOR FOOD ALERT*******
THE LAND OF DEADLY FOOD may be heading for a GLOBAL BOYCOTT by other countries: 


The entire world is watching The United States Of America now KILLING it's own people with genetic engineered (GE) food or genetically modified food (GMO).  Do you think other countries will stand sill and import these products?

Some say this may be the most dangerous economic development to hit the headlines as The United States Of America may now become known as THE LAND OF DEADLY KILLER FOOD by the rest of the world. 

The U.S.A. is a major producer of CORN and SOYBEANS and the majority of the crop is now being discovered to be deadly:

If you think it's only CORN and SOYBEANS it's not:  Wheat and all manner of fruits and vegetables are also at stake.  Even our cattle and poultry are being fed these harmful substances.  What do we do now?  This is UNPRECEDENTED!


Our Democracy is Growing Stronger with FREE SPEECH and EXPRESSION

Hillary Clinton assures us that FREE SPEECH and EXPRESSION in this growing "democracy" is protected because she said so.  Not because of the abrogated U.S. CONSTITUTION of course:  Get ready for a new GLOBAL CONSTITUTION coming soon:


Government MANDATORY ETHANOL is coming

Do we have KILLER CORN growing now?

Remember the killer corn article?  If you haven't read it take a look here: 

If you don't pay attention as most of us are distracted by the media these days then take a look back at this report by Jim Comiskey who is a Senior Market Strategist at ADM Investor Services in Chicago, Illinois:

Jim is reporting on the government mandatory ethanol blend increase to 15% in gasoline.  The pumps have warnings that the fuel could void warranties and of course it is known to damage engines.

What some say is happening here is there is a problem with our nationwide genetically modified corn called "Roundup Ready Corn" by Monsanto.  The corn is causing major problems as it cross pollinates and causes cancer in laboratory animals while the deadly substance is going into just about everything we eat.  Just what does this mean?

                 Does the U.S.A. manufacture KILLER FOOD?

Make no mistake about it as the world is watching the U.S.A. manufacture deadly food and they may in fact shut off our food exports soon enough.  Many of these countries don't want this problem and the U.S.A. may be in for more than a major corn crop debacle as the government either orders it plowed under (which will not get rid of it anyway) or turn the majority of the crop into more MANDATORY ETHANOL. 

More on this TOXIC CORN here: 


Stash Cash for the Crash

The stock market cannot be held up now by QE 3 or whatever you want to call it.  Also the "safe havens" whatever they are are not safe havens either like GOLD and SILVER are supposed to be during financial crisis.  So let's look at the US DOLLAR chart:

That looks good and there are still a lot of trees so I don't expect a paper shortage at any time.  Also the demand for dollars seems to always increase as people never have enough of them and the rich are never satisfied with more than they could wish.  So I believe in a simultaneous INFLATION/DEFLATION SCENARIO where the US DOLLAR gains value while certain assets are depreciated but the consumer cost is adjusted higher and higher for necessary goods.  Very clever isn't it?

So it looks like you better stash some cash for the crash:

Gold and Silver about to tip over:

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]
Live 24 hours silver chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review Ron Paul and the N.D.A.A.


Do you not remember what the National Defense Authorization Act is?  You better review the N.D.A.A. unconstitutional legislation that this congressman tried to fight against.

Isn't it interesting that our majority Congress allows this to pass in complete violation of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights?  That's proof that these men are violating their oath of office on a regular basis.  

We have a MAJOR PROBLEM!  Even Ron Paul has had to back down as the TWO PARTY SYSTEM of our new government moves ahead to destroy the nation:


WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW:  This is a former Reagan Administration official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts who reveals more on the N.D.A.A. and what this is all about:

Ann Barnhardt says states should secede


"...Have you people never read the Bible?  Why don't you crack open the Bible and start reading?..."
---Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt says states should secede from the U.S.A. such as an Oklahoma/Texas scenario and I believe she is probably going to see this happen should the epic crisis happen according to her projections.  I'm posting this again because I believe it's important.  

Many men are clinging to her now like a bunch of little pansies because sadly the men in our nation don't have the balls she has to speak out.  We've arrived at a time where men are scarcely men anymore.

