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Monday, February 24, 2014



People are having trouble getting their money

Is this the end for BITCOIN?

Mt. Gox BITCOIN EXCHANGE may be shut down

It sounds to me like this is a very shady operation.  Are we better off with the banksters after all? 

YOU TUBE CHANNEL "BrotherJohnF" and his website are a big proponent of BITCOIN.  Is this some deeper type SCAM OPERATION?

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  1. I managed to sign up to Mt.Gox back when the bitcoin was skyrocketing from $200/coin to $600/coin. a few things made me nervous.

    1. They took three weeks to verify my information instead of the posted 5 business days.
    2. When I complained of the delay i was receiving emails from 2 mtgox service domains as if they had two separate customer service issue centers?
    3. Finally when I did get aprroved they send me the method of adding funds which was wait 10 business days to do a bank draft then wait 1 extra day for some other convoluded reason for mtgox to verify the account.

    No f---in way I was wasting that much time to get bitcoins...buying any other investment remains easier..


    1. I just posted more information on this. Looks like Mt. Gox is on the run now. I had some guy one night on a GOOGLE HANGOUT that tried to explain BITCOIN to me. He couldn't do it. He just pointed me to some websites and gave the usual catch phrases about it being a "crypto-currency" and so forth.

      To me it's rather interesting how they know that there are only a CERTAIN AMOUNT of BITCOINS that need to be MINED. We are supposed to believe this? We are told our computers have VIRUSES as if they have human attributes. With everything becoming VIRTUAL you will soon be able to have a VIRTUAL GIRLFRIEND COMPUTER DOLL.

      So if there's only a CERTAIN AMOUNT of BITCOINS how did they know this to being with? I've never seen a BITCOIN. It's the biggest scam ever created. I don't know where it's going to go yet but it's so approved by the computer technicians and programmers that they will not give up on this until they create more financial chaos on top of what we already have.

      Methinks the SEC is going to step in here soon. Perhaps we are in for an ELECTRONIC CURRENCY WAR very soon. Some kind of CYBER-CURRENCY WAR just to keep the media hopping with new news reports.

      It's all about the creation of more chaos.


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