Friday, February 28, 2014



Keep an eye on BrotherJohnF and other truthers and patriots who have been promoting BITCOIN:


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eric Holder Hospitalized

Faint and Shortness of Breath


Criminals Jaywalking in Austin, Texas beware

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo is Alex Jones' pal

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Watching GOLD, SILVER, and the U.S. MARKETS

Examining the GOLD and SILVER ratio

Joe and Ernie here do a very good PODCAST with some valuable information for even the average investor as they examine technical aspects of the current market action and what to expect as a result:

POLICE are now outright ASSAULTING and KILLING Americans


People need to record everything

Wife watches husband killed...

This is incredible

"That man doesn't look for trouble..."

"This is a parent thing...our daughter..."

"You're killing my husband..."

"Please somebody tell me that he's alive..."


He did not survive that police takedown

The POLICE STATE U.S.A. is a real problem now!

And so BITCOIN is worth the PAPER it's printed on?

Print your BITCOINS for proof of ownership

BITCOINS are a real joke!

But this is the currency of the future

The media is toying with this story because they know this is a BETA TEST for the coming global MARK OF THE BEAST.  At least that's my humble opinion on the matter. :-)


Hagmann and Hagmann Report on the Homosexual Agenda

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Arizona

Big problems are brewing as lawmakers are paving the way for the rights of Sodomites across America.  Basically this is an attack on Christians and an attempt to make all Christians either tolerant towards the belief of others or suffer as evildoers, potential terrorists, and even criminals:

They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them.

Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.
For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?
Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.
--I PETER 4.16-19

Discover News Internet Radio with Hagmann and Hagmann Report on BlogTalkRadio


UPDATE:  Arizona's 'Religious Freedom" Bill:

Sodomites are flaming mad...


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The People's Republic of California to become 6 States

California the world's 8th largest economy

Will it become it's own nation?

GOOGLE Nation?

With the U.S. STOCK MARKET pushing towards higher levels this has been the continuation of the greatest wealth transfer in the history of America.  Many wealthy or well to do people who are financially thriving are those who make large contributions to the American lifestyle and without California the rest of America would not have it so comfortable.  You watch GOOGLE get involved in this also as they already have their floating city located on the coast of California in San Francisco Bay:




Mt. Gox BITCOIN exchange under investigation:

Customers Lose $100's of MILLIONS

The money just disappeared

Is that why BITCOIN is called VIRTUAL CURRENCY?


Mt. Gox on the run

Could it be BrotherJohnF and DavinciJ15 are criminals?  

Who else in the "truther community" is involved in this scam?

We will find out...

These TRUTHERS that have left their GOLD and SILVER pump to pump BITCOINS have told us in the past that "if you don't hold it, you don't own it."  Well how about that?  That seems to be the situation with BITCOIN here below.  So then, look out below. :-) 

The first person I remember to pump these BITCOINS was this guy called "DavinciJ15" on YOU TUBE.  After that a number of these TRUTHERS started promoting bitcoin including SGTbull07 and others and especially this BrotherJohnF YOU TUBE channel.  BrotherJohnF gave up on his silver pumping to push his paid subscription to watch all of his YOU TUBE BITCOIN UPDATES and some other related website that is a fee for service subscription.  

Perhaps REAL MONEY instead of VIRTUAL MONEY is still a better alternative after all?  I think so:



WINDOWS XP Support Ends April 8, 2014

CINCINNATI, Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Windows XP support will end April 8 and many organizations have not yet decided how to address the problem. IGEL Technology recommends a painless and highly cost-effective solution: the IGEL UDC2 software thin client.



Targets of WORKPLACE BULLYING lost their jobs 61% of the time

Serious health-harming abuse

BELLINGHAM, Wash., Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) defined workplace bullying as "abusive conduct that is threatening, intimidating, humiliating, work sabotage or verbal abuse" in its 2014 national survey. Key results: 27% of all adult Americans have directly experienced it, 21% have witnessed it, 56% of perpetrators are bosses, 68% of perpetrators are men, and 60% of targets (recipients) are women.

Since WBI introduced workplace bullying to the country in 1997 public awareness has risen to 72% according to the new survey. Similarly positive is that the percentage of bullies who are bosses has declined over the years.
Employers do little to stop workplace bullying. The majority (72%) reacted to complaints in inappropriate ways: 25% did not investigate, 31% either discounted it as not serious or considered it routine, 11% defended bullies, and 5% actively encouraged the abuse.

In cases where bullying ended, targets lost their jobs 61% of the time — either terminated, forced to quit (constructively discharged), or voluntarily quit.

"Unfortunately the victims of this serious health-harming abuse are the ones asked to stop it," says WBI director Dr. Gary Namie, "If there were a law as in Canada and other industrialized nations, employers would have to protect workers."
According to the survey an overwhelming majority of Americans (93%) supported enactment of a new law that would protect all workers from repeated abusive mistreatment at work. Only 1% strongly opposed such a measure.

Complete results can be downloaded at:

WBI commissioned Zogby Analytics to conduct the survey of a national representative sample of all adult Americans (MOE ± 3.2%). Major funding from OnLock Digital Authentication LLC.

WBI is the first and only U.S. organization dedicated to the eradication of workplace bullying that combines help for individuals, research, books, public education, training for professionals-unions-employers, legislative advocacy, and consulting solutions for organizations.

Contact: Gary Namie, PhD, Workplace Bullying Institute, 360-656-6630

SOURCE The Workplace Bullying Institute

Monday, February 24, 2014

SILVER and GOLD videos on the increase

The SILVER and GOLD rush is quietly beginning

Uganda is NOT Sodomite Friendly

Escape to Uganda 

Perhaps we the Christian terrorists will need to escape to Uganda?

There's not many of us left so it won't really be a MASS EXODUS:

This is simply more proof that The United States Of America is not only on the road to destruction but is already destroyed.   Destruction and misery are in her ways while the phrase "IN GOD WE TRUST" means absolutely nothing at all.

Notice in the report below that "The West" criticizes this action by the president of Uganda.   The West which is largely influenced by The United States of America advocates UNNATURAL AFFECTION.  This really is a serious problem.  It is beyond a mental disorder and is classified as a sin disorder.  Although that would also be met with opposition.  

We shall see the day when these activists take their case to God the judge of all the earth.  Will he give them a hearing?



Meet a Duke University Porn Star Professional


A College Career Equal Opportunity Employer

These professionals are just doing their job

Good for her!

In this report a mental health professional claims that in our society there is so much slut shaming going on.  The psychiatrists and psychologists approve of this.  This is certainly not classified as any disorder.  Perhaps our nation should have workshops on porn and raising a society of bitches and hoes?  Anything else would be considered discrimination.   Maybe those rappers are right on to sing about niggas, bitches, and hoes.  This indeed is the new American culture.  The nation shall be destroyed! 


Ron Paul warns of MEDDLING in the Ukraine Conflict

America's Governors at odds with President Obama

Governors are at odds with Obama and each other:

Can't we just all get along?

Our nation is on the road to destruction...

U.S. Army practicing URBAN WARFARE

Coming soon to your neighborhood

Religious Freedom leads to DISCRIMINATION?

How do we end all DISCRIMINATION in America?


 And it's coming...



People are having trouble getting their money

Is this the end for BITCOIN?

Mt. Gox BITCOIN EXCHANGE may be shut down

It sounds to me like this is a very shady operation.  Are we better off with the banksters after all? 

YOU TUBE CHANNEL "BrotherJohnF" and his website are a big proponent of BITCOIN.  Is this some deeper type SCAM OPERATION?

More information on BITCOIN and BITCOIN EXCHANGES:

How to buy BITCOIN: 



For by grace are ye saved through faith...

Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt.
But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.
--ROMANS 4.4-5

The News UNIT visits Hammering Truth LIVE

SUBSCRIBE to Hammering Truth on YOU TUBE

The News UNIT called into Hammering Truth LIVE to chat with Jim about current events.  Please subscribe to his channel as Jim is one of those old fashioned Americans that actually care about our present dying nation:


Are you better off on WELFARE?

Check your STATE:

In many cases WELFARE BENEFITS exceed that of the POVERTY LEVEL and those who are on RETIREMENT INCOME or WORKING may find themselves better off transitioning to WELFARE BENEFITS.  Even many entry level positions are below the level of income for WELFARE RECIPIENTS.

In many cases there's no reason to work hard and get SCREWED rather than to LIVE ON WELFARE DEPENDENCY:

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Greg Mannarino warns of STOCK MARKET CRASH


MASSIVE OIL SPILL Shuts Down Mississippi River New Orleans Areas


Port of New Orleans CLOSED

65 MILE STRETCH of Mississippi River CLOSED

Public Drinking Water Intakes CLOSED

Piers Morgan reported to be leaving CNN

Good riddance!

Go live in Dubai

Perhaps Alex Jones was instrumental in getting a small fraction of America to wake up.  I hope Piers Morgan takes the majority of Hollywood with him and moves somewhere else.  Hopefully go to Dubai or somewhere and live where there's Sharia law.  How about Dearborn, Michigan?


The Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership

Obama constructing a larger corporate government

Big incentives being given for those in the private sector of big business to join the Federal Government:,0,6747764.story#axzz2uC7thLg2 

Dead Bankers tell no tales. Or do they?

Why all the dead bankers?

The truth behind America's coming economic debacle...

What is this all about?


We the terrorists declare IN GOD WE STILL TRUST

Are you a potential terrorist too?


Washington Post Owner Contracts with CIA


The Blackwater Criminal Cartel and Beyond

Global Satan Worshipers

(I don't know even how to title this post) 

Blackwater, The Knights of Malta, The Jesuits, The CIA, U.S. Military, Congress and The White House...etc...

911 Whistleblower Susan Lindauer...

Freemasonry goes higher than 33 DEGREES

From 33° to 97° to 360°

The ADVANCED DEGREES of Freemasonry

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.
--LUKE 8.17


Austin, Texas Police assault and arrest a woman jogging


America's POLICE STATE continues to worsen

In Texas?

This woman was jogging with ear buds in her ears and when she was grabbed her initial reaction was to pull away not knowing what was happening and she was then charged with resisting, etc.  This is utterly nuts!  And it will continue to worsen. Now she gets to pay for an attorney to represent her in our criminal justice system: 

WATCH THE STORY BELOW as a witness gives his account.  The cops like to hang out at this certain intersection and give J-WALKING TICKETS all day.

This is proof that you are no longer being protected and served by POLICE here in America but rather you are under constant surveillance and at any moment may be assaulted contrary to your constitutional rights which may lead to personal injury and even death.  This is a very serious matter!

Woman screams as she is terrified and arrested...

And Texas stands there and watches?  What happened to Texas?

Whatchya gonna do when they come for you?

UPDATE:  Austin Police Chief reacts to the controversy

Watch Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo below reveal some more startling information on the CRIMINALS WHO INHABIT THEIR POLICE UNIFORMS across the U.S.A.

At least his department is not committing sexual assaults on people as others are.  So there are worse cops and we can be thankful that they are not so bad?




Chapter 9 Municipal Bankruptcy

The city has little or no way to pay these debts back to bondholders,
pension funds, and UNIONS.

The SECURED CREDITORS will be paid back completely while pensions and unsecured bondholders are fleeced.

Also there are concerns of an innovative solution to saving the art collections and starting a--guess what?--NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. :-)


Olympians rescue stray dogs in Sochi

American Olympians rescuing stray dogs

This is a marvelous love story about the athletes and their love for the stray dogs they have seen in Sochi.  Some of them were able to be rescued and brought home, and some were not.   This should give anyone the warm fuzzies.

Maybe someone can start a new NON-PROFIT Section 501(c)3 organization for INTERNATIONAL DOG RESCUE OPERATIONS and bring them all back to the U.S.A.   We need more dogs in America!  Remember:  Dogs are people too:


Saturday, February 22, 2014

The News UNIT's GOLD and SILVER analysis proves reasonable accuracy

GOLD up 2%
  SILVER up 7%

Since The News UNIT's February 13, 2014 trend analysis on GOLD and SILVER and related expectations, GOLD has moved 2% HIGHER and SILVER has moved 7% higher.




U.S. Military Purge Revealed

Obama Government reinventing the U.S. Military

Not only INFOWARS but World Net Daily can confirm this...

When you express a positive belief in God, do not embrace the LGBT culture and community,  and have any inclination toward upholding the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights and so forth it is now proven to be DETRIMENTAL TO CAREER ENHANCEMENT.   The phrase "EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER" only applies to the growing new cultural agendas and ideologies that are being promulgated by those who are the children of the Devil and Satan.

This is why the U.S. Government is removing people from their positions in Federal service and replacing them with a workforce of those who are ready to cooperate with the New World Order.  Even the private sector is doing this:


1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar worth $1,000?


1889 Morgan Silver Dollar:
  •  Mintage 21,726,000 
  •  .7734 oz. SILVER
  •  Grade EF-40 or AU-50
  •  Worth about $25 to $30
  •  Selling on EBAY for $25 to $40 depending on condition
1885-O  Morgan Silver Dollar:
  •   Mintage 9,185,000
  •   .7734 oz. SILVER
  •   Maximum value at MS-65 about $175
  •   Selling on EBAY for $35 to $45

The 2018 American Silver Zombuff

Zombucks Currency of the Apocalypse 

  • Mintage to be announced (ends April 1, 2014)
  • 1 oz. of 999 FINE SILVER (99.9% FINE SILVER)
  • known as a quasi-numismatic round
  • Selling on EBAY at $29 to $33
  • Condition: New/Brilliant Uncirculated
Got Zombies?


Silver Guru and Consultant David Morgan

David Morgan's 2014 Precious Metals Outlook


Is the AMMUNITION SUPPLY running low again?

We just went to get some AMMUNITION and again the shelves are empty of .22LR and various other common gun calibers with the notice posted of rationing of ammunition purchases due to hoarding.  What is going on here?  Is the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE purchase starting to corner the market?  Who's really doing the hoarding?

Anyone with information LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW...



Is America heading for PANDEMICS?

Our own WATER SUPPLIES and WATER FAUCETS are testing positive with BACTERIA that causes LEGIONNAIRES DISEASE:

And now a DEADLY FLU VIRUS PATTERN is being monitored:

I wouldn't get too concerned about all of this however because the Obama Government will certainly take care of us and our children...


Rising Economic Concerns, Food Shortages, Money, Gold, and Silver

Is SHTF coming soon?

Many PREPPERS are already prepared

We now have the MAJOR DROUGHT and WATER SHORTAGE in California and area western states leading to FRUIT and VEGETABLE shortages.  Also cattle and hogs will have to be slaughtered because they cannot be fed and maintained and the price of CATTLE is rising along with BEEF and PORK prices.  All manner of FISH concerns still exist as questions on the Fukushima fallout still are ignored by government officials.  What about POULTRY?  Is it time to grow a garden this year?  These are the type of problems that quantitative easing and tapering cannot easily solve:

CORN, SUGAR, OATS, SOYBEANS, WHEAT and so forth are all rising and projected to rise even further.  

Right now a number of people I know are planning to grow their own food this year as they are expecting extreme price increases on products:

What about financial survival?

Perhaps the economic concerns that were seemingly far fetched and treated as conspiracy theories and fear mongering will really come to pass.   We are already seeing GOLD and SILVER rising but with FOOD and WATER shortages you cannot eat GOLD and SILVER.  However there is increasing evidence that the world is moving toward a major financial upheaval:



The growing number of TV's in SPORTS BARS and RESTAURANTS

Has anyone been around some of these bars and restaurants that have loads of television screens playing loads of channels simultaneously?  In America we have become a society of anti-social people now while technology expands to keep us CONTINUALLY MULTITASKING all day long between TV's, SMART PHONES, TABLETS, and COMPUTER TERMINALS while we are being convinced through SOCIAL MEDIA, TWEETING and TEXTING that we are all becoming CONNECTED and no one even talks to each other anymore:


America is under a DROUGHT DISASTER in the west and increased FLOODING CONCERNS in the SNOW and ICE COVERED REGIONS:

Ukraine President Flees Kiev: Obama and Putin in talks

The New National Unity Government

The situation in Ukraine may be the dawn of a NEW BEGINNING...

Obama and Putin work on COORDINATED EFFORT...

Severe California Drought leads to FOOD and WATER SHORTAGES



The Federal Government denies DROUGHT AID

The nation's supply of FRESH FRUIT and VEGETABLES will now be reduced.  Also PRICES WILL easily double.


America's TWO CLASS SYSTEM is growing


The economy just keeps getting better in America...

