Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just a little SILVER REVIEW

Ode To the Silver Guru


SYYenergy7 says "...we all know SILVER is going up..."  :-)

I guess he can't read a price chart all too well.  Just another ANAL-yst as usual:

BrotherJohnF goes PAID SUBSCRIPTION service


You dumb sheeple that fall for this deserve what you get.  Keep stackin'!


Illinois State Representative Mike Bost

The media looks at this as entertainment.  That's the majority of the problem in America as they watch this they look at is as all entertainment.  They will not get the message of violating the U.S. Constitution and the State Constitution and the chaos will continue to abound more and more...

So Adam Kokesh is in jail again

I simply don't care anymore...


Why I haven't been updating The News UNIT

To the readers of The News UNIT

Previously I have been working hard on this site to try and make a difference as I thought doing my part in attempting to cover some news and so forth might make a difference but I have finally realized that America is a dead nation and even further dying.  We the people are hard to find and even in some of my recent travels I have found that our nation is sinking deeper into the similitude of a Soviet style culture.  And I have to admit I have decided no longer to care for it.  One man cannot change the state of this nation and neither shall I try but rather I'm looking for that city that hath foundations and who's builder and maker is God.  

I'm laughing in the heavens with God now (seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus) as Obama and all the rest of those kings and rulers who are rising up and setting themselves against the LORD and against his anointed shall soon go to their own place.   All I have to say about it all is this:

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.

Go join BrotherJohnF and his PAID SERVICES 

For those of you who mocked me because I have a DONATE BUTTON here you can now go join up with BrotherJohnF to get the latest on your SILVER STACKING and his related words of wisdom.   Learn more at THIS LINK: 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Justice for Travon? What about O.J. Simpson?


The court of public opinion is now in session as the usual government by popular opinion, talk show hosts, the media, Piers Morgan and CNN, and even President Obama are not satisfied.  So what do we do?  Do we let the people decide?

The United States Of America has gone insane...


We've come a long way baby

Thursday, July 18, 2013

So where has The News UNIT been?


Well recently I've been busy and I have not even had time to read or even log into The News UNIT here at all.  So until I am able to do so I would advise you to see the LINKS on the RIGHT HAND COLUMN here for additional information.  Until then I'm going to be enjoying the outdoors and doing some summertime activities.  I will post when I have time or if something major develops.  

Until then I'm living life a little bit.

Sometimes I just have to take a break from the world.

Remember:  Keep stashing that CASH.  It doesn't look good for investing in anything else right now.  Times are changing and not for the better.  


Sunday, July 14, 2013


Are you in THE SILVER COMMUNITY?  Can we hear from someone else from ANOTHER COMMUNITY for a change?

Tribute to the TRUTHERS that FLAG COMMENTS and support the YOU TUBE CENSORSHIP

The liberty, freedom, and Ron Paul loving "TRUTHERS" have proven themselves to be a bunch of DECEIVERS instead:

Edward Snowden has information that could harm the American Government

Will more corruption be revealed?

It's now being reported that Edward Snowden has even more critical information that could bring America and it's government completely down.  This is very dangerous and it seems like many nations are about to rise up against the U.S.A. even if it may mean they risk the threat of military retaliation by those in Washington D.C.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

America losing superpower status

Worldwide hatred toward America growing

Is America dying?

This is only the beginning of the end for what was once a great nation.  The tide is turning now and even foreign governments are stepping up to protect the rights of individuals even in absence of a U.S. Constitution. Liberty and freedom in America are now being replaced with a military-style law enforcement trained to target we the people.

It is also being reported that Washington is negotiating with certain European and Asian countries to strengthen the U.S. DOLLAR through trade agreements.  There may be a last ditch effort underway to save America from what some analysts consider an inevitable road to financial collapse:


Blackberry phones are flawed

Company may be in trouble--SHARES FALL

Will Blackberry go BANKRUPT?

Former Research In Motion company now called "Blackberry" (BBRY) is swarming with bad news amidst it's new phone failures and other negative news sending shareholders to exit the stock.  However there is an increased short position being reported now as this stock faces all manner of negative news:


The US DOLLAR to hold the world together

Washington in negotiations to STRENGTHEN U.S. DOLLAR

It is being reported by a former Reagan administration official that Washington is in negotiations with European and Asian countries to construct dollar-based trade relationships.  What is described as a Trans-Atlantic (trade) Partnership and Trans-Pacific (trade) Partnership will require participating countries to support the U.S. DOLLAR:


KTVU makes sport of Asiana Flight 214 crash; mocks Asian pilots

Everything is a joke in America--and it is

The NTSB actually verified these names

The NTSB made a statement that a SUMMER INTERN actually was responsible for these names being released improperly...?...A summer intern at the NTSB? 

Blacks demand GUILTY VERDICT for Zimmerman or there will be RIOTS

Friday, July 12, 2013

Will BrotherJohnF join the SGT B.S. Hall of Fame?

Exposing the BrotherJohnF silver scam

I'm wondering if someone will find out another con artist who hides behind his alias known as "BrotherJohnF?"  Time will tell of course as we already see his COMMENT section heating up a bit on the "BrotherJohnF" YOU TUBE CHANNEL:

I think some of "the sheeple" have been sheared for too long now and are starting to realize this.  It's just my own opinion to which I am entitled. :-)

Uploader Comments (BrotherJohnF)

  • coketransactions
    BrotherJohn, I enjoy your videos. However, all of your calls on Silver and Gold have been completely inaccurate and you need to address that. And no, I am not a "disinformation agent".
  • BrotherJohnF
    It is a manipulated market. No one can predict what THEY are going to do, only make guesses. If this were a real market then it would have already exploded to the upside due to supply and demand. It's like blaming someone for poor market calls in the stock market when its price is decided every day by some old man with a beard. We no longer have any free markets, so making predictions amounts to predicting what the government will do next. Good luck with that.
    · 11 in reply to coketransactions
  • sendkeys
    If the markets are so manipulated why do you even talk about "bottoms" and the way its going in most of your videos?
    · in reply to BrotherJohnF
  • BrotherJohnF
    All you have to do is imagine that they suppress the price down to 10 cents an ounce. Do you really believe you'd be able to buy any real silver for that price? An entire year's worth of mine supply for 75 million? So clearly there has to be a bottom, even for the paper, or the prices completely disconnects and the Comex becomes irrelevant. They won't let that happen. Junk spot is now 3 bucks over Comex spot. They will make it bottom soon for that very reason.
    · in reply to sendkeys
  • chop98
    You mention around the 1115 mark about bias in the mainstream media and how they run the same stories around the same time. I have spoken with a flesh and blood Man who works/worked in the "brain room" in Cheyenne Mtn. All information from around the world is pumped through this facility. It is a military complex. If one thousand stories are sorted in a day, we get 3% of these 1000 filtered stories. The MIC dictates what information we get and what we don't. Factual 100% information on this.
  • BrotherJohnF
    They ought to check out this thing called the the internet, it's really cool and let's people decide for themselves what is news. One day even those rocks won't help much ;-)
    Revelation 6:15-17
    · 2 in reply to chop98
The SGTbull07 collection below

Janet Napolitano Resigns From Homeland Security

“The American people are safer and more secure thanks to Janet’s leadership in protecting our homeland against terrorist attacks."
--President Barack Hussein Obama

And why not just get rid of Homeland Security altogether?  That would be entirely too constitutional of course.  We have to continue to be schooled on what is called balancing liberty with security and lose our freedom and liberty in America:

Raw Dog barks it out on his birthday

Happy Birthday Raw Dog

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Zimmerman: Manslaughter or Murder?

The British Accredited Registry and it's members

Watch the illegal legal system in the Zimmerman case:

The court of public opinion and mainstream media

Judge Piers Morgan presiding:

Asiana Flight 214 Investigations Continue

Delta Airlines: "We love to fly and it shows..."

You're better off with PAPER SILVER says David Morgan

The SILVER guru is promoting PAPER SILVER

David Morgan is the SILVER guru?  He might be SGTbull07's guru but he's not mine.  Maybe we will have Mike Maloney and David Morgan and Sean Turnbull on a Las Vegas limousine tour one of these days together?

Now PAPER SILVER is the way to go...!...:-)  In order to invest in GOLD and SILVER you are being told to do many contrary things to PROTECT YOUR HOLDINGS.  I never thought such a SAFE HAVEN would need so much protection.

I'm noticing there is more and more confusion setting in with GOLD and SILVER investing as investors are being told to buy physical and then hedge the physical with a short position.  Now David Morgan even is saying that PAPER POSITIONS are better to have with the ETFs etc.  


Peter Schiff says don't forget SILVER

Peter Schiff focuses on SILVER...

The Bernanke Debacle and the FOMC

Sean Turnbull the TRUTHER

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Beware of speeding

When you're speeding you might get an official POLICE FINGER up your VAGINA and/or who knows what else:


Monday, July 8, 2013

Investing, Trading, and Stock Market Ideas


It's actually a bit refreshing to listen to someone apart from the continual insanity of GOLD and SILVER.  They really are hard to find them on YOU TUBE.  Josh Galt is one though:

Compare those with the GOLD and SILVER DISORDER

These pumpers just never stop and because they all are the satellite minions of SGTbull07, BrotherJohnF, and the NIA as you will see here they are all too annoying amidst economic news and commentary.  I'm just going to plop their videos down here and you can click away at your discretion below.  These lunatics are just getting completely overdone and have probably lost their minds along with their money already:

silverfuturist uploaded a video 10 minutes ago

Is $14 silver coming?

barnone11970 a.k.a. Chris is a cool dude

Barnone you really are a class act!  :-)

The News UNIT wins the Heat Miser prize

See I should be a SILVER ANAL-yst!  :-)

The News UNIT called the price of SILVER

Hello Dave,

Dude???!!! You won this month’s Heat Miser for your Silver guess!!! Nice work.
Shoot me your contact info and I’ll drop him in the mail…


James Comiskey
Senior Account Executive

Archer Financial Services, Inc.


Ted Cruz speaks at First Baptist Church Dallas, Texas

God Bless America

One thing I noticed about this video is that the churches are rich and increased with goods.  They are very fancy edifices and there is quite an array of them now across all of America.  Many of them have the appearance of mammoth conference centers and have required large amounts of money to build and to maintain.  There must be a load of "Christians" across the United States Of America as these building continue to expand just about everywhere with large amounts of STAFFING and various positions such as senior pastors, assistant pastors, youth pastors, music ministers, etc.  And then you have the "Israelites" in America or "the real men that keep Torah."  You'll find them in the SECOND VIDEO below.

One thing I forgot to mention here is that many of these Christian churches are NON-PROFIT organizations just like the NFL is.  The NFL is a Section 501(c)4 while the churches come under the category of Section 501(c)3.  We are becoming a nation of NON-PROFITS but these guys are able to have some pretty handsome salaries.  How about that!

...and may God bless America.

The Israelites who keep the Torah

Behold a piece of shit Christian

And then you have the piece of shit Christians like David Casper of The News UNIT.  Good thing there are only a few of us around.  The world will actually be a better place without us.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:

The good Christian truther Sean Turnbull wrote the News UNIT above:  (CLICK TO ENLARGE)



Raul's Recession

Recession, deflation, or MANIPU-FLATION?

Pilot of Asiana Flight 214 had little experience flying a B777

A training flight?

Mainstream Media vs. Social Media

Mainstream media is upset they're not first again

"You can't necessarily know when you're right there in the moment."
---Jackie Kucinich, The Washington Post

What a stupid statement to make.  For instance I'd like to see her next to a real tornado.  You certainly do know when you're right there. :-)  Mainstream media is envious now at we the people who are in the moment and report the truth.  They cannot stand it whenever they are not exalting themselves.

They should pay the guy big money for the video.  Always license your video for broadcast on media networks for no more than 30 days and charge so much per second.  At least $25 per second.  Protect your footage!

Sean Turnbull all of the sudden introduces himself -- sort of

Is Brother John F next to come out of the closet?

Sean G. Turnbull is all of the sudden introducing himself in the truth community.  Many of us who have dealt with his attacks over the last two years know what's going on here.  Hopefully Brother John F is next on the list for coming out of the closet.  The truth might just set him free too. :-)  After all if you are a "TRUTHER" wouldn't you want to TELL THE TRUTH?

The Sean Turnbull Announcement

"...I would just like to make a quick statement:  Today I join a long list of real alternative media journalists and alternative media truth tellers who use their full names..."
---Sean Turnbull, a.k.a. "SGTbull07"

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dr. Marc Faber Speaks on King World News

The destruction of MIDDLE CLASS America

America turning to AMUSEMENT JOBS


  • more casinos
  • more bars and related restaurants
  • expanding entertainment and theatres
  • expanding gambling platforms beyond the casinos
  • more drinking and drunkenness
  • more hard drug use
  • mental health industry expansion 
  • increased mental health diagnosis
  • a growing mixed-multitude of culture in the U.S.A.
  • more LAW ENFORCEMENT COMBAT patrols and enforcement  
  • the complete destruction of the family 
  • wage deflation for the middle and lower classes
  • increased government aid and health plans
  • more government housing
  • growing NON-PROFIT organizations 
  • gold, silver, platinum, and palladium confiscation

U.S.A. Police thugs grab Korean boy away from media in San Francisco

Koreans arrive in POLICE STATE U.S.A.

Here is what appears to be a boy that is Korean.  He may be an American citizen and he may not be but watch the POLICE here physically grab him and force him away from the press here in America.  I wonder if the Korean people even treat people so rude like this in their culture?  But then this is what happens to people when they land on U.S. soil.  Unless you're Piers Morgan or some other enemy of America then you get a handsome multi-million dollar salary on CNN and are able to assist in trashing America along with the Obama administration:


Silver is going lower and lower

How low will silver go?

SGTbull07 a.k.a. Sean Turnbull wouldn't approve of this video below...

Why you should buy Canadian Maple Leaf coins

Notice Canadian Maple Leaf Coins are $5
The real reason to buy Canadian Maple Leaf coin is for WEALTH PRESERVATION and PRESERVATION OF VALUE.  When the price of SILVER falls below $5 the coin will hold it's value in dollars since it is already a $5 coin.  So if you're a smart SILVER STACKER you need to buy Canadian Maple Leaves:

Activist desires to attack IRS with fixed bayonets?

Kokesh + Syyenergy7 = both ex-military

Seems there are certain ex-military personnel that are gearing up for conflict on American soil.  Perhaps there is a coordinated effort going on for a revolution.  Fixed bayonets?

Train carrying crude oil explodes in Canada

CRUDE OIL threatens environment

Lac-Megantic, Quebec--People killed, missing, mass mayhem near the U.S.A. and Canadian border near Maine as train carrying crude oil explodes...

Adam Kokesh loads shotgun in Washington D.C.

Adam Kokesh's SHOTGUN VIDEO in Washington D.C.

I have completely given up on Americans in America now.  From those in government to those in regular civilian life whether they are on the bar stool or in the church pew or just about anywhere else for that matter, I've just about concluded that all men are going mad in this nation.

Go ahead Kokesh; start your revolution and MAKE MY DAY!  Where's Dirty Harry when you need him right?  


Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Sean Turnbull A.K.A. SGTbull07 developments

Subliminal Silver Messages with Sean Turnbull and Jefferson Krull

Remember the number 43...and SILVER is embedded in the truthers' DNA:

B777 Crash Landing at San Francisco

Asiana Airlines B777 Crash Lands at KSFO




2 DEAD....61 INJURED....10 CRITICAL....



America is dead and dying further

And it's more than just Obama...

Undercover cops attack women for buying water and cookie dough


There's actually a few stories here about GAYS who are attacking people and then these COPS attacking people, etc.  People are starting to marvel at the way American police are assaulting we the people in the United States Of America: 


Raw Dog Barks It Out About SGTbull07

BARK IT OUT Raw Dog! :-)

Raw Dog has some good things to say about all these nut jobs on YOU TUBE:



Friday, July 5, 2013


The Silver Turn-BULL Study and Revelations continue

ANAL-ysts or analysts?  You decide :-)

David Morgan has been monitored by The News UNIT along with many others: 

Here's a few other suspicious reports

I wonder if several of these ANAL-ysts or analysts will join the ANONYMOUS CENSORSHIP and EXPOSURE BRIEFINGS that are making their way onto YOU TUBE for a little dose of awareness?  I think it's heading that way.  Hopefully these "truthers" and "preppers" can start their own colony out in Nevada or Utah or someplace like that.  Perhaps they will all colonize when the American economy craps out and appoint Chris Duane and Sean Turnbull as their new government leaders? 

The SGTbull07 B.S. Exposure Project

This is extremely long overdue.  The News UNIT has been on top of this all for some time but these guys really know how to do their own investigation.  This video is rather addicting actually.  It's one of the best I have ever seen on YOU TUBE ever regarding the real SILVER SHILLS and THE SILVER COMMUNITY:

More SGTbull07 and SGTbull08 observations and videos:

Is it THE END for GOLD and SILVER?

 TRUTHERS and PATRIOTS being revealed as CON ARTISTS

As we continue to wait for MARTIAL LAW in America along with destruction by financial implosion, the destruction of the US DOLLAR, the end of The Federal Reserve Bank and related banking structure collapse, the nation and the world continue to chug along notwithstanding the conspiracy theories and announcements to the contrary.

One growing movement called by many names including "truthers" and "patriots" while being ranked into a general category of "alternative media" is now surfacing as it's own MAFIA CARTEL of Hollywood producers and con artists.  This particular group is a growing number of people that are now beginning to be exposed and in fact it seems the group "Anonymous" is taking on that task in a recent video release on YOU TUBE below:

Sean Turnbull (Director of Hodder) exposed

Recently Sean Turnbull has made the news on YOU TUBE where he has been exposed by "Anonymous" and has been pushing the sale of GOLD and SILVER and all manner of conspiracy theories that have now proven to not come to pass.  Meanwhile these alleged "truthers" turn out to have no truth at all and end up having nothing else to offer other than "the truth never told."

Sean Turnbull of SGTbull07 has done incredible damage

After watching that video above it should be common sense to even the average observer that we are now on the cutting edge of exposing this PATRIOT and TRUTH MOVEMENT of ALTERNATIVE NEWS and a large and sprawling GOLD and SILVER sales force that is actually even potentially more dangerous than the OATH OF OFFICE VIOLATORS that inhabit Washington D.C.,  Congress, and other government agencies nationwide.  

This is large folks!  And I believe there will be more to follow below.  SO STAY TUNED and CHECK BACK HERE for additional revelations.  What do I expect?  I expect we are going to find out about others including but not limited to:
  • INFOWARS and Alex Jones
  • BrotherJohnF
  • various GOLD and SILVER dealers
  • other American Patriot Networks and related subjects
  • Glenn Beck
  • Max Keiser
  • Jesse Ventura 
  • Coast To Coast
  • Steve Quayle
  • Marc Dice
  • Mike Maloney
  • The National Inflation Association and related members
  • etc. 
No doubt with the availability of such a large VIDEO DROP such as YOU TUBE there will be more information about all of this just surfacing.  I remember some people suspected that many of these folks could actually be disinformation or misinformation agents.  I think they might be right but this is such a growing CONSPIRACY OF CHAOS which is perhaps intentional to bring on the destruction of America in a way never before imagined.  

You know what I say to all of this chaos and confusion in the land?  I say "Even so, come Lord Jesus."


What this means for GOLD and SILVER

For now it simply means that they are not important in an economy that is established by the US DOLLAR and is structured against all other foreign currency and commodities.  The US DOLLAR is here to stay and it's not going away.  You will simply need more of them to survive.  GOLD and SILVER mean nothing to the common man.

Meanwhile the value of GOLD and SILVER continue to be diminished and they have absolutely no PRESERVATION OF VALUE as you were told by TRUTHERS such as Sean Turnbull and even Ron Paul:


What this means for the US DOLLAR

A return to NORMAL strengthening and a very useful commodity that has been a proven REFERENCE DATUM of the entire world:


Here's a little SGTbull07 HISTORY LESSON:


Demand for high end smart phones diminishing

Watch Blackberry phones take over the market...

AAPL, Samsung, and HTC are reported to be seeing a slump in sales. I personally look for quality electronic items and in my opinion many consumers have been just following the herd to buy products as they are well trained by marketing professionals.  

I'm not completely certain but it looks like the new Blackberry (BBRY) phones have better processors and better functions.  They do what is necessary and they do it well.  Nokia (NOK) is supposed to have some well functioning phones with good video camera capabilities.  

This entire sector is going to get restructured now and what happens with these stocks on the Wall Street Global Casino remains to be seen:


Alex Jones reports POLICE ROAD BLOCKS everywhere

But where are they?  I haven't seen any:

I have been traveling the last couple of days and haven't seen any POLICE ROADBLOCKS in Wisconsin.  Where are they?

Urinal decor for men considering rape

Canada's Vancouver Police school men about women

With more and more women today calling themselves "bitches and hoes" it's amazing how us men are going to be educated about them now.  For me it's very simple to receive the wisdom and knowledge of God concerning this matter:

Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.
--HEBREWS 13.4

I do realize there is not in every man this knowledge and they will have to be led by the hand of government even while holding their penis and pissing against the urinal.  Notice that these official advertisements actually say:

"Just because she's drunk, doesn't mean she wants to f**k."


SGTbull07 UPGRADED to SGTbull08 :-)

Tremendous documentary! :-)

Perhaps a tribute to the Sons Of Liberty is in order? 

Here's a current SILVER CHART for all the STACKERS:


The GOLD and SILVER Mafia exposed

Sean Turnbull is exposed as a Hollywood producer.  Many YOU TUBE channels work together as producers and have a coordinated agenda to deceive Americans unawares:


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Enemies continue their assault on the right to keep and bear arms

The OATH OF OFFICE violators continue their assault

Infringements on the right to keep and bear arms continues by all manner of OATH OF OFFICE violators including but not limited to Gabby Giffords, and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn: 

E3 Military Aircraft Buzzing Austin Buildings


LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT scare Austin residents

Conditioning America for military occupation

Something may actually be going on here in Austin as maneuvers for military occupation by not only foreign troops but other enhanced surveillance exercises are in progress to balance liberty with security in the United States Of America.  We the people--you have been warned!

Aerial Security and Surveillance on we the people

Originally Alex Jones reported this as an E4B aircraft however I believe it's an E3 AWACS aircraft that is used for aerial flight controls and radar monitoring of other aircraft while on military maneuvers and missions.  These planes can house a large number of personnel and surveillance equipment:

Is it an E4B or an E3?  or both?

Remember these aircraft can stay airborne for many consecutive days as they have the capability to be aerial refueled by tanker aircraft.   So they are likely being transformed into spy aircraft on we the people as many of us now pose domestic terrorist threats with our radical ideologies of Christianity and upholding the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.   


The hazard of drones falling out of the sky

Our God shall come and shall not keep silent...

You'll see more of this as drones start to populate the already crowded airspace.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be creating more regulations of airspace and allowing drones to fly over populated areas.  This is a hazard when the drones crash and probably are more likely to crash by drone pilots who control the devices remotely.  Expect all sorts of problems ahead with drones.

Also watch the report on INTERPLANETARY SPACE TRAVEL.  Now people are going to leave the Earth and go to other planets.  Perhaps we will be inhabiting Mars soon?  Watch scientists attempt to create an inhabitable atmosphere on another planet.


Happy 40th and how to stay married

Schaef interviews Casper The News UNIT

Ooooo sheeeit!....I knew this was coming...

I've already notified barnone11970 about this... 

Good thing this isn't the real Jesus...know wha'm sayin'?...

I just can't hide behind the mouse anymore.. :-(....

Learn about being NICE below...


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is the bull market over in GOLD?

Jim Rogers says gold should drop another 35%

The News UNIT is expecting $700 gold and probably around $7 silver.  But I do expect the DJIA to go above 16,000 probably this year:

You are in a BEAR MARKET

GOLD and SILVER both in a bear market actually.  Jim Rogers is in the economic entertainment industry as are many others:

Police arrest man and shoot his dog

Anyone get hit by a stray bullet?

I notice in this video that the shots fired could have hurt innocent civilians who were also watching.  Shot placement is very important even while shooting an animal.  Obviously they killed the dog for the usual OFFICER SAFETY. 

It's actually more dangerous for we the people to be around the cops so you're better off not calling them.  Stay as far away from them as entirely possible!

Here's the report from RT:

Police arrested Leon Rosby, 52, near the scene of a SWAT barricade in Hawthorne, California. Officers were responding to an armed robbery, and claimed Rosby was disturbing the crime scene by playing loud music and videotaping the showdown with his cell phone. After officers arrested the suspected robber, they motioned to Rosby and told him to put the dog in his car. He complied, leaving his Rottweiler in the backseat with the windows open. As the man was being handcuffed, the dog started barking loudly and jumped out of the window. While barking, the dog approached the police, and video footage shows the 130-pound animal lunging at one officer. One police officer took out his gun and fired four shots at the dog, fatally wounding the animal.

I remember a dog lunged at me before and I was told I'd have no right to shoot it even if I felt threatened.  Also if someone is breaking into your house or your vehicle you may not be able to shoot them either.  There are less rights and privileges for we the people compare to the police.  We have a different set of rules now compared to the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.  The only rights you have is THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT.  Actually you cannot even remain silent or you might be charged with OBSTRUCTING.

This is also a good example of America and how we the people watch fellow Americans get assaulted by police.  They actually stand around and laugh and think it's all cute and entertaining.  You think we have fellow countrymen that will stand up against tyranny?  Think again! 

Shouldn't this be CARELESS USE OF A WEAPON?