Tuesday, December 27, 2022



All are saved

There is none lost, no, not one

There's a major movement in the MIXED MULTITUDE CALLED 'CHRISTIAN' that now is teaching that all are saved in the end and that includes fallen angels and even the Devil and Satan:

I've come across this group through another group called the GRACE LIFE MOVEMENT who comes out of a pastor in Chicagoland named C. Richard Jordan.

Two men at large that I have looked at recently are a pastor named Rodney Beaulieu and another guy on a You Tube Channel named "ACE THEO."

For now this is mainly a MEMORANDUM OF RECORD as I am at times reasoning with them out of the scriptures (THE HOLY BIBLE AKJV). 

HERE's a recent PDF file that ACE THEO has presented to me with shades of Westcott and Hort:

I also learned that these UNIVERSALISTS are calling other Christians who believe in a hell of fire and lake of fire as the ETERNITY CULT: