Friday, September 27, 2013

President Obama Delivers A Statement

*****Presidential NEWS UPDATE*****

What Congress (Republicans) needs to do

"..let's get this done.  This brings me to Congresses' second responsibility: Once they vote to keep the government open they also have to vote within the next couple of weeks to allow the Treasury to pay the bills for the money that Congress has already spent.  I want to repeat raising the debt ceiling is simply authorizing the Treasury to pay for what Congress has already authorized..."

"...America is the bedrock of world investment.  The dollar is the reserve currency.  The debt that is issued by the Treasury is the foundation [chuckle] for our capital markets.  That's why you don't fool with it!"

--President Barack Hussein Obama

The situation on Capitol Hill is DANGEROUS
  • Iran and U.S.A. discuss nuclear agreement
  • Syria developments and U.N. resolution concerning Assad
  • America's security, leadership, and economy
  • GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN depends on Republicans
  • Our deficits are falling
  • Affordable Care Act moving forwar
  • Raising the DEBT CEILING
Will the government shut down on Tuesday?

The Republicans may cause a GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN

REPUBLICANS are hurting the economy...knock it off, pass a budget...let's get this done...


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