A little News UNIT history:

I covered Ann Barnhardt and brought her to the forefront of most of these toothless truthers who claim they are so freedom and liberty loving Americans and are ready to fight the "banksters", blah, blah, blah... 
Even Peter Schiff took his video interview with her down because he couldn't handle her.  Take a look: 

Now these little effeminate types are taking a hold of her skirt like a bunch of little boys.  Well maybe I shouldn't be too hard on them since they might actually learn something :-). 

You haven't met Ann Barnhardt?  Here's a good place to start: 


The global big shots meet concerning Israel

Notice Hillary say, "...we do whatever they tell us..."  

I'm wondering what she meant when she said that.  

I worked in Washington D.C. in an executive capacity for several years and have seen some things first hand.  People are people in real life and hopefully many of them will come to the knowledge of the truth of the gospel of Christ.  

For some of you who hate Hillary because of this or that--she's had a rough life.  That's all I'm saying about it:

Good understanding giveth favour: but the way of transgressors [is] hard.
---PROVERBS 13.15
What's going on with the insider globalists and all that gang I don't know.  But I do know that the men in high places usually forget that God is above all.


Law Enforcement U.S.A. is the NSA

This is not a joke people!  Notice that the NSA CENTER is on MILITARY AVENUE.  This nation is morphing into a MILITARY and POLICE STATE.  Notice how our own alleged American agencies are treating we the people as criminals and love to harass us with their usual display of force, etc.

Notice also how we the people are being brainwashed into thanking them for their actions of violating their oath of office while they commit felony acts against us: 

It is important to listen to this entire video and take some notes.  One such item of importance is why this center is located across from a Wal Mart Supercenter:  The reason for this is because Wal Mart has memorandums of understanding with the U.S. Government agencies to be used as a FEMA CAMP during a time of national emergency: 


A Tribute to Precious Metals

Here's the News UNIT's tribute to precious metals.  I'm doing this ahead of time because I am 100% convinced in my own mind and for reasons that pertain to the word of God that GOLD and SILVER are going to crash with the worlwide monetary system as God is exalted above Ceasar and any beast system of government whatsoever it may be.  All the nations to God are as a drop of a bucket and he will be exalted above all things which includes the heathen and all the nations no matter what mischief they think they can create:

The PRECIOUS METALS aren't so precious anymore and are going to be corrupted as the rust of them bears witness according to the word of God.  PERCIOUS METALS may be a PRECIOUS MEMORY or perhaps a NOT SO PRECIOUS MEMORY after all:

Watch the charts and see for yourself how precious these PRECIOUS METALS really are not:
Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]
Live 24 hours silver chart [ Kitco Inc. ]


More Silver B.S.

Bill Murphy who is the head of this "GATA" nonsense is a legend in both his own mind and those of his followers like SGT B.S. and so forth.  

So why is GOLD and SILVER not reached those ridiculous pumper's prices over the last two years?

ANSWER:  It's simply intentional manipulation by these gold and silver pumpers because these alleged gold and silver advocates are all traders just trying to run their options and futures contracts to their advantage. The US DOLLAR is here to stay until the currency is devalued or reinvented. If and when that happens the value of gold and silver which is currently valued in US DOLLARS will be valued by the new currency which will ultimately result in devaluation of both currency and precious metals.

I think Ann Barnhardt has about the most accurate and sensible assessment of the economic disorder and what to expect.  You can listen to her recent interview here: 


Another Steve Quayle Clone who toots his own horn

The RED LETTERS are what Jesus said?  Really?  Guess you haven't read the other scriptures which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest:

All you need is a bayonet and a bar of ENGLEHARD SILVER.  Then you're all set. :-) 

These guys keep hammering their own doctrine out on their own anvil.  Nothing new under the sun:


Obama hands out Obama-phones in Cleveland

He gave us a phone, he's going to do more...

Get your Obama CELL PHONE and vote for Obama---YEEEAHH BABY!  CRANK DAT OBAMA PHONE!

Lets turn the U.S.A into an entire culture of LOW MINORITY and FOOD STAMP servants.  Vote Obama! 

How about an entire nation of niggas, bitches, and hoes too?  Oh it's already happening.  Let's go get some bitches says this young boy:

The new Obama-culture of the U.S.A. is spreading rapidly.  More bitches, hoes, niggas, sluts, M-Fers and so forth.  We even have an URBAN ONLINE DICTIONARY with terms and definitions today:

Washington D.C. and the nation is catching onto this: 

Perhaps these programs and messages are being endorsed by JPM? 

It's all about Obama and the Obama-phone:
This culture is also spreading into the Dallas, Texas area as Raw Dog sings about his EBT CARD:

Here's the kind of YOU TUBE videos that don't get censored about "bitches" and so forth.  It's the new culture in America:
Learn about hoes here:

Even The News UNIT knows how to address the bitches and hoes in a news brief.  I'm catching on slowly.  Sorry it took so long folks:


The Truther Girls expose YOU TUBE corruption

Mr. and Mrs. Truther Girl (is that correct? :-))  expose some YOU TUBE corruption and so forth.  Unless you upload stupid shit and rank empty entertainment you will likely be taken down.  Global soviet government is moving to take this down:


Green Bay vs. Seattle Play Controversy

And some other things about football...

Here's the play that exposes the NFL as being a big money corrupt corporation that is not only worshiped by many but also the outcome of the games is rigged to profit certain participants involved in sports gambling:

This touchdown call by the NFL is pathetic.  For those who make the enormous amounts of salaries to make these kinds of calls is just plain nonsense:

Watch this stupidity again... ...developing...

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World Financial Problems Improving

Everything is going to get better...just ask Obama and Romney...


Iran, Al-CIAda, and Israel

The world leaders are focused on IRAN and ISRAEL now.  They want your focus to be there too.  If you have friends in the military you know they are getting ready to be deployed.  When they leave it will be time to take cover because this time the missiles will fly:


Cash is king

For those who think the US DOLLAR will collapse think again.  The world leaders really mostly love the US DOLLAR.  Those who turn against the paper currency will likely be taught the usual lesson and be bombed in the name of making the world safe for democracy:


Wednesday, September 26, 2012



It appears that the market is heading down and at any moment could have a FLASH CRASH.  Several reputable market observers such as Ann Barnhardt are predicting an epic crash.  If you are concerned about your assets please listen to the Ann Barnhardt message below, otherwise just sit back, relax and trust your government to take care of you: 

The Federal Reserve and the banks are calling this "REHYPOTHICATION" which is a fancy term to legalize their criminal activity---as usual...

(Also remember that GOLD and SILVER will go down also)


Jim Sinclair calls for END GAME: $3,500 GOLD

$3,500 GOLD

Jim Sinclair at is calling for the end game now in this current financial system.  This is the guy that called for gold to go to $1,640 and beyond and he is now targeting $3,500 soon: 


Is Ahmedinejad the man of sin? the son of perdition?

The stage is being set for the man of sin, the son of perdition whosoever that is as he is set to emerge and exalt himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped.  This talk about a NEW WORLD ORDER is very curiously close to fulfilling the word of God and sounds like the fruit of the beast and the false prophet. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ann Barnhardt calls for epic stock market crash

Although I don't entirely disagree with Ann Barnhardt and others who are calling for this financial implosion the curious thing is if this epic stock market crash occurs it takes GOLD and SILVER down with it and the US DOLLAR soars in value.  Therefore the conclusion is to save cash for the crash:

Ann Barnhardt really has a MESSAGE OF URGENCY here in this interview.  She considers the banks to be insolvent and suggests people to take immediate action to protect their assets.  This lady really is serious about this! 

I do believe that there are a group of traitors that are in the high offices of Washington D.C. and they are conspiring to destroy The United States Of America.  It may be that this is God's judgment on this Gentile dog nation and regardless of whether we like it or not it is inevitable: 



The Elite Chaplain Lindsey Williams

Elite Chaplain Lindsey Williams needs some examination.  Perhaps his nonsense is finally being revealed?


Silver going up says THE MASTER PATTERN

The Master Pattern says silver is going to break out above $37 by October and then the low to mid $40's during November and in December silver will be $50 to $55:

Here's a little extra commentary on SILVER, and a bit of a closer examination on Lindsey Williams:

Even Schaef says silver is going up:

The Strong Delusion is Thriving


Be damned!

Notice who's promoting this THRIVE MOVEMENT:  They are the GOLD and SILVER cult.  They also call their movement deeply "SPIRITUAL".  THRIVE is about to thrive as God shall send strong delusion.  These people will believe this lie and be damned according to God's word.  Many consider this to be judgmental and in fact it is very judgmental.  It is the judgement of God himself:

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

I have warned people about this THRIVE MOVEMENT before but now I say fill up your cup and drink the dregs of the wrath of God.  Even so, come Lord Jesus: 

False prophets and false teachers such as Steve Quayle will not rebuke or expose these abominations since he is just another man of Satan who is more interested in the mammon of gold and silver and ultimately a substantial profit in US PAPER DOLLARS.   This goes for all the other alleged liberty loving fakers also.


Lunch Lady U.S.A.

It never occurred to me that there are over 31 MILLION kids in the U.S.A. on government lunch aid.  Now as the government is transformed into a dictatorship by the Obama administration and others in the high places of government we will have them telling people where, what, when and how to eat: 

Some people don't care what the government tells them what to do.  But then I thought we were the government?  What happened?

Stock Market Almost Crashes

And it could at any moment...


Government Lunch Regulations: LESS FOOD and MORE MONEY

31 MILLION American kids are on "THE FREE LUNCH PROGRAM".  How about that?  

Ask Michelle what to eat at home next?  Perhaps she will market a cookbook for us?

This is the wisdom of the Obama administration and now the First Lady Michelle Obama is hard at work imposing new school lunch regulations across the land.  The woman is incredible and she is teaching us how to eat now: 

Soon there's going to be additional food trouble with corn and oil across the entire United States Of America courtesy of Monsanto.  Looks like the HOPE and CHANGE is making progress now.  How about another 4 years? 


Monday, September 24, 2012

The Strong Delusion is Here

God's strong delusion that he has sent has arrived.  The scripture is fulfilled and those that have the strong delusion don't even know it but are convinced they have "the truth" and that can be a combination of things including but not limited to various things such as:  Constitutional worship, false liberty, Christianity falsely so called, gold and silver investing cults, financial and revolutionary fetishes, and the desire for a new paradigm shift along with various other new age philosophies.  

Get used to it and drink up your cup.  If your not in Christ and believe on him according to the scripture of truth then you are soon to received your reward called:


Here's one example of the various lies and liars that many people believe:

Read and study more about THE STRONG DELUSION: 

One word about the alleged WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE:



Was Jesus married?

"...and I'm a Mormon."

Here is the wisdom of a Mormon:  This guy calls himself "The Man of Truth" on YOU TUBE and I'll let you hear his great swelling words of vanity for yourself.  Another Harvard graduate to top it off:

For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or [if] ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with [him].


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Killer Corn

Many will not take this seriously and perhaps there is no way to avoid the multitude of other food products derived from this corn unawares.  The fact is that we have men that hate God and love death:

But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.
---PROVERBS 8.36


Rightly dividing the word of truth with Pastor Ron Knight

U.S. Dollar Soon To Be Destroyed

Keep an eye on SILVER and GOLD:

The end of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES according to these analysts is very close.  According to Raw Dog, Obama doubled the national debt over the last 4 years.  Personally I don't know how correct these assessments are and I would rather believe God and his word in the matter of an even greater and certain end that is soon to come according to his word:

Raw Dog is barking it out here about November 1, 2012 silver.  It's going to be interesting to watch this next pump and dump actually.  Personally I feel AAPL, GOOG, and FB are all going to $1,000.  Other than that you can buy a monster box of silver and add that to your prepper supplies for the SHTF scenario.  Maybe you can throw silver dollars at the enemy during mass mayhem and the next U.S. REVOLUTION?  

One question for both James Turk and Sean Turnbull above:  If you suggest investors to be OUT OF DOLLAR DENOMINATED THINGS then why do you continually suggest GOLD ad SILVER as they are both DOLLAR DENOMINATED?

Listen to an analyst from a rather large Chicago firm explain some things going on with SILVER:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The workers are defrauded

I like listening to some men speak their mind on issues:


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fake physical gold bars being found

Beware of fake gold and silver bars
There are fake gold bars now being found and this is concerning to many collectors and investors who own these metals only to find out that their investment may actually be a complete loss.  So many people have scoffed at those of us who like physical paper investments but now are left holding the bag while they tell us to "keep stackin'": 

Obama Tax Penalty For Legal U.S. Residents

The ILLEGAL RESIDENTS are EXEMPT from this tax: 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sean Turnbull Pumping Silver

Similar to PAPAL BULL this is what I call SGT BULL as he's once again screaming about another criminal bank (in his opinion) and trying to pump SILVER out of the $30's.  You're going to see more of this now and should SILVER by some stretch of unusual circumstances break above $40 they will all get a chubby in their pants together while they peep and mutter like a bunch of wizards:

Here's another peeping and muttering wizard who is none other than a liberal loser Obama worshiper who thinks the rising Soviet government is a good thing.  These clowns are trying hard with their circus acts but will end up taking a good dose of THE STRONG DELUSION:

$500 SILVER says BrotherJohnF

BrotherJohnF who cannot give his name because he's really a faker is now promoting $500 silver.  Remember when he called $100 SILVER at the end of 2011?  

BrotherJohnF is a "passive Christian" who is about as effeminate as SGT B.S. and his pal Chris Duane including several others that are lurking in the NIA and Sons of Liberty Mafia.  

Keep stackin' losers!  

And now we have Max Keiser promoting BITCOINS too.  This is almost entertaining. :-)

The truth is that these jag-offs are so inconsistent:


Bitcoins are the currency of the future

Max Keiser announced on INFOWARS with Alex Jones that BITCOINS are the currency of the resistance.  Here's some information on BITCOINS.  Everyone using BITCOINS is aware of everyone else's transactions.  This sounds like COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY and NO PRIVACY.  Looks like Max Keiser and Alex Jones may be closet globalists bringing in this beast system of BITCOINS.  No doubt this probably is coming.  What is "SMART PROPERTY"?  Find out:


Monday, September 17, 2012

James Turk Talks

The $75 Silver Man

This time James Turk talks up a big move in GOLD and SILVER but he leaves off a price prediction.  His former track record is actually abominable even though he likes to promote some alleged accuracy in his market musings: 

The Sons of Liberty mafia may be led by Sergeant B.S. himself

Now that we have QE3 the market really doesn't seem to care regardless of what kind of chatter shows up on YOU TUBE, the NIA, King World News, or any other alleged source.  The Sons Of Liberty Mafia have forged a new silver coin of their own now and are trying to profit on filthy fiat currency.  Can you believe that? 

And now we even have Max Keiser promoting BITCOINS on INFOWARS to just add to the current market mayhem: 

What next?  Maybe a Raw Dog Round?


Rosh Hashanah Trading

Tuesday September 18, 2012 may in fact be a vigorous trading day across the markets.  Today there was a curious dip in the market and whether or not tomorrow will respond with a recovery rally remains to be seen.  Here is Ira Epstein with a review of today's market and trends:


The CIA Mormon Mafia and Mitt Romney

"...and I'm a Mormon."

Webster Tarpley exposes the CIA Mormon Mafia and their candidate for U.S. President Mitt Romney:


Tarpley goes on to say, "...the biggest factor for peace in today's world is Putin..."


Max Keiser announces BITCOINS on INFOWARS


"Bitcoins are really the currency of the resistance."
---Max Keiser

Forget GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, and PALLADIUM and the U.S. DOLLAR VALUE for payment of debts public and private.  We now have Max Keiser promoting BITCOINS.

What will SGT B.S. (SGTbull7) have to say about this along with Chris Duane and the Silver Liberation Army,  The Sons of Liberty,  and the NIA Mafia?  What will Raw Dog say about it?  Check back here on The News UNIT for further updates.


CNBC India interviews Jim Rogers

Notice the news networks have expanded into the "global community" as the world presses on toward the man of sin the son of perdition and the focus is entirely on MONEY and PROFITS the majority of the time:


War in The Middle East

 Sunday, September 16, 2012


This is my take on the soon coming world events. 

The following is based on some inside information, but mostly on my experience in watching how the world turns (its stomach), and what the Bible indicates for the immediate future. I am only guessing, but I am not shooting in the dark-- maybe at dusk-- but with something in the scope nonetheless.

Here is where the next war will start:

Most of Iran is 5500 feet altitude or more, and it is non-stop rugged mountain ridges of rock from border to border with a narrow strip of flatland near the Persian Gulf and Iraq. If the US Military found it rough going in Afghanistan, Iran will be horrendous. I am assuming that the State Department will be "freeing Iran for democracy," which they already have.

Also, the population of Iran is much larger than Afghanistan or Iraq, and the chance of starting a rebellion by the CIA must be a formidable option-- there is a lot of agreement in Iran. Again, the war ethic of Iran will be Aryan (White race), not Semitic (Arab). There will be no coy threats-- there will only be rage and slaughter. 

This will NOT be World War III, as some pessimists will claim. The USA will be mostly alone this time, for other nations are busted like us, but they are under more restraints than we are, so they may well decline to run to war. 

Now, what will trigger the war?

Answer; A false flag event. It will be massive and deadly, probably with thousands of Americans killed, and many wounded or radioactivity affected. The shock and awe will be beyond anything we have ever seen.

The retaliation will be against Iran because the President will say the following words right after the false flag, "Iran," "Ahmadinejad," "nuclear attack," and maybe the old saw, "weapons of mass destruction." These words will be repeated thousands of times to make sure you believe Iran attacked the USA. Nuclear weapons will be used, and it will be said that Iran had them sooner than we thought.

It is very possible that the US Military will nuke several targets in Iran in retaliation, and the world will be horrified, especially if nukes are not used in the false flag event. This will turn the whole world against the USA, and we will become a pariah among the nations. Our troops will be thrown out of the 140 nations where they are stationed, and we will flee home like whipped puppies.

Israel will find it very useful to be shocked at the US use of nukes, and they will distance themselves from Washington and send aid to Iran. Syria may be targeted also, and Damascus may be nuked into rubble, as prophesied in the Bible in Isaiah 17:1. Damascus will be flattened one day, for it is the longest continuously inhabited city in the world, so the prophecy must soon be fulfilled.

So, there will be a desperate need for someone to come in and make peace in the Middle East. Enter Russia and the prophesy in Ezekiel 38:1-7-- The "guard" will be called on to come and secure all the nations of the Middle East, AND Putin will graciously come and pour oil on the waters.

There are many permutations that could develop and twist this one way or the other, but Jerusalem will not be blown away if they are there by God's will to fulfill prophesy. So, the US State Department and Military need to preempt Israel soon to beat them to the punch.

If Israel attacks Iran before the USA all of the above is off for some time. The Arab world will turn in such rage against Israel that they would not be able to convince Putin to take responsibility for the mess. At least that is my take on events. Also, Iran would attack Israel and kill hundreds and destroy Tel Aviv. The US would then get very righteous and shocked at Iran, and then the attack on Iran could begin.

Now, a second scenario, if it is possible for the US to restrain itself, would be to take the 100 mile wide strip of low land along the Iraqi-Iranian border where all of Iran's oil fields are. It would be said that this was temporary in order to force Iran to abandon their nuclear program, but it would become eternal once oil contracts were negotiated. The risk here is that Iran is a very powerful nation compared with other Middle Eastern nations, and they might retaliate with an all or nothing attack on either Israel or the USA. So, a massive invasion in grand delusion seems the most likely to me.

Now, a report from a reader who has long time experience in Israel:
I’m saying I’m sick to death of the seesaw media circus of Bibi vs Obama – and it seems to me to be more like professional wrestling than anything else. I think Bibi is going right along with the script and betraying his country. And it even has the tag team aura of sending top soldiers and diplomats in and out of the US and Israel. There’s no dignity to it. Once every couple of weeks a top current or retired Israeli general or national security chief comes from out of the blue and says something to the effect that it would be insane for Israel to attack Iran. In its own way, this circus is every bit as sick and perverted as Obama and his lackeys insisting that the embassy attacks were totally spontaneous and unpredictable. I believe the ayatollah and mullahs of Iran are every bit as serious about killing all the Jews as were Hitler and his henchmen. 
A disciplined principled Israeli PM would have gone it alone a long time ago. I don’t think Israelis have any more of a sense of loyalty to God today than the ones who were driven out of Israel into the Diaspora. How could they? God is bringing them back according to his word, and not of their own efforts. The Jews of today are every bit as lost as those of 130 AD. 
I also think that a lot of the individual soldiers of the IDF don’t want to fight a war of national survival against Iran. The Iranians seem to know this. Actually there was an online article about even IAF pilots who will refuse orders to attack Iran, but when I clicked on the headline I had to pay if I wanted to read the rest of the article. But it started out that it was a very disturbing thing to contemplate that individual soldiers would refuse orders to attack Iran. My Israeli friend in the US told me that even his relatives we stay with on weekends in Israel don’t want Israel to attack Iran. And every house in their community has been hit by something fired out of Gaza. 
Changing subject, aircraft carriers are really the only way we can project our power throughout the world. I think huge ships like that full of aircraft are sitting ducks upon the waters. Finding a way to sink our carriers would drive us home with our tails twixt our legs faster than anything. I wouldn't want to be on a carrier. Subs are very powerful of course, but they can't support boots on the ground. If a dummy like me can see our dependence on carriers, then you can bet our enemies are giving them their full attention. Suicide torpedoes would be the answer to the problem of carriers.

