Saturday, April 30, 2011

George Bush Highlights

Jesse Ventura WCBS Interview 


Mr. and Mrs. Todd Palin

I'd like to see something like this:
  • President Ron Paul
  • Vice President and Press Secretary Jesse Ventura
  • Homeland Security Secretary Sarah Palin
  • Secretary of State Donald Trump

Silver Price Outlook Chart UPDATED

Plan accordingly: (click to enlarge)
Trader Dan Norcini can take some time off now from drawing charts.  Where's the Bears PART 5 video?

                                          $50 Breakout Coming Soon!

(I forgot something:  YOU KNOW HOW TO THANK ME.)


Wild Volatility Coming

More silver talk:


Marketwatch Has Spoken against Silver

$50 Silver will Never Happen

This guy changed his mind and his YOU TUBE name.  Maybe he's actually in the process of losing his mind?  This guy puts a video out several times a day.  I remember this guy was named "Rawdoglet" and he was telling us silver is going to $200, etc.   Why the change of heart?  He must have read MARKETWATCH and watches CNBC.  Hey Tex go take a week off and fish Lake Fork!

I'm waiting for $55 and then I'll buy a monster box.  And I'll buy another one at $65 and $75 too.  You don't like that you simple ones?


FDA Halts Amish Milk Sales

Watch the AMISH CULT obtain an exemption for this.  They are a cult that has enormous amounts of money which is all that the government is really interested in.  But the government caters to the AMISH CULT and even builds them new highways at taxpayer expense with a "buggy lane" called officially a "recreational vehicle lane".  But I cannot drive my licensed ATV (recreational vehicle) on the side of the road even though my ATV doesn't take a crap on the road and it actually has rubber tires headlights, tail lights, and break lights....

As for the milk question I should still be able to buy any milk I want to even if it contains friendly bacteria.  I haven't died yet from it. :-) 

UPDATE:  Here's a link on the safe government approved milk:


Mike Maloney on Bank Loans

Bank Regulation and Deflation:


Texas Takes on the TSA

Don't Mess With Texas TSA:


Are you scared?

The precious metals are getting scary folks:

I checked and TULVING is buying American Silver Eagle coins at $2.25 an ounce over spot. But there is a reason this is happening.  If you notice TULVING indicates they are SOLD OUT of these.  I have a theory:  They are buying and NOT SELLING these coins.  Here is the reason from a friend of mine who many of you have seen his videos but I will allow him to remain anonymous for now because I haven't asked him if I can reveal his identity:

Remember now this has to do with ONLY the AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE BULLION COIN:

When silver plunged for a week in 1998 due to totally illegal scam by JPMorgan to wipe out shorts by the thousands other coins also got hit including the maple leaf but NOT the US silver eagle.  I've asked many people but no one ever knew. NOW I know.  I'll keep my silver eagles knowing they are protected requiring US silver to make them.  I think 2011 will be the last year. At the present rate they'll be shut down by June then the only silver will be foreign. 

I own bars, ingots and even a 1000 ounce bar (sold to me below spot - the guy was stuck with it and now I'm stuck with it).  Moving that thing around is a back breaker!

I've predicted within a few years we'll be seeing ads in newspapers by the likes of Intel advertising to the public to buy junk silver to keep their production lines going. That's when the price jumps will REALLY take off. I'm 63 so I want to see this happen soon!

There is something else that is very important concerning the AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE BULLION COINS and this I believe is going to make them into the category of a "collectable" very soon.  (By the way:  Has anyone seen how fast these new 2010 and 2011 "America The Beautiful" Silver coins are completely selling out?  The same reason applies to these coins).  The reason for this follows here from a friend of mine who watches this stuff closer than I can:

.....If you own mostly American Silver Eagles it will brighten your day as well!

In 2008 congress in one of their "pre-election let's show the voters some patriotism" acts did something that is now going to sting.  They passed a law that from that day forward all one ounce silver eagles HAD to be made from silver from mines in the United States.  Well, there is now a problem. You may remember I've predicted the U.S. mint would stop minting silver coins but it was because I added up the world's output of silver, the rapid increase in popularity of the coin and simple math showed "this ain't going to fly much longer".   I was not aware of the 2008 law.  This cinches it! Even at a spot price (spot being raw silver after being separated from other rocks but not yet smelted into a coin or anything else) of around $30 there are currently only two U.S. silver mines operating at a profit!   A number of them have shut down after running out of silver.  I read a rumor the U.S. government was subsidizing some mines to remain open that would otherwise operate at a loss. Just a rumor. 

