Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Washington D.C. Corporation Debt

The citizens (we the people) are those that are in debt to the world bank through fraud...

Interesting isn't it how the world makes reference to "Washington"?  Has anyone pondered this?  Probably not many.  The Corporation just assumes the position of The Federal Government and proceeds with unlawful and deceitful practices....developing.... 

The new GOLD support is at $1611

I'm not going to explain why $1611 is the number but it just is.  If GOLD holds support above here then it's going higher.  I don't know about silver but some people seem to think they do.  Has anyone noticed palladium?  What's that all about?  Any news?  I'm investigating...


IB Raises Margin Requirements

I don't know who IB is but it must be a Canadian firm:  CLICK ON THIS TO ENLARGE IT:

I'm posting this because the COMEX will be next to raise margin requirements probably tomorrow.  Quite honestly everyone should pull their money out of all brokerage accounts effective as soon as possible.  Pull all your money out of the banks too and do a COMPLETE precious metals transition of all assets.  Obviously keep some cash on hand too during the long term global debt debacle we are now established in.  How convenient it is for this debt nonsense to be "global" in scope!

Admittedly I chuckled a bit at this guy from Canada here on his site posting this:

The problem is there aren't enough people who will really do this and they are all mostly talk.  If you really want to see action you should listen and do what Max Keiser says.  But it would take more than the current 0.8% of the population who currently own any precious metals.  

Wake up people!  And yes I still think silver will tank now just because it can--no other reason.  It should go to $100 and beyond yes and gold should be $7,000 already.  Obviously what should be and what is are two different things.

Time to dump all trading platforms, IRA's, annuities, 401(k)'s (just quit your job if you have to and become self employed if feasible), also most bank accounts, debit cards, and ditch some insurance policies and collect your paid up additions.  Just keep the credit cards, a checking account, and cash.  If you run a business make sure it's either LLC or INC. and have a plan to create some good debt with it and let it fly to BK.  

Enough is enough!


BATF Suspicious Activity Report For Buying Guns

Peter Schiff Says The Crisis Is Coming

Here's a Big Mouth Blogger

There's always a know it all that can tell you he's on the right side of every trade.  He's been telling people to load up on physical silver and gold and also some pump and dump stock TKRFF.  If you want to follow this wisdom right into the poor-house then go there at once and submit yourself to the guru: 

Many think this guy is a superstar because of his bear videos which are nothing other than a free service where anyone can animate a conversation and put it on YOU TUBE.  His channel is:


Go check it out and remember to schmooze the guru and buy the dips along with TKRFF and whatever puts and calls he recommends. 
He brags how he made $4 Million dollars in under a year and also needs DONATIONS for his blogspot.....developing...

Got Palladium?

Gold and Silver Takedown Begins

I'll be looking forward to all the silver pumpers now and what they say as GOLD heads for $1,000 and SILVER $15.00.  Stay tuned for more entertainment....developing...

Debt Deal Progress: God Bless America

My 401(k) is safe again along with my IRA, and anyone who has any annuities is in great shape.  There will be jobs created and we can even re-elect Obama for another term so he can bring us more hope and change.  Awesome!

Meanwhile it looks like GOLD and SILVER are in peril!  How about that!

Beware of Bob Chapman and Ted Anderson

I no longer trust anything coming from Bob Chapman, Ted Anderson, and Alex Jones or any of their "affiliates".  They are all on surveillance now.  Ted Anderson who runs both Midas Resources and Alex Jones sells overpriced bullion.  If you don't think so then do your own research.  Here's Bob and Ted on a show together pumping their gold and silver again.  Please shop around for there are better prices at APMEX, SGC, NWT Mint, Colorado Gold, Miles Franklin, and Gainesville Coins....developing...

Ted Anderson is selling the movie THE AMERICAN DREAM.  Instead of sending him money you can watch it here.  And price his monster boxes compared to Miles Franklin or Suisse Gold Corporation.  What a scam!  Support the American Dream Film by sending a donation directly to them instead.

Are You Kidding Me?

Great men are not always wise....

Alex Jones Reports Big Victory Against Tyranny

The News UNIT sources in Austin that report on some recent findings concerning Alex Jones.  Alex's wife probably does more shopping so he didn't notice that there still is a load of FLOURIDE toothpaste still available in another isle. 

But Alex is pointing out what's going on with GMO foods and the layer of distribution of products between the poor, middle, and upper class citizens.  That is rather interesting in and of itself which makes it seem like our corporate government is content to feed the poor poison and provide the upper class a well over-priced variety of alleged "organic food".  Who says they are "organic"?  The FDA?  

I'm still keeping Alex Jones on the watch list because it's obvious he twists his report to fit his program and agenda: 

Alex Jones claims INFOWARS victory over tyranny but I think there is a long way to go.  One observation I make here is the tremendous prices for the "good" toothpaste and "organic" foods.  And we are told we are in a "depression"?  Who's telling the truth Alex?

Cory C. Meets Alex Jones

On The Edge with Max Keiser

Last Chance To Crash JPM: Buy Silver

Don't be a chicken!

Wake up and LOAD UP!  Do you think we are kidding? Some say silver is going to $75 by October and $100 by New Year's Eve.  Next year silver will be moving up like APPL, GOOG, NFLX, and PCLN....Can you imagine SILVER at $300US? Got phyzz?  I only hope I can get some in time for the break out.  

I'm told the top bullion (precious metals) suppliers are:   

Remember the charts will start painting today at 6:00 P.M. E.D.T.  Some say there will be many people this week saying,  "I should have..."

GE X-ray Headquarters Moving to China

X-ray machines to be manufactured in China now and to be sold back to the U.S.A...our wonderful "global community"...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Silver/Gold Ratio

Where is Lindsey Williams?

Lindsey please contact The News UNIT.  I would like to do an interview with you on YOU TUBE.  You can leave a message at my channel "newsunit" and I will contact you through contacting your ministry office for verification.  Thank you.

Lower Gold Price Outlooks Begin

The trendy forecasts of $3,000 to $5,000 gold and $75 to $500 silver is starting to abate now as the reality of commodities and trading starts to take hold.  So many have tried to blame HSBC, JPM, GS, "insiders", the "Crimex"(COMEX) and loads of other conspiracy theories to allegedly keep the price of gold and silver suppressed.  This could indicate that the bubble is here.  Be careful investors you may be holding the bag and it may not be so precious after all!

Notice King World News has a recent interview of a lower price outlook for gold here.  The ceiling is in and the debt ceiling is about to be raised along with interest rates.  The markets are set to take everyone down.  There is no SAFE HAVEN in the economy!$1,880.html 

Bob Chapman and Alex Jones

Eugenics, gold, silver, the U.S. debt extension...etc...

From the NIA Command Post

Always good to watch these NIA scammers act as if they are so American when inside they are ravening wolves.   Blah blah blah---buy gold and silver from me and subscribe to my newsletter: 

Max Keiser On The U.S. debt rating

Donald Trump Shows Up Again For President

Print Print Print or Mint Mint Mint?

Wonder what Marc Faber would have to say about this: 

Police Assault Videographer

Many police, fireman and other alleged "officals" act as if they have jurisdiction over the U.S. Constitution, freedom of the press, and individual freedoms of free speech, etc.  They like to harass and even arrest people with cameras.  It's time to put them all in their place:

Load Up On Gold and Silver

Total Surveillance

Total surveillance is only the beginning as big brother and moreover the spirit of antichrist moves onto the scene: 

What Happened to "Buy Silver--Crash JPM!"--?

The Danger of Default

Some say Monday mayhem will include a major stock market sell-off that starts with futures Sunday night and by pre-market Monday could be very ugly.  It is being suggested now that precious metals are a "last resort" to protect assets.  They are also not a guarantee but it seems there is no other means of exchange left.  Enjoy the weekend; it's later than you think.

I'm hearing fear among people in general now.  I get out across the U.S.A. and meet many people abroad.  Some say in addition to gold and silver value increases that Burkey Water Filters are soon going to skyrocket.  The need for clean drinking water is always a problem in a banana republic...developing... 

Watch the U.S. Senate debt debate LIVE HERE:

The U.S.A. and Europe are Police States

Marc Faber recently was interviewed and mentions how the U.S.A. is a police state policed by excessive government and the IRS, etc...

Default Closes In

The Coming New Currency Or Currency Reset

Warning if the US DOLLAR INDEX falls below 73.00!
Some say (including Marc Faber) that there is a currency reset coming.  Here's the latest KWN Weekly Metals Wrap to discuss the economy and focusing on precious metals: 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Some Caution on Gold and Silver

MF Global Report

People are starting to get nervous.  Don't miss this video below!

South African metals miners are on strike.  I talked with people at the metals dealers today and here's the general idea with them.  They all agree that silver is consolidating right now and they are concerned about an actual metals supply slowdown.  They would not go so far as to call it a "shortage".  But this is the very first time I have ever heard this.  

Listen to this guy right on the floor in Chicago:  Among other things he says: "...if you're stackin' bars keep stackin'...".  I think I'm going to get some metal.  I talked with some survivalist minded people and they tell me if you can afford it get 12 ounces of gold (one for each month) and get at least 365 ounces of silver (one for each day).  They say that all it is when the monetary system fails is SURVIVAL TRADING MONEY.  To purchase that much metal you have to spend about $35,000US right now.  Can you believe that?  But if the IRA accounts get jammed up by our government which is highly likely along with 401K's are other retirement benefits, social security and other benefits we are all jammed up soon.  

Will Obama keep handing out those food stamps to people?  I saw an unmarried black couple at Wal Mart with cart loads of soda, potato chips, dip, and all sorts of processed food snacks and they were both about 200 pounds heavier than normal.  They paid their bill with food stamps.  I was surprised that Michelle's diet plan wasn't adhered to with them.  I wonder if Obama will keep them financed?...developing...

When will we realize how dangerous we might be?

How To Clean A Bathroom Drain

New Gun Harassment In Progress

If you haven't listened to Alex Jones program today you need to now. Not sure if this is true but it sounds like the BATF is harassing U.S. gun purchases now...developing...


Bob Chapman

APMEX CEO Reports On U.S. Debt Situation

We have a runaway train in Washington D.C. that cannot be stopped until it either derails or crashes.  What do you think is going to happen?  Are there any "investments" left?  Can you really protect (your) assets?

The Debt Talks Take Time

Meanwhile the debt adds up $2 Million per minute: 

Silver Uncertainty

We need the latest Bob Chapman forecast along with James Turk, John Embry, Eric Sprott, Peter Schiff, Jim Sinclair, Dan Norcini, Max Keiser, and whoever else you can think of that can tell us it's going to $70 or $700:

Bob Chapman On Social Security and Medicare

Bob Chapman exposes the wicked plains of our government toward the old people:

Midday Metals Report

We Have A Silver Breakout?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Next Generation Harlots Being Trained at age 7

Train up a child in the way she should go right? 

The Northern Hemispheric Union

You heard of the EU and now some say talks are in progress for the NHU...developing...

Over $17 Million dollar salary for a season

"Whatever it takes to win..."

And believe me it's only for a "season".  But it is interesting how I meet people who are looking forward to that 30 cent an hour salary raise while they get drunk, cheer, go in debt, and watch football players making over $60,000 per day.  Is something wrong here?  How about our NATIONAL DEBT instead of THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!

Boston, Massachusetts Residents Angry Over Military Exercise

Military Display of Force in Boston.  Residents Controlled and Angered:
Some say a military exercise is going on in Boston right now and locals are concerned by the activities and restrictions there.  I am looking into this and will have more information shortly...developing...

Stock Market Crash Begins

With the debt and default just ahead of us we may actually see the final collapse here.  It will also shake out most holders of gold and silver as they flee to the dollar.  The US DOLLAR will also be "reset" and most everyone except those who run this crooked system will be taken by all the fraud.  

Are you ready?  How about looking into the precious blood of Christ? Or is that just another religion to you?

Notice how GOLD and SILVER are being slammed here again.  The idea is to get everyone into that paper dollar and then "reset" it or "devalue" it.  Also gold and silver will be devalued also:


Dunkin Donuts (DNKN)

Here's the mentality (or the mental illness) of Wall Street and most American investors:  Buy stock in a company to help fund their large debt.  Not only that but it's a company that promotes stimulants, high blood pressure, and unhealthy food.  Very strange indeed! 

And you wonder why we have financial problems?  Maybe Michelle Obama will require some apples with the doughnuts for a healthy happy meal?  (Can anyone in the U.S.A. spell "donuts"?)

UPDATE VIDEO on Dunkin' Donuts:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Midday Metals Report

Analysts Do The Trade and Tell You Later

Gold and Silver Scam Artists On the Increase


The potential for GOLD and SILVER to rise due to the threatening default of the U.S. economy and the threatening stock market crash has also brought an increased interest to those who suggest to readers that they have INSIDE INFORMATION or some kernel of wisdom for investors to follow like sheep into new censored blogspots or private websites for a "fee for service".  These clowns have been working their followers right into a trap and in the end could care less how much money their readers make or lose on their latest idea or penny pump and dump stock just so they can increase some aggregate bidding on their equity to their own advantage.  In the end they will leave you high and dry so you are better off avoiding these crooks as they are out for their interest only and they will lie in wait to catch the simple unawares.

As for all the latest price outlooks for both SILVER and GOLD here's my own idea on it:  It looks like a rally right now is about to take place in precious metals but the problem is they have disconnected from tracking with the stock market and oil.  It also seems to me this is a false rally and I have my doubts that silver will surpass $50US simply due to it's large industrial use in electronics.  Some of the bulls here will be happy to see $45 and then probably scream here comes $100 (as they already are) but I believe the down turn is more likely at this point.  Although I think gold will also experience a pullback it seems that tends to remain rather strong so I don't expect it to fall much more than $200 from it's short term highs.

Soon there will be no "investments" in this economy and if we do suffer some major economic collapse there will be mass chaos.  It will simply be survival time....developing...

Jim Sinclair Says Only Functional Hedge Is Gold

Don't think US DOLLARS or TREASURIES anymore.  Read this message by Jim Sinclair: 


White House Instructs Fox News There is Nothing To Worry About

This is rather thought provoking on what might transpire now with our economy.  You better be ready to run! 

There just might be trouble soon in The United States Of America...stay tuned...I may not be around here much longer....developing...

Bob Chapman

Silver Log

BrotherJohnF Silver Update

John says $50 breakout coming soon...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nature Worship Leader G4T

G4T proclaims his dumbness and promotes his new anti-authority movement.  Beware of his affiliates such as NIA, Royal Metals, etc.  Nevertheless this is a well received doctrine today by such gurus as G4T.  This is the combination of mixing some truth with deception and it is revealed as a "strong delusion".  It is promoted as being on a journey of discovery and being free and natural...developing.... 

Obama Says: "Doing things on my own is very tempting."

This statement by a U.S.A. president is unprecedented...

Peter Schiff Exposes Timothy Geithner

Silver Log

The Great Monetary Reset

BREAKING NEWS:  The Great Monetary Reset
Marc Faber explains this in greater detail... 
I suspected a new currency or similar "reset" is just ahead for us.  Marc Faber was recently interviewed by King World News regarding the U.S.A. and it's current debt debacle.  The interview will be LINKED here as soon as it is available...developing...

Cash to be destroyed.  Perhaps precious metals are about to have their day...developing...

This from King World News.  The LINK has all of the sudden disappeared.  Always a conspiracy going on! :-)...developing...

With gold trading strong above $1,600, today King World News interviewed one of the greats, Dr. Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of the Gloom Boom Doom report.  When asked if there will soon be a deal on the debt ceiling in the US Faber stated, “Yes, I’m sure there will be an agreement, but it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem of excessive debt and of further, very substantial deficits.  

They’ll iron out something with lots of compromises and with spending cuts that are backloaded, in other words they won’t happen immediately.  As we go along say in three or five years time when these spending cuts should occur and when the tax increases should occur, nothing will happen in my opinion.”

When asked about how this will impact gold Faber replied, “Well I think investors are gradually realizing that it’s unusual, with all of the problems in Europe that the euro is actually relatively strong against the US dollar.  They are realizing US holders don’t want to hold euros because they don’t trust the euro and the Europeans don’t want to hold dollars because they don’t trust the dollar.

So which currency can they buy?  They can invest in Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, Singapore dollars and so forth.   But basically the ultimate currency and the ultimate safe asset is gold and silver.

...I just calculated if we take an average gold price of say around $350 in the 1980’s and then we compare that to the average monetary base in the 1980’s, and to the average US government debt in the 1980’s...but if I compare this to the price of gold to these government debts and monetary base, then gold hasn’t gone up at all.  It’s gone actually against these monetary aggregates and against debt it has actually gone down.    So I could make the case that probably gold is today very inexpensive....

When asked about the end game as he sees it Faber remarked, “Well as I look at Europe and I look at the US and especially at politicians and at central banks, I think the way it will play out is that they will have further massive monetary stimulus and that eventually we will have a reset in the global economy.  

But it won’t happen right away this reset, and only after the money printing will have essentially exhausted itself, when it reaches a painful level like in Latin America when we had inflation around 70%, 80% per annum or more, it reached a very painful level where reform was then initiated.”  

When asked about the eventual monetary reset he expects and how he sees that playing out Faber had this to say, “Well when the reset comes it will be say a hundred dollar bill will be exchanged for a one dollar bill or something like this.  Before we have the Great Reset, the government they will increase the war effort under whatever excuse that will be but I think that is the likely course of action...The wealth destruction will be interesting because...the people that suffer the most before the reset happens are actually the cash holders.”


So What About Wal Mart?

Someone asked me recently about Wal Mart.  I wrote up some of my own observations here.  Not sure Alex Jones has covered this but there is a connection here:

I travel at times across the nation and have notice some things about Wal Mart.  I am also noticing that Wal Mart has a very large array of surveillance cameras in their parking lots.  Although it may be a good crime deterrent I wonder if this has any intention to keep people in?  Has anyone else noticed this?

Thieves Are Getting Closer To Precious Metals

First it was COPPER and now BRONZE.  Soon the thieves will figure out that GOLD and SILVER are worth more and it would do well if you own a coin shop or bullion distribution to lock up.  I know of one man who has a body guard everywhere he goes and even has his home under constant surveillance.  It may be that GOLD and SILVER thieves other than HSBC, GS, and JPM are about to make the news....developing... 

Perhaps GOLD and SILVER demand is about to increase with the general public?  If this is so then I may be a bit more bullish.

Midday Metals Report

Don't miss Ira Epstein here discuss today's debt debacle among other comments...

Kerry Lutz and Bob Chapman

The buyers of GOLD and SILVER are pushing bullion up as the U.S. Government is trying to knock it down to screw the public.  

If this is true then the American people would do very well to invest fully in GOLD and SILVER to combat the corporate fascist system of government and protect against a global currency and government takeover.  Although it may be too late...

We The People Or We The Sheeple?

When is the American citizen going to see what we are funding both at home and abroad?  Now we sit back and watch our lawmakers act as if they are competent and have our nation's best interest in mind.  Do you believe them? 

These debt reduction plans are done at our expense and the monopoly money continues to prevail....developing...

World Government Paving The Way To Antichrist

Watch all 9 parts of this interview and learn how we have been manipulated into supporting soviet fascism...

 The World Climate Conspiracy...


The GOLD and SILVER Rally Is Over

It's time to stash CASH again as lawmakers pass debt legislation soon.  The US DOLLAR INDEX should climb above 80 and the S&P500 is expected to rally to above 1400 soon.  This will obviously need a time of testing such as 4 to 6 months.  Afterward if there is reasonable economic progress I predict GOLD to back down to around $900US or lower and SILVER back below $20US...developing...

A NOTE TO MY READERS:  Sometimes I come out and say some things based on my current observations of the actions of Congress and Obama.   If you think I'm wrong I don't mind you saying so.  I'm not opposed to increasing my knowledge and understanding in fact I desire it.

Democracy Operates Contrary to the U.S. Constitution

The United States Of America is soon to have King Obama: 


Jim Rogers On The U.S.A. Debt

A Closer Look at the Norway Shooting

Since the Norway shooting there have been random shootings in the U.S.A. now both in Texas and in Washington.  Here's a closer inspection on what might be going on:


Sunday, July 24, 2011

BrotherJohnF Silver Update

The chart doctors keep trying to figure it all out.  I haven't looked at King World News yet tonight but I suppose someone has SILVER going to $300 soon.  

This entire monetary system has no safe haven and I am expecting the debt ceiling news to be positive and then silver dropping like a rock to below $20US.  Nevertheless here's BrotherJohnF educating on silver...developing...

Silver and Chickens

Stock Market Spin 

Media trying to turn the Stock Market into a spin.   This will certainly make it more volatile.  There is no telling where we are going but unless you have high speed trading awareness there are no "investments" for the future anymore.  There will likely be a currency change coming soon.  I predict during this process that the GOLD and SILVER pumpers will be completely disappointed as the governments seek to cap their value.   One thing is certain on what is soon coming and that is we are about to find out....developing...

Random Killing On The Increase

From Oslo now to the for the government step in to keep us all safe.   Fundamental Christian whites on target for profiling now...Notice the article here saying "rise of the new far-right":



Debt Danger

One World Financial Order imminent...

The United States Of America is in peril...developing...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bob Chapman and Alex Jones

Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism

White Christian Fundamentalist Terrorists....

Here we go now.  This will be grounds for global gun confiscation.  We need a safer world.  We will actually have a safe world one day when Jesus Christ is on the throne and rules with a rod of iron.  Those who don't believe this will be terrorized by the wrath of the true and living God first in hell and then the lake of fire. 

The KWN Weekly Metals Wrap

GOLD needs to hold $1600 and build higher and SILVER got shot down in May 2011 and $40 is probably not a natural price level based on insider manipulation.  

I still think SILVER is going to head toward $30 here soon and probably lower.  GOLD will not go down.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman claims he's reaching the world but there are less than 200 views of this file on YOU TUBE as I post this.  If any of you think this guy's message is important you might want to start linking these posts to those who have a need to know...

Midday Metals Report

Marketwatch Pumps Silver

This metal if it goes up in price will do nothing but cause trouble in the electronic industry.  All the recent talk of $70 to $100 remains and now here's Marketwatch... 

Times Are Tight

Send me your $$$....and team up with me to run your website and I'll own the can trust me....


As in "government aid": 

BrotherJohnF Lesson on Open Interest

Silver Target $100

We Are Being Killed

White American Terrorists

Midday Metals Report

Stella Concepts Suspense

Mystery bag...mystery man...silver....etc...???....

Silver Log

51 and 16

A Rare Hollywood Testimony:

Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.   ---HEBREWS 13.4

I am finding younger women in their 20's are more and more taking interest in those of us who are still single and in our 40's.   At least for me I'm sort of a 44 year old male going on 24 type of person anyway.  

Some of my Christian brethren will take issue with me posting this from Hollywood but I respect this guy for marrying this gal and her testimony of virginity.   For those who think she may not be in Christ; how do you know?  You might just find that by God's grace her husband may be saved also in time.

After watching this marriage testimony I am more inclined to keep meeting women in their early 20's (and possibly less now) being 44 years old.   I take some flack for it but what would you rather have? :-)

And by the way:  For those of you who like to brag about your sexual prowess and exploits have a listen to this guy at 51 mention how he wished he was a virgin.  Many of you will scoff at that but that shows this guy is more of a man than you'll ever be. 

My hope for this couple is that they continue to jam up Hollywood by their relationship and by God's grace are saved then stay married and have children and really become a testimony to the glory of God.  I wish them well! 

Here's the reaction from the sodomite "fathers".  Some say "father" was recently spotted running into WalMart by a greeter and was asked, "What's the hurry?".  Father responded by saying, "I have to hurry because the little boys pants are half-off today."...developing...

GOLD and SILVER chop

Hollywood Actor Plays On You Tube

The title here is a perfect explanation of what this is.  And that is not the only one on YOU TUBE...

NIA Pump and Dump Watch

Watch for other names that may be involved just search this blog here for "NIA SCAM"...several suspects...developing...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The News UNIT Silver Forecast

$20.00US Silver Coming Soon:

Silver will drop down to $17.00 to $20.00 during September-October 2011.  Why do I say that?  That's my opinion to which I am entitled.  There are opinions of $68, $100, and $500 and even $1,000 and that's ok.  But my opinion actually is lower.  I'm finding out that that's not acceptable but I don't really care---thank you.

(Please leave a COMMENT below.  It's get's lonely around here all by myself.)