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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

White House Getting Nigged-Out

Dodd-Frank Rumors Explained

Many ghost stories (including "truthers" reports) have surfaced as to July 15, 2011 being the day that trading gold and silver becomes illegal here in the U.S.A.  Not so... 

China To Rescue Europe's Debt Crisis

Trust China to deliver the world...developing...

Eye's On The U.S. Dollar

Bank Of America Shakeup


No problem:  BAC has resources courtesy of we the people who will end up paying for this.  With a Federal Reserve Bank they will bail out this situation also and the CEO will get a handsome reward for a job well done.

Max Keiser will cover this in greater detail soon...

Has anyone noticed BAC after hours?  Before the news came out the stock was run up so the shorts can bury this equity for investors tomorrow.  But remember this one is another "too big to fail".....developing...


U.S.A. Nuke Bombs May Explode

ALERT:  U.S.A. Very Close to Nuclear Disaster 

CNN just covered this and YOU TUBE is censoring these reports by some media including the TODAY SHOW.....interesting....
We have GOOGLE/YOU TUBE who doesn't want us to know certain things while our own media is actually covering these things.  Why is GOOGLE blocking the media? 

12,000 residents evacuated near Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Facility as it is threatened by fire.  Blair, Nebraska (near Omaha) nuclear power plants along Missouri River threatened by threatening flood waters....developing.... 

Here's one of YOU TUBE's censored videos:

Federal Officials say no immediate threat?  Ask Professor Michio Kaku ....developing....

Government Commodity Price Control

If you don't think the government is not in collusion with the entire world market manipulators to control commodities and stocks then you can think again.  The fundamental and technical analysts are in derision about this.

So what do we do?  Just be ready for major economic trouble....developing...

Money Market Funds Experience Increased Withdrawals

This information comes from an already demonstrated rather credible source.  Go read it for yourself: 

You might bookmark that one.


Rawdog's Take on The Greece Chaos

For those of you who mess with this guy's free speech and his opinions if you mess with this guy I will treat you like an anti-American globalist regardless if you wrap yourself if in the American Flag and give us lip service about the Republic....developing...

U.S. Banks Await Greece Decision

So take a quick glance at how the U.S. Banks are doing.  Here's the trend:


The Keiser Report

Greece Default

Are you in the sock market? IRA's? 401K's?  Good luck!

Glenn Beck Attacked In New York

DavinciJ15 Exposed

Anonymous Computer Hackers

"Hactivists" like "Anonymous" and "Wikileaks" need to go after the NIA and SILVER SCAMsters.  I'll be contacting them about that....developing...

New Mexico Nuke Threat

Iran isn't much of a Nuke threat to the U.S.A. as is the fallout from Fukushima.   Add to that now the Nebraska Nuclear Plant flooding and this recent New Mexico concern....developing... 

I think it's time the U.S.A. pays attention to things going wrong on the mainland rather than conquering other countries.

Bob Chapman

Coming Economic Collapse Soon

Notice these big names telling people to get guns, food, water, gold, silver, and cash....interesting....

Something must be lurking.  Here goes GOLD and SILVER up....developing..

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ira Epstein Futures

Buy the Rumor Sell the Dollar

A possible turning point for GOLD and SILVER could be developing.  But be sure and buy your bitcoins with Davincij15. We will have to watch the trends:

Beware of SGTbull07's UNTRUE REPORTS

Hillary Clinton RUMOR regarding the WORLD BANK is UNTRUE!

Reports are surfacing now that SGTbull07 is disseminating misinformation which is very concerning to the truth movement who is always telling us to buy gold and silver and save the Republic.   But at the same time these are the people turning other YOU TUBE channel operator's in for "hate crimes" as they act just like the one world government they are alleging to fight against.  SGTbull07 recently turned in YTkilledrawdog on YOU TUBE for "hate crimes".  SGTbull07 may not only be a closet NIA participant but also a vicious insider into damaging free speech and liberty against those who disagree with him.  


Davincij15 Ending YOU TUBE

Davincij15 leaving YOU TUBE to promote bitcoins.  Methinks the NIA gang is going into hiding since silver is collapsing....:-)....

He recommends "Morganslv"

Good riddance.....go get them BITCOINS....

Andrew Maguire is Speaking in August

China Taking Over Internationally

Nebraska Nuke Watch

Floodwaters rise but everything is OK until it isn't....developing.... 

Silver and SLV Looking Bearish

It looks like SILVER is going to head below $30 soon.  Not so fast buying the dip: 

Deadly Radioactive Piss In Japan

Are we safe here across North America?  I doubt it. 

The media is starting to cover the effects of Fukushima.  Won't be long and it will be so obvious we won't be able to hide it.  Much death on the way.

Very excruciating deaths will be the rule in Japan.  Lady Gaga might want to change her mind....developing...

How Man Nukes The World Toward Destruction

And the U.S.A. kills Saddam Hussein for weapons of mass destruction?....developing....

Black Power in Peoria, Illinois

Try this in Texas....

Gold and Silver Continue Collapsing

Sgtbull07 Lindsey Williams Full Interview

IMPORTANT:  Don't miss this!  If Lindsey Williams is credible about this report on doctors and health care we have some major problems coming soon in the U.S.A.....developing....




Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monday Market Mayhem

Futures are falling already and the GOLD and SILVER prices barely holding $1500 and $34.  GOLD and SILVER ratio 44 to 1 and SILVER is extremely bearish now.  Looks to me like the BEAR MARKET trend is your friend.  Stay both SHORT and rather LIQUID.....developing...

Coffee is the safe haven:  JVA


BrotherJohnF on ConspiracyNation

Doctors are merchants of death....(many are)....

Global Police Harassment

Flash Mobs The New Fad Of Theft

This is starting to get popular.  I notice the pictures seem like they might be racially profiling blacks.  We certainly don't think just blacks are doing all the crime now do we?|met:300|cat:0|order:1 

When The News UNIT Blogspot Disappears...

...I will be at: 

Just making preparations. :-)

The YOU TUBE Police

Liberty and free speech are only for those authorized by YOU TUBE/ GOOGLE.  I'll be watching the alleged "truthers" that declare their own goodness:

I'm so wonderful with my children and I give to St. Jude:

Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?   ---PROVERBS 20.6

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peter Schiff

I like Peter Schiff.  He's no slouch and stands up well to the media maggots, etc.  He also teaches those bimbos on RT a few things also as they try and act like they are so educated....:-)....

Now here is a problem:  He calls Bernanke a liar over and over again and I saw Marc Faber do it to.  YOU TUBE is ok with that but YOU TUBE censored YTKilledrawdog for alleged "hate speech".

Here we are now in this country having YOU TUBE define "hate speech" for us.  It's obvious to me now that the mischief done by SGTbull07 against YTkilledrawdog has demonstrated where we are in this country.

Freedom and liberty are for the select group who go along with the new world program.  YOU TUBE and GOOGLE run the new world program and will decide for you what your liberties and freedoms are and what restrictions you have.  

So welcome to Amerika.  Good by YOU TUBE.  Most of the trash on YOU TUBE never gets censored or removed.  Only Raw Dog does.....insane days folks!

SGTbull07 PART 2 Finally Released

BREAKING NEWS:  Lindsey Williams

YTKilledrawdog is under different rules

Let them have it Raw Dog!

Raw Dog finds out he is under different rules than the rest of the "approved" YOU TUBERs.  Never mind that they have their opinions you just can't offer us yours.  

I am now nearly 100% convinced that a large group of troublemakers is lurking on YOU TUBE and they all sound as though they are upstanding Americans defending the Republic or whatever while they actually have a hidden agenda to promote their own welfare at the expense of others who believe their deceptions.  

The News UNIT will be watching everyone closely here as my list of those not to trust has gone up to probably 99.9% now and I am not afraid of any of you.  

It is very low down to make trouble for Raw Dog since there are multitudes of other YOU TUBERS such as "DutchSinse" "George4Title" "NationalInflationAssociation" and others who have been dishing out misinformation at YOU TUBE and GOOGLE's approval.  

Quite honestly Raw Dog is an outspoken Texan and many other people in this country can't handle that and are mouthing off that they are for liberty and freedom but only for them---NOT YOU or ME!

Senator Sanders on the Koch Brothers Conspiracy

The war to steal your social security paid up additions is on....

I have a Heckler to go with the Koch....:-)...

Perth Mint Has Record Silver Coin Sales

New Orleans Katrina Memories

The reporter says " some point it's going to get ugly..." as he talks about the FORCED REMOVAL of citizens from their homes.  People need to study this close and know that there was no need for people who don't want to leave and had plenty of food and water.   But when the PIG LEASE tell you to leave you better be ready....

New Orleans Mayor Hagin Speaks Out
If this doesn't send a concern about our government and also related YOU TUBE videos of "Katrina Police State" you need your head examined...even our mainstream media at the time was appalled at what took place there...

Here's some government thug memories and media maggots...

Rawdog Is Quitting His Channel Again

Last ditch rants....and I agree with him actually....


This guy is getting nervous.  There is more trouble coming for those who have heavy positions in SILVER.  For those who read this I want you to know I don't like the manipulation of the markets either.  But there is nothing new under the sun...

Who is Andrew Maguire?

Inside Job

Ira Epstein Futures

SILVER:  "Get nervous!  Get really nervous!..."

Nebraska Nuke Bomb Threat

The Nukes in Nebraska are ticking time bombs waiting to kill us.   Meanwhile here comes more rain...

Where's the rain?  Check back later tonight and watch this radar....

Bob Chapman

So Who Is This Bob Chapman? Alex Jones?

Stay tuned as The News UNIT is currently investigating the men behind their motives?

Bob Chapman, Alex Jones, and SGTbull07 Exposed

So what's really going on here?  Have a look:

Shopping At Walgreens

In Chicago you cannot carry a gun to protect yourself or your business.  Try this in Texas....

Copper Demand Increases Theft

Among metals today COPPER makes the news.  This could be a buying opportunity actually.  It won't be long and they will be stealing SILVER and GOLD....developing...

Is this copper theft a false flag to increase more security?  I think it might be....developing... 

Just doesn't make sense to steal COPPER since the price is so minimal:

Max Keiser and Gerald Celente

Gerald candidates for the IMF....Gerald also promotes "democracy" in light of the U.S. Constitution being decimated...I guess it's "mob rule" time for America....we really are on the road to chaos folks!....

Is Obama The Master Mind Terrorist?

The News UNIT Looks at SILVER

There are people who have written me as I watch both primary precious metals charts over the last several months as if I'm some kind of bad guy for mentioning lower priced SILVER.  For some reason I think these people just want to believe it's going up.  Well I have news for you:  It's going down!  If you don't like that then stand on your head and watch the chart so you feel better and take in a news link from James Turk, Bix Weir, SGTbull07, and several others who tell us SILVER is going up.

Take for instance Lindsey Williams who recently declared his insider information from his elite contacts that SILVER is going to go up 25% here after September.  Now do the math:

34.28 + 25% = 42.85

$42.85 is not near the high that silver was at $49.79 back in early May this year.   And I remember Lindsey Williams inside information back in February was above $50 SILVER soon.  So it appears the information was slightly inaccurate from the elite.  Maybe this time it's more exact.  Get you pencil and paper ready folks....

Write this down:  "DO NOT BUY SILVER JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE TELLS YOU TO."  Do you think that's a good idea? 

You will watch the big "truth movement" of Alex Jones who pumps a company by Ted Andersen that sells junk silver way above normal premiums and many other alternative false news junkies go crazy now as the price collapses.  They cannot handle it.  Unfortunately others such as RawDog are getting frustrated and feel helpless against this lost investment desperately hanging on hoping it just climbs above $45 so they can dump it and move on.  

It's a sad situation to be in watching the price drop if you are heavily invested and constantly listening to people tell you the price is going up while it's dropping and all you are told to do is "buy the dips", etc.  My advice?

Well I don't trust any of the silver forecasts out there and it really doesn't matter because there are other investments being overlooked at the distraction of silver and gold.  If you think the US DOLLAR is going to collapse think again.  Even Lindsey Williams who mentions the "Petro Dollar" back in February changes the "Petro Dollar" now to be the upcoming new currency.  Did anyone catch that?  You have to LISTEN to Lindsey Williams double-speak to figure that out. 

You might want to search LINDSEY WILLIAMS here on The News UNIT Search Engine on the right column here and study what Lindsey Williams has been saying.  You will find it is rather inconsistent.  Don't believe them!

So where do I think silver is going?  You would love to hear that wouldn't you?  I had expected $75 by now but I was wrong.  God forbid anyone can say "I was wrong" today!  I'm not making any predictions although I have a "feeling" about it that hasn't changed much lately and that is it's going DOWN.  How far down?  Not sure but it looks to be much lower.

So treat this like a stock look at the chart and make your decision.  Is there really a demand for this stuff?  In the meantime there's money to be made elsewhere even in a falling stock market.   

And let's watch APMEX, Gainesville Coin, Tulving, Miles Franklin, NWT Mint, SGC Gold Corp., Midas Resources, and a few others and see who's left in few months selling.  I am noticing several sale advertisements showing up.  I don't think there's many buyers right now.  Kind of scary eh?

(If you leave a COMMENT below please leave your silver forecast and please be specific.  I know there are several of you who like to call some of us bears as we observe the price fall and say so.  So tell us then how nicely it's going up.  Thank you.) 

Don't miss this LINK if you haven't seen it:


Air Traffic Controllers Scramble To Avoid A Near Hit

Many people will look at this as if "something needs to be done" or "we have to increase safety", etc.  The fact is these air traffic controllers did what they are supposed to do and separate aircraft.  Did you ever notice that everyone calls these incidents a "near miss"?  How about a "near hit" instead?

Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

KWN Weekly Metals Wrap

Bill Haines and Dan Norcini:  We are on the road the the end of the have to have to have your investments in something that protects against inflation...advantages of SILVER over GOLD...


Sodomites Win New York

The U.S.A. promotes abomination as we are transformed into the Obama-nation of hope and change....

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.  ---LEVITICUS 18.22
Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.   --HEBREWS 13.4

Obama endorses sodomites and their benefits:  Repeal the "Defense of Marriage Act".  "We could no longer defend the constitutionality of D.O.M.A. in the courts.....D.O.M.A. doesn't make sense...."

Republicans stand for sodomites.  Ron Paul seems rather effeminate to me too at times...

As man glorifies himself and his sin there are those of us who wait for the Lord Jesus to be revealed from heaven when he comes to be glorified in his saints...

...When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day.   --2 THESSALONIANS 1.10

Nebraska Nuke Watch

Silver Rollover

Next target $31.25...after that heavy downside momentum...$21.75 to $22.00...developing...

Here's What Happens To All Liars

Get ready LIARS! You will be exposed:

Stay tuned for YOU TUBE CHANNELS to disappear....
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

The News UNIT is going to be watching for the liars club now about many things not necessarily limited to:
  • Fukushima
  • Nebraska Nuclear Plant
  • The NIA
  • Stock Pumping and Dumping
  • False Pastors and Preachers
  • George4Title 
  • George4Vlogging
  • Royal Metals Group
  • Infowars/Prison Planet
  • Andrew Maguire
  • Bitcoins
  • Gold and Silver Scam Artists
  • Alleged Americans who act like patriots and preach the U.S. Consitution and point fingers at the government while they are hiding outside the country screaming about "tyranny"...etc.... (You wouldn't be hiding if you have nothing to hide!)
  • King World News
  • $1650 Gold
  • TKRFF Pumping and Blythe fetishes
  • HAARP and "chemtrails"
  • etc......(more as I see fit)


    Bob Chapman Lore

    The News UNIT is going to be watching some things very closely...developing... 

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    NIA pumping again

    Someone call Peter Schiff....

    Examining Lindsey Williams

    Bob Chapman

    Humpty-Dumpty Interviews Man in Hiding:

    Don't Mess With Texas

    I'm putting this up with NO COMMENT.  This is just news.  But I'm beginning to get the picture...

    We are evolving into a new society....

    Things are going to be wonderful as we go through a revolution of civilizations...

    G4T's faith is not described.  He just says you need "faith" but doesn't even bother to tell what "faith" is.  Here's what faith is:

    Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  --HEBREWS 11.1

    Many people don't know this:

    Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.  ---GALATIANS 2.16

    U.S. Postal Service Expecting Large Government Bailout

    CNBC just covered the "Too Big To Fail" USPS which will expect a large government bailout ahead.....developing....

    Sell your silver and buy FOREVER STAMPS....

    GOLD slides below $1,500

    Game is over for precious metal pumpers. :-)  Go buy your PHYZZ now......developing...

    Insider Information: Get your Phyzz on?

    I'm still waiting so I'll probably miss out. :-) 

    Also buy TKRFF and leave this man a donation....

    Gold and Silver Going Up

    Better load up on physical because the E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I. is coming....
    From now on I stand on my head and look at the charts so no one can call me a precious metals basher:

    Sgtbull07 Interviews Bob Chapman

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Global Food Crisis Approaching

    Why Our Situations Have Changed in The U.S.A.

    The E.R.O.I.

    Get prepared....


    Dr. "Bob" Flower

    Lady Gaga To Attempt Suicide in Japan

    Radiation UPDATE:  Fukushima and Nebraska

    Lady Gaga will regret her visit a few years from now as it results in her slow suicide.  She needs to take Ann Coulter with her....

    Nokia is a sleeping giant

    This information leaked out from NOK.... 

    I know by experience that the best wireless service in the U.S.A. is Verizon (VZ) and companies such as Research In Motion (RIMM) and Nokia (NOK) with their WINDOWS based operating systems took some unusual setbacks recently in the developments of smart phones.  I know Verizon has the best coverage and those AAPL users that have IPhones suffer from very poor nationwide connection since AT&T lacks in uniform coverage both with internet and cell phone signals.   It's unfortunate that our economy is in such peril because the smart devices from NOK and RIMM are much smarter than the big Apple.  Not only that the users on VZ plans can enjoy continuous coverage and actually have a useful device.  AT&T's acquisition of T-MOBILE will not expand their rural capabilities.   I know because I travel and the type of work that I do demands reliable equipment and coverage.  I'm looking forward to a shift in the TECH sector stocks for the investor and the end users....developing....

    Anonymous Exposed

    I am suspect that these guys are the group "Anonymous" that has appeared and disappeared on several occasions:  Pay very close attention to the audio at the end of this:  Who else is "Anonymous"?  The News UNIT is investigating....developing....

    Frauds and Fakers Beware!

    Cory C. takes a close look inside the fakers:


    Tax Hikes and Spending Ahead

    The call for President Obama has been made to intervene in the $4 Trillion Dollar budget talks.  If you don't think this is the end game people you really are simple....developing...

    Caeser Wants More Taxes

    In the simple minds of Americans this is the difference between the DEMOCRATS and the REPUBLICANS:

    DEMOCRATS---Are for the poor and working class Americans and are here to promote improved education, economic growth and create jobs.  

    REPUBLICANS---Are for the rich and for taking money from the poor to give to the rich businesses and industry and threaten citizens from receiving government entitlement programs.

    Meanwhile both our DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS are working together to make the world safe for democracy.  Notice they are no longer interested in a Constitutional Republic but have handsome salaries, benefits, expense accounts, and insider stock market information.....etc... 

    Get ready to dish out more $$$$ to these pathetic representative leaders who by their great swelling words of vanity provide nothing to us but vexation of our spirit....developing...

    Current Stock Market Watch List

    F, PAL, CSCO, UCO, NOK and RIMM.

    What does this mean?  Figure it out. Otherwise go buy some TKRFF and SILVER BULLION for the upcoming revolution....LOL...

    Stock Market Crash Continues

    Several waves of this market crash will likely continue.  I'm expecting a good chance of -300 DJIA by market close.  After market will likely decline and if tomorrow's pre-market is weak I would say 9,000 DOW isn't far away from here.  Once we start getting these 300 point down days we will see further pain on the increase.   Good luck shorts but beware of a potential market halt that could cause you problems. 


    Drunken Marine Wimps

    What a disgrace to 3 U.S. Marines.  I'd be embarrased... 

    Keiser Report

    Market Meltdown

    Marc Faber

    "...the Hong Kong public is not totally stupid like in the U.S....."

    I agree with Marc Faber that the majority of the U.S. public is totally stupid and if you read this LINK you will see how we keep paying fines dished out to us by our own government terrorists:

    Last Ditch Investment: Buy "Forever Stamps"

    Got Stamps?

    I'm going to the Post Office today and going to load up on "Forever Stamps".  I suggest a run on "Forever Stamps".  This is better than bitcoins, gold or silver....developing...

    We the People Pay For More Corruption

    Everyone here in the U.S. just seems to be OK with this:

    I'm hoping the stock market and related commodities drop to the floor and the whole thing implodes now.  The U.S.A. corrupt Government is continually making trouble for we the people as we are forced to pay for their foolish handling of fiscal and monetary policies.....developing...

    Temporary Gas Pump Relief

    Obama really doesn't want to do this.  He just has to.  Enjoy it while it lasts because it won't be long.  If you live rural load up a few tanks before it turns up again. (This is a better buy than silver) Next time it goes up it's going to the moon....

    Swedish SAAB seeks Governmet Bailout to pay workers

    The World Begins It's Accelerated Fall

    Worldwide government bailouts are being sought.  Just print the cash everyone!  Oh and ban gold and silver while you are at it too!  Thank you.

    Financial Terrorism comes to U.S.A. Soon

    Stocks and ETF's to be in during the crash look like coffee and doughnuts among other "safe havens":
    YRCW (Invest in debt)
    ZSL (poor silver)


    Good luck traders! :-)

    Fukushima Fallout on U.S.A. Killing Babies

    It's not time to panic but just to be kept informed.  But what can you do about it?  Absolutely nothing!  Many of the world's elite are moving to the Southern Hemisphere because of this.....developing...

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Police Harass Woman With Camera

    It's time for people to wake up.  Will you wake up people?

    Also Peter Schiff interview.....must watch report.....

    Silver to $200

    Peter Schiff has more credibility than Lindsey Williams does and has proven himself accurate in his market depictions.  So having said that it may be time to load up.   APMEX and many other dealers are running very low premiums right now.,_Silver_Headed_to_$200.html 

    Schiff on Today's Bernanke Press Conference

    Stick with SIlver

    The Silver Road Show is On:

    95% of your holdings should be in SILVER.....?

    Today's Bernanke Effect

    Keiser Report

    Nebraska Nuclear News Blackout Continues

    ALERT:  Major Missouri River flooding continues to threaten two nuclear plants near Omaha, Nebraska.  If you think this is a joke think again....!

    Also Fukushima is reported to be extremely dangerous and perhaps becoming worse....Japan may end up being uninhabitable....
    Bob Chapman mentioned Japan recently: LINK:

    Open Message To YOU TUBERS

    Some of you YOU TUBERS are messaging me on YOU TUBE in light of posting videos of "H1INC", "SGTbull07", "YTKilledrawdog", "G4T" and so forth...  You want to take issue with me as if I'm on someone's side here in these matters of posting news and related discussion.  I'm not on any one's side here lately just posting your confusing reports.

    Here's the deal:  I could care less how all of you fight against each other but I am interested in finding out the truth in the news if indeed there is any left.  So if you profess to be a person who cares about the U.S.A. and it's grave condition I would suggest that you quit playing games and get the truth out.  Skip the entertainment and get to the point of reporting what is going on as you see it.  

    Right now many of you alleged "patriots" are causing nothing but confusion.

    I will continue to put up anything I see fit.  Sometimes I take it down and sometimes I change my views on certain developments and issues.  Many of you are complaining but are actually profiting from my posts here as your video views have increased substantially due to my large amount of blogspot traffic here also.  You should be happy you are making more ADSENSE money from GOOGLE.  

    If you don't like news and comments just don't read it then.  Don't bother writing me about it.  

    Gerald Celente

    George4Vlogging "G4T" False Report

    Now we have G4T and The Royal Metals Group pumping false news scaring people about gold and silver derivatives trading.   First they want everyone to buy gold and silver and now that they have all of the fiat money from the bagholders they run around pumping YOU TUBE videos and getting paid by GOOGLE.  I see SCAM written all over these reports.  Get ready for THE PETRO DOLLAR to rise up again as the stock market crashes. 



    Palladium is rising up in interest more and more...developing... 

    Some of you readers might want to compare PAL and PALL to TKRFF.   It's quite a contrast actually. 
    U.S. Mints to begin production... 
    Now this is a rare earth that has a "shortage" potential and also both industrial and investor demand.  It is currently less expensive than gold but I think it will catch Platinum actually and perhaps even blow past gold.  You heard it here first.  You know how to thank me. :-)

    Stock Market Continues Down After Hours

    This will need to be monitored closely if we continue into pre-market tomorrow with falling futures then we are going to have some problems.  The market looked like it was building some stability over the last couple days but now that has changed.....developing...