Thursday, February 28, 2013

Justifiable Homicide by LAW enFORCEment

Piers Morgan: The Good Irish Catholic Boy

Is the Vatican behind destroying The U.S. Constitution?

Notice that this RELIGION is acceptable to CNN

Piers Morgan is disquieted with the current pope retiring.  He's also upset with America.  Well watch the Roman Catholic Church and it's Vatican Government make a move to take down America and also introduce a complete reformation to tyranny, oppression, and also perversion.  

Those of you who think you are in the church that Jesus constructed might receive this strong delusion but those of us with renewed minds in Christ Jesus have no fellowship with this ungodliness.

Make no mistake about it they are now telling us that modern society needs to listen to the message of the Roman Catholic Church.  We are heading toward disarmament in America and then FORCED RELIGIOUS compliance, etc.  Get ready!  

I couldn't get on CNN and preach the gospel.  You can hardly get on there and uphold the U.S. Constitution.  So it is true that there is a major move on (perhaps Vatican funded) to destroy what remains of the last gasp of freedom for we the people in America:

Piers Morgan Entertains Atheists and Jew Haters

Piers Morgan has more freedom than American citizens to say whatever he wants and entertain whatever he wants but he is working with the enemies of freedom and liberty to take our unalienable rights and furthermore destroy the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights:

Piers Morgan needs to have David Casper of The News UNIT on his CNN show next.  I'll promise to uphold the U.S. Constitution and expose this enemy of America who seeks to destroy our freedom.


Maxine Waters says 170,000,000 jobs to be lost

That's 170 MILLION JOBS about to be lost

Representative Maxine Waters has a few things to say about SEQUESTRATION.   Good thing that LAW ENFORCEMENT COMBAT TEAMS will be on the increase with ASSAULT WEAPONS and MILITARY STYLE EQUIPMENT: 


Law Enforcement Assaults Keith Pantaleon


Seems people are starting to reveal the stories of our LAW enFORCEment COMBAT ASSAULT TEAMS that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms:

You're not the only one Keith who has had their character assassinated.  You're not alone!  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Meanwhile our elected officials inhabit the halls of Congress, the White House, and other offices and commit felony treason against the U.S. Constitution daily.  The POLICE STATE expansion here in the U.S.A. is only beginning.  Soon the laws will be in place (as some already are) to abolish the U.S. Constitution and replace it with the Supreme Court rulings.  It's just a matter of time to clear things up for the new Soviet Amerika:

I heard Alex Jones recently mention that there is a report circulating that all members of Congress are being paid off privately to work to disarm America through clever legislation:

Victim of Communism Warns America

There are people that are sounding the alarm but our nation is fast asleep and the enemies are taking on their assault with very little resistance:

Milwaukee Chief Of Police Edward Flynn Assaults We The People

Another OATH OF OFFICE violator

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn is in his element with this sodomite Anderson Cooper and will likely appear on Piers Morgan's CNN platform soon to follow.  Recently Milwaukee Country Sheriff David Clarke stepped up to uphold his OATH OF OFFICE while the Milwaukee Mayor and Chief of Police demonstrate their desire to disarm America:

STUDY THIS LINK.  This is a long load of POSTS: 

The Politics of Prevention

That's exactly what this is a HYPER-PREVENTION campaign to violate the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.  But it's going to happen!  The world is on course for destruction.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:


The WACO, Texas Butcher: The Day that Changed LAW ENFORCEMENT


Waco changed law enforcement within this country and worldwide forever."
--Peter Mastin, Retired ATF Agent

So Waco changed LAW ENFORCEMENT in this country and worldwide forever says this retired ATF Agent, Peter Mastin.  Well it doesn't take much other than simple observation to realize that LAW ENFORCEMENT has nothing but MILITARY STYLE WEAPONRY on our streets and even needed tanks for their Waco assault.  LAW ENFORCEMENT is now on patrol of our streets with MILITARY STYLE WEAPONS and COMBAT TEAMS capable of killing as many people as possible. 

There will be those that REMEMBER FOREVER


I believe what this man in the above video says that there is not a day go by that he does not remember Waco.  If fact there are many souls that shall do nothing but REMEMBER throughout eternity as they join a certain rich man in hell:

There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day:
And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores,
And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.
And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;
And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. 
And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.
But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.
And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that [would come] from thence.
Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father's house:
For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.  
Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. 
And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.
And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.
---LUKE 16.19-31

Ted Nugent and Gerald Celente visit with Alex Jones

America is ON COURSE to worthlessness

I don't doubt a CURRENCY DEVALUATION is coming.  What is interesting is how everything is being taken down across the STOCK MARKET SPECTRUM from equities and bonds to commodities and cash value.  It is more than an evil case for all America to be assaulted by those who seek to disarm Americans, cause financial ruin, and expand their LAW ENFORCEMENT COMBAT TEAMS:


Children no longer under parental rule

Government authority goes above the parents

Another example of overtaking we the people as the government takes the upper hand in defining who has rights to do certain things in accordance with government policy.  Not in accordance with our own freedom an liberty we are now subject to complete government intervention:

Meanwhile the government is stockpiling ammunition in preparation for civil unrest.  Even Sarah Palin announces this on her FACEBOOK page:


The Military Style Weapon Assault

Enemies of America continue their ASSAULT
Domestic and foreign enemies of we the people working together:
Piers Morgan (to Senator Feinstein), "Well you're doing a fantastic job on this tonight I absolutely applaud you. I urge you to continue."  

