Monday, September 30, 2013

GOLD and SILVER are making headlines again


GOLD and SILVER interest is increasing now as the U.S. Government debt increases exponentially.  There will be no way to ignore the financial nightmare that threatens global financial solvency:

Ted Cruz on The Affordable Care Act

Senator Ted Cruz UPDATE

Ted Cruz says Obamacare is a DISASTER, a TRAIN WRECK, and a NIGHTMARE...and it should be be repealed in it's entirety:

President Obama Addresses America on GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN


"'s important that everybody understand the Federal Government is America's LARGEST EMPLOYER:  More than 2 MILLION CIVILIAN WORKERS and 1.4 MILLION ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY served in all 50 states and all around the world.  In the event of a government shutdown hundreds of thousands of these dedicated public servants who stay on the job will do so without pay and several hundred thousand more will be immediately and indefinitely furloughed without pay.  What of course will not be furloughed are the bills that they have to pay..."
--President Barack Hussein Obama


Obama exclaims that Affordable Health Care cannot be shut down

Obama is addressing the Affordable Care Act along with The Government Shutdown:

"Good afternoon everybody:  Of all the responsibilities the Constitution endows to Congress two should be fairly simple:  Pass a budget and pay America's bills..."
--President Barack Hussein Obama
  • Affordable care act moving forward
  • Accuses Republicans of extracting ransom
  • Asks House Republicans to do the right thing
  • All of us will hurt if government shuts down
  • Essential employees will remain on their posts...paychecks could be delayed
  • NASA will shut down but MISSION CONTROL will remain open
  • Office buildings will close
  • Various delays...etc...
  • Air Traffic Control will remain operating
  • National Parks and Monuments will close 
  • All of this can be prevented if the House Of Representative will do what the Senate already has done... 
Americans can SHOP ONLINE at for Affordable Health Care.

Dave Ramsey: The Christian Finance Guru with all the answers

Tough guy David Ramsey

"...If that happened in my house they'd be laying on the floor looking up."
--Dave Ramsey

Blame the non-biological father who if he layed hands on her then he'd be abusive, etc.  Sorry Ramsey you don't have the wisdom of Solomon on this one!

The real problem here is that the couple is reaping what they've sown from fornication, adultery, and their own ignorance and they seek man to give them the answers in a few minutes on a radio talk show. 

Why are we putting up with this crap you ask?  What did the daughter really do dummy?  VERBALLY ABUSIVE is just mere MENTAL HEALTH TERMINOLOGY.  What did she even say?  This is all Christian entertainment which is really a load of fluff:

Let's all scream together for FINANCIAL PEACE with Dave Ramsey:  What a blessing!


Secure Your Freedom: BUY SILVER COINS

The Silver Bullet Silver Shield Strategy

Chris Duane explains what he calls "The Silver Bullet Silver Shield Strategy."  It's about securing your freedom, showing humanity the way, protecting yourself from this fraudulent system, and being a blessing unto others...

Cory C. used to call this the SILVER RELIGION.  It does sound sort of like THE GOSPEL OF SILVER.  Is Chris Duane a preacher?  I heard BrotherJohnF might be a preacher too.  And how about Sean Turnbull? 

Meanwhile we do have a president that laughs at debt and we have a majority of representatives in Washington D.C. that violate their OATH OF OFFICE.  If the government shuts down what would it really hurt? 

The SYYenergy7 SILVER Strategy

SILVER is going ABOVE $50 in 2014 and he's going to sell some ABOVE $60 and selling in small increments ABOVE $100...This is all based on FIBONACCI and HEBREW CALENDAR measurements...


Government Shutdown Hurts Department Of Justice

Eric Holder's JUSTICE DEPARTMENT Keeps America Safe

Really DOJ?  None of we the people would miss you OATH OF OFFICE VIOLATORS telling us how safe we are because of you:

Democrats make war with Republicans in America

Democrats say Republicans making war on women

Along with the Democrats saying the Republicans are holding America hostage and threatening government shutdown they now are saying Republicans are attacking women.  This is good because I notice every interview with a Republican so far (that I've seen) has been a person that actually is representing we the people while those of the Democrats has been revealing that they are serving their master Obama.

The Democrats care not for their OATH OF OFFICE nor do they care for WE THE PEOPLE:

The war on women?

I have to ask the same question again:  Are you a Democrat, Republican, or an American? 

MEANWHILE:  Why is President Obama laughing at ISSUED DEBT?  I think he knows...


Chicago Commuter Trains Collide Dozens Injured

MAJOR Stock Market Concerns On WALL STREET


WALL STREET faces U.S. DEBT CRISIS coupled with Government SHUT DOWN

Obama laughs at issued debt:

"...America is the bedrock of world investment.  The dollar is the reserve currency.  The debt that is issued by the Treasury is the foundation [chuckle] for our capital markets.  That's why you don't fool with it!"
--President Barack Hussein Obama


Some analysts say 20% CORRECTION LIKELY




Atlantic City Police beat and release K-9 dog on subject

Another police beating caught on video

Atlantic City, New Jersey--The subject in video is reported to be David Castellani who was kicked out of a casino for being underage.  Some kind of verbal confrontation with police occurred prior to the officers jumping and beating the man along with unleashing a K-9 dog on him:

Marc Faber Comments On U.S. Economy and Janet Yellen

Marc Faber says America is in QE UNLIMITED

Marc Faber says Janet Yellen will make Ben Bernanke look like a hawk:

I missed this Marc Faber interview on Bloomberg from September 18, 2013.  There really hasn't been many interviews with him as in the past.  Some of the highlights include:
  • QE benefits the top 3% of the population in America 
  • Only 11% of Americans own stocks
  • Janet Yellen's savings account plan for America  
Janet Yellen apparently favors Americans losing 5% of there bank accounts annually.  Get ready for NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES:


Ron Paul Introduces Home School Freedom Curriculum

Training Children Up In The U.S. Constitution

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

$250 per family

Americans have work to do:  If you really care about America and want to keep this country from being taken over by enemies both foreign and domestic you will have to vote in representatives who do not violate their oath of office to the U.S. Constitution to which they take an oath to preserve, protect, and defend:

STUDY The U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights:



Fellowship in the gospel

The gospel of Christ 

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.
--ROMANS 1.16-17


Sunday, September 29, 2013


It's only paper!

PAYMENT DUE:  October 17, 2013

Obama laughs at debt:



Likely to cause GEOMAGNETIC STORMS and AURORAS on Earth...We may need to be concerned about SATELLITES...





REPUBLICANS hold America hostage


ABC says 99.9% chance it WILL HAPPEN:

President Obama laughs at debt:

The nation is in peril..BANKS PREPARE FOR COLLAPSE:




CNN says you'll hardly notice it UNLESS it continues...


Those in Christ Jesus rest with us...



Sean Turnbull CRIES WOLF again for COLLAPSE


Now the BIG BAD WOLF arrives and NOBODY CARES 

Sean Turnbull says all of these things they are going to talk about are true.  But there's a very big problem here as these PUMPERS and FEAR MONGERS have been crying wolf for a long time now and most people are not caring anymore.  What will happen now as NOBODY CARES?

The Sons of Liberty cult is hard at work deceiving and being deceived.  Sad thing is they have actually used TRUTH with their LIES and continue to make merchandise of people unawares.  

And so now these messengers say that the BANKS ARE GEARING UP FOR THE COLLAPSE.  What collapse?  Where?  Cyprus?  Panama?  Greece?  The U.S.A.?

Listen to Sean Turnbull talk with his guest Dave Hodges here talk about the banks gearing up for the collapse.  Will they be disappointed this week? 

Who is this Dave Hodges?  He is a SOCIOLOGY TEACHER that is studying EFFECTING SOCIAL CHANGE:  

Some of the TOPICS in the VIDEO BELOW are:
  • The power grid shutdown in October
  • Civil unrest
  • 3/4 of Americans are going to start shooting everyone
  • firearms
  • food
  • emergency preparedness
  • false flags


President Obama laughs at ISSUED DEBT

Is debt a laughing matter?

Obama's recent address on Iran and Republicans along with the pending government shutdown:

Obama on what raising the DEBT CEILING really means: 

"..let's get this done.  This brings me to Congresses' second responsibility: Once they vote to keep the government open they also have to vote within the next couple of weeks to allow the Treasury to pay the bills for the money that Congress has already spent.  I want to repeat raising the debt ceiling is simply authorizing the Treasury to pay for what Congress has already authorized..."