Why milk prices will rise 50¢ per gallon soon


REASON:  Consumers have too much money

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ukraine Peace Accord Signed

This may lead to lower OIL and NATURAL GAS prices

The stock market will likely rally on this news if indeed the ongoing Ukrainian chaos subsides.   


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sports Illustrated model Petra Nemcova

Modeling and creating opportunity through non-profits

Have you noticed all the "non-profits" lately that don't make profits?  Even the NFL is a "non-profit" along with many churches and alleged Christian ministries:

G4T is back

Secret hangouts, chats; a new perspective as YOU TUBE is dying a slow death...

Ernie Varitimos to go LIVE on GOOGLE HANGOUTS

"Dude in the Wilderness"

Learn about the markets and trading with Ernie Varitimos "The Apple Trader."

Milan Fashion Week

The growing talent of fashion and modeling

News of California to split into SIX STATES

Jim Comiskey on the Metals and Markets

WATCH:   The US DOLLAR, Russia, Ukraine, Natural Gas, Oil,  GOLD and SILVER....


Ukraine WAR and CHAOS escalates


Government snipers shooting civilians...

100+ DEAD 500+ INJURED


Ron Paul on U.S.A. involvement in Ukraine...


The Masterminds of Liberty are warming up for the symposium

Kerry Lutz and David Morgan

Two Masterminds of Liberty


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OIL and NATURAL GAS to become UNAFFORDABLE for many


Get ready for an ENERGY CRISIS

And they tell us there's no INFLATION?

Regardless of what we've been told about being the world's largest producer now of OIL and NATURAL GAS and all the wonderful things about natural gas fracking and the Bakken Oil Region, along with Obama's promises of alternative energy plans, we are heading for a major crisis.   The charts tell the tale now as both OIL and NATURAL GAS are headed higher.  CRUDE OIL is already up over 7% over the last two weeks.  And besides NATURAL GAS heading higher, there is a load of cold weather left for the season.  There's no denying that weather patterns are becoming so extreme we may even see an unseasonably hot summer with a widespread AIR CONDITIONING CRISIS.

Either way you look at this we are going to get HIGH FUEL PRICES at the GAS PUMP and also on our UTILITY BILLS.  Even your outdoor grill will become a major expense at these rates.  By the way the fuel rationing for PROPANE is still going on here in the Midwest.



FED officials comments cause EXTREME MARKET INSTABILITY


The FED sounds uncertain about the economy

Are they running out of options? 


Wall Street CONFUSION rises

Watch the DJIA CHART:


Markets don't like uncertainty





President Richard Nixon and Rev. Billy Graham TELEPHONE CALL

April 1973

Nixon and Graham discuss the media and communism...

CRUDE OIL RISING as Obama announces new vehicle fuel standards

 Obama's new fuel standards by 2025

Get ready for $5 PUMP PRICES

Obama is going to improve our fuel efficiency standards.  He says they will double their mileage capability.   Will crude oil be $500/bbl by then?  I don't think America will last that long folks.

First we are told that we are the world's largest oil producer now but the prices are being jacked up very conveniently for the consumer who will eventually be forced to drive Obama cars and trucks in the near future:

CRUDE OIL up 7% over the last two weeks

We now have CRUDE OIL rising rapidly at $103 and climbing 


GOLD and SILVER redefining the economy 

GOLD up 9%
SILVER up 12%

GOLD and SILVER investor interest rising worldwide

Strong demand for physical GOLD and SILVER

Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings discusses the recent developments in the GOLD and SILVER markets with Sean Turnbull of the SGT Report.  The GOLD and SILVER markets are rapidly revealing a growing worldwide interest in the precious metals:

Other recent interviews with Rick Rule: 


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wall Street Shows Curious 666 Sign of Occultic Numerology

*****666 STOCK MARKET ALERT*****

TVIX closes at $6.66

What is the TVIX? 

 VelocityShares Daily 2X VIX Short Term ETN

Did George Soros buy the TVIX?

It is rather stunning that we hear George Soros is shorting the S&P500 and even more curious I noticed that one of the funds that trade at 2 times the rate of the VIX VOLATILITY INDEX closed the day at $6.66.  Is that a coincidence?  Or is that a sign of what's to come in the markets very soon?

Many investors are trusting the Federal Reserve to continue moving the market higher and reach the anniversary date of March 6, 2014 making this the second longest bull market for the last eight years.   However for some reason we have bankers committing suicide, missing, and dying and all manner of growing concerns of a global systemic crash.

Why is 666 to be noted? 

It is important to remember that the S&P500 fell to 666 on Mar 6, 2009.  It's also important to note that that anniversary date is approaching.  And I haven't heard any mention of this but some of us are not ignorant of Satan's devices.  Is this a coincidence?

All eyes on the TVIX at $6.66

The TVIX like the VXX, UVXY, and the raw VIX VOLATILITY INDEX is all being closely monitored by traders and perhaps even by the elite like George Soros who are certainly "in the know."  Do you think this might be the working of Satan?



$1,400 GOLD coming quickly

A relatively quiet GOLD RUSH is on!

Mainstream media is hush...

And hardly anyone is taking notice

Smart money is buying GOLD

The way this is happening is unlike ever before and The News UNIT is closely monitoring the situation because this time there are some new developments that make for some serious concern with regard to anyone's financial solvency.  All interests should LISTEN TO THIS FULL REPORT to get some background information on what has been going on in the world banking system: 

In the video below Kitco is reporting on strong expectations for $1,400 gold.  Gold already is selling for $1,400 and higher per ounce.  Any questions?  


Steve Quayle and "V" The Guerilla Economist


The banking system is in trouble

Why are they killing themselves?

"This is the most astonishing Hagmann and Hagmann report I have ever listened to."
---The News UNIT



The Guerrilla Economist explains that the last time we had bankers committing suicide by jumping out of the windows of building and skyscrapers was back in the 1920's.  This is the first time in history where you have a large number of indiduals all of the sudden committing suicide and the market is going up. 

The following information is extremely important and all American families should take heed to the coming danger and take necessary action to protect themselves from not only financial disorder but also major nationwide social disorder and imminent chaos:

Online News Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Hagmann and Hagmann Report on BlogTalkRadio


Kenneth Ameduri and Rick Rule talk GOLD and SILVER

The Bottom is in in GOLD and SILVER 


Kenneth Ameduri?  Is that Danny's brother?


Get ready for a SILVER SUPER SPIKE

THE SILVER STORY is getting out

The buyers are coming in


Marc Faber focuses on EMERGING ECONOMIES

Marc Faber does not favor U.S. EQUITIES


Another J.P. Morgan Banker Commits Suicide

7th in a series of recent banker deaths

Are we on the verge of a MAJOR FINANCIAL SCANDAL that will shake up the entire world economy?


Carl Ichan cuts his NFLX stake for $800 MILLION profit

Time to exit NFLX?

Is he short the S&P500?


Obama speaks at Maryland Safeway Distribution Center


President Obama on the Economy

President Obama is on pep rally tour again and this time assuring American workers that everything is just great and getting greater.  Next he will probably do this at a Wal Mart Distribution Center.  I wonder how the employees at Wegman's Tops, Giant, and Giant Eagle think about this?  Maybe he'll speak at Meijer and Costco too?  He certainly cares about us and has our best interests in mind not only for the sake of our children but to make the world safe for democracy:


Monday, February 17, 2014

George Soros shorts S&P500 with $1.3 BILLION PUT

Of course you can believe George Soros

Even Tacos is BULLISH ON SILVER now

Tacos' take on SILVER

Tacos is actually a wise investor and he has some personal strategies that he shares here.  He will tell you straight up what he thinks about any of these sectors and will call out anyone who's pumping any bullshit on YOU TUBE:


Rick Rule examines the GOLD and SILVER market and mining stocks


Rick Rule expects a BULL MARKET RECOVERY

Published on Feb 17, 2014
- Recovery in the precious metal sector is coming (1:28).
- U.S. bonds are "return free risk." Gold, silver, platinum, & palladium fundamental are social catastrophe insurance (5:23).
- Are platinum & palladium real money? (17:15).
- Are precious metal markets manipulated? (19:36).
- Is a fiat currencies and sovereign debt collapse ahead? (24:44).

This is one of the most thorough and exhaustive videos I have ever seen in the GOLD and SILVER community.  Rick Rule goes into great detail here in this interview and he really gives some invaluable information for any investors that might be considering investing in this increasingly popular and growing precious metals sector: