Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Alex Jones addresses Americans

America TAKE HEED please!

My fellow Americans please listen to this:

Break the Matrix BUY SILVER DAY

MAY 1, 2013

The SILVER COMMUNITY says to please buy some silver on May 1, 2013.  Let's show these banksters.   BrotherJohnF had an exclusive report on this BREAK THE MATRIX BUY SILVER CAMPAIGN:
Adam Kokesh at the MULLIGAN MINT on MAY DAY

Everyone is buying silver now and this will likely be the next run to break above $50 soon.  The nice thing is the price is lowering for some nice buying opportunities and with so much upside potential it's the best investment around:

  • SilverCoinNews
    I find it funny how the buy silver day would fall on the first day of sell in May and go away... needless to say, I'm waiting
Yeah, I totally agree. Seems one of those too good to be true moments. I have a feeling that there is a really big dip coming just around the corner like I predicted.
· in reply to SilverCoinNews

Here's another heavy duty TRUTHER ready to take on the banksters and the FED:

Wonder if JSNIP4 bought silver today?

Anarchists plan to target Goldman Sachs

Chris Duane Silver Bullet Silver Shield DEBACLE UPDATE


G4T UPDATES the Chris Duane situation

"There's a whole bunch of people out of money...this is one ugly, totally ugly mess..."
--George Hemminger "G4T"

This sounds like the MF GLOBAL situation among guess who?  "THE TRUTHERS."  :-)


SALES SUSPENDED and now what?

The last post I find on the INFO section of The Silver Bullet Silver Shield website was on APRIL FOOLS' DAY.  How about that for a little conspiracy theory ha?  Take a look at that.  I think a good name for the company might be Silver Bullet SHILL-ver Shield:

A good number of these SHILL-VER STACKERS used to like to attack anyone who traded futures or the SLV, etc.  Now they actually hold a PAPER CONTRACT too and interestingly enough they don't have THE PHYSICAL.  I guess they are more commonly known as BAGHOLDERS now?

BUYER BEWARE!  And please don't be so hard on those of us that trade paper contracts.  We still have our worthless fiat.  Some of us sold that heavy shit just in time too.  Do I hear $17 SILVER? 

Chris Duane UPDATE on The Don't Tread On Me WEBSITE.  Looks like Chris Duane is moving on in life now:


I'm watching these SHILL-VER STACKERS here now swim in their silver collections.  This is really one weird bunch of freaks!

KEEP STACKIN' Nigels :-)

BrotherJohnF and Chris Duane report the SLV SCAM together

Partners in crime?....


Mike Maloney warns of COUNTERFEIT SILVER and GOLD

COUNTERFEIT American Silver Eagle ALERT

Demand for SILVER EAGLES increasing

According to this source the demand for SILVER EAGLES is rising and so is the threat of COUNTERFEITS as Mike Maloney reports above.


Casinos and Internet Gambling

Monday, April 29, 2013

Next time you hear LOCK DOWN know what it means


Most Americans don't know what is going on in our own country.  The FBI and various LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies are regularly interfering and harassing Americans:

Attorney John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute explains that the United States Of America is now a POLICE STATE.  He said it himself---LISTEN!


Who's the target?


The American Prison Industry

Corrections Corporation Of America

Since we have the most prisoners here in America there will soon be a demand for more of them.  That's where LAW enFORCEment comes in as they manufacture more criminals out of we the people.  That's why you have to watch your enemies:


CIA hands MONEY BAGS to Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is on the CIA PAYROLL

Only $300,000 per month since at least 2001 

Ghost money

Notice the mainstream media decided to lean into the CIA to expose this incredible corruption.  We may be on the verge of one of the largest U.S. Government scandals in American history about to be revealed.  

Perhaps INFOWARS was instrumental in getting the mainstream media back on track here in America before it's too late?  I think so:

No wonder 65% of ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS are found outside the United States for nefarious purposes:

Anna and Alex Nikolaev's baby kidnapped by U.S. Government

U.S.A. turns into a communist regime

Alex Nikolaev was interviewed on a local T.V. station in Sacramento, California and said this is like a communist regime now in America:

Now we have to deal with LAW enFORCEment in America taking children by force.   What would you have done in this situation?

Is it safer in Russia for families?  

It might be better for Americans to move to Russia to raise our families as they are actually safer there with Putin's policies against sodomites as he has even banned same-sex foreigners from adopting Russian children:


Gerald Celente runs the INFOWARS show LIVE

Gerald Celente the MC of INFOWARS LIVE

Gerald Celente gives INFOWARS a little spice of Italian seasoning.  It's actually nice to see Gerald speak his mind for a while.  One person I'd like to see run the show is of course myself as a regular listener and also I'd actually like to see Dr. Paul Craig Roberts do an entire segment by himself.  

It shows that INFOWARS really can cut through the MAINSTREAM MEDIA facade and be real giving we the people a useful source to report the news and inform the American public what's really going on in our nation and the world:


If you ever need someone to fill in don't hesitate to call The News UNIT.  I promise I'd do my best to continue the fight for free press, freedom, and liberty. 

You guys need to let Gerald take some calls and mix it up a bit here.  He's getting wore out a bit.  


Sunday, April 28, 2013

We the people are under considerable attack in America--RIGHT NOW!


This is amazing!  To better understand all of this it's simply best to tune into INFOWARS and watch the 24/7 NEWS BROADCAST.  

Remember each day INFOWARS is LIVE from 11AM C.T. until 3PM C.T. and INFOWARS NIGHTLY NEWS is broadcast at 7PM C.T.

The LINKS to INFOWARS are below:



The News UNIT also being watched

INFOWARS is not the only one under surveillance as a POTENTIAL DOMESTIC TERRORIST or some kind of alleged RADICIAL CONSITUTIONAL EXTREMIST.  The News UNIT is under a microscope here also and being told at times not to plug Alex Jones, etc.  

Remember to BOOKMARK The News UNIT:

We are living in a time where those of us who are American citizens and have an opinion that upholds the word of God, the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and who are concerned with the government of our nation are considered (amongst other things) to be radical fundamental separatist extremists with some sort of radical ideology that may pose a terrorist threat. 
Those enemies who diagnosis us with these stereotypes reveal themselves as the enemies of America (both foreign and domestic) now seek to steal, kill, and destroy we the people who desire to live a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty.  

These truly are perilous times for America.


The STOCK MARKET STORM is approaching

A closer look at the latest market conditions and also why GOLD and SILVER are going down:


SWAT team tells story of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev assault

Listen to all that gunfire going into a fiberglass boat.  It was a very intense and FLUID SITUATION:


IRAQ government bans select media channels


Some say they expect the American government to ban INFOWARS and Glenn Beck soon:


POLICE and CPS are taking children now by force

...for the sake of our children


Sacramento, California--This nation is going down.  Watch this report.  Americans will now either stand together or get buried together by a dangerous police situation: 

"...POLICE DEPARTMENT...I'm going to grab your baby so don't resist and don't fight me ok?..."

CPS says there was a breakdown in communication between CPS and POLICE however you have to go to court now in America to get your child back:


Father says he was roughed up by POLICE and states, "...it's like a COMMUNIST REGIME..."



Mini-Robot Police Drones

The next generation of FIRST RESPONDERS


Who's Jeff Bauman?

The Boston Marathon events even get more weird...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The "Sons Of Liberty" don't deliver SILVER to their customers

KEEP STACKIN' and send us your money

Who are THE SHEEPLE now?

The message from The Sons of Liberty is KEEP STACKIN'.  But isn't it interesting that they take your money and don't deliver the goods?  Now silver price continues to fall but the YOU TUBE VIDEOS keep appearing bashing the Federal Reserve and telling the sheep how criminal the government is, etc.

People are going to find out now who the real criminals are.  They were in denial as these Ron Paul lovers who claimed to be so Constitutional and liberty, freedom loving Americans are now turning out to be a LARGE SCALE FRAUDULENT MOVEMENT.

This is only the beginning.  Even the Silver Futurist is afraid of being sued now for all his silver promotions and many of them are going to be found out.  Even Ben Bernanke wasn't as dishonest as this!

Raw Dog calls out the Sons Of Liberty

THE SHEEPLE STACKERS start to confess...

Did anyone heed the warnings?

The warnings were out on this and yet people would not consider...

Tom Brokaw exposes the Hollywood run media industry

The HIGH PLACES of Hollywood

This should be obvious to the careful and thoughtful reader that Hollywood plays a MAJOR ROLE in running the country including the mainstream media and those in high places who abuse their authority:

Tom Brokaw is an older generation journalist who sees the transformation of America into this culture of chaos that Hollywood and others thrive on with their ever expanding evil entertainment industry.  There's no stopping it however because it is set on it's course.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:

Here's a video by this Hollywood chick below who kind of reveals how Hollywood is running everything in this nation and much of the world.  She reveals by her own experiences that those who work for the government and CIA are all connected with Hollywood as it is one large group of evildoers.  

Although I don't subscribe to her philosophies the video does reveal some inside information:

GOLD is now the sure way to lose money say analysts

Your GOLD and SILVER are cankered

Here's one article that I agree with because this is now God's way of dealing with the rich.  And since many of us are observing America being destroyed along with the rest of the world as God sends strong delusion we are also seeing other scripture being fulfilled including this below:

Go to now, [ye] rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon [you].
Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.
Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.
---JAMES 5.1-3 

The SILVER COMMUNITY is imploding now

The SILVER COMMUNITY is going to devour one another now since SILVER is in it's beginning stage of CAPITULATION and utter MELTDOWN:

RAW DOG is calling them out now.  Good for him!  I remember how RAW DOG, Cory C. and myself have been attacked a few too many times by this gang of SHILLS:


The dyke Rachel Maddow has some phobia toward any news but hers

Rachel Maddow and her spouse are pictured below:

Rachel Maddow attacks we the people

Lesbian Rachel Maddow is struggling with DEPRESSION.  You can read about it here:

Meet Rachel Maddow and her girlfriend at their happy home:

So Rachel Maddow wants to take her own problems and make them worse.  I don't believe any of those she targets now took a direct interest in Rachel Maddow and now she wants to make war (not love) with other Americans who have not bothered her at all.  Those of us who uphold the U.S. Constitution and hate every false way know what it means when we say "The Pledge of Allegiance" and we get to the part that says, "...and to THE REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation under God,..."  

Rachel is part of this new culture of change.  She wants to change mom and dad into two mommies or two daddies and also change the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights to line up with her hope and change philosophies and vain deceit such as that of the Obama regime and other rank enemies of America and those that especially hate God and anyone who stands for righteousness.   

Notice how intolerant Rachel is toward INFOWARS and alternative news as she wages a vicious attack on those who desire to report the truth in the news.  She is another enemy of America and an enemy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Rather than preserving, protecting, and defending the U.S. Constitution, these enemies of America seek to steal, kill, and destroy we the people to turn the nation in a land of unnatural affection and ruin it even for themselves.  And they will keep it up as they do not like to rest since they have no rest to begin with.

And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels,
In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ:
Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;  
When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day.

The enemies of America are joining forces to destroy the last bastions of liberty and freedom in this present evil world and their desire is to force us into accepting their abominations and wickedness by law and wicked rule.  They will never rest until America (and the world) is destroyed.  Methinks they would also like to destroy God if haply they even think they should fight against God.  And destruction shall come but it shall come from the Almighty God and they will not resist it.  They will have to drink the cup of the wrath of of God as he sends them his strong delusion.

Fill up your cup ye wicked!  Even so, come Lord Jesus.  Regardless of the opinions of Rachel Maddow, Obama, INFOWARS, Glenn Beck, or anyone else I'll exalt the LORD God and his precepts:

Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way.
---PSALM 119.128 

Hope in Christ Jesus extends beyond this evil world

Those of us Americans who are in Christ Jesus are watching our nation being destroyed now here in the United States Of America.  However we have some exceeding great and precious promises that go beyond this life.  If in this life only we had hope in Christ we would be most miserable as this Rachel Maddow and many others:

If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Dzokahr Tsarnaev moved to Devens Federal Medical Center

Wonder how his vocal cords are doing?

Maybe Dzokahr Tsarnaev is heading for a LETHAL INJECTION soon in the FEDERAL PRISON HOSPITAL?  They refer to this place as a FEDERAL MEDICAL DETENTION CENTER.

Is anyone watching Alex Jones in Dallas, Texas today on INFOWARS?  If not here's the LINK.  LOAD OF NEW DEVELOPMENTS HERE:

There are no news sources worth their salt right now other than Glenn Beck's media and Alex Jones' INFOWARS NEWS TEAM that are really keeping America informed and alerted to all this threatening activity while exposing unconstitutional threats from these habitual offending officials abusing their authority:


What does it cost to produce SILVER?

Information SILVER STACKERS need to know

To those in the "SILVER COMMUNITY" with varying reports on the cost of producing SILVER here are some videos that take an exhaustive look into an exhaustive report of the precious metals mining company Fresnillo.  You need to watch all three videos to get the picture.  This is more complicated than you might think:


Dzokahr Tsarnaev had no gun in the boat and cops shot each other

Alex Jones was right when he suggested the cops cut Dzokahr Tsarnaev's throat to make it look like an injury.   Also some cop shot another cop as "friendly fire."  What do you expect when you have 4,000 cops trying to cover up an operation from the media?  It's a very sad day for America while the world looks on:

Maybe the Obama administration and also the FBI and CIA are going to get hauled into the world court at the Peace Palace at The Hague, Netherlands for crimes against humanity or something.  You just never know.  Since our leaders love foreign affairs so much they may get their fill very soon.

I think Putin is watching this close and if there is any foul play on the part of LAW ENFORCEMENT here in America the world leaders and the UN are going to come down hard on The United States Of America for this one.

Meanwhile you have Mayor Bloomberg and his NYPD Commissioner saying the brothers were heading to New York City to bomb Times Square.  This evidence of course comes from the FBI's interrogations of Dzokahr Tsarnaev while he lays in a hospital bed nodding his head:


Anzor Tsarnaev WHERABOUTS UNKNOWN: Is he planning revenge?


There's no official word of any increased threat levels however with tensions rising in the Tsarnaev family after the Boston marathon bombings some are beginning to get very concerned with what this man Anzor Tsarnaev may be planning.  Could it be his anger over his sons will spark another terrorist threat to America?  The FBI is concerned with the family's radical ideologies.  

Remember this Anzor Tsarnaev said if Dzokahr was killed by American police then he promised "...all hell would break loose."  It will be interesting to hear what Glenn Beck and various other more reputable sources say on this one.  I wouldn't want to live in or near a major populated area: 

There's something that's just not right with this.  Anyone else have a weird feeling in their gut about it? 

I have placed the OFFICIAL NTAS (National Terrorism Advisory System) ADVISORY SYTEM ALERT WIDGET at the TOP LEFT here on The News UNIT.  At the time of this particular post it indicated NO ACTIVE ALERTS.  The News UNIT is monitoring the situation very closely: 

UPDATE:  Parents allegedly delay trip to the U.S.A. and stay somewhere in Russia.  




UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY America is going mad and it will continue to get worse--not better:


SURVIVAL STORY: Boat sinks with 4 aboard off Puerto Rico

Everyone survives the shipwreck


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Americans working together to sign a petition

Americans Hope and Change Disorder

It's always nice to see well meaning Americans working together for a good cause and to make the world both safe for democracy and for the sake of our children.


Muslims, terrorism, and who is this Abdul al-Harbi?

IMPORTANT Boston Bombing AFTERMATH developments:

Now that we are in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing while investigations are underway by the FBI and the mainstream media is circling over every story like a flock of vultures and creating conflict with ALTERNATIVE MEDIA SOURCES such as INFOWARS.  We now have all manner of chaos in the news including several items of concern for every thinking American that is still allowed the freedom to think and reason:

Here are a few more findings by The News UNIT.  Sorry this isn't in the usual format but this is all VERY IMPORTANT so I'm posting it here.  You just have to dig:

Fresno, California source says the following chilling statement:

"...Don't give up your guns, and buy necessary ammunition if you can find it. Be cautious and alert.  Be ready if, God forbid, we need to protect our families and loved ones..."


Who's this Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Al-Harbi?

GLENN BECK'S RECENT UPDATE on the Saudi national:

Find out more about this Abdul al-Harbi  who was "a person of interest" at the Boston Marathon bombing and swiftly deported by watching the video below.  More LINKS on this include the following:

An article on THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD worth a thorough review:

Abdul al-Harbi was a "person of interest" at the Boston Marathon bombing and was swiftly deported.  This is something Glen Beck is leaning into along with the website THE BLAZE.  Alex Jones is reviewing this and the mainstream media is up in arms now over all the increased coverage by ALTERNATIVE MEDIA sources.  It's very creepy how Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano responded to this situation:


Watch Janet Napolitano again below

These videos are important to see since this HOMELAND SECURITY thug likes to act so concerned with terrorism telling Americans to "see something and say something" while she just has a very flippant attitude toward serious questions and concerns for "persons of interest."



Bloomberg the NAZI Mayor and his Police Commissioner's conspiracy theory and Vladimir Putin

There really is a growing conspiracy in the land

New York City Mayor Bloomberg and his Police Commissioner discuss the conspiracy theory that the Tsarnaev brothers intended to bomb Times Square in New York.  This development allegedly is coming from a guy who cannot speak and only nods "YES" and "NO" while being interrogated in the hospital with damaged vocal cords. 

Meanwhile watch Putin take his turn to bash U.S.A. politicians treating this Dzhokar Tsarnaev as a PRISONER OF WAR...


Alex Jones at the West Texas explosion aftermath dealing with POLICE

Watch Alex Jones deal with American Gestapo POLICE

West, Texas--These days you can't ask POLICE questions and you can't even turn your vehicle around without an argument and some sort of invented confrontation by POLICE:

Obama visits West, Texas with great pomp

The alleged ANHYDROUS AMMONIA explosion in West, Texas is over as residents listen to Obama address the people of their area:


America on LOCK DOWN


LAW ENFORCEMENT decides when your questions are IRRATIONAL BEHAVIOR.  Notice Dan Bidondi wants to ask questions and is not even close to the YELLOW TAPE that says "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS." 

Mark Dice is back with INFOWARS

After Mark Dice's continual bashing of Alex Jones and INFOWARS it looks like he's an INFOWARS reporter now.  They must have kissed and made up.  Interesting...

Actually the Mark Dice and Alex Jones renewal isn't a bad thing.  It's a demonstration that we Americans who care for liberty and freedom need to guard against tearing each other down and rather stand in the trenches together with our own countrymen:

ONE NOTE OF CONCERN:  If I ever see G4T (George Hemminger) or that guy badfinger04200 on here then I'll have my doubts about INFOWARS:

Judge Napolitano reviews LAWFUL RIGHTS of American citizens

Are the Boston bombing suspects afforded DUE PROCESS?

A short course in LAW SCHOOL


Mainstream Media ATTACKS INFOWARS and Alex Jones


This is amazing!  To better understand all of this it's simply best to tune into INFOWARS and watch the 24/7 NEWS BROADCAST.  

Remember each day INFOWARS is LIVE from 11AM C.T. until 3PM C.T. and INFOWARS NIGHTLY NEWS is broadcast at 7PM C.T.

The LINKS to INFOWARS are below:



The News UNIT also being watched

INFOWARS is not the only one under surveillance as a POTENTIAL DOMESTIC TERRORIST or some kind of alleged RADICIAL CONSITUTIONAL EXTREMIST.  The News UNIT is under a microscope here also and being told at times not to plug Alex Jones, etc.  

Remember to BOOKMARK The News UNIT:

We are living in a time where those of us who are American citizens and have an opinion that upholds the word of God, the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and who are concerned with the government of our nation are considered (amongst other things) to be radical fundamental separatist extremists with some sort of radical ideology that may pose a terrorist threat. 
Those enemies who diagnosis us with these stereotypes reveal themselves as the enemies of America (both foreign and domestic) now seek to steal, kill, and destroy we the people who desire to live a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty.  

These truly are perilous times for America.


France Parliament votes for same-sex marriage

The global move toward SODOMY continues

Even so, come Lord Jesus...



Governor Scott Walker says GOP will block expansion of gun background checks



Republicans take aim on The White House--PLEASE HURRY!

America needs an American President

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush:


Senator Ted Cruz:

Governor Scott Kevin Walker:

Governor James Richard "Rick" Perry:

I think Senator Ted Cruz will quite possibly be the next President of The United States Of America.  He will likely choose one of the men pictured here also as his running mate.  We need a man who takes his OATH OF OFFICE seriously compared to our current questionable leadership:

I also think every man pictured above is moving toward a position in the Presidential Cabinet one way or another.  The rumors are flying already but I'm not ready to confirm them at this time. :-)


INFOWARS Nightly News -- More Boston bombing news

Rand Paul wants liquor store shoppers killed by drones

"If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and $50 in cash I don't care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him."
---Senator Rand Paul

A good reason not to carry cash and carry concealed when shopping at your local liquor store:

Obviously Rand messed up here and everyone makes an issue about it but it is interesting that he's supporting all this high tech imagery and surveillance technology.  There's so much unconstitutional legislation out there your not going to stop the POLICE STATE now.  

As Alex Jones says,  "The POLICE STATE isn't coming---IT'S HERE!"


Glenn Beck reveals Saudi Arabia's connection with Boston bombings

Glenn Beck says U.S. Government spreading misinformation

Glenn Beck reveals Saudi Arabia's connection with Boston bombings:

REMEMBER Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was questioned about this and just shrugged it off as not important:

I'm really surprised Glenn Beck hasn't been attacked by Rachel Maddow yet on her show.  Maybe he's next in line after INFOWARS to be labeled a radical conspiracy theorist? 


Watch Janet Napolitano again below



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Same woman appears twice on CNN days apart in Boston

More CRISIS ACTOR revelations

CNN notified of the same woman who was interviewed at the Boston Marathon bombing and later at the MIT police shooting incident.  Weird:


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INFOWARS and Ron Paul are not the only ones that can have a MONEY BOMB

The News UNIT's target LOVE OFFERING is $1,000,000

Support The News UNIT. Support free speech and alternative media.  We don't have much time left to get the word out and preach the gospel.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow takes on INFOWARS and Alex Jones

 Another attack on INFOWARS and Alex Jones


Watch Rachel Maddow really take issue with INFOWARS, Alex Jones and Dan Bidondi.  She goes on to lambast THE DRUDGE REPORT along with INFOWARS and says these conspiracy theories are coming into Congress, etc.

Maddow is going mad over this :-)

It almost sounds to me like the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is going mad because they are angry they cannot come to the knowledge of the truth of what is really going on in all these world events.  Interestingly enough Rachel Maddow is creating her own conspiracy theories against those events she calls "conspiracy theories" and those she calls "conspiracy theorists."

While the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is trying to sift through the plethora of information and come to conclusions on all these matters they are finding out that the information is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to discern.  They seem to be going completely mad now in the midst of all of this chaos no matter how many contributors, spokesmen, specialists, task-forces, popular opinion polls, and talk show interviews they attempt to organize.  

The MAINSTREAM MEDIA now admits they will not be able to ignore ALTERNATIVE MEDIA which they simply like to call CONSPIRACY THEORISTS:


The Alex Jones CIA Conspiracy Theory

...and there are many adversaries.

The media just broadcasted their own CONSPIRACY THEORY that Alex Jones and INFOWARS are a group of potential terrorists with a radical ideology we now have various other CONSPIRACY THEORIES against Alex Jones being in the CIA and involved in clandestine operations.

 The Mollygate Alex Jones Stratfor scandal? 

Have you noticed all these people are exposing their alleged angle on "the truth" or what they describe as "what is really happening."  Everyone is an expert these days aren't they?

Has anyone considered that God is sending his strong delusion?  Probably not because they will believe the lie before they even consider to believe God.  This "Blog Talk Radio" is full of all manner of chaos and confusion and a mixed multitude and vast array of "truthers" is rising in their new spiritual enlightenment.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:

Meet Miss Tila another "truther"


This woman talks about how it all makes sense now and it all goes so far "down the rabbit hole."  Another one with a death experience and subtle hints embracing what she calls truth and spirituality.  Doesn't surprise me any since I have the Spirit of God.  This world is getting ready now for the man of sin the son of perdition:

I did find one item of interest and that is at the beginning of this video where I saw "The Sons Of Liberty".  This is what BrotherJohnF and SGTbull07, Chris Duane and others are members of.  No surprise:


The barnone11970 SHAKE OUT


There's only one YOU TUBE PRECIOUS METALS CONSULTANT that runs circles around the rest bar none.  And now we have barnone11970 selling his gold to buy silver.  This is a classic SHAKEOUT that happens to WEAK HANDS and you will watch him gain some ounces but lose more and more US DOLLARS.  Stay tuned for more silver adventures bar none:

The SILVER COMMUNITY is slowly quitting now

Looks like we won't be hearing about silver so much now.  Good!  I'm tired of it actually and even though I like to hear about the economy I'd rather hear about corn, soybeans, crude oil, and natural gas.  In fact it will be nice to see "the silver community" self-destruct after all this nonsense.  BOTTOM LINE:  THE PUMP AND DUMP IS OVER! 

But have you noticed something?  They've all done well. :-) 

My advise to those who have any silver left and you're holding onto it.  SELL IT NOW and SELL IT ALL!  GET OUT---NOW!


Lindsey Williams LIVE TODAY on INFOWARS


Linsdey Williams UPDATE

*****BREAKING NEW NEWS from his elite friend*****



Time to get your pencil and paper ready for Lindsey Williams LIVE on INFOWARS with Alex Jones.  Are you ready to get the latest reports and confirmations from the elite insiders so you can make your financial decisions?  Will Lindsey Williams mention what happened to GOLD and SILVER and why CRUDE OIL isn't $200?


Study Linsdey Williams' LAST REPORT:

Review some of Lindsey Williams' previous interviews on The News UNIT at THIS LINK:


Really there wasn't much information from Lindsey Williams.  Wonder if he just didn't have enough interview time?


FBI investigation includes INFOWARS and Alex Jones

Meet the terrorist Alex Jones of INFOWARS:

Texas Terrorist Alex Jones at his INFOWARS NEWS CENTER

INFOWARS now radical homegrown terrorists

The radical ideology of INFOWARS

Joy-Ann Reid who's described as an MSNBC Contributor has this to contribute about INFOWARS and Alex Jones:

"And we also learned that the older brother was a devotee of the Alex Jones website and conspiracy theory INFOWARS. So you have this combination of sort of radical ideology and increasing religiosity but also buying into a lot of conspiracy theories; 911 truther-ism apparently was a part of the mix; so yea it's not just websites that are put out by terrorists overseas or you know terror organizations overseas, it's also conspiracy theorizing right here in the U.S. so it's a pretty scary combination."
--Joy-Ann Reid, MSNBC Contributor

(This Joy-Ann Reid has a history of being not so accurate in news dissemination.  SEE THE LINK HERE:  http://www.aim.org/don-irvine-blog/msnbcs-joy-reid-praises-obama-reaction-to-boston-marathon-bombings-while-criticizing-bush/ )

Watch closely here as Lawrence O'Donnel starts off this report by reporting the FBI is increasingly confident that the two suspects acted alone.   O'Donnel then says NBC's Pete Williams reports that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told investigators that he and his brother were motivated by religious fervor and their reaction to the American invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Where this investigation now turns is extremely troubling. The focus is now shifted toward those of us who seek the truth in the news from alternative media such as INFOWARS and Alex Jones.  Watch close as it is being reported that 911 truther groups and INFOWARS are now being examined and profiled as having radical ideologies and are considered as homegrown terrorists here in the U.S.A.  

Notice how the Muslim religion is treated here (as very peaceful) and how this NBC NEWS Terrorism Analyst Michael Lieter (who is also Former Director of the Counter-terrorism Center under President's Bush and Obama) describes the Tsarnaev brothers in this statement:

"...It's almost certain that the older brother was the first who was radicalized and inspired by the same messages that inspired other "homegrown extremists" and followers of Al Qaeda, an extremist Sunni Islamic ideology which is really a warping of the very peaceful Muslim faith and drove them ultimately to view themselves being at war with the United States an thus targeting innocent civilians."

The two suspects' mother Zubeidat Tsarnaev made the following statement to CNN:

"Their protector is God, who is Allah.  The only one Allah.  OK?  If they are going to kill him, I don't care.  My oldest one has been killed and I don't care.  I don't care if my youngest one is going to be killed today.  I want the world to hear this.  And I don't care if I am going to get killed too, OK?  And I will say Allahu akbar.  That's what I'm going to say."
--Zubeidat Tsarnaev, mother of bombing suspects 


The attempt to destroy REAL MEN 

Make no mistake about it that this is an attempt to destroy the REAL MEN in America.  Men who take a stand for God along with our country, our liberties, and our freedom.  Men who actually take their OATH OF OFFICE and MARRIAGE VOWS seriously and who by God's grace are able to stand against the wiles of the Devil.  Men who realize that thay are but dust but yet are admonished by God himself to "quit you like men and be strong."

Who are these men you ask?  I've been wondering myself if there are many left: 

Real men call on God for his mercy and deliverance:


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Obama begins using EXECUTIVE POWERS against GUNS

It really is over for America folks!  FINISHED!


This country is going into a complete POLICE STATE complete with a GESTAPO AGENTS from the Federal, State, and Local levels of The OBAMA GOVERNMENT REGIME.  

The country is swarming with police officers, deputies, and other law enforcement agents that are drooling to take on we the people as they mobilize a NATIONWIDE LAW ENFORCEMENT COMBAT ASSAULT FORCE directed to put the nation on LOCK DOWN as one big giant prison.


GOLD and SILVER don't make sense


Jim Comiskey says more downside coming now in the precious metals.  If you have precious metals get a HEDGE ACCOUNT set up and don't worry anymore.  You can be just like the big boys and be a HEDGE FUND MANAGER:

Finally some common sense on GOLD and SILVER

Is there no conspiracy in the land?

Just what is a CONSPIRACY?  Read the DEFINITION:

CONSPIRACY, n. [L. See Conspire.]

1. A combination of men for an evil purpose; an agreement between two or more persons, to commit some crime in concert; particularly, a combination to commit treason, or excite sedition or insurrection against the government of a state; a plot; as a conspiracy against the life of a king; a conspiracy against the government.
More than forty had made this conspiracy. Acts 23
2. In law, an agreement between two or more persons, falsely and maliciously to indict, or procure to be indicted, an innocent person of felony.
3. A concurrence; a general tendency of two or more causes to one event.

The CONSPIRACY is strong in the land

Currently the CONSPIRACY is strong against INFOWARS and we the people who uphold the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.  It may become increasingly difficult to live a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty here in America:


What if there is NO CONSPIRACY?



Mayor Bloomberg says U.S. Constitution will have to change

The New York NAZI rises against we the people

Americans will bow to the NAZI regime soon

I'm hearing many people continually talk about peaceful protests.  I've seen them peaceful protests and how they are attacked by LAW ENFORCEMENT COMBAT FORCES at those events.  Things don't look good America.  It may be that God is actually out to destroy this nation.  You better hope not:

We have a bunch of officials rising up rapidly now that are raging maniacs for power.  They want to put the nation on LOCK DOWN at their command:

The Boston bombing of a few civilians will now change the course of America.  I said this was the "Second 911" at this post:
http://thenewsunit.blogspot.com/2013/04/boston-marathon-conspiracy-grows.html  Do not underestimate the rapid deployment of Federal, State, and Local LAW ENFORCEMENT COMBAT FORCES that will target we the people with their own rules of engagement.  I'm sorry to say that this isn't coming but IT'S ALREADY HERE.



Did Michelle Obama visit a Saudi national?



Who wants to make 11 million illegals legals?

ANSWER:  Janet Napolitano

Making LEGAL the ILLEGALS:  Isn't that UNLAWFUL?

Meanwhile we need to make more terrorists out of we the people:

Actually it's just an important political step to secure votes for the DEMOCRATS and to create common sense gun laws for the sake of our children. 

Janet Napolitano is a SPEED READER of critical legislation.  Watch them all laugh as they question each other in Washington D.C.