Saturday, June 28, 2014

AIDS, Cholera, and epedemics coming to Los Estados Unidos

MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS rushing into America

AIDS, Cholera, and other health concerns rising

¿Tiene usted SIDA?

The U.S. GOVERNMENT doesn't seem concerned

Is the Obama government trashing America?


Examining the Michelle Obama conspiracy

Is Michelle Obama a man?

There's all manner of rumors and conspiracies as usual.  This one really slipped by me until I heard about it the other day.  Although many of us have been falsely accused of one thing or another, I'm really wondering whether this is true.  If it is true the current public opinion is geared toward acceptance of the matter.  It is now considered normal to have a growing culture of perverse sexual activity and we are all being indoctrinated to accept these lifestyles:


Obama's recent Minneapolis TOWN HALL MEETING

Climate change and HOPE and CHANGE, Team USA Soccer, Iraq, amongst other things...

Anyone notice how skinny he's getting?



U.S. TROOPS being deployed to Iraq in February 2015

No boots on the ground?  Really?

Get ready for Iraq DESERT WARFARE

The U.S. actually trained these ISIS militants and now we are hearing reports that U.S. TROOPS are being sent to Iraq for combat:


Is ISIS (or ISIL) a threat to America?

IRAQ needed F-16's three years ago...

ISIS now may be a threat to America...

It is being suggested that ISIS is greater than Al-Qaeda and even more threatening.  The Iraq crisis is expanding already and becoming more chaotic.  Everyone is standing by awaiting instructions from Commander-in-chief Obama to handle the situation properly:


The state of America, the U.S. DOLLAR, and the world economy explained

Rick Rule a Canadian economist and financial consultant from Sprott Asset Management explains the FINANCIAL SITUATION of the U.S.A. and the world along with the rising interest in GOLD and SILVER:


The U.K. is in a mess and getting worse

The politics of Britain and INCOME TAXES...


More ARMORED VEHICLES for the POLICE and SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENTS as the new MILITARY POLICE rises across the U.S.A.  We have more COMBAT ASSAULT TEAMS ready to ASSAULT we the people...

Thousands WITHOUT WATER in BANKRUPT Detroit U.S.A.

Glastonbury Festival 2014 Highlights

This is how the world wants the people to occupy their time.  Festivals and entertainment...

Friday, June 27, 2014

The state of America and the Obama government

Here is a basic SUMMARY of the state of the U.S.A.

It is a state of confusion and every evil work

Some of you who stop here to read this blogspot don't believe in God and you call those of us who not only believe in God but believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as delusional people.  To you we are ignorant and unlearned and lack rational thought and so forth and so on.  The same nation has inscribed on our money IN GOD WE TRUST.  And so this is the nation that trusts God?  Really?

For those of you who stop by here and are actually in Christ Jesus by faith then you might read THIS LINK and consider the state of this Gentile nation.  Also remember that we are in the kingdom of God.  And thank God that kingdom is not of this world:

I'm almost considering curtailing The News UNIT operations here as I check all the current events that are happening here in the U.S.A. and throughout the world.  All the events that have happened and are in progress are explained accurately by rightly dividing the word of God which is forever settled in heaven.  I can rest in that.  The rest of the confusion and every evil work will have an end.  And I sure hope it's soon.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

It seems we are gearing up for conflict here on American soil this time around.  This is why all the POLICE and SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENTS and other LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies are turning into MILITARY ASSAULT SQUADRONS with all their URBAN WARFARE EQUIPMENT.  There's some real trouble ahead and probably very soon.  You don't need Steve Quayle or anyone else to tell you about it.  You can just about feel it.  


CNBC reported Paul Najarian died

They didn't mention that he had hope in Christ

But that's always good news

Najarian, Paul age 52 of Mendota Heights passed away June 23, 2014 surrounded by loving family after fighting a long illness. Paul was longtime business owner of the original Popeye's Chicken on Lake Street in Minneapolis. He is survived by his beloved wife, Jules and their adored children: Sophia, Jackson, Isabella; parents John and Mignette; 3 brothers, Jon (Brigid), Dave (Kris), Pete (Lisa).

A Celebration of Paul's life will take place at 1:30 pm Thursday, July 3rd at Mendakota Country Club 2075 Mendakota Drive, Mendota Heights, MN 55120
Family will greet friends one hour prior to service.

Paul lived his life for Christ and has the hope of salvation for everyone. - See more at:

Mexico America Crisis Escalates


Mexican Military Helicopter fires on U.S. BORDER AGENTS

Now America is at war with Mexico...or better be!

Nanci Pelosi is enroute to coddle the children for political purposes


IRAQ crisis getting worse

Monday:  Parliament meeting to create new government

Immediate political action needed



Analysts monitor BRENT and CRUDE OIL

MIDDLE EAST nations line up for war

Kerry warns nations to stand down

Almost daily we have more nations in the Middle East gearing up for battle as the ISIS or ISIL MILITANTS threaten the entire region.  Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to meet with the Saudi King Abdullah soon regarding the conflict.  Kerry has been dishing out orders on how the surrounding nations should conduct themselves and warning them of taking military action.  The Arabs don't like the U.S.A. intervention here but they are putting up with it in pretense for some reason.  I think they have it in for America as they consider it a kingdom of queers.  God might actually allow them to make havoc out of this Gentile nation:

So get ready for higher oil prices worldwide as the charts resume pushing higher.  Many analysts are calling for a short term rise in CRUDE OIL to around the $110 level at least along with BRENT CRUDE moving up to $120.  As the U.S.A. approaches the 4th of July holiday travel season we already have all grades of gasoline and diesel fuel rising above the $4 level in many places.  The likelihood of $5/gal fuel this summer is not out of the question as the Obama government and big oil companies target the consumer with new taxes and price increases to pay for their Iraq interests.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Examing the coming world crisis with Steve Quayle and the Guerrilla Economist

The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

Steve Quayle and "V" reveal discuss the coming distress...


SILVER price projected at $100 by 2016

$100 silver ahead$100.html



John Kerry orders Middle East nations to stand down against Iraq

ISIS (or ISIL) are not going away

The threat of NUCLEAR ATTACK is very real

Eventually the U.S.A. is going to get thrown out of these countries because there is no place for the U.S.A. to be meddling here with the affairs of this land according to the Scripture.  Unless I'm missing something here the U.S.A. intervention is causing more problems and perhaps will even allow more trouble to escalate.  U.S.A. Secretary of State John Kerry is warning the Middle East nations to stand down now from taking military action:



Self Ministry and Family Ministry

And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.

And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;
To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.
Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.
For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

White House wants to send $ 1/2 BILLION to Syria

Obama Administration to train Syrian rebels...

Why not?  Just keep printing more money for others...

Meanwhile back on the mainland:  We the people pay the bills...


The Lawless Obama Administration and the IRS

Ted Cruz rises to address the lawless...

Americans have a right to be angry?  I thought that would be an anger disorder:


New York opens the doors to immigrants


Democrats pave the way for new voters... 

The rest of us potential terrorists under surveillance get to pay the bills and watch the nation implode.


Feds to use abandoned Walmart as shelter for immigrants

Walmart stores are already on STAND BY for FEMA EMERGENCY USE.  But you have to have somewhere to shelter people in emergencies.  There is a real problem on our hand now as the border with Mexico is not and has not been secure.  So what ever happened to Homeland Security?  I guess they were focused too much on we the people as potential terrorists because we own a few guns.  Meanwhile elsewhere...

If you have any family or friends that work at Walmart.  Ask them about Walmart's letters of agreement with FEMA and Homeland Security.  You just might learn something: 



Entire country of 24 MILLION PEOPLE without power

This guy might be right about this.  We have a real problem with the ISIS (or ISIL) militant terrorist group and our leaders are not warning the general public.   You really need to be aware of your surroundings at all times...

Consumer Confidence is UP but Consumer Spending is DOWN

Everyone has confidence in the economy right?

Obamacare bags big profits for BIOTECH and HEALTH INSURANCE companies

South Africa Metal Workers STRIKE AGAIN


METALS will be getting more expensive.  The global economic unrest is just getting started.  After years of rich people living sumptuously and increasing with goods the average workers are going to respond in anger and protest.  There will be more civil unrest as people begin to lose everything they lose it.




Arab Nations prepare for battle

King Abdullah orders ALL NECESSARY MEASURES...


Egypt-Saudi forces are in readiness...

Who's going to fight against who?

Is this a HOLY WAR? 

Arab Nations are preparing for battle as massive military movements are underway across the entire Middle East.


President Obama has TOWN HALL MEETING in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Join President Barack Hussein Obama at his TOWN HALL MEETING in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I wonder what the subject is?  Perhaps it's about the $10 per hour Pizza employees he was bragging about a few weeks ago?

Anyway join the president for this important meeting LIVE happening soon: 

I'm surprised he's running around like this doing pep rallies about his administration policies.  Why he's not in the White House Situation Room monitoring Iraq developments is a bit questionable.  But then this administration doesn't really stand out as the America it used to be. 



There is a CRUDE OIL conflict

$100 or $150?

And the HIGH FREQUENCY TRADERS are involved


Big oil companies along with the Obama government are trying to pad their pockets along with the numerous Congressional insiders and high end investors as they maneuver to take over the crude oil industry and continuously manipulate production and sales figures.  I was just listening to CNBC also where many analysts are divided on the issue as some say oil is going to $120 and higher while others say traders are not worried about oil and the market may sell lower.  This is resulting in a growing amount of uncertainty as the Iraq War now includes at least 6 participating countries involved in the conflict.

For right now it looks like CRUDE OIL continues to test various levels at the $105, $106 and $107 levels in general.  One analyst who was a retired Phillips Petroleum CEO was heard saying he's expecting the price to rise to $120 and higher.  

The toxic predatory aggressive traders with their HFT ALGORITHMS are working this market all over the place at the moment.

Now we are being told that we are not really exporting CRUDE OIL.  Even the experts and analysts on CNBC were saying that we don't even hav

It is the opinion of this writer that we are soon going to see some real trouble in the Middle East as these various militants are meddled with the foreign interests and they finally get angry enough to start terrorist offensives especially here in the U.S.A.  

Listening to CNBC today I hear one analyst saying he's not sure what anything means right now with GOLD, SILVER, CRUDE OIL, the US DOLLAR as the recent market instability doesn't correlate with market fundamentals.  Could it be the HFT ALGORITHMS have created such chaos that there are simply no investments in this market casino anymore?  I think so.

(UPDATE:  I would load up on various petroleum supplies in the event of a price spike which I think is imminent.  Even extra fuel reserves should be carefully kept if necessary and you have the proper equipment to do so safely.  In addition you might want to consider stocking up on oil filters, motor oil (various grades), and any other automotive product before the prices double and triple.  We are about to see an all out war break out across the entire Middle East and surrounding countries IMHO.) 


Updates on The IRAQ CRUDE OIL and HOLY WAR

Various conflicting reports as usual...

Analysts still concerned of higher oil prices

It looks like CRUDE OIL is a primary concern

Militants attack oil refinery:

U.S.A. working to expand CRUDE OIL and now NATURAL GAS exports:

Reasons why CRUDE OIL hasn't spiked yet to $150 on Iraq crisis:

Large naval presence surrounding Iraq region guarding oil shipments:

At least 6 countries so far involved in Iraq war:

Learn about the ISIS regiment:


GoPro goes public IPO on Wall Street

GPRO up 30% on first day...

Founder and CEO sells his shares immediately

Is this setting up for a good SHORT PLAY to BK?

The Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman rang the bell today on Wall Street and he also sold his holdings of GPRO already according to CNBC.   Is he going to short it now?   

Also CNBC analysts are saying it's a SELL already.  In reality this camera is a pile of junk and take spherical video which is skewed and incredibly dumb.  The fad won't last and it looks like a good SHORT PLAY.

The quality of GoPro video is simply like looking into a pair of binoculars from the opposite end.  If that's what you call quality video then you need your eyes checked...

General Motors halts Cruze Sedans from sales

RECALLED and HALTED from sales

33,000 defects...
Cruze Sedans have some problems...

Are there any good American vehicles?

It's time for TOYOTA to come in here and bring some DIESEL vehicles into the U.S.A.

Both GM and F are on their way down and TSLA is only for the elite.  If we saw an increase in TOYOTA diesel imports then we'd have some good vehicles.  For some reason we have to contend with more and more junk vehicles here in the U.S.A.  


CRUDE OIL PRICES drop as MILITARY TROOPS guard shipments


$100 and LOWER LIKELY as fears abate...

Some analysts expect CRUDE OIL to drop below $100

Joint military effort guarding the oil transportation

The Iraq crisis is not affecting the flow of oil as a large military presence from several countries including the U.S.A. is providing security to transport the CRUDE OIL and also providing PIPELINE SECURITY and SURVEILLANCE.

Both BRENT CRUDE and the WTI CRUDE prices are dropping rapidly as traders take profits and also analysts are not as worried about the Iraq conflict affecting oil. 

WATCH THE CHART as CRUDE OIL should drop toward $100 and lower:



WHAT THIS MEANS FOR THE CONSUMER or END USER however is a different story.  The consumer is being met with higher pump prices and potentially higher taxes and mileage taxes here in the U.S.A.  After all as the world's top cop we need to police other countries and those of expendable tax payers have to contribute to the war effort not only with our dollars but eventually with our very lives.  It's all about serving the Obama government for hope and change. 



World War III is just beginning

The GLOBAL MEDIA is avoiding the subject

Is  this over CRUDE OIL or something greater?

I've noticed that the mainstream GLOBAL MEDIA is generally complacent about reporting this Iraq war.  It really is a war.  People are getting killed and many are beheaded upon capture.  Perhaps there are some Christians in Iraq that are being beheaded to fulfill the prophecy in the Book of Revelation?  Either way the media is at their assigned posts reporting what the governments tell them to do.  Those of us who are on the outside do not and will not know the facts.  We (especially here in the U.S.A.) will only reap the cost benefits of taxes and other legislation to fund the new war effort as the world's top cop sets out to police these nations.

And now at least 6 countries are involved in this.  I count more actually as it seems we already have the beginning of World War III upon us and more will soon be participating as soon as the missiles and weapons of mass destruction begin to be unleashed.

One thing every thinking person should do especially here in the U.S.A. is be on HIGH ALERT for terrorist attacks and the related false flag events.  Be especially careful while in and around populated areas and assemblies of persons.  Whatever this ISIS is they are well funded financially and have the power to cause some considerable damage.  Couple this with our current Obama government working to wipe out the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and we have some real problems on the horizon.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Middle East CRUDE OIL battle intensifies as PIPELINES are THREATENED

The Battle of the BLACK GOLD 

The conflict is growing and spreading...

The conflict already involves an ever growing number of nations and will soon be felt around the world.  The navies are guarding oil transportation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea for now.  There is certainly a major conflict gearing up on the horizon.  Who's going to pay for all of this?  The American consumer of course with higher oil prices and gas prices along with taxes and mileage taxes.  And now that we are planning to export our own reserves it just makes no sense.

Somehow the political arena loves this as they even have said themselves here in America to "never let a good crisis go to waste."  So whatever they have planned will certainly benefit them while they lust for war and blood together.


House Speaker John Boehner to sue President Barack Hussein Obama


Are there any other OATH OF OFFICE VIOLATORS called "LAWMAKERS?"

If we got rid of all the LAWLESS LAWMAKERS in Washington D.C. along with the entire Federal Government and all it's branches, State Government officials, law enforcement officials, and military officials in their sworn capacities we would not have many honest men left to lead the nation into more chaos and destruction. 

There is a reason why this will not work.  It is because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily.  The hearts of these sons of men are fully set in them to do evil:

Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.


Clinton familiy gets $1 MILLION a year from taxpayers

They were dead broke when they left the White House...


The rapidly rising ISIS regiment

From Al-Qaeda to ISIS

Has World War III already begun?

Learn what the Obama Government is doing as it meddles in foreign affairs.  Things are really poised to get ugly very soon.  I'm beginning to wonder exactly what Lindsey Williams has learned.  He might actually have some credible information: 

From what it sounds like as I piece together various reports is that we are likely going to inherit another terrorist attack of some sort very soon here on the mainland.  Also I think this time around after arousing more global conflict and fighting that these wars are not long from actually coming to the mainland of America.  


Lindsey Williams briefing on Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria

The man who knows...

Lindsey Williams has been briefed by the elite...

So much in this briefing he had to make TWO DVD's.   Looks like you have to buy the DVD's to find out.  Today if you want to know what's going to happen it will cost you:

Officially there is currently NO INFLATION

As long as you:
  • don't eat
  • don't drive 
  • don't buy clothes
  • don't rent or own a home
  • don't have healthcare
  • don't pay bills

Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Expect worldwide CYBER ATTACKS

This is a real threat and I'm wondering if the attackers have an edge on attacking the global markets.  Expect some real problems as we already have governments price running all the markets and now these computer warfare will make things extremely unstable.

The various geopolitical conflict is all set up to further various agendas of the global elite.  Just wait until Lindsey Williams reveals some new developments directly from the elite:


Obama Government lifts ban on CRUDE OIL EXPORTS

Why not flood the U.S. MARKET and bring prices down?


Why is CRUDE OIL going up?  Now we are going to officially export crude (already have actually) and yet the American people will have to pay more fuel taxes, mileage taxes, and yet have to deal with rising cost of gasoline.  Thank you Washington D.C. for continually screwing the tax paying consumers: 


Wall Street SELLS OFF

Analysts are uncertain of markets

Why did the markets sell today?

Even CNBC couldn't figure it out

Today I was watching the markets and CNBC in particular and the talking heads couldn't figure out why the market sold off after news of Syrian air strikes on Iraq.  Also CRUDE OIL sold off and they attributed all of the market reaction to PROFIT TAKING.  Now they are scurrying and trying to get information from various analysts as to why this price action today. 

It is the opinion of this writer that the markets are clearly driven by computers and those high speed computer algorithms.  These programs are also highly complex and fully functional to take in many pieces of information and monitor many things simultaneously.  The news even drives these algorithms and what this shows us is that price action does not necessarily follow any fundamentals of the markets anymore.  It can go either way just depending how the computer will have it so.

Therefore I rest my case that there are simply no ways to invest or trade other than enter the Wall Street Casino and place your bets.  The markets have morphed into one giant electronic casino.  Good luck traders.








SYRIAN planes attack IRAQ



Soon Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Israel, and the U.S.A. will be at war...

Possible U.S. DRONE STRIKE in Iraq

Pentagon denies DRONE STRIKE

President Obama in the White House Situation Room







Is Amazon going to buy Radio Shack?

I always liked Radio Shack and still do.  If Amazon took over Radio Shack it would be even better... 

What people fail to realize is that all of our cell phones smart phones and tablets all receive their signals via wireless radio signals.  We basically have more radios and more radio frequency energy or RF energy being transmitted in greater quantities than ever before in the history of the world.  That's why we have all these problems with electromagnetic radiation from the enormous amounts of transmitters across the world.

Sorry to tell you but your CELL PHONE is simply a radio.



All the elite agendas being revealed...


The News UNIT will be curtailing operations to bring you the latest information direct from Lindsey Williams.  Lindsey Williams is a man of God with additional information coming directly from his elite sources.  The man is incredible and God is using him to protect us for the coming financial collapse:

Learn the elite's plan for humanity in 2015 and be ready to get your house in order..

For the latest Lindsey Williams update see this LINK: 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Earthquake and Tsunami Warnings are happening again

The entire PACIFIC OCEAN REGION is being monitored...


John Kerry is in Jordan

I thought he was enroute to Iraq

Instead he stopped in Jordan

Notice that Secretary of State John Kerry is in Jordan instead of Iraq.  The suggestion is that Iraq needs a leader to unify the country.  Perhaps the man of sin the son of perdition will rise up soon?

UPDATE:  Now the media is divided on whether John Kerry is in Jordan or in Iraq.  They are reporting both. :-)  I'm sure he's having a warm reception as he represents the Great Satan to the Arab nations. 


After 3 MONTHS the search continues for Malaysian Flight MH370

Officials are confident they will find the plane...


Pope Francis is warning of ECONOMIC COLLAPSE

The Homo Capensis of Rome has spoken...

Much of the world is listening to the Vicar of Christ pictured above and his edicts.  Does he remind you of Peter the married fisherman? 


Examining the Iraq holy war and U.S.A. intervention

American lawmakers have a motto:  

"Never let a good crisis go to waste."

And so now we are in the middle of a HOLY WAR in Iraq along with additional conflict rising with Russia and Ukraine, Libya, Israel, Syria, and surrounding locations.  Well the leaders in Washington D.C. are in their element.  Meanwhile we are hearing all manner of rumors of war and economic disaster.  

One thing seems unusual and that is that CRUDE OIL is not as important as it used to be.  According to John Perkins below CRUDE OIL is not longer the issue as the U.S.A. has plenty of our own oil to sustain us?  Then why do we have rising pump prices?  We are told we have plenty of supply and decreasing demand here in the U.S.A.   And so we must conclude that this is just another way to gouge out the consumer and decrease our financial solvency so big oil companies can continue to make greater profits.

The best thing to do is wait for Lindsey Williams to reveal his latest information coming from the elite sources.  Then we will have some more accurate information to make better decisions on how to handle the coming crisis: 


Sunday, June 22, 2014

ISRAEL launches airstrikes on SYRIA


Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Syria, Iraq, U.S.A.,...gathering together to battle...


You need to follow the Apostle Paul

If you're not following the Apostle Paul, you're wrong...

Paul is the pattern of our salvation and sanctification...

If you reject the Apostle Paul then your God is not the Lord Jesus Christ and you will receive unto yourselves destruction...


Lindsey Williams to reveal all elite agendas


Pastor Lindsey Williams to reveal all he knows

The time has now come to reveal all information...

You are about the be warned of the most unprecedented events about to come upon this nation and the world as never before.  Pastor Lindsey Williams is about to reveal some of the most critical information directly from his elite sources that is certain to impact every one of our lives both now and forever.  His elite friend just briefed him on all events planned for the year 2015 and all the elite agendas.  It is high time for people to awaken out of sleep and be prepared for the coming crisis not only in this nation but throughout the entire world.  

The News UNIT will be curtailing normal operations and postings to bring you the latest developments on these matters.  Please stay tuned as all this information is critical to your survival not only financially in this present rising evil world system but also will affect everyone for eternity.

Please pray for Pastor Williams as he is certainly under direct assault from every evil foe and all the principalities and powers in high places led by Satan the god of this world.   He is by all means likely to be under a great spiritual attack and will need the whole armor of God to withstand in this present evil day. 

UPDATE:  Lindsey Williams prepares TWO DVD's with critical information.


GOOGLE is not user friendly

The latest layer of YOU TUBE bullshit revealed...


What would Senator Dianne Feinstein do with Iraq?


You need to take away their guns lady!

NOTICE she only mentions GUN CONFISCATION for we the people in America or as she stated, "...Mr. and Mrs. America, hand them all in..."

Iraq is full of those ASSAULT WEAPONS and MORE...

Oh the hypocrites in the judgment seats!


What would President Rand Paul do with Iraq?

Follow the U.S. Constitution?

Follow the rules?

Come on!  That's just so old fashioned!

Let's keep destroying America instead shall we?

Forget the U.S. Constitution and just follow King Hussein in the White House and embrace the new world order as we morph into one big happy global community...


Putin moves into help Iraq

Russia to the rescue

Looks like Vladimir Putin doesn't waste time but rather he's a man of action.  By the way Putin is on God's prophetic schedule of events and Obama is not: 

Putin is gaining respect from leaders across the globe whereas the Obama administration is simply shuffling the U.S.A. toward destruction (at God's discretion and direction) and the other countries are disconnecting from America as a result.  The Muslim may have some local controversies with each other but I heard that even if they shoot each other during the day, they can somehow oddly sit down and visit each other later on and have coffee together.  Is anyone privy to this?  The mainstream media paints an entirely different picture of Muslims as if they are wild people who are in need of U.S. foreign policy intervention and advice daily.  I think there's something many people are missing about all of this.  Stay tuned...


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Women swoon over the most beautiful convict

The Photogenic Felon Jeremy Meeks

He has a new career and will go places...

Iraq and the Muslim holy war begins

God is gathering the nations to battle...


Major Spike in CRUDE OIL price expected


Analysts say they expect at least a $10 to $20 rise in CRUDE OIL prices over the summer.  From there it is only expected to get worse.  Unfortunately this will impact prices at the pumps here in America as the prices are already rising through the $4 LEVEL and even approaching $5 in some areas.  Some speculate that we could see pump prices for consumers hit $5 easily and possibly even $6 this year.  

In addition to global turmoil and unrest across many regions including Ukraine, Libya, and now Iraq, we now have a CRUDE OIL SPILL to contend with in the Colorado River.  I suppose our lawmakers in Washington love a crisis and they never let a good crisis go to waste to seep more money off of we the people.



CRUDE OIL SPILLS into Colorado River



Ft. Collins Colorado CRUDE OIL DISASTER...

Right into the Colorado River...


The coming epidemic of tropical diseases

Epidemic or Eugenics?

What will the Obama government do about it?

I know everything is a big joke now in the land and indeed it is.  So then just read this and have a good laugh.  I know someone who is laughing and that is God.  He sits in the heavens and laughs now at the kings and rulers of this world who take counsel against him.  It's just a matter of time now as he has the world in derision daily, speaks unto them in his wrath, and vexes them in his sore displeasure.