My contact's comment is very interesting when we consider all the ships in the Persian Gulf which have gathered to protect the oil supply through the Straits of Hormuz. They are also very easy targets, as he pointed out, ESPECIALLY since they are packed so close together.
He continues in speaking about the world right after the Rapture of the Church. If this Rapture happened in the next couple of weeks, you would be facing something like the following, which I assure you is implied in Bible prophecy. 

We’re seeing how maniacal the strong delusion is going to be after the Rapture (of the true Bible believing Church of Jesus Christ). The gift of discernment (which God has given us Bible believers) is like a super-natural level of common sense. After the Rapture there’s not going to be anyone left with enough common sense to pour water out of a boot. Our top generals like Martin Dempsey are not only utter whores to Obama, but have literally sold their souls to hold their positions. When the Restrainer is gone, there will be nothing to restrain them, and think of how that’ll be. All governments of the world will turn 100% totalitarian and won’t waste any more time than necessary keeping dissenters in confinement until they can be executed. Someone somewhere has already decided that decapitation will be the most efficient way to kill masses of prisoners. And if it’s shown on TV 24/7 (by Muslim fanatics) it might be the most effective way of terrorizing the people into obeying the government without question. 
I’ll bet many government employees will be dedicated to do nothing but read through private email archives all day long, and if they find any communications that even hint of an anti-government attitude, those responsible will be arrested and decapitated asap. I’m certain there will be no trials. If the analyst of your emails sees something in your writings to indicate that you’re a potential troublemaker, that will be a death sentence in and of itself. The arrest order will be the death sentence. (this comment is exactly what Joseph Stalin did long ago in the USSR) That way when you get out of the train car after it arrives at the processing facility you will immediately be assigned to one of many lines leading to hi-tech hydraulic guillotines with stainless steel blades, frames, and sealed roller bearings, good for millions of cycles. It’ll be a lot like a modern cattle slaughtering facility.
I am a plugger, and no Biblical scholar. I think huge war forces are on the move, and they're not going to stop without a major confrontation. I think the whole US foreign policy just collapsed. As per the article you sent, yes Obama's handlers had a big plan which has either flown out of control, or is going as they want. But I don't think the USA has the spiritual power to get involved in this anymore as a major participant. The powers controlling Obama might not originate here, but most likely in The City in London. We (the US Military in the Middle East) may have to essentially flee the area for our lives -- maybe even with our aircraft carriers sunk. Jerusalem is the center of the world, and the world is now centering on Jerusalem.
I don't think censoring all criticism of Mohammed throughout the world really can mean anything anymore, with Ishmael and Gog ascending. I think we're a little beyond the stage of whether or not a conspiracy of the power elites to silence criticism of Islam is going to change much of anything one way or the other, but it may provide a framework for stifling any criticism of Antichrist as he rises to power.


I can assure you that many Bible believing pastors, the ones NOT in the Emergent Church, have a very real sense that we are standing on the edge of our God-given promised destiny. If all true Bible believers were suddenly removed, and the Holy Spirit were to stop restraining the wicked, all hell on earth would break loose in the Middle East. The lust for blood, oil, wealth, and power over people is now bubbling over in abundance in the hearts of world leaders. Only the Spirit of God is keeping us from seeing total rage from all directions.

Luke 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Philippians 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

1 Thessalonians 5:7 For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night.
8 But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.
9 For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,
10 Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.
11 Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.

Only if you are an open confessor of Jesus Christ among ungodly men is the above promise for you.

This commentary will not be up here for long. Copy it if you think it is useful.

(copied and pasted from Balaam's Ass Speaks Blogspot) 

Get ready for THE REVOLUTION


The Revolution is going to begin on television first as we get a chance to watch Hollywood get American's revved up on chicks with guns and crossbows taking on the enemy and so forth and so on.  Get your six pack or barrel of beer and some hard liquor and get ready to feast on the usual rubbish from Hollywood as the flesh is exalted and God is cast down and forgotten.

Unfortunately I'm one of the weird ones who doesn't have a T.V. so I'm going to miss this.  I'm regarded as some sort of potential terrorist instead while the entertainment industry shows off their weapons and promotes terror, violence, and conflict (and of course the bitches and hoes):

If we really end up having a real revolution in The United States Of America the men have no worries because all the women will take care of us and keep us safe.  This includes but is not limited to the INFO-BABES such as this Fate Of Destinee and other half-naked women who can pack a Glock and an AR-15 for us and keep an eye on the perimeter for us.  Don't you feel safe now? 

The News UNIT reported on these INFO-BABES and their new security force that is being developed for eventual deployment here in the homeland but of course not many people take this information seriously: 

Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium BUYING OPPORTUNITY

Don't rush too fast into the Sons of Liberty promoting their overpriced silver coin along with Chris Duane and Sean G. Turnbull A.K.A. "SGT Bull 07" and various others in their silver community mafia bunch.  Sit back, relax and buy the very nice dip that is about to occur here.  We might even see $17 SILVER or lower:
Live 24 hours silver chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

Some happy camper "Robert Plant" just messaged me on YOU TUBE about precious metals.  I'm sorry to disappoint this poor Soviet who likes to tell me when and where I can leave COMMENTS but I shall not be taking his advice any time soon. Take a look:

Reply to your comment on: Silver Technical Analysis for August 22, 2012 by
Jewsunit, are you up to your old bullshitting ways, you bald prick? I see silver and gold are up above the levels you said that they wouldn't surpass.

What currencies are still printed on paper, you dimwit? Most Currencies are printed on cotton and plastic nowadays. Less than 5% of currency is in 'paper' form anyway, you peanut.

Do the world a favour and stop putting out videos and stop commenting on other people's videos.
Thumbnail1:38 - August 22, 2012 commodity daily technical analysis for the Silver commodity.
Find more information about Forex and Commodities News (, Technical Analysis (,...

Here's a good silver and oil observation...


What's the fetish for naked women, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium?

I'm noticing the fetish for precious metals and promiscuous women lately in various places on YOU TUBE and now this King World News website.  Seems men cannot report the news without this continuous exaltation of bitches and hoes.  One of these days Jesus is going to show up on the scene in power and great glory and the day is coming when these elements are going to melt with fervent heat.  I know that that is only a fairy tale to some as they don't believe God and don't believe in hell but the opinions of man are a very small matter compared to God's word which is forever settled in heaven:

So King World News writes a report on gold soaring as the world sinks into the abyss with this picture which has nothing to do with gold.  Or does it? 

What the hell do these women have to do with precious metals?  Women today love money not these metals.  O "hell" is not real?  That's your opinion:


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Madonna Jumping Around

Today Madonna has really gone off the cliff and into the abyss of perversion.  Perhaps before she was masked (by the Hollywood perverts) as just a goofy blonde who liked to have fun and dance.  I used to absolutely love this dance party music and was looked at as being weird because I didn't like drugs, fornication, and a drunken lifestyle.  Now I actually see Madonna and others' fruit today as it has culminated into a global culture of niggas, bitches, and hoes:


The Silver Mafia Wants Your Fiat Dollars

Now this should at least show any real thinking person that this whole silver nonsense is a total scam.  Take a look and do your own due diligence.

No doubt this entire NIA and SONS OF LIBERTY Mafia bunch of crooks are trying hard to pump silver one last time to make some fiat money profit.  They love the US DOLLAR because they always price their silver using the dollar.  If the dollar was worthless silver and gold would be measured otherwise.  


And what's this Christ Duane skull fetish?  Maybe SGT and his buddy are in the Skull and Bones Society together?  They seem like the type don't they?


American Missionaries mistaken for drug smugglers remembered

Fact is many of these events are swept under the carpet of government tyranny:


Apple Cider Vinegar Health

Rightly dividing the word of truth

Not many people these days think they need the word of God neither do they believe in God nor do they desire to seek him and find out his wisdom, knowledge and understanding concerning all things:

That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us:
---ACTS 17.27