Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wal Mart Hotel

I intend to do a more in depth look at this next time I travel.  There are people living in Wal Mart parking lots and begging for money and food.  Whole families living out of their car that moved out of their house. So far I found this happening mostly in rural central Illinois and portions of southeastern Iowa.  They are getting desperate and some of them are turning out to be threatening to shoppers.  

One family I ran into had a car full of what appeared to be mom and dad with 4 children.  The vehicle did not have current registration and I found out some more things I won't mention.  The guy got scared and thought I was a cop. 

ANOTHER THING ABOUT WAL MART is that I have been told that there are "memorandums of understanding" with Wal Mart and F.E.M.A. and D.H.S.  that have to do with Wal Mart being used as "Emergency Relocation Centers" during times of national emergency.  

I know someone who shops at Wal Mart regularly and they have been in Wal Mart twice now and have experienced a "forced lock-in" due to a TORNADO WARNING.  Wal Mart was able to lock everyone in and also everyone out of the bulding.  My source requested to leave the building and was told by a worker that "You cannot leave.  Please move to the center of the building for processing." 

(By the way the last place you want to be is in the center of a Wal Mart underneath that large roof.  You would be better off riding it out in your vehicle or just trying to get out of it's path)

Just let that sink in for a few minutes.....

Here's another thing about Wal Mart you should look at:


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