Senator Feinstein, "O Piers thank you you've been wonderful!  Thank you so much for your help!  It is uphill all the way."

The AR-15 above (or .223 WIN.) is not assaulting anyone

If Piers Morgan is such a concerned British citizen here residing in the U.S.A. and others want to remove "military style weapons" from the sreets of America then why do these weapons that "don't belong on the streets of our cities" inhabit the squad cars of our LAW enFORCEment?  If these weapons ONLY BELONG in the hands of the MILITARY then REMOVE THEM from the hands of LAW enFORCEment at once!  They do not need these assault weapons with high capacity magazines to POLICE we the people.  

Instead the country moving toward a POLICE STATE with legislation to slowly disarm citizens against growing LAW enFORCEment COMBAT TEAMS with all manner of military style weapons, armored vehicles, and other military equipment.  I would agree with Senator Dianne Feinstein that this is not the America that I want to live in.

Senator Dianne Feinstein says Piers Morgan has been wonderful with her during this uphill battle and thanks him.  She is also thanking various other enemies of America who are openly violating their OATH OF OFFICE.  The battle is with these enemies (both foreign and domestic) that are attacking we the people and assaulting the freedom and liberty they swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend.  

During the hearing our senators and elected officials and public servants love to coddle each other even while engaged in committing treason:

The .223 WIN. (or 5.56mm) is the AR-15

Where are we getting this nonsense that a .223 is such a "killing machine"?  Then get it out of the hands of our LAW enFORCEment so they don't seek to kill us!  LAW enFORCEment actually has FULL-AUTO or 3 SHOT BURST M-16's or M-4's on our streets.  A shotgun that is approved by Vice President Joe Biden can actually cut a body in half and create a hole the size of a basketball.

Seems like politicians like to create these "battles" to create more laws, chaos, and confusion in the face of we the people, The U.S. Constitution, and The Bill Of Rights.  They love to have it so.

Senator Dianne Feinstein says,  "...that 'gun culture' is letting bad things happen..."  Really?  What about that culture of NIGGAS, BITCHES, and HOES?  That culture of VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES?  I don't see why anyone would want to make songs about killing cops and civilians with guns, raping bitches and hoes, and mouthing all manner of violent perversions along with the VIDEO GAME CULTURE designed to have virtual killing sessions all over their screens.  The culture is PERVERTED and so are the POLITICIANS!  

This nation is in a very evil case with those who choose the violent perverted life and have demonstrated their appetite for the fruit thereof while those of us who choose a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty are now "potential terrorists" while our LAW enFORCEment is forever being armed and equipped with loads of MILITARY STYLE WEAPONRY to COMBAT we the people here on the homeland.

Below is the FULL SENATE HEARING on Senator Dianne Feinstein's ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN:

Goodbye America.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.   


Federal Gun Law Nullification Begins

 The road to CIVIL WAR begins again

This is the most important video you will ever watch in light of the current attack on we the people by this Federal Government monster and all the chaos and confusion that has been created since the country has been transformed from a Constitutional Republic into a Centralized Democracy at Appomattox Courthouse.

Many will not take the time to study this in great detail however you will avoid doing so at your own peril if you desire freedom and liberty to continue instead of a Federal Tyrannical POLICE STATE sprawling with LAW enFORCEment COMBAT TEAMS:

This proves how much Constitutional ignorance resides in the halls of our State Legislatures and this problem is either going to be realized and dealt with or it will be overturned and pinned down by authoritarian constraints:

Below is the U.S. Senate Judiciary Hearing on the Assault Weapons Ban:

Many of these OATH OF OFFICE violators like to define their unconstitutional laws as "PUBLIC POLICY".

Unconstitutional Immigration Checkpoints

THE U.S. POLICE STATE is trying to rise

We the people vs. LAW enFORCEment:  When our public servants try to force we the people into involuntary servitude something is certainly not right:


Crime Prediction Models and Forecasting

Accurate down to 500 square feet

Wow you could be asleep and the E.R.T. squadron could raid your house with the flash bang and then--SURPRISE!  (Well--SURPRISE may not be what you think :-))  But anyway imagine they could raid and clear your house break everything and shoot you and it would be ruled JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE:

Computer Aided Dispatch :-)--Oh yea


Police dispatch:  "ATTENTION ALL UNITS--COMPUTER REPORTS terrorist hold up at Wal Mart in progress,  two white males with handguns and assault rifles holding several hostages in middle of store.  ALL UNITS EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION AND MAINTAIN OFFICER SAFETY.  ERT and SWAT UNITS RESPOND 10-33.  ALL UNITS SWITCH TO TACT 2 CHANNEL."

Then the cops arrive, put Wal Mart on LOCK DOWN, surround the building and get ready to assault a whole bunch of shoppers.  Meanwhile 3 civilian guys are in there carrying concealed and have no idea what is going on but are concerned for their safety as doors have been locked out front and some black material is covering the glass so they cannot see outside.

Outside and unknown the police get ready to assault and raid the place military style putting everyone down and on the ground.  No manager has advised shoppers of what is going on and some women are crying and  rumors are flying that someone is trying to blow the building up and kill the people inside.   Someone dialed 911 and were told by the dispatcher to just stay inside Wal Mart as the situation outside is too dangerous and they would not tell them what is going on.

Then the guys with their weapons team up talk to management as some  manager has no idea what's going on but tells them to get to the middle of the store with the rest of the shoppers and sit there for their safety.  They decide to get out of there grab some extra ammo and a shotgun from sporting goods and head to a back door buy automotive where they are met with two plain clothes officers coming in a back door where there were wont to get out.  They exchange gunfire and the two officers are shot and killed.  They did not identify themselves as officers.   The citizens then try to escape outside but are met with a large E.R.T. and Sheriff squadron who immediately open fire on them as they run out a back door with drawn weapons.  All three men are killed.  But it's justifiable homicide by computer error.   

Later that day this story become Piers Morgan fodder for his CNN show and he goes on his rant about disarming Americans....etc...

How do you know if no one had a gun in the store that there wouldn't have been anyone shot?  You don't.  


The three men carrying concealed go to the center of the store as instructed and sit there.  They are told the police are here and everything will be all right.  All of the sudden everyone is sitting where they are supposed to be and the cops start to raid the place.  Several flash suppressors go off unawares and the guys with the guns draw and get ready thinking someone is shooting at them.  They take cover behind some shelves and wait while officers come in and finally identify themselves.  The three immediately holster their weapons and get ready to comply with LAW enFORCEment.  

Cops end up tackling several subjects on their way toward the group of about 50 people in the middle of the store put them all at gunpoint and make them comply to get on the floor face down.  One guy in an electric cart can't do it and the cops end up assaulting him down on the floor anyway.  Lots of screaming and the guys with the guns are found out to be carrying concealed.  The cops treat them like criminals and rough them up causing injury as two of them fit the computer discription in the computer call.  The cops beat the subjects with guns up and detain them while screaming and one woman goes into cardiac arrest over the commotion and dies later on.

One guy tries to fight the cops and tells them to back off and get's tasered and detained also.  

When everyone finally realizes that everything is OK and the call was bogus computer error there is 1 woman dead, 6 minor injuries from police recklessness and the 4 men injured and arrested for nothing and the usual POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS setup begins.  

I should write stories eh?   


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are you unusually tired lately?

Are we being put to sleep?

Could it be America is being lulled to sleep by large amounts of RF ENERGY from no longer just the already existing power grid and transmission lines, radio transmission towers and antennas but now from CELL TOWERS, MICROWAVE LINKS, SATELLITES, UTILITY SMART METERS, WATER SMART METERS, COMPUTER PROCESSORS?

BPA and human laboratory animals

By some of these reports you would almost be led to think that we are nothing but laboratory animals that are subject to SLOW COOKING BY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION and POISONED BY PLASTIC.  Perhaps this is being done to control a large amount of population and get them receptive to some sort of beast government?  Now that can't be!  That would be a conspiracy theory!  

I have to admit those of us who are in Christ Jesus by faith in his shed blood have an edge on the rest of you that are not.  We have a renewed mind and have the wisdom of God in a mystery which you cannot understand.  That is how we can deal with all of this.  Selah. 


Senate Judiciary Committee: ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN

The ASSAULT on we the people continues
These are our elected representatives (also called "lawmakers") in not only the Senate and House of Representatives but also those who inhabit the office of Chief of Police, Sheriff, and so forth who have sworn an OATH OF OFFICE to preserve, protect, and defend The Constitution Of The United States Of America.  And then they meet to swear and tell the whole truth and invoke divine agency with the phrase "so help me God." 

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) questions the testimony U.S. Attorney John Walsh and Milwaukee Police Chief, Larry Flynn:


Edward Flynn, Milwaukee Chief Of Police dishonors his OATH OF OFFICE:

Edward Flynn, Chief of Police, Milwaukee, Wisconsin says the AR-15 is a weapon designed for combat.  Well then, why does much of the nation's LAW enFORCEment have these real military style weapons along with S.W.A.T. TEAMS,  and other Emergency Response Teams including those of Sheriff's Departments, Police Departments, and State Patrol?  Then we really have MILITARY STYLE POLICE in our streets and we already have a POLICE STATE.  The final nail in the coffin is to DISARM we the people so that they can continually INTIMIDATE and SHOW POWER while in the colour of LAW enFORCEment: 

Some say get ready for more LAW enFORCEment COMBAT TEAMS as we have had our share of these demonstration already in America.  They are training weekly for this type of activity using other military style equipment for urban warfare and our own government is stockpiling weapons and ammunition to be used on we the people: 

FULL Senate Hearing

OFFENSIVE LAW enFORCEment explains guns

Emeryville, California Police Chief Ken James explains that police officers do not carry guns to defend themeselves;  they carry them to INTIMIDATE and SHOW POWER while in the color of LAW enFORCEment activities and in violation of their OATH OF OFFICE: 

 Government by popular opinion and talk show hosts

We have to throw in a little Piers Morgan for good measure because America has transformed a good portion of it's government into popular opinion and talk show hosts who are set out to steal, kill, and destroy we the people along with The U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights:

Piers Morgan stated the holes on the bodies of the Sandy Hook children were as large as baseball bats.  This foreign enemy of the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights continues to assault America:


Alex Jones: The best guest on The Howard Stern Show

Alex Jones had first sex at 12 years old

Alex Jones who appeared recently on the Howard Stern Show admitted to be quite a druggy and a real stud by 12 years old.  But when asked about anal sex or threesomes he didn't want to respond.  You don't believe this?  Here's the LINK:

Taking back the Republic

We already know Jesse Ventura would run with Howard Stern as his running mate.  Maybe we'd have some serious orgies in the White House?  Well we are becoming more and more sexually expressive these days so expect more of this.  Perhaps the age of adulthood needs to be dropped to 12?  Since they are already fornicating in 6th grade, drinking, doing drugs, etc. you might as well send them off to serve in Obama's Security Forces.

I could see a Ventura/Stern ticket.  Maybe the cabinet would include people like:
  • Alex Jones
  • Ron Paul
  • Sheriff Mack
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Max Keiser
  • Mimi Al Laham "Syrian Girl"
Either way we know we are going to take back the Republic.  And one final comment:

And may God bless America: 


Obama Violates 1st Amendment Free Press

Disarm America and End Free Press

And Americans think everything is OK

R.T. should like this actually.  Seems these Soviets aren't even happy with the destruction of America.  You can't please anyone today:

WALL STREET: Buy, sell, hold, or wait?

A word from all the experts


Buy my T-SHIRTS:

SELL IT ALL!  But buy silver and gold:

Senate Hearings begin on Dianne Feinstein's ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN

Piers Morgan loves to assault we the people

This guy cannot wait for his CNN presence to assault the right to keep and bear arms.  America will now morph into this hyper-preventative society and will now continue to make the nation and the world safe for democracy:

Piers Morgan assaults pizza store owner

Piers Morgan attacks a pizza store owner for giving discounts at his discretion to armed citizens.  Piers is not a big fan of this idea but it's not his store:


Santa Cruz, California LAW enFORCEment Encounters Active Shooter

Active Shooter Situation

Santa Cruiz, California---Multi-agency support with large POLICE presence called in for one subject.  Area residences were placed on LOCK DOWN.  Two detectives and one suspect killed:

Oakland, California---Meanwhile in Oakland, California residents take to the streets to patrol what they claim police officers cannot do.  Could it be the police officers are not well trained in dealing with criminal theft other than to make out the reports later?  They are good at doing traffic stops and harassing we the people with cameras but it looks like they are lacking according to this story:  

What this conflict was all about is not being reported:

Suspect had BODY ARMOUR and three handguns

LAW enFORCEment is stating that there is no doubt that this person would have harmed the community so the officers stopped an imminent threat.  This is a weird story without a cause but the end result is two dead and many people are now safe:


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Real SILVER Slave-Tards Exposed

The SLAVE-TARD award winning DOLT(s):

The multiple personality crew.  Enjoy:


More enemies of America seek to disarm we the people

MSNBC begins their assault on we the people

The Great Gun Confiscation Begins Shortly

Seems like Americans are joining hands to submit the tyranny and abolish the U.S. Constitution.  The real criminals are on assault against freedom and liberty.  The AR-15 Bushmaster is not assaulting the Bill Of Rights:

The new generation is coming out of college brainwashed because it is no longer allowed to learn American history nor is it allowed to uphold the U.S. Constitution but the new custom is to support "hope and change" and to "make the world safe for democracy":


Howard Stern Interviews Alex Jones



Michael Savage and Alex Jones Join Forces


The enemies of America are on the assault against we the people.  The attack is on against The U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights:

Are there any men left?

This nation is under more than attack.  It may be under IMPLOSION by designed demolition.  In any event there are very few men and the CASTRATION FACTOR is setting in now.  From my own observation I see these types of castration:
  • Chemical CASTRATION
  • Spiritual CASTRATION
  • And even some physical CASTRATION
Paul had a good thing to say about this and I agree with him:

I would they were even cut off which trouble you.

Mike Maloney: Currency vs. Money

Monday, February 25, 2013

COAL plants are shutting down

Goodbye COAL:  Hello SOLAR and WIND FARMS
So we have more WIND FARMS and SOLAR FARMS in the works.  No wonder SILVER is being taken down for this industry.  SILVER will drop severely now as there is a major demand for silver in large solar panel arrays.  Although it could go either way: 





Notice these are POLICE "INTERCEPTORS".  It's like LAW enFORCEment is lurking against we the people to INTERCEPT us and lock onto us as if we are targets for the INTERCEPT.  Are we targets?  

We the people are now the targets of the POLICE STATE.  We are all potential terrorists and potential mental cases subject to detainment and arrest at any moment:


Marriage is now dishonorable

Forbidding to marry and the fruits thereof

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
Forbidding to marry, [and commanding] to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
---I TIMOTHY 4.1-3

I remember when I started high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin there was a drama team that was acting a virtual wedding.  As a freshman I really thought it was something as this high school was a middle to upper class white private school and the exaltation of education and sports was the main criteria.  There was also a class called "Theology".  I remember getting a "D" in that and it was a terrible difficult study for me.  It was reading The Good News Bible and I knew nothing of the scripture.  That has all changed now since I am thankfully in Christ Jesus.

One thing I do remember in that particular school was a lot of chaos and confusion for me.  One minute you were supposed to be holy and the next we were having mixer dances and there was all manner parties and the gears were switched into experimenting with boyfriend and girlfriend activities.  Then you had to get into sports one way or another or you were looked at as if there was something wrong with you.  So I tried my best to comply with the wisdom of the world and found it incredibly unfruitful.  

It was the beginning of a new generation where education, sports, and excelling were the main purpose in life.  If you weren't heading for college to get a "degree" in general you were considered somewhat of an underachiever.  It is also a generation of what I have come to known as a generation that is "forbidding to marry".  

Forbidding to marry has encouraged a generation of fornication which now has grown into a generation of proud single parents, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and has thrown the natural use aside while embracing all manner of lasciviousness and lechery.  Marriage and weddings have just turned into another traditional party where you dress up, make a show of yourselves, make covenants of mistrust (called "prenuptial agreements"), get drunk, and get on with your "career".  And don't forget those "bachelor parties" just prior to the celebration.

A culture great of flesh

Now we can skip all of that and embrace dishonor toward God.  But then what do you expect from those who exalt the flesh and that don't fear God?  God is not in their thoughts!  We have what is called "friends with benefits".  If you don't know what that is LOOK IT UP.   We are now a generation of basically animals or perhaps what could be described as brute beasts.  Here's the new fruit thereof:
  • Proud single parents (usually mothers)
  • divorce and remarriage
  • children juggled between mom's, dad's, step parents,...
  • fornication
  • adultery
  • mental illness
  • legal drugs
  • illegal drugs
  • drunkenness
  • government aid and poverty
  • various other perversions 
How about I just sum it up with this:

Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
---GALATIANS 5.19-21

How are we doing?  Are we honorable and undefiled?  Or are we defiled and dishonorable?  Selah.

To many of you this message is not in your interest.  It's actually out of your element.  Ignore it then and embrace God's STRONG DELUSION and pay attention who the next pope is going to be.  Don't even bother to COMMENT.

Marriage is still honorable with God

Even while man seeks to reinvent government and even reinvent God's word forever settled in heaven marriage is still honorable.  Those who dishonor God can do so at their own peril.  Those of us who know this we have the mind of Christ.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:

Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.
---HEBREWS 13.4


Alex Jones holding off on GIGANTIC NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT

Alex Jones to reveal BIG NEWS STORY

It is unclear what the specifics or this announcement is but it has to do with the media.  Could Alex Jones end up like Andrew Breitbart?  I don't know.  But something major is stirring and Alex Jones has been advertising GIGANTIC NEWS on INFOWARS coming all this week and into next.  There is something very major going on in America and if you aren't paying attention now you might want to tune in:


He just announced that HOMELAND SECURITY is funding a new DRONE PROGRAM to target GUN OWNERS.  He has mentioned so many guests coming up this week including but not limited to:
  • Ron Paul
  • Michael Savage
  • Ted Nugent
  • and many, many others
THE NEWS IS JUST TOO CRITICAL for EVERY AMERICAN and The News UNIT is going to direct all interests to INFOWARS for their complete coverage and BREAKING NEWS WIRE REPORTS.  I will be standing by as a satellite news finder for other critical items. 


Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

Today's INFOWARS Broadcast 


National of Islam Security Force Recruits: Chicago Gang Members

The Nation Of Islam Armed Forces
Led by Louis Farrakhan

America to give allegiance to our enemies?

"Gangbangers are natural soldiers." 
---Louis Farrakhan

Is this Obama's Civilian National Security Force?  Or is this General Farrakhan and his National Islamic Security Force to enforce Sharia Law?  
Whichever it is it is certainly a new and dangerous breed of GANG ACTIVITY all in the name of LAW enFORCEment.

MEANWHILE:  The Obama regime seeks to disarm we the people of the United States Of America.  Of course this is only a CONSPIRACY THEORY so sit back, relax, and get ready for the baseball season now. 

The New African Islamic Armed Forces

Get ready for the Nigga Nation:  More Mo-fos, bitches and hoes and shoot cops and more mothafukers.  Great!

I thought maybe Alex Jones was stretching things a bit but I really think America is headed for a revolution now.  It might be just ahead on the calendar:

Farrakhan Hates Israel

Notice this hater of America and Israel mocks what he calls "The Star of David".  That is not the star of David at all it is actually the star of Remphan according to the word of God which of course Farrakhan (and many others) wouldn't understand.  Farrakhan however upholds his perverted doctrine and now even seeks to destroy The United States Of America through his religion.  Study The Nation Of Islam at THIS LINK:

Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.
---ACTS 7.43

The honorable Elijah Muhammad is their Saviour

Watch this! 


Sunday, February 24, 2013

GUN CONFISCATION soon coming to we the people

America soon to be disarmed
"America get ready for global collapse because things are moving in high gear."
---Alex Jones, Executive Director, INFOWARS

Alex Jones and INFOWARS are incredibly on top of this LAWLESS push to disarm we the people.  This is the largest and most vicious offense ever put on America since The American Revolution:

Know the enemies of we the people

The OATH OF OFFICE violators must be considered domestic enemies of America since they seek to steal, kill, and destroy we the people rather than to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of The United States which they swore an oath to affirm: 

Ted Nugent Rules!

Ted Nugent had a few things to say about Piers Morgan.  You need to be well aware of Piers Morgan and CNN.  Study this LINK: 

Ted Nugent urges all Americans to get in the NRA (National Rifle Association).  I also like Larry Pratt's Gun Owners of America.  Time to get busy people!  There just are not any other choices.


Go to, make us gods to go before us...

3D printing technology is developing extremely fast...

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, [even] to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.
---DANIEL 12.4

What to expect from all of this?  The wicked shall do wickedly:

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.
---DANIEL 12.10

The Roman Catholic Church Sex Orgies

The Vatican and the Vicar Of Christ


The next Vicar of Christ is lurking

Who's the next in the boy's club?

Time to kick the pope


Eat, drink, sleep, and take medicine at the government's instruction

Rawdog whatever you do, don't start the revolution without me:

Next Mental Health enFORCEment


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rawdog's In Depth Silver Investigation

Raw Dog could write a book

Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.
---JAMES 5.3


This is well done Rawdog.  Well done!  All the KOOKS from SGTbull07 and BrotherJohnF should see this video along with many others who have been pumping this shit for the last three years:

This video deserves THUMBS UP:

King World News Weekly Metals Wrap

The KWN Weekly Metals Wrap has revealed that there is a large SHORT INTEREST in both GOLD and SILVER now with a flight into EQUITIES instead.  This is the time where the world will move into ELECTRONIC CURRENCY.  There is very little interest in investing in COMMODITIES right now.  SILVER is violating support and all CHARTS indicate LOWER PRICES TO COME.  

Dan Norcini says watch out if SILVER violates $26 then $24 is soon to follow.  LOOK OUT BELOW! 


Regarding the SILVER and GOLD pumpers

One thing I never liked about this gang was how they would attack anyone who considered a price drop in GOLD and SILVER and would mention it.  I have even had death threats over this.  Many of these financial terrorists act like they are Constitutional Americans and supported Ron Paul but inwardly they were ravenous wolves.

I remember at one particular time they had it in for Cory C. and Raw Dog for some reason and because I posted Cory's and Raw Dog's videos I was fiercely attacked on The News UNIT.  I learned quick about some of the main players in the NIA and so forth and began exposing them.  There are several Canadians involved in this silver mafia too.  But they are running out of steam now as the market turns against them.

Here at The News UNIT I am going to lean into their scams something fierce.  I'm waiting for the right time to blow a big story that is going to shake GOLD and SILVER to the floor.  Quite honestly I expect GOLD to go lower than $800 and SILVER to drop below $15 this year.  It will not rise again as the economy is headed toward major commodity price suppression.  The only way to invest now is to WAIT or know how to handle the Wall Street Casino.  A major STOCK MARKET CORRECTION is lurking even though the DJIA could climb toward 15,000 it's not likely that it will do so.  Be ready for a very vigorous shake out and to top it off there will be utter chaos and ruin.

