Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ann Barnhardt calls for epic stock market crash

Although I don't entirely disagree with Ann Barnhardt and others who are calling for this financial implosion the curious thing is if this epic stock market crash occurs it takes GOLD and SILVER down with it and the US DOLLAR soars in value.  Therefore the conclusion is to save cash for the crash:

Ann Barnhardt really has a MESSAGE OF URGENCY here in this interview.  She considers the banks to be insolvent and suggests people to take immediate action to protect their assets.  This lady really is serious about this! 

I do believe that there are a group of traitors that are in the high offices of Washington D.C. and they are conspiring to destroy The United States Of America.  It may be that this is God's judgment on this Gentile dog nation and regardless of whether we like it or not it is inevitable: 



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