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Another vain talker and deceiver of the circumcision made with hands

This guy needs a camel to ride on while his worshipers blow the shofar for him.  Your god that speaks to you and gives you all this prophecy must be sleeping.  Maybe he is on a journey?  In the meantime let God be true and every man a liar:

And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he [is] a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, [or] peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked.
---I KINGS 18.27

For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision:
Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake.
---TITUS 1.10-11

There is a large group of fakers that are deceiving and being deceived with this false gospel as they think they are of Israel and know not the gospel.  Many of these false teachers want to glory in your flesh and bring you into bondage with them.  They are doing it more and more and making their followers twice the child of hell than themselves.  

The Colorado Shooting and The Strong Delusion

The recent Dark Knight Rises move shooting in Colorado is a sharp contrast compared to the statistics behind all the dead bodies that trail President Obama and his administration's record.  Do you think God takes notice of this?  We always hear from Obama "...and may God bless America" as he ends his speeches.  And families are comforted by Obama after their loved ones die the death of the uncircumcised and are handed an American flag in memory.  How many folded flags have been handed out this year?

Read this article and DON'T MISS A WORD OF IT.  It's the truth: 


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Is the Capital of Israel Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

The White House doesn't know.  Here's the proof.  But they haven't changed their position. :-)


How beautiful? No! How deadly is your false gospel!

In fact how dreadful it is these days to deal with THIS FALSE GOSPEL and VARIOUS OTHER PERVERSIONS against God's word that is forever settled in heaven and beside that he exalts his word above his name.  YOU PERVERTS OF GOD'S TRUTH BE DAMNED!

Notice in this song is the phrase (among other things yet to be revealed) described as "the sons of the earth".  Sons of the earth be damned!  The sons of God even presented themselves before the Lord along with Satan as he was going to and fro and walking up and down in it.  Those men of the earth are earthy, sensual, devilish.  There is a major difference between the flesh and the spirit as God who divided the light from the darkness puts a difference between his people and those that are without.  
Fear God ye children of men!

And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
---ROMANS 10.15 

Watch this perverted video and song at [TIME 04:45] and watch the little sneak peek at this alleged Jesus' naked ass crotch shot.  You think I'm being cute here?  Your dead wrong!  These devils singing this catchy tune here are trying to get you to get a look at THE BEAUTIFUL NAKED BODY OF ANOTHER CHRIST WHICH IS NOT ANOTHER.  These are those who pervert the gospel of Christ and shall bring upon themselves SWIFT DESTRUCTION from the presence of the LORD and from the glory of his power:

Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we [him] no more.

Many of these perverts of the gospel of Christ will tell me they are praying for me.  May your prayer become sin!

When he shall be judged, let him be condemned: and let his prayer become sin.
---PSALM 109.7 

And no wonder:  Mel Gibson the Jew hater along with Twila Paris produce this trash.  Mel the Roman Catholic and Twila Paris an interdenominational pseudo-Christian together serving the world, the flesh, and the Devil: 
A SIDE NOTE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:  If you are laying hands on my friends, speaking in alleged tongues, and handling the word of God deceitfully with your false prophecy and revelations especially in times of their distress in this present evil world I shall call you to remember that every idle word you speak you shall give account so you do would do well to keep your mouth shut!   God shall one day shut your mouths forever in the lake of fire and there you will do one thing for eternity and that is this:

You will REMEMBER!


Mike Doggy is upset at the STOCK MARKET

I like watching many economic commentators but it's my feeling here that Mikey has been bashing gold and silver for several years and those who were warning people on financial collapse and the diminishing of "safe haven" investments.  Mike Doggy sounds like he's losing in the stock market now or wherever he is positioned.  These guys are getting desperate.  Watch out what they are all talking about because they are as Gerald Celente says, "...when people start to lose everything they lose it..."

And no I'm not suggesting to buy gold and silver because at this point in time I don't believe any analysts are putting out any accurate trends forecasts--AT ALL.  The market is entirely news driven and is stuck in what I'll call "the certainty of uncertain events".  It is certain that everything is currently uncertain with the uncertainty of the markets:

For we brought nothing into [this] world, [and it is] certain we can carry nothing out.
---I TIMOTHY 6.7

Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;
---I TIMOTHY 6.17


I challenge any of you devils that promote your deceptions ANYTIME!

The sword of the Spirit:  The word of God

Whether here online or in real life--I CHALLENGE YOU!  And I have the Spirit of God in these matters 100% in fullness and above all the understanding in Christ Jesus given me is according to the scripture of truth.  Am I special?  You bet I am!  But this is not to exalt David Casper, rather this is an understanding in the wisdom and knowledge of God completely by his grace and mercy and by his word of righteousness. CHALLENGE ME YOU SHEEPLE!  Do you consider this to be ignorant boasting?  Well I do too actually but yet it is needful at this present evil day and for those who are truly in Christ Jesus with even a fraction of understanding will discern this.  

Having thus stated the above my soul shall make her boast in the Lord.

Now for those of you who examine me and seek to exalt your evil spirits of alleged prophecy let me make one thing clear:  YOU ARE DECEIVED and if you have any God given fear of the Lord you better receive with meekness the word of God which can save your soul.  Anything else you receive you will receive to yourselves damnation.  

You don't like this?  Then fill up you cup with your opinions, feelings, dreams, visions, prophecy, and how you think the Lord speaks to your heart.  Cast the word of God aside as you will do and run the way that seems right to you as you journey on your road to everlasting destruction, misery, perdition, and ultimately death, hell, and the lake of fire.  Do you think I'm kidding?

But of these who seemed to be somewhat, (whatsoever they were, it maketh no matter to me: God accepteth no man's person:) for they who seemed [to be somewhat] in conference added nothing to me: 

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
---EPHESIANS 6.17 

For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
---HEBREWS 4.12  


This woman above is some GREAT ONE in her own eyes and those who worship her.  Click to open below and read her PROPHECY WARNING which by the way SHALL NOT COME TO PASS.  Why shall it not come to pass?  Because it is entirely not according to the scripture of truth--that's why:

Auto Makers to Shift to Aluminum

It's about time and hats off to Ford (F) for this move to aluminum.  Aircraft are made of aluminum and vehicles will be subject to less rust now.   Maybe cars will last 10 years like they should? 

Stock Market Rallies On Bad News

For the word of the LORD [is] right; and all his works [are done] in truth.
---PSALM 33.4

Actually it's real easy to find the truth out of all these lies lately.  But it seems men love lies and deceit.  Maybe God's strong delusion is already in progress for many?  Look at this DRUDGE REPORT HEADLINE and then check the stock market.  Shall I say in my haste that all men are liars?



Send Money to Father YHWH's Ministries

Tribute to Mamacas102w the prophetess

How can you possibly be lacking from a God that supplies all things? Nevertheless send your money! :-)

Previously mamacas102w YOU TUBE CHANNEL the prophetess wasn't happy with the News UNIT and consigned me to hell for having a DONATE BUTTON: 

YHWH God and The Holy Spirit is Speaking

Things are coming to pass as men and women of God are speaking out.  All that we have is Jesus and him speaking some new prophecies now.  Chuck the word of God and just find someone who says "God spoke to me..."

It is often being reported that YHWH God is moving and speaking through his prophets and prophetesses.  I will be posting these very important things now that God is allegedly speaking so it's time to pay attention to these people that God speaks to.  Remember all these things are from the Lord and all that matters is how he speaks to your heart.

The most important thing is to be non-judgmental in all of this and just receive it as God speaks to you in all of this.  (Whatever it is)

As for me if I ever hear a voice from God I'll still consider it a voice of a devil or even Satan.  I know I'm such a blasphemer and shall continue to be so:

So then if you are so important that God speaks to and through you lets watch your God bring all this bullshit to pass.  And if this god be God then worship him.  But if God be God worship him.  Choose this day whom you will serve...


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The move to take guns continues lurking

What we can do to save lives?  "We can do better than this."  Join in a national conversation to prevent gun violence.  

THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE.  So simple you don't have to spend time and money to figure it out.  HERE IT IS:

SENTENCE THE CRIMINALS SPEEDILY!  Oh no you say?  We need some think groups and committees to study this?  You need your head examined if you can't understand this:

Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

The problem is that man is so proud and vain he thinks he can prevent everything.  And those in high places really want control.  The battle to disarm primarily America continues even though they act like it's not.  Beware!

Is there a FIRST AMENDMENT right? Ask D.C. POLICE:

Conspiracy ALERT: Are we being lied to?


When you see this guest on INFOWARS I can't help but question there is any integrity in INFOWARS:

G4T, George Hemminger, George4Title, George4Vlogging, and now ""...what next?...How about a shower cap, some makeup and a story on nuclear fallout?  

When INFOWARS has this guest on if you've been carefully observing "alternative news" for some time you should question any of what these groups are dishing out.  My red flag is up even higher now than it ever has been: 

If there really is a POLICE STATE coming down on us, the lies from these subjects have been too deep now for people to take them seriously.  They have been crying wolf for too long now in pretense and now if the big bad wolf really does arrive then nobody cares: 

As for UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, and YOUR REBELLION AGAINST AUTHORITY, it goes a bit deeper than the U.S. Constitution for those with true wisdom and understanding.  No I'm not talking about the wisdom of this world; I'm talking about the wisdom of God: 

This video below has finally settled it for me about THE MEDIA.  Even the "alternative media" is just another group of talking heads that are full of mischief.  Whether they are telling the truth or not at any given time just needs to be accurately assessed:


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Monday, July 23, 2012

James Holmes Arrangement Hearing

BREAKING NEWS:  There is more to this than most people realize...WATCH AND LEARN...


Jim Comiskey Metals Report

Watch this 9 year old nigga kick babies

Notice also here the black cop can understand how the black dad got angry.  White cops however treat whites like criminals now.  

I see the kids are learning young how to be thugs here but then the excuse is he's on some kind of medication.  Watch this closely as this 9 year old kicks and hits babies in a day care center:

Sun Gazing or Solar Yoga?

Hira Ratan Manek


Learn how our ancestors thousands of years ago were highly enlightened:

Finally the answer to all physical, emotional, psychological and mental problems has arrived.  If this is true then get rid of all psychologists and psychiatrists too and the medications surrounding this big money industry.

My guess is that a few years from now there will be a study on degenerative eye disease from sun gazing.  They will be going blind or having some sort of optic implants or equivalent.  Just wait and see (no pun intended of course): 

Here's an expert that is doing this on YOU TUBE:

Buy some GOLD and SILVER too and seek the TORUS ENERGY.  You can also join the Sons of Liberty Cult and enter your new metaphysical consciousness and generate frequency and resonate together...


What happened to GOLD and SILVER?

Gold is not yet $2,000 in fact $1,640 and above isn't looking too well either.  Also the case for $750 dollar silver and even $50 silver is afar off as $20 and lower is now approaching.

Silver is expected to drop now to below $14.00 by a reputable analyst.  READ HERE:

You haters of The News UNIT here's your chance to post a COMMENT below with all your wisdom.  I don't care what you say here so SAY ON!

Impress us with your wisdom and knowledge and if you're so smart as to what is coming then leave a nice DETAILED COMMENT below.

While you're at it impress God too with your understanding that his word is corrupt and tell us what your god said to you or how he spoke to you today.
I can't wait: 
Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

Live 24 hours silver chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

Shooter James Holmes

It's not the guns or the knives that do the shooting or cutting.  It's not the bat that does the swinging.  Shall we cut of our hands because our fists could be used for punching and our feet for kicking?  Perhaps we will soon be beheaded for thinking and talking? 

Take a look at this! All manner of informative reports and documentaries are rising up about this Colorado shooting and the stories behind the story are appearing:

The mainstream media won't cover these stories. Those who pay attention to detail are rising up and getting all manner of information out on YOU TUBE and other sources. Just wait for legislation on FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND INFORMATION to be enacted soon to curtail any of this:

Any questions? ...developing...

Conflict, Riots, Gun Control, and Military Police all moving in together

Military Law Enforcement Battalions: 


The Communists and anti U.S. Constitution advocates are rising up...

Notice this is a "global tragedy" according to this news report. Everything is "global" now in scope and in every discussion imaginable: developing

Colorado Theatre Shooting Stories

We are starting to hear stories now about the events inside the shooting. Notice that this girl will get "grief counseling" now from the psychiatric industry:

The world today is getting more proud and full of false humility.  Just hang around a few weeks and you'll see what I mean.  Also we are seeing internal conflict starting in the U.S.A. now in the news.

This Colorado shooting is igniting all manner of confusion.  Let's look at what Alex Jones has to say about it.  He keeps updating some critical inside information into what is going on here:


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Obama quotes scripture

With all the uncertainties that go on in today's current events, news and information, etc. one thing is certain.  God's word will not return unto him void.

It is very confusing when these leaders diversify their behavior to fit so many circumstances and events that at times they appear sincere:


Vladimir Putin: You can learn something about this leader

The old Nationalist Tzarist country is rising...


Obama is well versed in the Muslim religion

Obama shall teach us to worship Allah and the Prophet Muhammed.  You do realize that one day when Sharia Law is implemented here in the U.S.A as it already is in Dearborn, Michigan that we will be subject to it's precepts?  Don't you realize this?

Well there will be some of us that don't do it because we know who the third man is in the fire:

But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.
---DANIEL 3.18

Obama tells us in a previous declaration here on his promotion of Islam that we are to listen to one another, learn from one another, and respect one another as we consolidate our religious and political differences to come together as one people.  Vomit!


Billionaire Eric Sprott Heaps His Last Days Treasures

This interview by Eric King of "King World News" with Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management is reminding me of some scripture that has to do with GOLD and SILVER.  As you listen to this take notice how annoyed this Eric Sprott sounds about the price of GOLD and SILVER going down recently from those higher prices a year ago.  He's annoyed by it and it's very concerning to him in fact he and several others continue to maintain their case that those shiny assets are somehow the saviors of everyone's financial concerns. 

Well I'm going to conclude now that this might indeed be the end of gold and silver as the PAPER CARTEL controls the PRINTED PAPER MONEY of the world and has the power to do whatever they want with that money for now while they move to control the entire world and prepare "them that believe not" for the great reception of the man of sin the son of perdition.

Fill up your cup ye rich men!  Your GOLD and SILVER is cankered now whether you like it or not!

Go to now, [ye] rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon [you].
Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.
Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.
Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.
Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.
Ye have condemned [and] killed the just; [and] he doth not resist you.
---JAMES 5.1-6


The Dark Knight Rises Producer Loves Death


There's more to this Colorado shooting and unless you're not blinded by the god of this world you won't even understand any of this: 

There are some convincing reports that this is a FALSE FLAG event for Obama to bring on more gun legislation that is currently being drafted as a global decree by the evil men in high places: 

The lust of the flesh for more flesh, blood, guts, horror, filth, perversion, murder, whoremongering, fornication, adultery, and all manner of wickedness is filling up as the LORD God fills up the cup of his wrath to pour out upon the ungodly otherwise known as "them that believe not".  You don't like that do you?  Well get used to it for God will give you a dose you'll never forget---FOREVER!

But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.  ---PROVERBS 8.36

This perverted movie is just a fraction of what the global mindset is becoming together as they grind their mind together to saturate their minds and hearts in total depravity and rank ungodliness.  I don't know how much more descriptive I can possibly be!  From here on in I rejoice in God who shall judge the world by that man that he hath ordained:

Back to the big GUN GRAB LEGISLATION.  Watch Obama as he arrives in Colorado.  He's drooling over this along with Hillary Clinton so they can expedite their global U.N. Treaty and other legislation to destroy the U.S. Constitution and the right to bear arms.  They will fix the current definitions very shortly:

Notice how the U.S. President is dispatched to Colorado and arrives on the scene...

Alex Jones and his INFOWARS News Team reports on information surrounding this Colorado theater shooting:

Hollywood exalts evil, shooting, and violence and at the same time everyone is so concerned about this shooting while they flock to the movies to watch the violence and bloodshed.  Well maybe it will be time to actually experience this evil now as this movie trailer is advertising.

Sales since this shooting are also being reported to be on the increase now as people are actually attracted to more violence.  I think we might be in a violence driven culture that feeds on terror, chaos, and confusion: 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado Shooting Examined Closer

This was a "gun free zone".  I think Chicago, Illinois is a "gun free zone" also.  Looks like we need to hire some TSA Agents and have them keep us safe while watching a movie.

Otherwise lets see how the LAWYERS handle this event as this event is ripe for substantial lawsuits in light of failing to protect life and property in this safe GUN FREE ZONE.  It's a good thing that the box office expects some high sales revenue from this movie: 

Notice the chaos in the theater.  This is totally unacceptable and our authorities that keep us safe including this business should be held responsible:


Friday, July 20, 2012

The United States Of America

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin [is] a reproach to any people.
---PROVERBS 14.34

Truth Girl on Obamacare and RFID CHIPS

This could be prophecy fulfilled.  If anyone pays attention much of the legislation in that large health care bill hasn't been read thoroughly.  The IRS gets to enforce things entirely unrelated to health care, etc., etc.  

So here's another question about RFID CHIPS:

What can a Christian do in these perilous times?

The only thing we can do is pray for those in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. 


HossUSMC is a Mouthy Marine Communist

I used to respect these guys.  I no longer do!  And neither do I consent to their alleged jurisdiction:

It doesn't take long for a mouthy militiaman to reveal who he really is while masquerading as a freedom loving American and proponent of the 2ND AMENDMENT of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Perhaps Janet Napolitano knows something I don't about these ex military types being potential terrorists? 

When you see someone like this tell you that they didn't give you permission for your freedom of speech then you need to be ready for them also in the coming social unrest.  Many of these types of subjects are actually more dangerous to our freedoms and safety than you realize.  

Have a look at how I'm supposed to request permission for my personal COMMENTS.  Very interesting:

Reply to your comment on: Aurora Colorado Dark Knight Massacre - James Holmes
Feel free to comment here, but I never gave you permission to promote anything in my comments section.

Promote what?  Agreement with your video on The News UNIT?  I'm so sorry for embedding that so why don't you go back in your SETTINGS and keep it a PRIVATE VIDEO dummy?   

This is what is happening in America and the hidden hand is laughing at us as we turn against each other.  But I have no other choice but to not trust this man and brand him a hater of freedom.  

Once a Marine always a Marine used to be a good thing.  These days the ex-military minds are warped and they are also armed and dangerous flaunting their militia mindset and waving their weapons.  

I'm beginning to wonder also if some of these mind altering drugs have been given to these ex-military personnel.  If this is not so then why is the government so concerned with them as "potential terrorists" and scurrying to diagnose many of them with mental disorders?  Perhaps that's why they play army all the time and bust down doors flaunting their flack jackets, smoke grenades, and AR-15's.  There may be more to this Colorado shooting then people realize.  

And now we have people missing from the scene.  Some say there is a military man missing that's wounded.  What is going on here is very complicated and the average observer won't be able to comprehend it all.  Too bad for them.  This information is not for the timid.

Get ready for GUN CONTROL.

UPDATE:  HossUSMC took his comment down.  It would be nice to have these guys as friends but when they become foes then we certainly have to treat them with extreme caution.  And that sentiment toward them will not change on my part.  Not in this present evil world!


The Dark Knight Rises Movie Decoded

Decoding "The Dark Knight Rises"

The movie "The Dark Knight Rises" has been exposed for it's propaganda techniques.  How convenient that a shooter came along at random to a theater near you.  

I wouldn't go to ANY theater or public places without a means of defense.  It's time for freedom loving Americans to be sober and vigilant.  Are you?
Look at this crap!  America's fascination with tragedies:

The shooting is not going to effect the sales at the box office it may actually improve the sales.  Watch for another shooting.  America is starting to crave danger.  Maybe this is a slow journey toward callousing America to get used to terrorism and the Fascist government takeover?  Americans do have a lust for blood, guts, filth, horror, perversion, all manner of shooting and killing as they go to movies and walk out all revved up to go down the road and get a ticket for going 45 in a 35MPH zone.  Then they get all scared out as the cop acts like he's about to TASER them with high voltage.

Men love darkness rather than light: 

This report shows how America has a "macabre fascination with tragedy".  Really?  Don't include me!  Read about macabre fascination here: 

Colorado Theatre Missing Victims?

This is very strange and somewhat disturbing that there are MISSING PERSONS.  With all the alternative media coverage of this event I'm certain the truth will come out but will obviously be a large attempt to suppress it as according to some sources this may be a staged event that was well planned to facilitate in the upcoming U.N. Gun Treaty among other things involving "hope and change" for the U.S.S.A.

Stay tuned for more adventures in media:

Obama has some "What ifs...?" to say about this shooting:  There will be more what ifs coming along about gun restrictions now.  We need safe theaters and Wal Marts so perhaps two TSA agents per door will do the trick:

LIVE COVERAGE: Colorado Theatre Shooting

BREAKING NEWS:  GUN CONTROL TO RISE UP from this Colorado shooting.

There's more to this story...I think the truth will come out on this one.  LINKS are being made hard to get through various means of interference.  Channels being shut down, etc.  Something very fishy about this shooting!...

(LIVE LINKS are not working properly.  Try other browsers.)


I put this guy's video up and he blasts me for it.  I'll leave it up just to show you what's going on with some of these ex Marines.  Go read his mouthy comment at this LINK:

Century 16 Theatre Shooting in Colorado BIG GUN CONTROL CATALYST


Here comes the nationwide collection of GUNS and AMMUNITION.  I have to admit the best coverage on this will be posted here on The News UNIT from several upscale sources.  Check back for UPDATES: 

THE SOLUTION:  If you know what's going on advise Alex Jones of INFOWARS at once.  If you're in Colorado and know anything get that information over to INFOWARS at

If you are watching the LIVE NEWS COVERAGE of this from the NBC affiliate in Denver they are actively leaning into their anti-gun propaganda something fierce as they "take an active role..." among other statements being made.  The anchor person is saying this will not be national news?  Yea right!  Notice the guns being used in this attack are:
  • AR-15 "Assault Rifle" w/100 round clip
  • Shotgun
  • 2 .40cal. Glock pistols 
...developing..MORE TO FOLLOW...


Colorado Dark Knight Theater Massacre Targets GUNS


(and he's our daddy and mama is Hillary I suppose?) 

This will most assuredly start GUN CONFISCATION and unite the entire American family under one global government against liberty and justice and the historic U.S. Constitution:

President Obama gets a large standing ovation before speaking on the Aurora, Colorado operation.  Listen to all the liberals rejoice before he speaks on how they are going to come after the guns now:

Will Alex Jones, Charlie Daniels, Jesse Ventura, Ann Barnhardt, HossUSMC, Joseph Farah, and others lead us now and be "madder than hell and not going to take it anymore?"

I doubt it.  We the sheeple are about to be herded into submission by U.N. TREATY and/or EXECUTIVE ORDER or equivalent unconstitutional agendas by our lawless lawmakers and CEOs inside D.C. INC. 

LIVE NEWS COVERAGE when broadcast from Colorado's 9News:


Another LIVE LINK if that feed is not working: 


Jim Comiskey Metals Report

Charlie Daniels and Alex Jones talk GUNS

Time to tie the whole bunch of D.C. INC. elected criminal CEOs running this country to a stump down in the swamp with the alligators and snakes...:-)...

Charlie's right "...people done put their Bibles away and are living by the law of the jungle..."  Has anyone seen these jungle natives on EBT CARDS and SNAP CARDS running around raping your daughters calling them "bitches" and "hoes"?  You better start looking daddy!  Get off that T.V. and computer and check on your daughter.  

Even "Stoney" has put his Bible away and lives by his own law of his opinion calling the Holy Bible "that damn bible" and alleging it has errors.  You do err sir not knowing the scripture nor the power of God! 

Who's "Stoney" you ask?  Click this LINK and find out:   Stoney better get that heart of stone checked by the real Holy Spirit.  Not the one that speaks from him.  The real Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ.  If you don't know this it's time to find out:

And now for Alex Jones and Charlie Daniels.  Makes me almost want to put my cowboy hat, buckle and boots on here---almost:

BrotherJohnF says Gold and Silver cannot go to ZERO

Forget the "BANKSTERS"; it's the "FRAUDSTERS" that you need to worry about!

Now this is a good thing for GOLD and SILVER investors because they know that they own not only a tangible asset that you can hold in your hand and not on a piece of paper but also that the prices will not go to ZERO.  They will at least be worth something. 

The way things are going with these guys now like SGTbull07, BrotherJohnF, GATA's Bill Murphy, Christ Duane, Steve Quayle, and the rest of the NIA, Sprott Brothers, and Bitcoin Brother's cartels it would do well for the investor to BEWARE OF THESE FRAUDSTERS:

Gold and Silver Breaking Down

It looks like GOLD and SILVER may be descending into another ominous sell off type of SMACK-DOWN.  I'm hearing more rumors of a precious metals rally but only from a small group of coin and bullion dealers who of course have a personal interest in their own collections and sales.  The charts however are starting to look like the precious metals are about to have another sharp sell-off which could easily put gold and silver into the 2009 price levels.

Although there are the usual rumors that for some reason want to pump these precious metals up again with some alleged takedown of J.P. Morgan and "the criminal banksters", etc.  It seems the U.S. Dollar is doing quite well.  Even recently Jim Rogers stated he was buying the U.S. Dollar even though he doesn't like the U.S. Dollar.  (I think he actually likes it. :-))

There must be a load of futures contracts and put options going on in this sector.  For more information we will be checking with Jim Comiskey from ADM Investor Services in Chicago later today.  Stay tuned!
Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

Live 24 hours silver chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

SGTbull07 and the usual B.S.

We have to go to SGTbull07 to get a look at the usual "useless paper" bashing of the U.S. Dollar.  It is interesting to me that this video channel gets over 12,000 views on this video.  These viewers should be loading up on their silver now as it dips toward the TEENS.  Then they will start this New America somewhere in Utah, Montana, or Colorado with their leaders like Chris Duane and Steve Quayle as they claim they will be the only ones standing after some dream crisis they keep squawking about with their Sons of Liberty Cult:

These guys sound just a bit too effeminate to me:

Oh here it is!  Almost missed it!  THE STUNNING NEW REVELATION from GATA's Bill Murphy.  Get a load of this:
Tribute to Sgtbull07 A.K.A. Sean Turnbull or "Sergeant B.S."


Alex Jones seeks Joseph Farah for answers

Thus saith the LORD; Cursed [be] the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.
---JEREMIAH 17.5

Men are just beginning to be concerned with what is going on in the world today and especially for those of us who live in this once freedom promoting country of The United States Of America as it's held hostage by a majority criminal Congress.  As I said in a previous post here:  You haven't even seen terror yet! 

You see these conspiracy reporters were initially doing this because it gave them a rush and made some good filthy fiat money.  It's still good fiat money for them but they are finding out now that this is becoming very real.  What will they do when things really get rough?  We're going to find out soon:


The News UNIT stands against sodomite pervert marriages with Chick-fil-A

I'm also thankful to God that we live in a country where we can share our values and exalt God and his precepts: 

I figure I'm already on several lists such as "the radical fundamental Christian list"; "the no fly list"; the "terrorist watch list"; and perhaps even the "FBI watch list" just like these folks who served in The United States military and are now branded by Janet Napolitano and her cronies for doing their dirty war work over the ages: 

Go ahead and make me a terrorist!  But I know one greater than all of you perverts in high places and he is soon coming to judge the world in righteousness.  Oh you haven't seen terror yet you wicked devils!

Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences.



O death, where [is] thy sting? O grave, where [is] thy victory?

Now the days of David drew nigh that he should die; and he charged Solomon his son, saying,
I go the way of all the earth: be thou strong therefore, and shew thyself a man;
---I KINGS 2.1-2

I know not what it is to die;
but I know through God the reasons why.

My end shall be without a son, a daughter, a wife;
after life long tribulation and strife.

So what if any good was in my life?
That I was saved in Christ and glorify that everlasting life.

---Author Unknown

God is going to destroy that last enemy one day:

A good name [is] better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth.   ---ECCLESIASTES 7.1

The last enemy [that] shall be destroyed [is] death.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama vs. Navy Seals

Former Navy Seal and Montana Senator Ryan Zinke takes political action against Obama.  I wonder if Jesse Ventura is going to join up for this one?  Wonder how the Commander in Chief feels when his own subordinates are coming out against this current administration?  I can only imagine how ugly things are going to get as these men in high places start to battle each other:


Jim Comiskey Metals Report

Most Serious Drought in 25 Years

61% of the land mass of the CONUS is impacted and much of this area contains the corn and soybean crop.  It appears that over 75% of the corn and soybean crops may end up destroyed.  Food prices going to rise now.

I have a friend that works for a MAJOR U.S. company and his upper management is saying food prices will TRIPLE by the end of this year.

The Mississippi River is drying up...

Flash Mobs Attack Stores


Why is it always niggas doing this?  Is Obama behind this so that HOMELAND SECURITY can get the TSA to stand guard at Wal Mart now with full body scanners?  Probably nothing to worry about and be so conspiratorial right?  Just sit back, relax, and watch this come to a store near you:

Well I don't want to be labeled a racist so lets get some video with 50 or 100 white people doing this please.  We need some white balance in the video or at least use final cut pro and change the skin color on those subjects.  I wouldn't want Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to be upset and cry "racist".

What our government will do is raise our taxes so we can send this gang of terrorists who continually rape our nation (both literally and figuratively) some more EBT CARDS and now SNAP CARDS too among other things.  Then they can ride around in their spare time and make more babies and keep sinking the hard working American while they sit back and chase bitches and hoes with our tax dollars:

Since we can open carry here in Wisconsin those of us who are lawfully minded and concerned for our safety may have to carry a shotgun while shopping along with a side arm and extra clips.  Actually that would deter the problem as seen here in this video below for a good contrast as to how to solve these type of problems:

"If you see something say something,"  says Janet Napolitano.  That might have to be changed to "If you see something, shoot something."  Janet is so pleased that Wal Mart is making us so safe and secure.  Great job Janet.  We the people can do better actually if you just leave us alone:


The Gospel of Ayn Rand

The Philosophy of Individualism

There's always a new religion.  But that's why we live in America.  My fellow Americans who are non-judgmental support my freedom to worship God here in America.  And I support these men for their freedom to worship and study Ayn Rand.  

I also support their freedom to disagree with me as they support my freedom to disagree with them.  The problem comes with my alleged "Christian brethren".  They can be the most hateful bunch of people you've ever met and kind of spooky at times to as their "god" speaks to them.  That's a bit creepy but they have their freedom too.

Check out Ayn Rand's prophetic philosophy.  Any chance Ayn Rand could rise from the dead and give us everlasting life? 

Why is Atlas shrugging?  Is he burdened by the weight of everything on his shoulders?  Maybe old Atlas isn't quite that strong after all and he needs a few weeks in the gym and some whey protein smoothies?  Poor Atlas!  I was also thinking maybe Ayn Rand was reincarnated into Ann Barnhardt but that's a bit "out there" maybe?  Ya think?  

Well whether the be gods many there is to us one LORD God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.  I know in every man there is not this knowledge as God actually said.   

Soon we will see which God is going to answer by fire.  Stay tuned.  And for those of you who want fire and get the alleged "fire of God" go help yourself:


Gold and Silver Hubbub

Ann Barnhardt on The French Revolution

Ann Barnhardt sounds so convincing to her small group of followers here that she's got everything right about the Constitution, liberty, freedom, history and various other concerns.  One problem:  I wonder if she would be for the genocide of NON-Roman Catholics?  She seems to have quite an allegiance for the club of Rome so there is a good chance she's just another Ayn Rand type woman who's going to write a book and become a little goddess for a group of followers.  

If the pope likes her she will excel but for now all she has is some small group of upset Ron Paul followers from Colorado who clap for her on a YOU TUBE presentation.  These are the type that want to rebel against the IRS and take down the banks buy hoarding gold and silver bullion.  

But I do like to hear what she has to say about a few things because she seems to lean into the American Soviets a bit.  The thing is the Roman Catholic World Government is right in with Obama.  Doesn't she know this?


President Obama Flaunts His Forgery

Get ready for a FALSE FLAG EVENT to be very near:

The 1st Unlawful President of The U.S.A.
We live in a nation where the Congress has allowed The U.S. Constitution to be absolutely trampled on by various unprecedented activities never so openly violated by those who take oaths to uphold the same: 

FOX 10 News - Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV

Listen to this news conference.  The reporters along with most of the American people just mock this travesty.  This is incredibly strange: 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cherish My Love

I used to actually like Madonna songs.  Not all of them. But a good number of them back in the 80's.  I remember I was considered weird because I didn't subscribe to acid, punk, idiotic dope head rock-'n-roll.  I liked the girly, girly, dance music and always wanted to dance.  Even idiots in school didn't want to dance they just wanted to drink, fornicate, and rebel against just about anything.    

Now today we have the young women dancing and singing how they are a bitch and a whore with a great big smile while they prance around half-naked and involve themselves in all manner of new age perversions.  Madonna who if I remember right is actually a daughter of a Methodist Minister has now gone the way of the Jewish Babylonian cultic perversions.   It's amazing how even some of these songs didn't seem so bad yet they were great of flesh.  Now we have the flesh just being exalted and pretty soon we might just have live street corner debauchery.  It's getting close folks!      

Well I believe that Holy Bible Authorized King James Version.  And anyone that tells me that's not God's word without error you can believe whatever you want and that's your privilege.  God exalts his word above his name and he will judge this world in righteousness by that man that he hath ordained.  The words that he hath spoken the same shall judge you in the last days.   You can sit around all you want and pray in long pretenses of humility to God and act like your so pious but if you claim to have the Spirit of Christ then you would glorify Christ.  The spirit of truth, The Holy Spirit, it is he that glorifies Christ and he's not interested in hearing from you.  For whatsoever he shall hear that shall he speak.  And we have received that Spirit if so be that the spirit of Christ dwell in you.   If not then too bad for you.  Go thy way and fill up your perverted mind with all manner of philosophy, vain deceit, and oppositions of science falsely so called.    

Back to Madonna:  She's perverted and much of this nonsense I count as loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ.  Go thy way you abominable perverts and blockheads who are full of devils for that shall be your destiny for trodding under foot the son of God and having done despite unto the Spirit of grace.     

Onward those of you who are sealed unto the day of redemption for we have the earnest of our inhertance:   

In whom ye also [trusted], after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise, Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory. ---EPHESIANS 1.13-14