The amount of silver mined in the United States continues to drop in spite of a huge increase in LOOKING for both gold and silver. They are finding more gold (LOTS!) - but not silver.  The silver eagle was first minted in 1986.  Through the year 2000 silver wasn't that popular and fluctuated from $2 to $4 for many years.  One of the few things in life I've done right - the numbers said "WE'RE GOING TO RUN OUT SO BUY BUY BUY!".....


KWN Weekly Metals Wrap April 30, 2011

KWN Weekly Metals Wrap AUDIO REPORT:
Eric King, Bill Haynes, and Dan Norcini

I think we are seeing the $50.00 Silver "fake out".  The small investor is going to sell silver now and run which is the "shake out".  They will not buy the dip ($39.00 to $44.00) and will wake up as the price breaks through the $50.00 wall and all of the sudden they wake up one day and see the "break out" to $65 and beyond.  Is this the time to sell your metals?  

The way I look at this is very simple:  
  • buy gold and silver
  • If you really need money then sell metal
  • buy more gold and silver
Trading metals is not as dangerous as people like you to think.


Friday, April 29, 2011

The earth shall reel to and fro

Do you know what "shall" means?  It means it's mandatory and going to happen:

The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.    --ISAIAH 24.20



October 2011?

Seems to me that the scripture might be soon fulfilled:


And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.
And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.

Here's a message that Alex Jones should play in full on his INFOWARS show.  But he will not do this because Alex and many other alleged "patriotic Americans" are godless and deceived people thinking and preaching a false gospel saying, "...the spirit of liberty is 1776."  

Well if you don't have the Spirit of Christ then you are more inclined to embrace The New World Order and you don't even realize it but you will go to the same hell as those criminal "banksters" and "one worlders" thinking you somehow have a form of godliness: 



Alex Jones Examines Obama Certificate of Live Birth

The Largest Scam in USA History

Unconstitutional President Barak Obama 

I'm sorry Donald Trump but I'm proud of Alex Jones as he now exposes what is going on with the Barak Obama CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH which is not a "BIRTH CERTIFICATE".(Why doesn't anyone notice that?)  Looks like Alex has done a better initial investigation:
Donald Trump apparently cannot remember what he had previously explained:  Donald said, "....a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH is not a BIRTH CERTIFICATE..."

There is no debate here and this is not over.  This is several things:  It is a national security issue and furthermore this is rank criminal activity to gain an executive office and should be immediately be addressed by Congress.

The American Media cannot even read...

Obama Coming After Guns Soon

The details are yet to surface but Obama is working "under the radar" to take away guns:


Silver Mining 101

Gold and Silver News

Gold and Silver Disconnect

RELOAD to update charts:

Donald Trump

Democracy for Dummies

If you use the word "DEMOCRACY" in describing The United States of America and the United States Constitution you are a fool.  Obama is a fool and he's a Harvard Graduate.  Many fools are abounding more and more and are "educated".   Have a little study here of the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary and wake up Americans:

 Or  "Government by Popular Opinion and Talk Show Hosts"?

Let's look at two definitions.  Is that too difficult?  Show this to Obama and anyone who tells us we are a "democracy" please.  Thank you:


DEMOCRACY, n. [Gr. People, and to possess, to govern.] Government by the people; a form of government, in which the supreme power is lodged in the hands of the people collectively, or in which the people exercise the powers of legislation. Such was the government of Athens.


REPUB'LIC, n. [L. respublica; res and publica; public affairs.]
1. A commonwealth; a state in which the exercise of the sovereign power is lodged in representatives elected by the people. In modern usage, it differs from a democracy or democratic state, in which the people exercise the powers of sovereignty in person. Yet the democracies of Greece are often called republics.
2. Common interest; the public. [Not in use.]
Republic of letters, the collective body of learned men.

Impeach Obama and His Lawless Administration

Wakeup Congress of The United States of America.  Get on the job!  Uphold The United States Constitution:


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anyone Notice InflationUS Lately?

Not many video updates.  They probably sold most of their silver and don't need to pump it anymore. :-)  Just a thought.



Bernanke is Untrue

Peter Schiff explains:

Marc Faber calls him a liar straight out:  COUNTER[04:49] [05:28]



No more SHAKEOUTS please!


Ben Bernanke Press Conference April 27, 2011

My observation on Bernanke is that he is absolutely terrified.  His voice is broken and he's very nervous in all his dealings with any hearing I have seen him in.  He may be a liar as Marc Faber and Peter Schiff explain but it could be possible that deep down he is trapped by his advisers.  

FULL Press Conference Video:

Peter Schiff Interview on RT:

Wall Street Feedback:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Does FEMA Know an Earthquake is Coming?

The U.S. Shakeout by FEMA:
(Simulates 70,000 people evacuated from Texas) 

After an absolute legion of tornadoes and now extensive flooding the next FEMA practice drill for "preparedness" is an EARTHQUAKE DRILL called "U.S. Shakeout".  Usually it seems we have all this preparedness for stuff that never happens but is directed toward taking more of our freedoms (e.g. T.S.A. /D.H.S. and home grown terrorist threats):
The New Madrid Fault has been experiencing seismic activity as I have seen this on the USGS Earthquake/Hazards Website.
Somthing fishy with this story:
This guy seems somewhat of a reporter but it smells of too much HAARP B.S.  Otherwise there are some things here to take notice of...
I agree with this guy's video that Alex Jones is missing something in his message....
WARNING:  "Dutchsinse" from YOU TUBE's gang here probably full of misinformation again.   GET BENT!  I'll leave this up for a while but I'm probably taking it down soon.  These are the HAARP RING and SCALER SQUARES and EPICENTER dreamers.  Let the earthquakes and FEMA come! The government is less of a hazard than you freaks!  Truth is those who really are prepared don't need your B.S. for one second.

I'll leave this up for entertainment and exposure.  There are many things coming ahead and I'll be out there chasing more tornadoes Lord willing.  (I'd love to film a live earthquake.  Have to keep a cam ready at all times.) If you are in Christ Jesus you have been begotten unto a lively hope.  SHAKEOUT! :-)  I'm going to BREAKOUT OF HERE :-)....

ONCE IN A WHILE I GET DUPED :-) and I can laugh it off:  



Invest in Facebook

Facebook IPO coming next year but some investors want to exit early:



WalMart Brings Back The Guns

WalMart puts some guns back in mostly rural stores.  How about bringing back some of that handgun ammo too?  I'm sure there are some good managers left:

Now let's kick Big Sis and her T.V. screens back out!  And please keep the doors unlocked!  We don't want a "WalMart FEMA Camp". 

Here's the old Walton's Five and Dime.  Notice the U.S. Flag:


Take Your Silver Chips Off the Table

Hour-Glass Analyst says "Take your chips off the table" and buy GOLD on a relative basis over SILVER as a big reversal is expected now:

Does the dollar look any better yet?  This guy keeps chasing it down.  Will you believe these ANAL--ysts?

Wal Mart Hotel

I intend to do a more in depth look at this next time I travel.  There are people living in Wal Mart parking lots and begging for money and food.  Whole families living out of their car that moved out of their house. So far I found this happening mostly in rural central Illinois and portions of southeastern Iowa.  They are getting desperate and some of them are turning out to be threatening to shoppers.  

One family I ran into had a car full of what appeared to be mom and dad with 4 children.  The vehicle did not have current registration and I found out some more things I won't mention.  The guy got scared and thought I was a cop. 

ANOTHER THING ABOUT WAL MART is that I have been told that there are "memorandums of understanding" with Wal Mart and F.E.M.A. and D.H.S.  that have to do with Wal Mart being used as "Emergency Relocation Centers" during times of national emergency.  

I know someone who shops at Wal Mart regularly and they have been in Wal Mart twice now and have experienced a "forced lock-in" due to a TORNADO WARNING.  Wal Mart was able to lock everyone in and also everyone out of the bulding.  My source requested to leave the building and was told by a worker that "You cannot leave.  Please move to the center of the building for processing." 

(By the way the last place you want to be is in the center of a Wal Mart underneath that large roof.  You would be better off riding it out in your vehicle or just trying to get out of it's path)

Just let that sink in for a few minutes.....

Here's another thing about Wal Mart you should look at:


America Countdown to 2016

The IMF and CHINA have the USA on course for THE END:


2012 Election Already Decided

Why Vote?  The 2012 Presidential Election is already decided.  Scrap the hope here comes more change.
Have you noticed all the elections that have problems with the electronic count?  This is beyond the problem of dimpled chads.  It's simply rigged by the lawless insiders.  


Pump Your Stock Here

Everybody likes to talk about their STOCK PICK so leave your COMMENTS here and ENJOY.....


Stock Market Crash Soon

REMEMBER:  Precious metals are measured in OUNCES!

I'm not giving any advice here and my opinions are subject to change at my discretion.  Having said that I am watching the market here and based on some observations it sure looks like that big sell off that has been talked about by Marc Faber of at least 20% is very imminent.

If I was an official analyst I would recommend the following:
  • Get in physical cash
  • Get in physical precious metals
  • Sell all stocks, ETF's, and close all trading platforms liquidating them into emergency cash currency.
  • have a filtered water source
  • activate the survival mode
  • fill up your vehicle one last time

I think we have arrived....developing....

Bernanke Q & A

This video is edited.  I'm posting it here for information and currently looking for further reports:


Gold and Silver: Timing the Top

"We are either going to solve the debt crisis or head into a debt crisis."  Really?  Which do you think will happen?


Private Currency in Michigan

The GOLD and SILVER trade is spreading across the USA:


Gerald Celente on the US Dollar

CNBC Vultures Talk Precious Metals

They are talking SILVER and GOLD now at CNBC.  They are a strange breed:


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's Certificate of Live Birth

One Problem:  It's not a "BIRTH CERTIFICATE".   So where is the Obama "BIRTH CERTIFICATE"?  It's not here yet.  We are still waiting.....developing...

So who has the egg on their face?  Not the "Birthers"....developing...

Dollar Death Race

The Dollar Death Race is on.  When do we cross the FINISH LINE?

Strong Tornado Outbreak Southeastern U.S.A.


Tuscaloosa Mayor gives speech and trusts God giving him glory even in the midst of the storm.  See all the damage in this area at:


Food Prices Rising Rapidly

Obama will probably tell us:  "Get used to it!"  He's a smart ass and it's time to IMPEACH Obama.  He and his cabinet are ruining this country while our Congress sits back and watches.  That alleged BIRTH CERTIFICATE today is a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH---big difference.

Here come the food prices.   Expect riots at Wal Mart:
The US DOLLAR is dying and people will need FOOD.  You think things are improving?  Think again.  The US DOLLAR is about to cross the LINE OF DEATH:


Max Keiser on Greece Kontra News

Ο Μαξ Κάιζερ στην Αθήνα 1 27 Απρλίου 2011

This Max Keiser might as well be a recognized foreign DIPLOMAT.  This guy really leans into the fraud exposure:

Too bad the interpreter there didn't chime in more often.  I'm wondering if she interpreted all your discussion accurately.  
They should have Max on there more often.

Miss American Terrorist

All we can do now in America is cry.  No elected representatives give a damn about the U.S. Consitution and this thug government keeps taking our freedoms....

Don't leave any mouthy comments here about this dear woman.  If you leave a mouthy COMMENT you can be thankful all I can do is DELETE you!



Donald Trump goes beyond the Birth Certificate.  Watch him take on O.P.E.C. next....
  • Libya
  • China
  • India

Go Donald!
Quite honestly this sounds like a real PRESS CONFERENCE.  We are finally having a decent PRESS CONFERENCE on ISSUES with Donald Trump.  People would do well to take time and listen to this.  Donald Trump is dealing with issues here and I don't find many men that are able to do that in this current chaotic democracy:

I really hope Donald Trump runs for U.S. President.  The way this guy deals with the press is outstanding!

Alternative Media: Scams and Entertainment

  • The Weekly Telegram
  • Dutchsinse

Donald Trump to Examine Obama's Birth Certificate

UPDATE:  It's a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH.  I remember Trump saying that a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH is not a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.....more....

NOTICE:  "The White House" is the authority not our elected representatives upholding the US Constitution.  This is only the beginning of this because most of the USA has been dumbed down into Obama telling them they are a "DEMOCRACY".  The fact is we need to bring back a "CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC" and finally a CONGRESS that actually upholds it....more...

Donald Trump Works Over the Media:

The reporter asks:  "Why is it relevant?" "What are your qualification to assess the birth certificate...?"  (Doesn't the reporter know how a "Democracy" works?)
I ask: "Why does the T.S.A. put their hands down our pants?"
They would say: "We'll since 911 we live in a different country."  That should tell you something about these reporters.  Are they even Americans?

LISTEN TO THEM BASHER REPORTERS here.  There is no respect in this nation anymore and I believe Donald Trump is right that he would make this nation respected again.

Watch him take on O.P.E.C.  Donald is working this as a messy democracy.  Ron Paul will attempt to put it back together as a Constitutional Republic.  I still think Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, and Donald Trump should work together: 

Listen to what Obama says America:  We do not have time for T.S.A. and any other unconstitutional agendas Mr. President....You vilify the American people with the T.S.A. and Homeland Security!.....Think people!.....developing...

This issue needs to be handled properly in accordance with our US Constitution! It will not be.  What will happen is more "government by popular opinion and talk show hosts"....stay tuned....


Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012:


Max Pain

Here we go again:
Watch the Chart if you want to: (it needs a REFRESH):
I have no idea how this will all play out and neither do you.  Nevertheless here's the plan this week:
  • ZSL, SLV, PSLV, and PHYS as needed
  • UCO accumulate long position
  • sell some physical possibly
  • buy more physical possibly (always buy more than sell)
  • Have a cigarette:  CIGX
  • watch UDRL

APMEX Buys Silver Over Spot

Is something going on with the American Eagles? 


The Weekly Telegram says "Don't listen to me."

That might be a good idea:

Do you see the SCAM logo?  It's on "The Weekly Telegram YOU TUBE site".  I suppose this is just a SCAM for everyone's entertainment?  Maybe the rest of these nuts are SCAM's too? Did that guy from New York "The Silver Futurist" and this Chris have Mike Maloney show up so they could mock him later?  Perhaps Mike Maloney needs to stay away from YOU TUBE crap!.....

UPDATE: Look at the SCAM logo:

"What do you do?....What I'm doing...."
"Don't listen to me..."
"Don't listen to these people..." (YOU TUBE charlatans)
"Don't listen to these people to tell you trade in and out of the silver're going to get slaughtered if you do that."
"Don't listen to people like Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey....they're sales people..."
If you're working for a paycheck you don't know what you're doing. 
When you make money on silver you should donate it.
" opinion.....don't listen to gotta do your own research."

Got silver?  I doubt it. 
Sometimes you just have to listen to get the message. :-)
Then there are those who don't listen. 

Tell Others About The News UNIT Blogspot

We need to get the word out or watch our nation collapse:

Do you see any advertisements here on this blog?

So many of these reports I find here seem to go unnoticed on YOU TUBE with very little views.  

It's up to us. 

(UPDATE:  April 21, 2012:  I just was browsing my own blogspot here.  Now I have adsense ads up on the blog.  Why?  Back at the time of this post I didn't need them and now I do.  But rest assured they don't work very well anyway.)

Congressman Ron Paul on The Debt Ceiling

We are about to have a busy week here in the USA and the world:


Peter Schiff on China vs. US Dollar

Peter discusses the IMF and China's recent move against the dollar:


Gold and Silver Make CNN Headline Story

Remember STAGE 1, 2, and 3?  If you don't please review this post:

Now look at this story from CNN.  The general public is now going to be made aware of investing in gold and silver.  You have to get these stories on the T.V. and that is exactly what CNN has done here finally.  You have to see the coins and hear them clang and have a reporter talk about this.  10,000 hits on a YOU TUBE channel doesn't get the word out.  CNN does!  Just wait until 60 Minutes has a segment on investing in precious metals.

We are about to see a major investment demand take off now.  This could easily push silver to $100 by mid-summer. 


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remember the Titanic?

This is just asking for trouble here.  Watch O.P.E.C. and China put the last nails in this country's coffin soon: 

Memphis Metro: Tornadic Thunderstorms

Memphis, Tennessee:  LIVE COVERAGE:

Bernanke Warns of New Financial Crisis


The need for survival equipment and supplies in addition to precious metals will soon become a very clear understanding as everyone rushes into gold and silver very soon and a run on the banks occurs.  The problem is people are rushing into gold and silver to make US DOLLARS.  We are all guilty of that in our mind because we have been virtually programmed to think that way.  We need to get DOLLARS out of our thoughts!  Soon we will need no help with that as it becomes a reality.
I am 100% convinced that we are about to have a MAJOR UPHEAVEL in the US Economy.  Listen to what Ben Bernanke had to say:

It is now high time to prepare for survival.  Jesus Christ could return at any moment but what we are witnessing and soon to experience here is the destruction of a Gentile nation--The United States of America.  Do you have supplies?