If you want a little peek into the abyss of "alternative media" then take a peek below here.  One thing I have not mentioned is many of these clowns transitioned from Amateur Radio groups along with Short Wave Broadcast stations right before the internet took off.  Now radio has been mostly shoved aside and YOU TUBE is a highly used medium along with websites and so forth.  The mission of many of these alleged "truthers" is actually to destroy this nation as they profit financially from the ruin.  What they don't realize is they are headed toward great peril themselves but it will be too late.

There's so much more to this I cannot cover it and you will have to use the TOP LEFT SEARCH ENGINE window here on The News UNIT to search KEY WORDS and PHRASES.  I suggest searching the following for starters:
  • The Sons of Liberty
  • Thrive Movement
  • Torus Energy
  • Dutchsinse
  • Sean Turnbull
  • SGTbull07
  • BrotherJohnF
  • NIA
  • Sprott Cartel
  • Sprott Brothers
As stated above there is so much more to this it's incredible but it's really not important.  Just ignore most of it and don't act on any financial advice.  All these things are being done as role playing against an entire group of victims unawares.  Beware!  

This entire circus is a bit entertaining but it is also a waste of time.  Funny thing is they have been crying wolf for years now and lying to people and now the big bad government wolf has really arrived.  And you know what?  Nobody cares.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Called "The nations most contaminated nuclear site"
THREAT to GROUNDWATER and RIVERS is a major concern:


First Baptist Church Pastor Seeks 16 Year Old Escort

Cash, Condoms, and the gospel of Christ

And he had a wife?  Maybe she was defrauding him?  Oops!

At times men like this want to be like David.  But later they repent and get right with God again.....:-).....PERVERTS!...FORBIDDING TO MARRY!...YOU'RE GUILTY!... 


Florida is packing arms and ammunition

Florida:  Stand Your Ground

And the enemies of the U.S. Constitution are always lurking nearby:

American Veterans under GUN CONFISCATION attack

The OATH BREAKERS are ASSAULTING we the people
The War On Veterans
More warnings as we head toward additional conflict.  Our OATH BREAKERS in the halls of Congress and The White House are always telling we the people about their "War on Terror".  Well now there's a "WAR ON VETERANS" which adds additional insult on we the people: 

Mental Health Enforcement

The MENTAL HEALTH INDUSTRY will team up with LAW enFORCEment:

Bend over for Mexico?

Remember how our government works to hand over rights to illegals but wants to DISARM we the people and take our rights:


Lawmakers Create Marijuana Mayhem

Freedom continually assaulted by LAWLESS LAWMAKERS
It's all about ENTRAPMENT through more LAWS

How many NANOGRAMS will be difficult to test but as usual bureaucrats have to have something to do to make more problems while assaulting the liberties and freedoms of those that don't even seek to cause injury to another while in the course of life and travel.  You can smoke all the cigarettes you want and be loaded to the gills with tar and nicotine but watch out for that marijuana and THC.  LAW enFORCEment still wants to tackle, taser, and taunt those who might be toking on a bowl:



Technology To Get Under Your Skin


Highly educated godless digital and electronic technicians and engineers are beginning to believe THE STRONG DELUSION sent by God himself.  The world is now shuffling toward the man of sin, the son of perdition.  Soon the technology will be ready to be deployed for the mark given to those who are not in the Lamb's book of life:

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.  
---REVELATION 13.17-18

A combination of digital RF and biometric technology is soon to be introduced bringing the nation into a completely controlled and cashless society:


Alex Jones reveals the GUN CONFISCATION ASSAULT on we the people

Alex Jones, Executive Producer and Syndicated Radio Host of INFOWARS and PRISON PLANET T.V. reveals what is going on as THE ASSAULT ON WE THE PEOPLE to DISARM AMERICA continues.  Alex exposes CNN along with Piers Morgan (an active foreign enemy of America) and how our own government enemies want to promote their POLICE STATE through more LAWLESS LAW enFORCEment:


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ammunition prices rise 145% in two months

Ammunition gains 145% return

And this is only STAGE ONE in the BULL MARKET

Preppers should have been stackin' ammunition and arms instead of GOLD and SILVER.  But it's the same thing you buy and never sell for when SHTF. :-)  I'd be more inclined to believe that S will HTF and you'll need arms and ammunition before you'll need GOLD and SILVER:

You better get stackin' some ammo!  Could this be manipulation?

Some say ammunition is going to rise another 500% in the next 6 months as distributors are already restricting purchases by customers.  Now why did Homeland Security buy all that ammunition?  They are just going to export that stash and sell it for higher prices.  There's more to this gun control than people think.  Arms and ammunition are going to be a big commodity now.  Mark it down!


Heinz Insider Trading Turns $90,000 into $1.8 MILLION

Investing in (HNZ) KETCHUP

HNZ and GS are cooperating


Larry Pratt upholds the right to keep and bear arms


Right now we have enemies both foreign and domestic that are assaulting we the people and the right to keep and bear arms.  They want to define life they're way and take away freedom and liberty.  

Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America is standing up to these ignorant tyrants as they argue to support disarming Americans and support more LAW enFORCEment and POLICE STATE intervention:

The Benefits of Sun Gazing with Barnone11970

Barnone is up to 21 minutes of sun gazing
"It's like handling a's perfectly safe..."
---Chris "barnone11970"


Barnone's sun gazing benefits include:
  • At the 15 minute mark you EYESIGHT IS IMPROVED
  • At the 30 minute mark ILLNESSES ARE GONE
  • 45-50 minutes:  Mentally you're just at ease with the world
I can't wait to see when he gets to 45-50 minutes and he finally becomes mentally at ease with the world.   Mentally right now barnone11970 is rather narcissistic in his personality traits:


Joe Biden says Get a Shotgun


Vice President Joe Biden says you don't need an AR-15 so instead get a shotgun.  Great!  I recommend getting an AA-12 instead of a DOUBLE BARREL as Joe Biden suggests.  A DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN is harder to load and after you shoot two rounds off your front porch you have to reload and you may end up getting shot.  So really an AR-15 is better than a DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN but above that get the real SHOTGUN which is THE AA-12:


Easy use. Easy to aim.  Safer to use then an AR-15.  Time to get the Bill Of Rights back and own one of these since right now it's INFRINGED:

Piers Morgan should schedule himself to shoot an AA-12 with some Russians and hopefully upon his arrival they will take him hostage and send him to a Siberian Prison: 

Seriously if you WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW this is a very good piece of arms and ammunition which is not supposed to be infringed.  It's even so simple a child could use it:  [TIME 04:44]  This gun has ABSOLUTELY NO RECOIL.  Joe should get his wife one of these.  They probably do have one. :-)


Max Keiser's Prediction Has Come True

The 26 week countdown ends in April
  • Hyperinflation
  • Currency Collapse
  • GOLD and SILVER skyrocket
There's no doubt Max Keiser's prediction has come true.  He said that about three years ago he said you would see the collapse accelerate within three years.
---Alex Jones, INFOWARS Executive Producer

Max Keiser is the inventor of The Hollywood Stock Exchange Virtual Trading System.   Max Keiser announced his "26 week countdown" October 1, 2012:

Right about here everyone in America needs to take GOLD and SILVER seriously.  If you don't sell everything and buy GOLD and SILVER you're going to miss the train as it leaves the station.  Keep stackin'!


David Morgan Says Silver Forming Base

Silver Subsidence

The News UNIT calls the SILVER DOWNTREND as being SILVER SUBSIDENCE.  It's analogous to a meteorological term and very fitting in both technical and fundamental analysis.  So if you're wondering what to do here with all the advice from your favorite guru let me cut through all the confusion and uncertainty and say simply WAIT.  Yes that's right WAIT.  Don't do anything.  Let the market rot and WAIT.  In the meantime keep stacking that cash money because right now CASH IS KING:


Las Vegas Gunfight

Rolling Shootout on Las Vegas Strip

A gunfight occurred between two vehicles on the Las Vegas Strip today.  Too bad HossUSMC wasn't there to stop the threat:

The media doesn't need this one for gun control.  It was probably between two groups of Obama supporting Nigels:

BrotherJohnF Special Interview by Cyrus Hojjaty

How much silver should you save?

BrotherJohnF advises to only save a fraction of your disposable money.  For example you can save maybe a 10 cent piece of junk silver a week. 

Also this Cyrus blockhead brings up "Rawdoglet" and how they don't trust him or take him serious.  Two complete doltish blockheads:

This is really some of the weirdest vanity I have heard and I really think many of these people could be mentally insane:


Ali Syed Shotgun Rage Shootings

The shotguns are shooting people now

Maybe this guy was a terrorist?  Or would that be racial profiling?  At least we know we are all potential terrorists.  All the officials and experts will clear this up later for us: 

Why all these shootings?

Are we being lied to?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Meet the dolt barnone11970:
The tough guy :-) 

I've been blocked by the dolt barnone11970 now with his ever increasing infinite wisdom of all talk and no action. Typical dumb American. There are many.

Imagine that guy in the trenches during a revolution?

He might have to take some time out to do sun gazing in between his reality distortions:

barnone11970 bought gold under $700 an ounce and a lot of silver under $25 an ounce and in a safe locked up waiting for the future:  Come on VELVET CULT make another video so I can get a good laugh. :-)

Here's some therapy for barnone.  The natural man thrives on this too: