Sunday, January 31, 2016

GOLD and SILVER Price Gouging and Bullion Scams


GOLD and SILVER data reports growing INVESTOR DEMAND:


There are some current concerns as GOLD and SILVER

NOTE:   The LIVE VIDEO below was not fully uploaded so I deleted it:  

The Malheur Militia's Last Stand with David Fry in Harney County Oregon

UPDATE:  As you can see below, Deb Jordan's live video just recorded was taken down.  I don't trust any of this and neither should you coming out of Harney County.  Perhaps this is an FBI OPERATION and these people are sticking their nose into things where it doesn't belong.  So here's all I could find at the moment regarding some of what we all think is going on in Oregon.  We probably don't have a clue what the story really is:

Deb Jordan now reports for Pete Santilli

A memorial has been set up to Robert "LaVoy" Finicum

Is LaVoy Finicum a god?  the Savior?  A high priest?

This is 100% ridiculous and probably full of lies and deceit

What is the point of all of this?  A new spirituality?

 Is this some kind of artistic form of deception and role playing?

And so from Robert "LaVoy" Finicum we now have some guy named David Fry who was told by LaVoy as Deb Jordan is stating here to "man his post, be diligent, keep a watchful eye, and that there's only one person that can tell him (David Fry) to come out of that refuge..."  Deb Jordan is saying now that her heart is heavy and she feels helpless and that there is no hope for the people that are left there that will now be killed by the FBI or whatever it is she's trying to convey.  Apparently there are about 100 people that are about to be slaughtered by the FBI very similar to WACO.  

Folks if you're watching this you must remember that we have liars that are telling lies and even more liars and deceivers that are telling us the alleged truth and the "news."  This is all full of lies and deceit so how can we even discern any truth in this news?  We cannot:

I perceive that this is a place where there is a habitation of devils and unclean spirits throughout Harney County Oregon that goes far beyond the average person's comprehension that has any understanding whatsoever.  It is just a shadow of spiritual wickedness from the high places that is being unleashed across this entire world:

Deb Jordan is asking us to pray for the last stand at Malheur Refuge. She acts like she's crying.  This is all a lie and compete deceit and is a good example of those who act as truthers and patriots are actually a pack of wolves in sheep's clothing and are not who they claim to be.  They cry wolf now across YOU TUBE as if someone will listen, and now the BIG BAD WOLF arrives and guess what?  WE NO LONGER CARE!

Two words for those of you in that region, "YOU LOSE!"  Goodbye Deb.  Go to Pete Santilli and get back on your broadcast and take back the Republic.  Become a Mormon perhaps too why don't you?  Cry out to God for mercy now?  What?  Mercy from the FBI?  Perhaps the FBI was sent by God to judge this place?  You might be very surprised what God is about to do across this evil world as he sends strong delusion:

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousnes

Learn about the New World Spiritually that is coming and is now here:

More Harney County review and various observations on the circumstances surrounding this entire FBI OPERATION:


Donald Trump LIVE in Iowa today January 31, 2016

Wake up Iowa!  The end of America is very near:

Will America go to hell?  It just might:

America is at a very dangerous crossroad and the path chosen from here will take this nation either toward recovery or it will end up as the proverbial nail in the coffin scenario.  There are only two choices now and we are about to find out the mind of America and where We the People really want this nation to go:

The intent for GUN CONFISCATION in the U.S.A. is now being warned


The United States of America is about to change and already is...

...and We the People seem to be all right with this:

"They want your guns, they want your Bible, and they want your soul."
--narrator to video below

We the People of the United States of America have changed as the minds have been receptive to the deception of the rising global government.  Even those who masquerade themselves under the guise of being Americans and have told us in their fair speeches that they taught Constitutional Law (e.g. Barack Hussein Obama) are rank OATH OF OFFICE VIOLATORS and ENEMIES OF AMERICA:

Also be aware that if you have any concern about criminal government and you care to uphold the U.S. CONSTITUTION you are labeled and considered (even by the FBI) to be a greater threat than that of ISIS.  You are now a RADICAL RIGHT WING EXTREMIST and POTENTIAL DOMESTIC TERRORIST:

The New World Economy begins with NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES

The New World Economy REINVENTED

NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES are the wave of the future.  Also countries are working at plans to hand out cash to citizens each month such as is happening in Switzerland.  A worldwide utopia has arrived so we can go into extreme debt and no longer worry about it. THINGS ARE GREAT!

GOLD and SILVER are not needed worldwide

Forget the gold and silver now. Gold and silver play absolutely no part in the New World Economics. The world is now reinventing economics and it's all changed. There are no longer Economic laws of supply and demand. There is so much of everything that this is the only way to handle the situation of INFINITE DEFLATION. Enjoy it and sell your metal. All you have to do now is watch the news and go into debt to get our INFINITE BAILOUTS when the banks start handing out cash to all households monthly. You might even consider voting for Bernie Sanders so we can get this GLOBAL QUANTITATIVE EASING started as soon as possible.


Prepare for SUPER BOWL 50 and forget everything else

Super Bowl 50

Our prayers are with those that are suffering from this or that...

The poisonous contaminated lead filled water in Flint, Michigan along with the nuclear methane leak in Porter Ranch, California that's been going on since October 2015 and will continue into at least March/April 2016 along with other things such as the FBI OPERATION OF DECEPTION in HARNEY COUNTY OREGON and other world threats and conflicts from the geopolitical to the world economic instability--NONE OF THIS MATTERS!

It's all about getting ready for the SUPER BOWL 50:

How to raise boys today with two dads is becoming more desirable

Adoption rights for Sodomite couples:

Meet 2 "Gay" dads and their desire for a boy

It's time to broaden our horizons in the New World Order with more LGBT awareness and acceptance:

When Cowboys Stand for Freedom - Starring Robert "LaVoy" Finicum

*****More Harney County YOU TUBE PRODUCTIONS*****

It's time for a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE:

Starring Robert "LaVoy" Finicum

Who are all the liars today?  

ANSWER:  They are many:

Oddly enough he may still be alive...

The Shawna Cox Testimony:  Of course it's true.  You can trust everyone involved--right?

Who is Mark McConnel?

Here's a group of Pete Santilli activists:

Is this another Mormon battle cry for the Republic?  Listen to a song by LaVoy Finicum's daughter:

For those of you who think you know what's going on in Harney County...

Have you heard of the Bundy BLM Cave?

One Militia remains but they want out now...

LaVoy Finicum is still standing...

Blaine Cooper is regrouping for a COUNTER-ATTACK?  Will the Constitutional Militia rise up now?  Maybe Captain Cowboy Pete Santilli will lead the charge.  Some very strange YOU TUBE creations continue:

Deb Jordan continues to Rally the troops in Burns, Oregon to keep the Pete Santili spirit alive:

Deb Jordan is probably right that the community here is starting to solidify.  They are the next extension of HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTIONS and will be a new community of videographers, cinematographers, production artists, and alternative media personalities.  It's the new America born out of YOU TUBE:

FEDERAL LAW is ABOVE THE LAW and they protect their own:

Saturday, January 30, 2016

In memory of Pete Santilli and the Harney County FBI Operation

Pete Santilli -- Ameica's Constitutional Cowboy and Hero

Pete was complete with his pocket U.S. CONSTITUTION

You know what Pete Santilli really is?  He's an OATH OF OFFICE VIOLATOR and an ENEMY OF AMERICA.  Let that sink in!


Ammon Bundy says, "GO HOME!" to any remaining occupation at the Harney County Resource Center

WILL THERE BE MORE BLOOD at the Bundy Ranch?

But the FBI won't let them leave?

Or will they?

Is this Ammon Bundy's wife?  Or is this more YOU TUBE theater?

Maybe INFOWARS who is on the scene can provide further details and explanations?  Apparently FBI CHECKPOINTS have shut down this entire county as the SHERIFF is no longer in charge:

The remaining alleged MILITIA is still there and is making a bunch of YOU TUBE videos.  Perhaps they will fight to the death with their pocket U.S. CONSTITUTION?

Let us never forget the job well done by Pete Santilli:

The ENEMIES OF AMERICA are working on Iowa to destroy We the People

Gabby Giffords,  "Let's work together to make Hillary our president."

The ENEMIES OF AMERICA are hard at work to destroy America

Will Iowa vote for Trump?  

Can you even imagine anyone believes these people?  It's amazing!

President Obama exalts the religion of Islam in America

You enemies of America love to have it so don't you?

The enemies of America both foreign and domestic are working hard today to destroy America:

Remember Hillary Clinton might appoint Barack Hussein Obama to head the U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.  Do you think Obama has your best interest in mind and that of the U.S. CONSTITUTION?  These oath of office violators are enemies of America and they even promote and desire fellowship with other enemies of America including the killer religion of Islam:

Bill Clinton hard at work to brainwash Iowa:

Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary Clinton and he's getting some good old fashioned religion mixed in with their cultural chaos and Constitutional hatred:

The Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting Reviewed

Are we on the verge of a CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT EXPOSURE?

Imagine what is going to happen once We the People begin to learn if we are being lied to through many unusual events:

Donald Trump visits Clinton, Iowa as the fight for America continues

*****IOWA -- the course of this nation depends on your vote!*****

We the People of Iowa I have a message for you:


Get out and VOTE Donald Trump in the Caucus:

Your future and the future of this nation depends on this:

The fight against We the People and the United States of America is clearly seen by those who have eyes to see as the enemies of America and the mainstream media gang up on Donald Trump.  But oddly enough the more they try and afflict him the more he multiplies in the polls and grows exceeding greater than the many adversaries that hate America and want to undermine making America great again:

Donald Trump Rally in Dubuque, Iowa

America's president for making America great again:

Donald Trump met with another HUGE CROWD in Dubuque, Iowa:

The rumors abound and the hate campaign that is being constructed by the mainstream media and even the GOP PARTY is so sad today that it is truly a national embarrassment.  It seems the enemies of America would have many believe that the path to tyranny is much better than the return to the U.S. CONSTITUTION and the original foundations of this great nation.  Many shall fall for the ongoing assaults that are taking place against Donald J. Trump and we will now arrive at the CROSSROADS OF AMERICA unlike ever before.  The path now for America will be determined and there will be no turning back.  After this next election it is either the very true and certain end of the United States of America or it is a new approach to restoration of a long lost and decaying Constitutional Republic as originally intended:

What will you do as an American voter will determine our destiny as a nation unlike ever before. And no doubt the enemies of America are hard at work with their intentions to seek and destroy while even at times masquerading as We the People.  These are truly perilous times for America: 

The Iowa Caucus could destroy America

Iowa:  You have a decision that will demonstrate whether you are enemies of America or whether you are truly a group of We the People.  Your vote on Monday is something to be taken very seriously.

Here we have a man where there is no question that he can be president according to the U.S. CONSTITUTION regardless of how the gainsayers like to discredit him:

Wild Bill for America calls on the FBI to release the Robert "LaVoy" Finicum footage

Where are the SHERIFFS of America?

It's time to take a stand for what is right and true: 

"...We the People expect an honest investigation and justice."
--Wild Bill for America

Let us see what really happened -- tell the whole story...

This is an interesting request.  This request is full and complete and very reasonable.  There are just too many unanswered questions surrounding this entire incident:

Watch those who consider themselves patriots and truthers working together to fight against tyranny:

The JUSTICE SYSTEM now takes over along with their ATTORNEYS:

One good thing now is that Pete Santilli has handed this coverage off to Alex Jones and now INFOWARS is ON THE SCENE to fight against all the tyranny and take back the Republic.  Alex always says, "...YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE!"



Rand Paul calls good Muslims "Civilized Islam"

Is this like "Civilized Christians" as opposed to "Radical Christians?"

We may be redefining and categorizing religion now for the greater good:

All of our Constitutional and Congressional Attorneys will define these TERMS and DEFINITIONS for us so we can come to new understanding and peaceful coexistence in the new world order.

Better yet many can convert to CIVILIZED ISLAM and become members of a very peace loving religion.  Thank you Rand Paul for giving us understanding and wisdom in the matter of Islam:

There is certainly much controversy over Muslims and Islam and further study may be needed on this to avoid anyone developing Islamophobia: 

A closer inspection of Islam: 


Friday, January 29, 2016

Switzerland begins a new trend for WORLD ECONOMIC WELFARE


$2,500/month to all citizens of Switzerland

Will Bernie Sanders do this for America?


Pete Santilli is out and INFOWARS is ON THE SCENE in Harney County, Oregon

*****INFOWARS takes over for Pete Santilli*****


INFOWARS at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge

And so stepping in for Pete Santilli we have INFOWARS on the scene now at the Bundy Ranch Standoff in Harney County, Oregon.  Got to fight them globalist psychological operations!

INFOWARS was on STAND DOWN while Pete Santilli initially played the lead clown in this FBI OPERATION and now INFOWARS takes over the show in the aftermath of all the controversy.  More news theater and more content creation will result now in this government approved operation.

So what exactly is the goal here?  Take back the Republic?  Sure! :-)

Alex Jones is calling this THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT

You will learn below that this situation went down exactly as Alex Jones predicted.  Now in the aftermath Jones says we can all learn from this.  Who's we?  You?

Deb Jordan can STAND DOWN now

Deb Jordan can STAND DOWN now and X-FILL out of here to rendezvous with Pete Santilli and be on their way to Costa Rica for a few months or more under new identities.  

So who's the BIGGER CLOWN?  Alex Jones? Joe Biggs? David Knight? or Pete Santilli? 





Come to Burns, Oregon again?

So what does this mean?

Is there going to be another MILITIA DEPLOYMENT to Harney County, Oregon? 



Update: January 29, 2016
In light of the events that have taken place in Harney County, Oregon over the last two days, the official Pacific Patriots Network statement is as follows:
PPN condemns the violent action taken by the Harney County Sheriff's Department along with the FBI in the shooting death of Mr. Lavoy Finicum.
PPN condemns the violent action taken by the Harney County Sheriff's Department along with the FBI in the execution of arrests associated with the people at the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge occupation.
PPN condemns the DISHONEST tactics used to arrest Jason Patrick on January 28th. Mr. Patrick's safety, well being and emotional state were compromised when the FBI lied not only to Mr. Patrick but to PPN representatives trying to assist with the PEACEFUL removal of people at the MNWR. The FBI stated to Mr. Patrick and the PPN that he was “free to go.” Mr. Patrick walked 7 miles in sub freezing temperatures only to be arrested at the checkpoint north of the Narrows.
PPN condemns the false statements given to the public by the FBI, Harney County Sheriff's Department and the Harney County officials.




Calling on any and all Americans to come to Burns, Oregon to come to the aid of the American people standing against these violent, malicious and deceitful tactics. Come stand together with other Americans, and express our Constitutional right to PEACEFULLY assemble and air our grievances.
This operation will demand the following:
- Immediate detention by Oregon State Police of the FBI special agent in charge along with all agents and LEO involved in the shooting death of Lavoy Finicum. A first hand eyewitness account presents reasonable cause for arrest while the investigation takes place.
- Immediate removal of all militarized FBI personnel and equipment from Harney County. All State and County Law Enforcement officers are not included and requested to stay and assist in the process to keep the peace.
- Immediate resignation of Judge Steve Grasty, Sheriff David Ward, County commissioner Pete Runnels, and County commissioner Dan Nichols.
In order to successfully accomplish our mission, we will need any and all Americans to PEACEFULLY assemble within Burns, Oregon immediately. The success of this mission depends fully on the number of people that will come to PEACEFULLY stand and demand the items above be initiated.
A letter of intent will be legally served on the FBI special agent in charge at the time of Lavoy Finicum's death, Judge Steven Grasty, Sheriff David Ward, Dan Nichols and Pete Runnels by January 29th, 2016. We will request to escort the FBI presence out of Harney County, Oregon and once complete, the attention will return to the resignation of the County elected officials.
PPN is dedicated to a PEACEFUL operation. If you have any ill intent, please do not come. We do not need you. Please come prepared with civilian attire and adhere to the policy of no long guns within the community.
Please come self sufficient and able to care for yourself for the time you plan to stay. Donations arrive daily but they are not sustainable for a large or lengthy contingency.
We ask that you email us at volunteer@pacificpatriotsnetwork.comg if and when you are planning to come and stand in Burns, Oregon


FBI CHECKPOINTS are still set up in Harney County:


The FBI Shooting of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum Reconsidered

The Case of Harney, County Oregon Continues:

Are we finding the truth in the news yet?

Wild Bill for America gives his latest update:

Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall (a woman approved by Pete Santilli) gives her side of the story:

Robert "LaVoy" Finicum's last interview before he was killed:

Donald Trump is FINISHED! Trump is out of the way of the GOP now!

Donald Trump -- YOU'RE FINISHED!

Just ask Megyn Kelly and her GOP colleagues

It's all about ENTERTAINMENT

The country goes to hell and everyone is laughing:

Well the people that are laughing are the ones generally that have a lot of money and don't understand what it means to be rich.  These are the rich that are not willing to distribute and are not willing to communicate.  And many are always calling themselves Christian too:

7 Candidates were on the stage

7 is the number of God's Judgement

Perhaps God is judging them and finding them all wanting

Has anyone considered that Trump is a man chosen by God?


Now we have the ZIKA VIRUS

Officials are warning about the Zika Virus:

You need to get your FLU VACCINE

Watch HAGMANN and HAGMANN report on the ZIKA VIRUS and how worldwide concerns are spreading rapidly across many nations and continents: 

Shooting death of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum by FBI caught on video

*****HANDS UP -- DON'T SHOOT*****

Do WHITE LIVES matter?

The HIGHWAY 395 FBI ambush

This took place NORTH of Burns, Oregon somewhere along HIGHWAY 395

(Pete Santilli was nowhere near this)

Wild Bill for America gives his opinion:

Heads down in your smart phone and trust your government like a good Soviet:

If this is true and Robert "LaVoy" Finicum was shot.  Was he shot by one of his own Mormon FBI Agents? 

Alex Jones explains how the FBI works...

Donald Trump in New Hampshire at rally

Do We the People have a right to be angry?

"We have a right to be angry..."
--Donald Trump

I'm not even going to bother with much of the aftermath of the GOP DEBATE yesterday.  It's time to focus on making America great again with Donald Trump.  All the rest are ENEMIES OF AMERICA and I have no interest in them:

Deb Jordan at the Pete Santilli Command Center in Burns, Oregon

*****ALTERNATIVE MEDIA at its finest*****

The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom


UPDATE from the Silver Spur Motel:

Did Pete Santilli leave for Costa Rica and just dump her?

If Robert "LaVoy" Finicum really died -- was he a hero? 

"There's no truth in the news and no news in the truth."
--unknown source


Pete Santilli Arrested (EXTRACTED) from the scene

Pete Santilli X-FILLED from the Harney, County scene as he talks about his concern for women and children at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  Remember the shooting took place on Highway 395 and was set up north of Burns somewhere in a wooded location.  There were no shots fired at the Wildlife Refuge:

The HIGHWAY 395 assault and shooting of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pete Santilli: "Passive" FBI Informant?

Once upon a time in the WILD, WILD, Harney County:

Starring -- Pete Santilli

Who really is Pete Santilli?  and Deb Jordan?


Or We the People?

You decide for yourself:


Even Wild Bill for America has some things to say about the showdown:

I'm hoping this is finally over now actually.  It's time to vote Donald Trump.  The best thing we can do in America is pray for those in authority that we may lead a quiet an peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  That is of course becoming increasingly difficult in this present evil day.

Watch Pete Santilli get calmly arrested and he is taken off to be debriefed:



Watch Trump and Dump the GOP DEBATE


What Trump is doing tonight in Iowa is what matters for America! 

Dump the political junk and let's watch Donald Trump

 Donald Trump is not just a MARKETING GENIUS:

Let's make America great again

I'm dumping the entire GOP DEBATE tonight and going to watch Donald Trump's fundraiser for wounded warriors in the U.S. MILITARY.  Donald Trump's event tonight in Iowa is far better than listening to the enemies of America who hate Donald Trump because he's leading America strong and heading for the White House.  We already know what Donald Trump is going to do for America so why bother listening to these politicians tell us what they will ultimately not do for America the next 4 years? 

The News UNIT is voting Donald Trump for U.S. PRESIDENT 2016


THIS FOX 10 LINK will cover Trump later on. For now they are just running other national news items:


Miles Franklin 2016 SIlver Outlook Webinar



Listen to some PRECIOUS METALS experts discuss the current situation:

Miles Franklin 2016 SIlver Outlook Webinar: ...


Do we have a CRIMINAL FBI OPERATION in Harney County, Oregon?


Ammon Bundy and the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom

From the Bundy Ranch Standoff in Nevada to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon

Now we have 2 men dead and several (possible agents) in custody

Can anyone find the truth in the news over this situation?

The FBI will destroy anyone who stands against their abuses:

Just what is this FEDERAL GOVERNMENT?  Is it TYRANNY?

Who will you vote for in 2016?

Notice how everything is lumped into the category of TERRORISM now, even with We the People of the United States of America:




We've been waiting for this TIME CRITICAL INFORMATION now since December 30, 2015

Does anyone feel a sense of urgency anymore?  I don't.

The PATRIOT, TRUTHER, ALTERNATIVE NEWS, ALTERNATIVE HEALTH, and PREPPER, CONSTITUTIONAL MILITIA MOVEMENTS,  CITIZENS FOR CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM or whatever they want to call themselves are a complete waste of time.  These days we are almost better off with Obama and Hillary and just learn to survive and thrive in the New World Order.  So hand in your guns Mr. and Mr.s America and don't believe the hype of anything anymore.  Just keep your heads down in your smart devices like good Soviets and be ready if you see something to say something and dial 911.  Semper Fi!

It's the New World Order now.  Get used to it!  Next on the agenda is THE MAN OF SIN, THE SON OF PERDITION.  He's coming too whether anyone likes it or not.


Harney County Oregon Land Standoff and the Art of Deception Continues

******MORE Oregon un-Constitutional Chaos Continues*****

Ammon Bundy is arrested and the FBI OPERATION CONTINUES:

What's really going on in Harney, County Oregon?

Is there any truth in the news?

Even the FBI agents are Mormon Negotiators

Is the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge still occupied?

Why is there a MILITIA still in the PARKING LOT?



The FAA issues a HAZARDS TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction):

Is this a TALENT SHOW now at the Harney County Resource Center PARKING LOT?

The FBI says they can leave but then maybe not ???

You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave...?...

You're damned if you leave Harney County and you're damned if you stay.  So then there's only two words for anyone in Harney County, "YOU LOSE!"


Russia wants talks with OPEC to cut production and boost crude oil prices

All eyes on CRUDE OIL as Russia talks with OPEC

CRUDE OIL could rise rapidly with supply cuts

REMEMBER:  T. Boone Pickens expects $70 crude oil soon

Linsdey Williams is about to announce some news also regarding this...


Ted Cruz cannot be U.S. President according to a Constitutional Attorney

Do we have a U.S. CONSTITUTION?

*****The U.S.A. is in an UNCONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS*****

Is America a dying nation on its way to hell?


Who knows the U.S. CONSTITUTION anymore?

From Harney, County Oregon to Washington D.C.

The United States of America is DIVIDED over the U.S. CONSTITUTION

Seems when a REASONABLE DISCUSSION over the U.S. Constitution is requested it leads to great and unnecessary conflict.  Then the FBI is called in (along with agent provocateurs) and people end up dead.  Does anyone really uphold their OATH OF OFFICE or do we just have rank enemies of America running wild? QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS ARE RISING ACROSS THIS NATION.

Many have died and there are many injured parties as a result of all of this evil in our land:

Can we do what is right anymore in America?

The FBI is reportedly about to massacre even more peaceful occupants (perhaps also somewhat ignorant) who have legitimate U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL GRIEVANCES and WASHINGTON D.C. looks the other way and disregards the U.S. CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS.   America is beginning to look more and more like the enemies and adversaries of America seek to pervert justice and judgement and are prevailing against We the People with no regard for their oath of office. These truly are perilous times for America as we begin killing each other this rising Constitutional conflict. 

With the death of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupant and Rancher Robert "LaVoy" Finicum who was shot by FBI agents in a traffic stop on HIGHWAY 395 north of Burns, Oregon, there are questions that remain on how and what actually happened. 

Donald Trump recently TWEETED this in regards to Ted Cruz:

Here is the story on this in the Washington Post:

Our own President Obama bragged on himself at his last State of the Union Address that he taught Constitutional Law.  Glenn Beck recently bragged on Ted Cruz how Ted Cruz is a man of God and he is a man of the U.S. CONSTITUTION also.  But who really knows the U.S. CONSTITUTION? Is our current U.S. President even eligible for his last two terms?  

Our nation is really giving the appearance that nothing really matters anymore as we have watched justice being perverted along with a load of other problems given to us by years of oath of office violators as these enemies of America have been allowed to creep in and do all manner of mischief to this once great nation.

Do you want to make America great again?  Then vote for the one who keeps on telling you he desires to make America great again--Donald Trump.  If you don't we all LOSE this time around.

Listen to how one American feels about the current events here in America.  Trump is right that this nation is truly going to hell:


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The last men standing at the Bundy Ranch: The Malheur Militia Team



UPDATE:  There may be more going on here than I realized.  But honestly who can you believe to get any truth out of the news?  Nevertheless The News UNIT is monitoring:


This is our last hope in defense of the U.S. CONSTITUTION

Didn't they get the MEMO to STAND DOWN from Ammon Bundy? 

Guess not:

Well watch what happens...

Here's their YOU TUBE CHANNEL called "DefendYourBase."  It must be BASE CAMP then where they are located.  I think their time is running out now:


The FAA finally issued a HAZARDS TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction):

Cliven Bundy is furious over the murder of Robert (LaVoy) Finicum.  Will there be a dash cam video of this or body cam video?  


Janet Yellen avoids PRESS CONFERENCE after FOMC announcement


Where's Janet Yellen?

Janet Yellen makes a disappearance today:

Could it be Janet Yellen is avoiding UNCOMFORTABLE QUESTIONS?

Additional curious news reports below not given proper headlines today:


Malheur Militia's Last Stand in Harney County, Oregon



Where's Pete Santilli and Deb Jordan?

Your DONATION$ were greatly appreciated

On a flight to Costa Rica for a job well done?

Ammon Bundy relays message to MILITIA:


Ammon Bundy's Attorney tells the Malheur Militia to PLEASE STAND DOWN!

Alex Jones reappears for the coverage:

The BATTLE of BUNDY HILL is about to go down:

CLICK THIS LINK to get the latest LIVE VIDEO:

One guy is defecting from the militia.  Some remain to take back the Republic and the U.S. CONSTITUTION.  They will always be remembered.  Perhaps someone will erect a monument to the men that die here?  

Watch the Malheur Militia prepare for battle at the PARKING LOT:

What really happened with Robert "LaVoy" Finicum on HIGHWAY 395

There are many versions to the story:

Who's telling the truth?


FACEBOOK version-- Mark McConnell:


The whole thing was a lie and still is:


There's work to do there yet?  Really? What move some more boxes around with Indian artifacts?