Friday, January 29, 2016

Pete Santilli is out and INFOWARS is ON THE SCENE in Harney County, Oregon

*****INFOWARS takes over for Pete Santilli*****


INFOWARS at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge

And so stepping in for Pete Santilli we have INFOWARS on the scene now at the Bundy Ranch Standoff in Harney County, Oregon.  Got to fight them globalist psychological operations!

INFOWARS was on STAND DOWN while Pete Santilli initially played the lead clown in this FBI OPERATION and now INFOWARS takes over the show in the aftermath of all the controversy.  More news theater and more content creation will result now in this government approved operation.

So what exactly is the goal here?  Take back the Republic?  Sure! :-)

Alex Jones is calling this THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT

You will learn below that this situation went down exactly as Alex Jones predicted.  Now in the aftermath Jones says we can all learn from this.  Who's we?  You?

Deb Jordan can STAND DOWN now

Deb Jordan can STAND DOWN now and X-FILL out of here to rendezvous with Pete Santilli and be on their way to Costa Rica for a few months or more under new identities.  

So who's the BIGGER CLOWN?  Alex Jones? Joe Biggs? David Knight? or Pete Santilli? 



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