"...America is the bedrock of world investment.  The dollar is the reserve currency.  The debt that is issued by the Treasury is the foundation [chuckle] for our capital markets.  That's why you don't fool with it!"

--President Barack Hussein Obama

Are you a Democrat, Republican, or an American?

Demoncrats vs. Repuppetclans

Do we have any Americans left to represent we the people?

The nation is sinking into chaos

The media thrives on destruction and misery


NEW PARTY:  "Republican Tea Party Extremists"

The hatred in America is growing as this nation becomes more and more of a MIXED MULTITUDE.  Notice this DNC Chairwoman here is inventing another CATEGORY for the REPUBLICAN PARTY called "Republican Tea Party Extremists."   She also wants to ignite additional controversy with her own MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSIS for these Republicans and diagnose them as IRRATIONAL and NOT PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK....

Don't be an EXTREMIST

The DNC woman above and her mocking of certain Republicans calling them "EXTREMISTS" reminds me of this old sermon by Evangelist Oliver B. Greene:


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Unusual amount of FIREBALLS in the sky

Perhaps the LORD God is shaking the heavens?

This is true although where I live I'm underneath an overcast tonight but lately I can confirm I have seen more vivid shooting stars or meteors than ever before when out at night over even the last several months to a year.  The frequency of them is unusually greater than I have ever noticed before:

UNCONFIRMED:  Home in Ohio may have been hit by meteor that killed two occupants:

The Domestic War On Crime

Armored Vehicles Come To USA POLICE 

Government waste, fraud, and abuse increasing

We the people are slowly moving to be UNDER SURVEILLANCE and UNDER PATROL which leads to the next step which is UNDER ARREST.  After all we all are now POTENTIAL TERRORISTS and CRIMINALS:


Experimenting with ELF and a Rife Machine

Syyenergy7 and his RIFE MACHINE experiments

After a little hit of ETHER

Georges Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator 

Notice he says you can actually feel the low frequencies in your body.  Is this the similar equipment that Aaron Alexis was involved in before he carried out the Navy Yard massacre?  It's worth a very careful observation to see what people are actually up to in their homes.

One reader on YOU TUBE left a comment about his suspicions with this type of technology.  I'm wondering if we have people out there doing experiments on their neighbors.  He does keep telling how these frequencies have an effect on the human body.

The comment below was left on this guy's channel.  This all seems very creepy to me:


Certain technology is very dangerous today! You seem to be an agent! People in top position kill their enemies/competitors by using technology! Any clown knows that cancer can be given through radiation!
However, it's hard for the average person to believe how technology is so advance today, that there are so many diseases a person can pass on to his enemies without even touching them - this is how advanced technology has become today!
This is why no one should fuck about with technology!

   Georges Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator

At the VERY BEGINNING OF THIS VIDEO you'll see this Georges Lakhovsky's Multi-wave Oscillator.  I guess it produces ETHER and you take a whiff of this before you get on YOU TUBE to talk about SILVER:


GOLD Breakout Above $1,500 by November

Analyst predicts GOLD likely to breakout above $1,500


GUESS WHO is the mystery ANAL-yst?  Leave COMMENT below...


GOLD and SILVER Mantra: "Keep STACKIN'!"

Don't worry keep stackin'

Just ask:
  • Greg Mannarino
  • Peter Schiff
  • Bob Chapman
  • Chris Duane
  • Sean Turnbull (SGTbull07)
  • Mike Maloney
  • SYYenergy7
and many many others:


Look at it News UNIT...Look at it!

Silver New Jack is STACKIN'  

Those look like Peter Schiff's GOLD CHOCOLATE BARS he was promoting a short time ago.  See this LINK: 

Silver New Jack must have been listening to Lindsey Williams.  The rest of you have only until January 1st to buy GOLD.  After that you're sunk! :-) 

Here's a song for you stackers:

This is my best Silver New Jack...anyone else dare to try?...


Dan Norcini Explains Bear Market Trend in GOLD and SILVER

US DOLLAR refuses to break down


All the financial propaganda from PRECIOUS METALS advocates and the SILVER CULT can be dismissed by reading some accurate market depictions by visiting Trader Dan Norcini's website at THIS LINK: 

There is no such thing as INVESTING anymore

You cannot fight against the powers that be who have demonstrated their complete control on the financial markets and trends thereof no matter what anyone has been taught in ECONOMICS CLASSES or any advanced FINANCIAL STUDIES.  Technical studies and fundamental studies with their related theorems, proofs, and postulates have proven to be skewed now as every market sector is modulated by news events and the mysterious workings of insider traders coupled with high frequency trading algorithms. 

So my conclusion is there is NO SUCH THING AS INVESTING anymore.  There is only TRADING which is essentially GAMBLING and RIDING THE WAVES of what I call The Wall Street Casino. 

How SHORT SELLING corrupted the financial markets

This one will be left to the reader to decide for themselves but it is the opinion of this journalist that this economy is being not only manipulated but restructured so as to create an environment to torment the small investor.  All we essentially have now is an electronic bulletin board or lottery of equities in which investors place their bets LONG or SHORT.  Trading platforms have become increasingly complex and strategies are met with computers that have been designed to favor large companies and fund managers who are in league with the criminal banking cartels while they target to destroy the working class investors.

To study more on SHORT SELLING and how it has wreaked havoc in the financial markets read these LINKS: 


Gerald Celente on the CFTC and SILVER

More of the same with Gerald Celente

Celente talks about the CFTC and SILVER

Although I like listening to Gerald Celente, it is admittedly mostly for entertainment as I don't take him entirely too seriously.  He'd be a good guy to meet at the cafe and talk current events though.  But to come up with solutions to the problems he really doesn't have any substance nor does he have the wisdom of God in these matters:


Celente also appeared with Greg Hunter recently on a VIDEO INTERVIEW BELOW:


The KWN Weekly Metals Wrap: September 28, 2013

Eric King, Bill Haynes, and Dan Norcini

 Not a lot of conviction in the metals right now

It's been a while since I've listened to this.  This is usually a good report and rather straightforward and especially Dan Norcini has a no nonsense market analysis.  He also has a website at this LINK:

This is always a good report:

President Obama Negotiates with Iran

 Negotiating with the enemies of America

HISTORY:  Neville Chamberlain meeting Adolf Hitler

AVOID SILVER but you can think about going long?

Another Silver ANAL-yst

This guy blocked The News UNIT also.  In fact The News UNIT is blocked from making COMMENTS on YOU TUBE at at least these channels:
  • Greg Mannarino
  • SGTbull07
  • BrotherJohnF
  • SYYenergy7
  • FXEmpirePortal
  • PastorDowell 
  • TheDayTradeShow
Keep you predictions simple.  Here's mine:
  • DJIA 20,000 during the calendar year 2014
  • GOLD and SILVER = a waste of time
  • US DOLLARS will get more numerous and remain strong worlwide
  • CRUDE OIL prices will rise along with PUMP PRICES for consumers
  • FOOD prices will rise
  • Maintaining financial solvency will be increasingly difficult
  • All in all the word of God will be fulfilled


Comet ISON is on the way

Take Me To The Water

Pastor James David Manning

"So and so...having confessed that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Saviour I baptize thee this night in the name of the Father and in the name of the Son and in the name of the Blessed Holy Ghost..."  ( AUDIENCE: CLAP, CLAP, CLAP,..AMEN...)
--Pastor Manning

Oh I love Jesus

More alleged Christians who are completely deceived into thinking that baptism is getting dunked in water.  There's no WATER in these verses below.  Just shows you how people can be led to more corruption of the word of God as even an alleged "PASTOR" stands to read these verses to people who cannot even comprehend what is being read:

Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?
Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.
--ROMANS 6.3-4


Pastor Rick Warren Exalts Communism

Get over it; it's a joke?

America's Pastor Rick Warren is showing his true colors: 

Rick Warren is also teaming up with CNN's Piers Morgan to tackle The Bill Of Rights next and he has other political motivations:


Friday, September 27, 2013

RT America is more than just media

Strippers are great bitches

and they will cast you down

For she hath cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her.

Mayor Cory Booker and Lynsie Lee

They love to lure in men and then they like to expose them for all to see while explaining to everyone that many are so judgmental about strippers.  These women are a very growing industry in America and I suspect RT has an interest in this as well--guaranteed. 

Just goes to show you that TWITTER and FACEBOOK are NOT SECRET MESSAGES.  There are NO SECRETS ONLINE.  All things are naked and open:

The stripper industry is a PROFESSION


"America is so judgmental and so puritanical in most of the states..."
---Lynsie Lee

Hey Cory why not HOOK UP with her? :-)

You know we really should have President Jesse Ventura and Vice President Howard Stern in America.  That would really bring on a new SEXUAL REVOLUTION.   Hurry up guys you can hire The News UNIT as one of your secret service professionals.  There might be some opportunities there.   Hey don't start the revolution without me!


President Obama Delivers A Statement

*****Presidential NEWS UPDATE*****

What Congress (Republicans) needs to do

"..let's get this done.  This brings me to Congresses' second responsibility: Once they vote to keep the government open they also have to vote within the next couple of weeks to allow the Treasury to pay the bills for the money that Congress has already spent.  I want to repeat raising the debt ceiling is simply authorizing the Treasury to pay for what Congress has already authorized..."

"...America is the bedrock of world investment.  The dollar is the reserve currency.  The debt that is issued by the Treasury is the foundation [chuckle] for our capital markets.  That's why you don't fool with it!"

--President Barack Hussein Obama

The situation on Capitol Hill is DANGEROUS
  • Iran and U.S.A. discuss nuclear agreement
  • Syria developments and U.N. resolution concerning Assad
  • America's security, leadership, and economy
  • GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN depends on Republicans
  • Our deficits are falling
  • Affordable Care Act moving forwar
  • Raising the DEBT CEILING
Will the government shut down on Tuesday?

The Republicans may cause a GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN

REPUBLICANS are hurting the economy...knock it off, pass a budget...let's get this done...


Economy braces for DEBT TO INFINITY

The U.S. DOLLAR is in peril--again :-)

Here's Gregory Mannarino who is apparently a former Barclay's trader and some kind of market analyst.  

Greg asks, "What do you think DOLLAR BULLS?"

Greg thanks everyone for making him rich and he says he's even going to get richer.  Richer in what?  Dollars?  :-)  


J.C. Penney Stock

JCP STOCK approaching PENNY STOCK status

BELOW $9.00
Will it make it until Christmas?

Some are saying Goodwill is looking to buy JCP on a takeover.  I'd say THE THRIFT STORES actually have better balance sheets and even have quality merchandise at better prices:


Ventura Stern 2016

Jesse Ventura in serious talks with Howard Stern

BREAKING NEWS:  Jesse Ventura heads to New York to talk to Howard Stern...







GOLD and SILVER could be off to the races



Bus Bombed in Pakistan

Denver Airport (DEN) Symbols and Strange Events

Why are the principalities and powers so fearful?

I'll tell you what is going to happen:  God is going to speak unto them in his wrath and vex them in his sore displeasure.  He is going to damn them that obey not the truth but have pleasure in unrighteousness.  He shall do this according to the scripture as he shall judge the world by that man that he hath ordained.

Right now the kings of the earth and the rulers are running to and fro and are wondering at the things that are coming upon the earth.  Those of us in Christ Jesus say even so come Lord Jesus:


Savage to take over prominent radio slot on Cumulus Network

Will Michael Savage save America? 

I hate to do this but what will America do should we lose Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and Coast to Coast?  Eventually this kind of talk radio is going to end in America.  Then what?  I suspect it's going to be like one giant NPR probably controlled by USSOCOM Command.  By then we will all be in FEMA camps of course: 

Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis and ELF TECHNOLOGY

Official FBI statements on Navy Yard Shooter

The ultimate in mind control technology is under investigation:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

China's Amazing Medical Team Grows Human Nose

China a world leader in SCIENCE and RESEARCH

China not only is a growing world leader but China has military power and backing by Russia and BRICS NATIONS while the U.S.A. is led to the slaughter by every increasing LAWLESS ADMINISTRATIONS:


Green Bay Wisconsin Bridge CLOSED Indefinitely


Green Bay, Wisconsin--Are bridges across America are becoming unsafe?
There have been an increasing amount of bridge failures and concerns across America: 

What would you do if a BRIDGE COLLAPSED with you on it?  Do you have a chance of survival?

Our 4 year old son asks us if we're married?

NOTICE:  They don't have an answer for him...

There's no answer because marriage is honorable and those who are DISHONORING MARRIAGE are LAWLESS REPROBATES who are under the wrath of God.  They just don't realize it yet but they will.

You don't have an answer?

"We have a son that is four-and-a-half he is starting to ask us questions about, "Are you guys married?" He just asked us yesterday and it's sort of befuddling to us that we don't have a really clear answer for him about that..." 

The LAWLESS GOVERNMENT will be there for you to help you and for the sake of your children:


OCT-TAPER? The new FED phraseology

Economic Phraseology called OCT-TAPER

Just when you think everything is getting weird, it even gets more weird.  I think everyone needs to move to Austin, Texas and make that the weird place.  Washington D.C. should migrate to Austin, Texas.

More on this from Greg Mannarino:


Putin the Cat

Who is this Putin the cat?

Putin the cat with his master Syyenergy7 from YOU TUBE

The News UNIT is monitoring

Putin the cat is a SILVER forecaster?  And what about October 18-21st?


Affordable Care Act enrollment OCTOBER 1st

What is the real cost of OBAMACARE?

"...this is chaos..." says Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin...

The LAWMAKERS in Washington D.C. and many of our states are PROMULGATING more and more CHAOS and CONFUSION for we the people...some senators (albeit very few) are still upholding their OATH OF OFFICE which they swore an oath to affirm.



Something has to be done about this because people are standing INCHES FROM DEATH and it's very stupid and careless that the TRANSPORATION OFFICIALS haven't figured this out yet.  It's time for some railings to keep the people back from harm.  Thank God there were some decent people here who were able to help and actually risked their own lives in the process.

There should really be COMMON SENSE RAILINGS up to KEEP PEOPLE SAFE:


Islam: The Religion of PEACE

It's teachings are peaceful...?...

I've compiled some very telling information on what is going on with Islam and how we are being taught to receive this religion.  President George W. Bush schooled America on Islam immediately following the September 11, 2011 alleged TERRORIST ATTACK:


The Clinton Global Initiative University

Meet Politician Chelsea Clinton 

Piers Morgan will do whatever it takes for CNN and his popular show Piers Morgan Tonight.  Notice we are a GLOBAL COMMUNITY complete with enemies of America who seek to steal, kill, and destroy from we the people while they set out to abolish the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights in favor of what is somewhat obscurely known as "The Clinton Global Initiative."  

How many new graduates are coming from The Clinton Global Initiative University?  We have a NEW BREED of GLOBAL POLITICIANS rising up complete with more CHAOS, CONFUSION, and EVERY EVIL WORK.

NOTICE how she mentions STUDENTS being CONNECTED.  Students are being both TAUGHT and TRAINED to be CONNECTED.  The world is being transformed into living a live of being COMPLETELY MONITORED by ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and ultimately MIND CONTROL: 


Debt, Debt, and MORE DEBT....

Is the U.S.A. BROKE?

When you have a MONETARY SYSTEM that can CREATE MONEY a their will and for their own INSIDERS' INTERESTS you'll continue to go deeper and deeper into debt and a LAWLESS SOCIETY.

President Obama wants and speaks to the American people to tighten up their spending habits as the government creates greater cost of living oppression for the working classes and tells America that increasing the debt ceiling means virtually nothing.  

When will people understand that while the earth remaineth this will not stop?  The DJIA will go to 20,000 soon and fuel at the pump will climb above $5.00 per gallon.  

That's why Cisco (CSCO), Facebook (FB), Google (GOOG), Apple (AAPL), and other technology and mental health companies are working together to create a new American society complete with a very large and expanding mental health industry.  We are all going to get to work together and be monitored via APPS on our SMART PHONES and TABLETS.  It will a force people into submission to a strange form of THE INTERNET OF EVERYTHING and ELECTRONIC SLAVERY.  

Peter Schiff

All this gives Peter Schiff something to talk about but their is never a solution:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts


Even Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has no solution for the Federal Reserve Bank along with it's controlled banking cartels, organized crime syndicates, Wall Street, Washington D.C., etc.  Will the whole system blow up or just some kind of MEGA-INFLATION?

Here's Dr. Paul Craig Robert's recent interview from King World News and the usual grim economic news: 



Buy BASE METALS through Don Harrold

Only $89.98


ONLY $89.98 for a TRUTH TOKEN

Get your 100oz. of COPPER from Don Harrold.  Go ahead sheeple! :-)  What a great guy who can find you deals at the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE. 

Now here's a guy that blocked The News UNIT but he's actually in the same camp with the con artists and pumpers.


POSTAGE STAMPS increasing to 49¢


Are STAMPS worthless paper?

The U.S. Postal Service is planning an EMERGENCY PRICE INCREASE for not only FIRST CLASS STAMPS but other POSTAGE and PACKAGES.  They need the money:


Cars to be equipped with rear view cameras

We are always improving SAFETY and SECURITY in America

This is wonderful.  How about those nice safe Metro stops and subways?  Any railings yet so no one can fall on the tracks?


Wild Pigs and Homeless Dogs in America

Remember animals have rights;

and dogs are people too.

This should make animal rights activists happy as Americans have traded in natural affection into creature worship.  It's going to get worse and if you shoot a dog or wild pig you will be treated as a criminal. 


Chicago Wants National Guard Security Force


Who's shooting innocent people?  Your own people?  Someone ask Piers Morgan what should be done:


YOU TUBE blocking INFOWARS and other videos

The News UNIT also had a video removed

There is slowly the move to curtail FREE SPEECH and the rights of we the people here in America.  Make no mistake about it; the U.S. Government is hard at work with censoring alternative media and journalists.

The Obama Government does not like to hear Alex Jones conduct interviews concerning Kenya, Sudan, and how the West is funding Al-Qaeda terrorists:


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Obamacare and The Clinton Global Initiative

High quality affordable health care for less than your cell phone bill...

Some reports reveal HIGHER PREMIUMS:

Obamacare, MENTAL HEALTH, and gun confiscation 

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

The Arms Trade Treaty vs. The Bill Of Rights

The defense of all Americans is now threatened as THE OBAMA GOVERNMENT seeks to abrogate The U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights while allowing GLOBAL GOVERNANCE to take over we the people.


Piers Morgan and Bill Clinton on DISARMING AMERICA

 What will it take to abrogate The Bill Of Rights?

The move is on to convince the American people to vote against their freedoms:


Senator Ted Cruz is hated by Republicans and Democrats

Why is Senator Ted Cruz hated?

It's amazing how few men of honor who uphold their OATH OF OFFICE are left in Washington D.C.  This report shows where the nation is heading as it marches on toward destruction and perdition.

Also watch Lee Ann McAdoo here as she reports on Obamacare and Obama's gun control strategy against we the people:


Michael Savage moves to drive time top radio slot nationwide

The biggest shakeup in radio history

Wonder if Americans will take time to learn something?  The News UNIT wishes Michael Savage well.  Who's The News UNIT?  :-)  Never mind: 



Government Shutdown APPROACHING!


We have many threatening economic and newsworthy events facing America and the NEXT TWO WEEKS are EXTREMELY CRITICAL to America's survival.  Remember you MUST buy GOLD (and SILVER) by January 1st exclaimed Lindsey Williams.  Find out what Jim Comiskey has to say below in today's rant: 

Bill Clinton's synopsis

Even Slick Willy says PREPARE FOR THE WORSE...


New GOLD and SILVER developments

WATCH the GOLD price approach $1,400

Personally I'm not going to make any PRICE PREDICTIONS in these commodities, however it looks like it may be time to get involved.  Sources are suggesting to me that it's time to buy GOLD and SILVER:


Are you ready for Christmas shopping?

Buy GOLD and SILVER this Christmas

As consumers are about ready to begin Christmas shopping they are about to spend worthless fiat currency for items they and their loved ones usually don't even need, why not consider buying GOLD and SILVER instead?  Has anyone considered this?



New $100's can be worth $15,000

Circulation begins OCTOBER 8, 2013:

Some people absolutely HATE these U.S. DOLLARS: