Saturday, March 31, 2012

Congressman Bobby Rush's "hoodie" protest

Is there a "hoodie" in the House?

Congressman Bobby Rush was escorted off the House floor as he spoke and changed his garments into wearing a "hoodie".  I'm not sure it was the hoodie that sparked the reaction from the House Speaker but if it was the man reading scripture.  The games of exalting the flesh will continue now as George Zimmerman's fate is decided by our government of popular opinion polls, talk show hosts, YOU TUBE channels, and the most Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  Obama might just step up and give his decree soon enough: 
Bobby Rush's Chicago District has some shootings.  I thought Mayor Daley said Chicago is a "gun free" city?  I guess Rahm Emmanuel has his team working on that:

Reverend Al Sharpton calls for civil disobedience

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case escalating:

The titles "Reverend" Al Sharpton and "Reverend" Jesse Jackson seem to imply they are ministers of righteousness and preachers of God's word.  One problem:  All I ever hear them talk about is their culture.  Is this the gospel of black culture?  And now do we have a situation that could ignite race wars?

Jim Comiskey Metals Report

Bob Chapman on Financial Survival

Friday, March 30, 2012

Stripper Job Security

The New American Dream Job

The job pays big money.  Get perverted!  Just don't point that finger gun or call anyone a "bitch" or "hoe" right?  Niggas!  Start them young pole dancing too.  They already are:  

Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house:

Maybe most women will become pole dancers and exotic dancers.  Recently I was at a friends house and was troubled as I watched the dad play a song called "I am a sexy girl" while his daughter danced in front of the Christmas tree.  I have heard they start young children pole dancing now.  I guess everyone just thinks it's cute and normal:

If George Zimmerman is aquitted...

Get ready... 


Best thing to do is probably have a public hanging because Al Sharpton is now threatening civil disobedience.  Why not we just start a new mob rule democracy Al?  We'll let you be the leader of justice:

This is what happens when you pump your mind and heart with too much "Gangsta Rap".  And if you think things are going to get better then you're not very well informed. 

China forced live birth abortions

The love of death and evil abounds more and more

Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse according to the word of God.  So this is expected in this present evil world.  Remember Herod's decree?

Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently enquired of the wise men.
---MATTHEW 2.16

FDA Targets Raw Food Businesses and Farms

Beware if you sell raw food products!  You may be met with a SWAT TEAM with guns:

Andy Hoffman: Miles Franklin Metals 

I don't trust Sean G. Turnbull and the mischief he's done to various YOU TUBE channels but Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin Metals is an excellent commentator and is well versed in the economy.  Listen to what he says about the stock market and high frequency trading.  It is so true where we are today that I believe we are on the road to destruction very soon.  Get ready for the final rally into reality.

Sean is just another talking head politician.  He should get a job with CNBC or The Street and make some big fiat money.   Sean you are too proud to admit you were wrong and I find it funny you took your video down recently called "The case for $750 silver". 


Thursday, March 29, 2012

The News UNIT: Silver Chart LOOKOUT for May 18, 2012

Watching James Turk's May 18, 2012 $70 SILVER TARGET PRICE:

For those of you watching SILVER and GOLD here is my recent chart OBSERVATION and TRENDLINES:  This chart is specific to SILVER but has a SOLID LINE for GOLD also charted:  Take a look: (CLICK CHART TO ENLARGE)
I refuse to go into great detail although a video of my own may be forthcoming, but I think James Turk's outlook of $70 SILVER on May 18, 2012 has some potential.   

On the chart above a CUP AND HANDLE FORMATION has formed through the RON PAUL, BEN BERNANKE SMACK-DOWN that occurred on March 1, 2012.  WE are riding the HANDLE now as it curves as shown on the chart above.  If you haven't been aware of what happened on that day then please read this post for review:

So you want a FORECAST?  All right I'll give you something to digest but remember I'm not giving any advice nor am I a financial adviser in any way shape or form.  I am simply an UNOFFICIAL ECONOMIC OBSERVER: 

Given these KEY HISTORIC SMACK-DOWN DATES of MAY 1, 2011, SEP. 21, 2011 coupled with the year end "Raw Dog Reversal" on DEC. 28, 2011 and the recent reversal on MARCH 1, 2012 I see a pattern here to a great extent but I'm not going to explain that yet.  I may in a video soon here so check back.

But I do believe James Turk is an insider to a degree and he knows something.  James Turk, John Embry, and Eric Sprott who I have at times nicknamed "The Sprott Brothers" want a SILVER PUMP above $50 in the worse way.  Why?  I don't completely know the answer but this is going to happen BEFORE JULY 2012.  How do I know this?  I shall leave that with the statement:  "I can neither confirm nor deny that I know this".  Mark these THREE DATES on your CALENDAR with your pencil:
  •  May 1, 2012 
  •  May 18, 2012
  •  June 21, 2012
  •  No:  Not July 4th. :-)  JULY IS DANGER MONTH.  Don't even question me on that one.
Is that too vague for you?  Just keep stackin'

Were you looking for a long winded video with MAC-D's and BOLLINGER BANDS?  Sorry to disappoint you but you'll have to resort to the more effeminate types of pumpers.  You won't get that from me.  Try BrotherJohnF or SGTbull07 instead.


Parents report Obama ignores White killings

How about Shawn Tyson?  Where was The Black Panthers? 

The News UNIT agrees with Trader Dan Norcini

Stocks and Commodity PRICE CONTROLS
There's no doubt that there has developed price controls now in the commodities.  Trader Dan Norcini explains: 

China works overtime for AAPL

Foxconn responds and agrees to improve working conditions:

Twitter account calls for killing George Zimmerman

Open threats being made on TWITTER ACCOUNT:

Our national leaders stay silent now in the wake of The Black Panther Militia and now this "#KillZimmerman" TWITTER ACCOUNT.   What does Obama have to say about this?  How about Janet Napolitano?

Where's the FBI in this?  Where's Homeland Security?  Is this not TERRORIST TYPE activity on the internet?  Read these threats! 

The BRICS Alliance is a growing economy

Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are the world's leading emerging economies:

Jim Comiskey Metals Report

How do geopolitical events affect commodities and the markets?

Obama speaks out against oil companies

Obama gets tough on big oil companies and urges Congress to end tax breaks for companies.  Congress should let him have free reign and just drive the nation into the ground.  We're almost there anyway.  Let her rip and let America have what he wants! 

Rick Santelli answers Obama's big oil message:

Public and Media Examine Trayvon Martin Shooting

The trial of George Zimmerman by popular opinion polls, YOU TUBE channels, and talk show hosts continues:

Some call themselves "Coon Asses" proudly across the U.S.A.



Anger in the House

Could this guy be a terrorist threat?  Good thing he didn't point his finger gun.  Or did he?

Clintonville, Wisconsin mystery earthquakes and noises

At least 65 residents in Clintonville, Wisconsin reported more mysterious noises on Tuesday night this week.  Local officials continue to request answers from the USGS as to what is causing these noises which on one occasion was a confirmed earthquake....developing...

Toddler shoots himself

This is a fishy story.  The mom is allegedly crying behind her sunglasses and headphones?  Really weird.  Instead of a load of popular opinion, talk show hosts, and YOU TUBE channels again; how about just letting the police handle it without making any more laws?  Can we just let some local folks do their job now without national interference?


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oil prices to come down says Saudi minister

Ali Naimi, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in Saudi Arabia says oil prices will be lowered and there is no shortage of supply.  Although you would think this would lower pump prices in the United States there is concern with several recent EPA shutdowns of U.S. oil refineries that a supply shortage could develop in the U.S.A. resulting in higher prices for consumers courtesy of the Obama regime...developing...

Lindsey Williams LATEST INFO From "Mr. X"

Felony Finger Pointing

Watch your fingers folks or get a FELONY CHARGE:

The lawyer takes care of this defendant and says, "...shut up..." to the DEFENDANT.  You have to be so careful in dealing with the law these days you cannot even speak a word or make a gesture.  Just call an attorney on everything from now on! 

WATCH VIDEO AT [TIME 04:25] as Alex Jones discusses this story:


This is known as THE FINGER GUN and has happened before and it is considered a TERRORIST THREAT:  This girl's reputation is tarnished and she is chided by students as being someone who might kill someone...etc...


Bob Chapman comments on Lindsey Williams

Exposing Lindsey Williams

Bob Chapman comments on the recent Alex Jones show with his guest Lindsey Williams.  Watch Alex lean into Lindsey on his upcoming interview.

Bob Chapman says gold, silver and shares are the only place to be.  Bob Chapman says Lindsey Williams is guessing and wants to sell DVD's.  Listen to this!...


The Obama BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Do we have an unlawful president?

Are we about to see the largest breach of identification and security in the history of The United States Of America? 

What about guns?

Jim Comiskey Metals Report

Watch these videos in order.  This is like taking a class in economics:


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Economic Superstorm Approaching

The state of the economy addressed:

What to expect in the next few months depends on who you listen to or what you believe to be accurate.  Whether it's Ben Bernanke, Peter Schiff, CNBC talking heads ("vultures"), Lindsey Williams, or your favorite YOU TUBE channel can become ultra-confusing.  Could it be that way by design?

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


Obama Healthcare: People that don't care for you

If you don't vote for Ron Paul.  Well wait--I forgot--Obama knows he's already being re-elected.  So why even vote?  Just get ready to survive or meet the death panels:


Oklahoma Preparedness Video

I only have one comment to make and that's about CHEMTRAILS.  Having been an air traffic controller for 20 years I can tell you that this alleged CHEMTRAILS nonsense is just that---nonsense.  Those are the daily flights that fly every day and they're not out to get you.  Whoever started that nonsense really created a group of deceived people.  Also most of the HAARP nonsense is a whole load of nonsense also.  But go ahead and enjoy yourself if you want to believe all those lies:

Now our God and Saviour Jesus Christ is the truth:

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
---JOHN 14.6


Trayvon Martin Aftermath Begins

Criminal mischief protests begin with FLASH MOBS: 

It actually looked like a peaceful protest and appears nobody got hurt so that's good:

(Here's what happens when the Pharmacist is armed:)


Jim Comiskey Metals Report

Hutaree Militia Charges Dropped


Trayvon Martin Death

Energy; hope and change

David Weidner from Marketwatch and his perverted judgement

Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

"...and may God bless America."

Seems the mob rule wants George Zimmerman to hang for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  And that's DEMOCRACY!  But stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance "...and to the Republic for which it stands.  One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."  That makes everyone feel better. 

Set the United States Constitution aside along with righteous judgement:  When we have a nation where our government has become this alleged "democracy" led by popular opinion polls, talk show hosts, and columnists such as David Weidner here's what you get:


Gerald Celente lets it rip on current events

Don't miss this as Gerald Celente and Alex Jones cover current events:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ron Paul does not quit

Where's the beef? What's in the pink slime?


Ammonia in our beef?  This has yet to be verified.  Beef company here is very upset at SOCIAL MEDIA:
ABC NEWS VIDEO FROM earlier this month:


Obama knows he's being re-elected as president

Why even vote?  In fact "DON'T VOTE 2012" says Gerald Celente and Alex Jones on a recent radio show:

This is extremely interesting as a HOT MICROPHONE caught this conversation of President Obama.  Proof that none of us in the United States Of America really need to vote.  In fact Alex Jones of INFOWARS along with Gerald Celente are calling for people not to vote in 2012.  The latest movement by alternative news media INFOWARS and PRISON PLANET to expose the fraudulent election system in the U.S.A. 

Listen to Alex Jones and Gerald Celente mention the rigged election today (among other things) on the INFOWARS LIVE PROGRAM:  CLICK HERE 

More reasons not to vote in 2012 and proof of already rigged primary elections:


Bob Chapman on Financial Survival

Jim Comiskey Report

Oklahoma Resident Getting Ready For SHTF

What are people all afraid about?  Nothing is going to happen.  Please remain calm, stay indoors and away from windows.  Stay tuned to your local radio or T.V. stations or have your cell phone on your person to receive official emergency alerts.  You will be instructed where to go and what to do for your protection.  Thank you for your cooperation and God bless America....




The whole United States is under WIDESPREAD VOTING FRAUD.  Do you think you are voting at the polls?  Think again!

YOU TUBE Job opportunities

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lindsey Williams with more predictions

BREAKING INFORMATION AGAIN:  Wow!  Can't wait!  The Chaplain of the Elite of the World Lindsey Williams speaks again on the Alex Jones show.  Get your pencil and paper ready:

Obama may not get elected again and so far we need to get into a new currency for the financial collapse:  Currency?  That means paper folks.  LISTEN:

The economic gospel according to Lindsey Williams:


Black Panthers or Black Militia?

The Trayvon Martin shooting brings out THE BLACK MILITIA:

Now let's see what President Obama and Jesse Jackson and I suppose Louis Farrakhan have to say about this particular threat:  No wonder gun sales are screaming across the nation.  I never saw so many people at Gander Mountain recently lined up to look at guns.  It's incredible!

A national conference on race relations is being discussed now?  How disgusting!

Louis Farrakhan on what he calls "The White Militia"

Remember how Louis Farrakhan was all upset about what he called "The White Militia" back when Operation Odyssey Dawn was going in in Libya?  here's a little review for you: 

Operation Odyssey Dawn Review: 

Here's what happened to a WHITE MILITIA in the U.S.A.  Remember the Hutaree Militia?


Ron Paul Signs Violate Ordinances

Or do ordinances violate The U.S. Constitution?
More and more ordinances are being constructed against freedom:


Fukushima Fallout Continues Across The Northern Hemisphere

7.1 MAG Earthquake hits Chile

The Fire Ants of Texas

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

Oops!  Alex is getting in trouble for poking the ants in his backyard and making that video above.  Can't do that Alex!

Interest Rate Chatter Increasing

The Bank of Japan and Bank of International Settlements are leaning into The Federal Reserve Bank:


Corn on the cob

Recent Executive Order Causes Concerns

Buy and Hold is DEAD!


This is so true and that is why many of us who watch the markets know that people such as SGTbull07, BrotherJohnF, The NIA Cartel, The Sprott Brothers, and various other alleged silver and gold investors are working the stock market LONG and SHORT.  There is no such thing as "INVESTING" anymore.  The Wall Street Casino is a large electronic casino that is rigged and all these traders do now is ride the waves.  And the D.T.C.C. loves it!  What is the D.T.C.C.?  Take a look here:


Oil News

FXEmpire Chart Analysis

REMEMBER:  This week is the beginning of a stretch of earnings reports.  The general expectations are not good for the market as the recent choppy trading algorithms and thin volume point to an imminent FLASH CRASH or perhaps someone having "fat finger" to ignite a strong sell-off.  Unless you have criminal inside information and are tied directly into the Wall Street Casino the Stock Market is not the place to be.  Also the safe havens of gold and silver are not so safe as even Trader Dan Norcini has indicated on his technical analysis at

The News UNIT is watching the markets and there are some helpful links for the reader here if you look around the margins of this blogspot.  With all the conspiracy advocates and many of their findings now being proven accurate it seems that the U.S. Government is not doing anything to help the working class maintain any financial solvency.  We just have to trust their currency now and wait for the CURRENCY RESET and DEVALUATION that has been suggested by Marc Faber and Jim Rogers. 

"We the Peoples" The U.N. is "Us"


Notice how the new global government mentions "We the peoples".  Since when is an "s" added to people which is already plural or singular depending on it's proper usage in a sentence? 

The whole world lieth in wickedness

I have a hard time looking at this guy and believing Peter the married fisherman was the first Pope.  How about you?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pray without ceasing for Alex Jones

The News UNIT calls on believers on the Lord Jesus Christ who are saved by God's grace and have been circumcised without hands according to the scripture to pray for Alex Jones that he might be saved.  The guy needs the gospel of Christ as I have posted it over and over here before.  I have a friend of mine near Austin that I hope would visit him and teach him the word of God more perfectly.  

Alex Jones is likely to come under heavy attack soon and he may already be so in grave danger.  I'm not saying I heard from the Lord but then I will say that as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God.

Just imagine how he might preach the gospel of Christ on that bullhorn!

Rush Limbaugh is a "known offender" says RT America reporter

More media joins the attack on FREE SPEECH:

Is Rush Limbaugh a "known offender"?  Really?  So now we have RT America joining the media in the fight to silence and perhaps even convict Rush Limbaugh regardless of "free speech"?  What is going on here with this Russian Television?  Maybe they are rather "Russian" in their agenda?


The Coming Slaughter Getting Closer




Listen to internet radio with Omega Man on Blog Talk Radio

Is this too much for you to handle?  If you are afraid then examine yourselves whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves.  Are you in Christ Jesus?  Have you believed the gospel of the grace of God?  If you're in Christ FEAR NOT!  Here's a song for those who are not under the law but under grace.  Sure we uphold the law but now the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death.  But thanks be to God that that law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ: 

Wisconsin Earthquake Reports Increasing

Reports increasing from Clintonville, Montello, and Pardeeville, Wisconsin:

The News UNIT confirms that I have heard these rumblings and also a trace of vibration as I live 18 miles south of Montello, Wisconsin.   I can actually confirm this has been happening over about the last 4 months and have experienced this usually during the night time hours.  Very few occurred during daytime hours. 


Trayvon Martin Revenge is Coming

Blacks are under attack?  Where?,0,2131299.story
Jesse Jackson and President Obama are involved.  This will grow big now!  Some say expect nationwide riots to break out...all sorts of GANGSTER RAP music...etc...developing...
This story is igniting some white hot hatred! 
Black Panthers express their FREE SPEECH and EXPRESSION quite openly:
Black Panthers want George Zimmerman DEAD or ALIVE.  The Black Panthers' freedom of speech and expression is protected quite well isn't it?  But let's get Rush Limbaugh for saying "slut" while the "Niggas" make "Gangsta Rap" and call women "hoes","whores", "bitches", "sluts", "mother fuckers", and even call each other "Niggas", etc.  This world is nuts!  God's judgement is soon coming!  Expect it!


The Most Reverend Jesse Jackson is more concerned with his black flesh rather than preaching the gospel of Christ.  He has nothing to do with the Spirit of God and Christ as he is still in the flesh and cannot please God.  He will either repent and believe the gospel of Christ or he will die in his sins.

Obama's strange remarks on this event spark Newt Gingrich to call Obama's remarks "disgraceful":

Watch this video at [TIME 03:50]...


Friday, March 23, 2012

Is the T.V. watching you?

Samsung Smart T.V. 

Ira Epstein charts the Chop Suey Market

Ira says he's bullish on gold but not in the short term.  He's one of the $2,000+ gold bulls:

Jim Comiskey Metals Report

Wisconsin Earthquakes Beginning

Deep underground pressure is building in the earth

*****I have been noticing this for at least the last 4 months at my residence*****
The News UNIT can verify that the noises have also been occurring here in southern Wisconsin about 30 miles north of Madison.  I have noticed this for at least the last 4 months and have been wondering what that has been.  I believe now here's the evidence:

Natural gas fracking is being reported to be causing problems with the pollution of ground water and might also be causing some of these small earthquakes: 

If we have such an oversupply of natural gas then why are we drilling new holes?  Is this high pressure fracking causing underground instability and a new threat of triggering unwanted earthquakes and pollution of groundwater in underground aquifers?