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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lindsey Williams to reveal all elite agendas


Pastor Lindsey Williams to reveal all he knows

The time has now come to reveal all information...

You are about the be warned of the most unprecedented events about to come upon this nation and the world as never before.  Pastor Lindsey Williams is about to reveal some of the most critical information directly from his elite sources that is certain to impact every one of our lives both now and forever.  His elite friend just briefed him on all events planned for the year 2015 and all the elite agendas.  It is high time for people to awaken out of sleep and be prepared for the coming crisis not only in this nation but throughout the entire world.  

The News UNIT will be curtailing normal operations and postings to bring you the latest developments on these matters.  Please stay tuned as all this information is critical to your survival not only financially in this present rising evil world system but also will affect everyone for eternity.

Please pray for Pastor Williams as he is certainly under direct assault from every evil foe and all the principalities and powers in high places led by Satan the god of this world.   He is by all means likely to be under a great spiritual attack and will need the whole armor of God to withstand in this present evil day. 

UPDATE:  Lindsey Williams prepares TWO DVD's with critical information.


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