Saturday, April 30, 2016

Puerto Rico DEFAULT


The U.S. GOVERNMENT has some major BAIL OUTS to contend with:

Doesn't seem there too much concern over rising financial issues and all these threatening defaults.  All the U.S. GOVERNMENT has to do is create new financial instruments to deal with it and keep the numbers churning: 

The world government is coming together to solve all these growing problems and they just create new ways of dealing with it.  In fact you can invest in defaults and debt more and more.  It's magic!  


Atlantic City approaches DEFAULT


Will there be an Atlantic City BAIL OUT?  or is it rather LIGHTS OUT?

America will soon need more money.  As CNBC says start to save that cash.  Cash must be the final frontier for saving America:

Maybe they will just print more $10 Harriet Tubman bills soon and hand them out for free?



CNBC promotes saving more CASH

It's time to STASH THAT CASH

But isn't that MONEY LAUNDERING?  

There is a HIDDEN DANGER that they have not mentioned:

It's odd to me that CNBC is promoting stashing cash and saving cash now here in this report.  Why?  Because the banks and the government consider having cash as suspicious and even put people on various watch lists for transacting over as much (or as little) as $1,000.  Something fishy here?  You decide:


The mighty men of God like Ted Cruz and his faher Rafael Cruz are rising


Ted Cruz and Rafael Cruz

A new breed of POWERFUL CHRISTIAN LEADERS in America

And guess what?  Nobody cares:

The nominal Christians in America may be gaining preeminence in some of their circles but the balance of America does not care for them anymore.  They are dying also along with this nation and all of their sermons about the foundations of America which where built on none other but shifting sand.  The don't stand on Christ Jesus as the rock of their salvation at all and they don't even preach the gospel of Christ.  Rather than that they are mighty men of mammon and lucre as they seek to prosper and create additional NON-PROFIT SECTION 501 (c) 3 organizations which somehow make very handsome profits for themselves after all:

But don't be deceived God is not mocked at all by these men.  He will have his day with them as they shall utterly be cast down and destroyed: 

So where's the Mormon God of Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz that has chosen these mighty men to lead America back to the U.S. CONSTITUTION?   Looks like Glenn Beck is losing money and it's going up in a BLAZE literally: 



Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is a CHILD MOLESTER:  

Another example of the enemies of America who have served our country as government officials:

America's Goose is Cooked

America is basically a dead nation now

America is eating its own entrails

Donald Trump really needs to be president and he will try to make America great again and in many ways he will probably do some real good for our nation.  But the fact is that America is on the broad road to destruction even though it may seem somewhat prosperous, entertaining, and a nation that is ever learning new things America is on the road to destruction and it's not going to turn back to acknowledge the truth in any way shape or form.  America and most Americans have embraced lies and deceit and have been given over to serve mammon or filthy lucre and these roots of evil have sprouted into a jungle of evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse.  

So where does America go from here?  It's like a Wildebeest being eaten alive by a Hyena.  Or it is also kind of like a Hyena eating its own entrails.  It's a very sad day and it's simply a nation of criminals now looking to survive any way they can while preying on each other continually:

Even if a THIRD PARTY rises in America it won't change the continuous corruption, collusion, and conspiracies in our land:

RAWDOGLETARD explains the state of America and the rising TOILET CONTROVERSY with our new LGBT CULTURE:

Michael Savage is still trying to endorse and encourage Donald Trump for president:

INVESTORS have just about given up on BANKS, WALL STREET, and anything related to the STOCK MARKET and have started to HOARD SILVER now in desperation over the current economic conditions:

Even the MENTAL HEALTH INDUSTRY has gone mad and CHRISTIANS in America are considered mental and dangerous threats:

Toddlers in America are tied up and treated like dogs.  Actually dogs are usually treated better because people always say "DOGS ARE PEOPLE TOO."

Donald Trump has to walk to his events due to protestors blocking traffic an the police in America do nothing against them:

Mexican illegals are protesting and ruining America and the enemies of America support this evil on a regular basis:

President Obama rejoices over the crime of Mexican illegals and other enemies of America while We the People are targeted for the right to keep and bear arms:

The elected representatives don't care about America and they just target We the People more and more.  They are interested in their own prosperity at the expense of the rest of us:

Perhaps God is about to roast America and even much of the North American Continent itself with a SUPER VOLCANO or some other major cataclysmic event of destruction:


Friday, April 29, 2016

ZERO HEDGE and Tyler Durden

Just what is ZERO HEDGE?

And what is FIGHT CLUB?

HOLLYWOOD is large folks and the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA is no better than MAINSTREAM MEDIA.  I thought they were but when I started The News UNIT Blogspot I noticed immediately there were major problems and continue to be loads of misinformation being disseminated.  

I wonder what kind of ties Jim Comiskey had with ZERO HEDGE in this FIGHT CLUB?  It goes deeper than this.  This is another story that is full of sensationalism in and of itself just to breed more confusion:


Saudi Arabia has The United States of America BY THE BALLS over 9-11


Who's all involved in the 9-11 massacre is about to be revealed:

The Conspiracy Theory of 9-11 is a Conspiracy Fact

Saudi Arabia threatens to take down the United States Economy over the 28 page 9-11 Joint Inquiry Intelligence Reports:

The truth about 9-11 and who's involved is about to be made known.  And also Donald Trump will be putting a load of people in jail over this since Trump has a heart for New York City.  There are many in New York City who are vehemently angry over this 9-11 conspiracy and who's involved in this attack along with how it was all actually carried out and why.  Some say President Donald Trump is going to put loads of officials in prison over this and Americans are going to find out who the enemies of America really are:



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

President Obama to present the Commander-in-Chief Football Trophy

WALL STREET rallies on presentation of COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF FOOTBALL TROPHY.....this is what matters in America...

Ted Cruz picks Carli Fiorina as his running mate

This is just plain WEIRD!

The enemies of America are still trying to stop Donald Trump:

Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Carli Fiorina are all enemies of America.  After them the list is larger than you think and Donald Trump has much work to do as President of the United States of America:

So what's the next move for the GOP to remove Donald Trump?  They will just tell him it's over and choose Cruz.  Way to go REPUBLICANS!


President Donald Trump gives FOREIGN POLICY ADDRESS

"...We've had a president who dislikes our friends and bows to our enemies something that we've never seen before in the history of our country..."
--Donald Trump

Watch the FULL VIDEO:

Donald Trump looks and acts like a president that America has needed now for too long a time:


The STOCK MARKET is not going to go down


Economist Michael Norman says the STOCK MARKET is going higher.  He's not concerned of the ghost stories from the financial collapse pundits.  Michael also says that there's another interest rate hike coming from the Federal Reserve:


I've been reviewing this guy a bit here this last week.  He's not someone I have paid attention to but I see he's got a good track record of  his own expectations.  This guy knows what he's talking about.   

Then of course you have the usual YOU TUBE THEATER below with the X22 REPORT and Greg Mannarino telling people that the whole economy is going to crash and giving out their trading advice and so forth.  It's not going to happen but watch the ghost story anyway:





Some say the Obama Administration is avoiding this threat and the threat level of an EMP ATTACK is rising:


Dr. Kent Hovind needs more ministry support and money


Kent Hovind is an incredible human being

This TAX REBEL is really blessed by God

Next he wants to build a Noah's Ark too for a BILLION DOLLARS: 



Dr. Kent Hovind's son also has a ministry

God is moving and blessing these men of God!

They only need a BILLION MORE DOLLARS 

Send Pastor Manning, and Rudy Davis some money too... 

Joyce Riley, Rudy Davis, Pastor James David Manning, and Kent Hovind all working together to have the preeminence and exalt themselves:

Kent Hovind is bragging on his 150 acres for a new dinosaur park to promote teaching on creation and evolution so he can have another SECTION 501(c)3 NON-PROFIT MINISTRY to do the work of God:

If you listen to these reports it is interesting that you never hear them give the gospel of Christ but instead they report on their situations with divorce, and their ministry accomplishments, etc. 

So listen to Dr. Dino and Joyce Riley talk together:


Something is wrong in THE STOCK MARKET with eyes on the VIX



NOTICE: Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) are both selling

*****MARKET ALERT*****

Keep an eye on GOOG and AAPL



Remembering Jim Comiskey

Here's my previous post concerning the passing away of Jim Comiskey:

Memories of Jim Comiskey on The News UNIT:

I had fun with Jim on The News UNIT and I share in the grieving of this online friend.  For those of you who are family and friends of Jim I hope you enjoy these videos below in remembering Jim.

Not many people in the financial industry would do something like this today with us regular folks:

The BALTIC DRY INDEX is rising again

Why is the BALTIC DRY INDEX rising?

Back in January Jim Comiskey talked about this Baltic Dry Index but now it is rising again...


Watch the STOCK MARKET now approach dangerous territory



This is going to be where the focus is now in the news.  THE STOCK MARKET and WALL STREET are in very dangerous territory according to a growing number of dedicated analysts who are concerned about recent market trends coupled with all the ongoing artificial market intervention:

Apple is crashing now and losing BILLIONS

What happened to Apple Computer?

Watch AAPL now:

We are starting to see some curious things going on with Wall Street again as Apple (AAPL) is all of the sudden not doing well.  The stock market is being continually propped up lately however and keeps going up while other major companies are not doing very well.  

We could be on the edge of a real disaster once the insider manipulation finally has to submit to normal market forces:

USE THE INTERACTIVE CHART to watch the market:


So the U.S. DOLLAR is going to blow up and collapse

You don't want to own dollars anymore:

You probably want more $100 DOLLARS instead

If HYPERINFLATION sets in they will have to ADD MORE ZEROES and make a $1,000 BILL again:

So here we go again with more news of the coming destruction of the US DOLLAR:


Prepare for President Donald Trump

Farewell to the ENEMIES OF America

Let's welcome President Donald Trump:

We the People should vote for Donald Trump.  If you are a true American and are one of We the People we might have some chance to not only make America great again but before that we need to make America America again.  America has lost its course and this is the last chance to do what we can for our country:

There are many enemies of America and Donald Trump is really the only one that can clean them out.  These enemies inhabit more than just the Federal, State, and Local Governments across America.  They also inhabit the old antiquated Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches.  The U.S. GOVERNMENT is a mess and the U.S. CONSTITUTION has been overrun by lawyers who have been running and ruining this nation for years now.  It's time to get rid of the LAWYERS.

The DNC Chair is trying to get rid of Donald Trump

This is amazing how Donald Trump's own REPUBLICAN PARTY and now the DEMOCRATS are still trying to get rid of him from this current presidential campaign:


DNA TEST for couples to test your compatibility

DNA TEST FOR couple compatibility

This will be a MANDATORY TEST soon

Are they discriminating against same sex tests?

I notice we didn't see any LGBT people in here:

We have to create perfect people and perfect families that are also cooperative with the New World Order mindset.  The world needs to be of one mind and needs their new tower of Babel to be built so we can all make a name for ourselves.  Who needs God right?  God is just a fairy tale to the world today:


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Great Britain doesn't want to offend Muslims

Let us all turn to Allah now

It's time for the infidels to be destroyed

It's time for all countries to lay down our flags so as to not offend Muslims and Islam.  And it's time for other countries to be ashamed of their heritage:

Does Donald Trump want men to be able to share locker rooms with your daughters?


Does Trump approve of LGBT Bathroom and Locker Room sharing?

The TOILET CONTROVERSY continues and now is spreading to locker rooms, etc.  We are no longer just created MALE and FEMALE.  There are all manner of new innovations in our new culture of confusion:


U.S.A. warns Russia that buzzing ships may not end well

This will start some major WORLD WAR:

THREE BLIND MEN: Dr. Kent Hovind, Rudy Davis, and Pastor James David Manning

Dr. Kent Hovind prepares for his divorce


But unto the wicked God saith, What hast thou to do to declare my statutes, or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth?
Seeing thou hatest instruction, and castest my words behind thee.
--PSALM 50.16-17

Here's a group of pathetic church men who think they are called of God.  They do absolutely nothing but create their own confusion and every evil work.  

What's going on with you Dr. Kent Hovind?  Are you buying more land for your dinosaur ministry and your wife is filing for divorce?  No doubt the Lord is blessing your much needed ministry.  Having a HOLY BIBLE today is just not enough.  We need more ministries and buildings and lands and conference centers to reach people with the gospel of Christ right?


Go march with your AR-15's with Rudy David and his wife and make more fools of yourselves:

I don't believe these men.  I'm convinced now that all men are liars:


Transgender Toilet Controversy Spreading Worldwide


As we develop further and further across the world and knowledge and education increases all of our awareness we are expanding our horizons even into more confusion and controversies.  The new battle is on now for LGBT TOILET RIGHTS:

I'm still waiting on God now to settle all these issues.  There's going to be a large group of souls that are jammed up.  

Supporting the fact is you're born a BOY you use the BOY'S ROOM and if you're born an GIRL you use the GIRL'S ROOM will now get you in trouble from various social media enforcement actions.  We are now under different sets of rules across the world: 

Some alleged conservative talk show host accuses Trump of supporting men to share locker rooms with women: 


FACEBOOK is taking disciplinary action on people who use their own FREE SPEECH, EXPRESSION, and OPINIONS on these matters...


Dr. Peter S. Ruckman passes on into the presence of Jesus

Onward Christian soldier!

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.
--PSALM 116.5


Donald Trump is calling out the conspiracy and collusion and the gluttony of John Kasich

John Kasich is a disgusting glutton

Watch John Kasich stuff his face

Cruz and Kasich are TWO FOOLS:

John Kasich is a GLUTTON  and he's absolutely disgusting...


PATHETIC Ted Cruz and John Kasich alliance against Donald Trump

*****The Cruz Kasich Collusion*****

The GOP is an embarrassment 

The REPUBLICAN PARTY is a complete joke

Media vultures and other enemies of America continue to assault Donald Trump:

This is really sad as the GOP fights against each other in this current race.  These are rank enemies of America and rank enemies of the U.S. CONSTITUTION as they gather together against Donald Trump.  I have no respect for any enemies of America and especially the mainstream media vultures who are swarming over this news:

John Kasich and Ted Cruz collusion is causing controversy.  Just look at pathetic Kasich also ad he doesn't even know what collusion means.  This is utterly disgusting and a should be an outright embarrassment to the Republican Party.  Ted Cruz says Kasich's role is to be spoiler for Donald Trump. 

Keep watching as the true and crooked politicians like Ted Cruz and John Kasich revel who they really are.  They are absolute enemies of America without any question.  It's time to vote Donald Trump: 


Monday, April 25, 2016

FEMA CAMPS and RAILROADS preparing for something across America

Satanic BLACK MASS to be held in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City now being overtaken by Satan:

Commander-in-chief President Obama deploys more military personnel to fight ISIS


Commander Obama sending military deployments to fight ISIS:

The United States of America is proud of their leader as he leads them into military victory against ISIL, ISIS, IS, or DAISH or whatever you want to call it:

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Is God for us?

The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound:
--ISAIAH 61.1


SILVER is about to revisit $50 soon

Time to put SILVER on your WATCH LIST

Interest in SILVER is rising rapidly 

Due to a notable increase in INVESTOR DEMAND along with other industrial demand the price of SILVER is expected to reach unusual high levels:

Study the experts...

California plans to eliminate all gun dealers

Guns will be confiscated across all America soon

America is now condition to going along with this now and accept the New World Government along with destroying the U.S. CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS:

Friday, April 22, 2016

Is the U.S. DOLLAR really crashing? See the chart for yourself

The U.S. DOLLAR is doing just fine:


Anytime you hear someone say the U.S. DOLLAR is being destroyed, is about to fail, is worthless, and or is being devalued, replaced or any other ghost story of economic collapse and failure just look at the chart.  The U.S. DOLLAR has been climbing and going higher since 2008.  And anyone who comes against the U.S. DOLLAR is in danger.

See the chart for yourself:



America wants to go CASHLESS SOCIETY and be tracked and controlled


Americans are totally clueless

Just how brain dead is America?

Looks like We the People want to be ruined

The masses are herded like cattle now and are easily led like sheep to the slaughter:


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

CNBC, the CME, and Ron Paul all take a look at THE BIG BULL MARKET

Ron Paul is buying SILVER?


Didn't he learn his lesson from Ben Bernanke?

The U.S. STOCK MARKET is in ULTRA-BULL MODE and now SILVER is coming up for discussion.  Maybe Ron Paul is thinking he can still end the Federal Reserve?

When Ron Paul talks SILVER the market rolls over:

LOOK at what's happening to GOLD and SILVER.  When Ron Paul speaks up about SILVER (and GOLD) here's what happens just like back in 2011:


$20 BILL MAKEOVER as Andrew Jackson replaced by Harriet Tubman

Goodbye Andrew Jackson $20 BILL

Hello Harriet Tubman on the $20 BILL

U.S. Treasury announces plans for Harriet Tubman $20 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE:


Donald Trump takes issue with the Federal Reserve and Janet Yellen

President Donald Trump is beginning to make some of his more important plans known...




The Federal Reserve has established a FLOOR in the STOCK MARKET

THE STOCK MARKET can no longer go down

The FED DUAL MANDATE of MAXIMUM EMPLOYMENT and PRICE STABILITY is becoming reality now with no sign of being diminished regardless of any economic concerns that rise anywhere.  The powers that be are going to make certain that the U.S. ECONOMY continues to see positive returns and there's simply no nation or system that can stand against it.  This is the FOREVER BULL MARKET RALLY and it will continue indefinitely:



Greg Mannarino and his MISINFORMED MISINFORMATION continues:

For a smart guy that's supposed to be a PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT in Las Vegas this guy can't even read the charts.  The dollar is not going down and gold and silver are not surging.  The stock market is surging and that's the trend that will continue.  I notice Greg Mannarino disabled his comments.  He must be in denial and doesn't want to hear the truth.  He only hears whatever voices are in his head right now:


The Niggers and their Rap sing about killing Donald Trump and the media rejoices


What's happening to Black Americans?

This RAP CULTURE of BULLYING and ATTACKING people along with CRIMINAL ACTIVITY and degradation of their own race through their "Niggas, bitches, and hoes" message is being exalted and praised by the mainstream media.  

I've been out in society lately and it's very common to hear even white people address each other and say, "Hey nigger!"  What's going on with all this NIGGER TALK?

Fuck Donald Trump


YG and Nipsey Hussle and their RAP SONG:

The Niggas, Bitches, and Hoes culture of America demonstrates their threatening free speech and their rank criminal intentions while the media coddles them in all manner of sports and entertainment and anything they do.  When are the rest of We the People going to rise up against this?

What's going to happen to the good Black people over this?  Probably not a good outcome:

Some reports are showing that Donald Trump is clearly the target of ASSASSINATION and as a result he has SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION:


President Obama leads the U.S.A. to turn its back on Israel

The God of Israel will damn the U.S.A. very soon

According to the scripture the U.S.A. is going to get a serious curse from the God of Israel: 

Donald Trump is about to shake up the 9-11 CONSPIRACY and heads will roll

Are the enemies of America who are behind the 9-11 ATTACKS out to get Trump?

Listen to this...

Donald Trump continues to win while the enemies of America both foreign and domestic are raging mad about it:


GOLD and SILVER price manipulation is over


Now what?

Yellowstone SUPER VOLCANO is coming eventually and MORE EARTHQUAKES



From the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, to the FUKUSHIMA FALLOUT, to the YELLOWSTONE SUPER VOLCANO, and the BIG EARTHQUAKES that will split California along with reversing the flow of the Mississippi River, PLANET 9 sending its asteroids to hit the Earth, and all the rest of the clandestine catastrophes being instigated by HAARP, CHEMTRAILS, or whatever else is threatening you would think Jesus might be coming soon too.  

But of course there's nothing to fear and everything is going to be just fine as we trust our government and keep our heads down in our smart devices:

Lisa Haven reports on the EARTHQUAKES and VOLCANOES and so forth.  And the sun is causing this?

AIR FORCE COLONEL gives a stern warning...

The economic collapse is still coming but in the meantime the economies are strengthening

*****DOW JONES is over 18,000 and climbing*****

You can come out of your bunker now

Just save the bunker for a TORNADO WARNING instead:

I forgot about that SOLAR FLARE and EMP THREATS also.  If I forget something just remind me in the COMMENTS below:


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Public Schools must allow transgender students to use their choice of bathroom

LGBT victory with the U.S. Appeals Court



CNBC's Jim Cramer says there's a NEW NARRATIVE in the U.S. STOCK MARKET



CNBC's Jim Cramer calls it a "NEW NARRATIVE"


The market likes the FED's recent announcements, the weaker dollar, higher oil prices, and a and a quieter China.  The U.S.A. is back and Wall Street is strong again.  There's no stopping this BULL MARKET now and RECORD HIGHS are about to be broken higher:


MAJOR EXPLOSION rocks Kabul, Afghanistan


EXPLOSION in KABUL in embassy area








Monday, April 18, 2016


And so the Dow Jones rises above 18,000

...and everything is just great?

Or is it?

FED plan is to push stock market even higher


DJIA breaks 18,000 and the BULL MARKET is strong

The STOCK MARKET is moving much much higher and debt is not a problem for the U.S. ECONOMY.  The FED has this entire market under control where even Saudi Arabia is not even able to threaten the U.S. DOLLAR or have any impact on our economy with crude oil price wars.  There's now way shape or form this market will go down from here.  All time records are about to be taken out as the U.S. MARKET INDICES push higher.  Wall Street rules the world markets and the U.S.A. is too big to fail.  Get used to it:

Here's the usual YOU TUBE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE ANALYST who by the time he uploads EPISODE 1,000 the DJIA will be 25,000 or higher:

Walking to and from school with your children can get you arrested now

America is going raving mad now:

Here's a story out of Texas of all places:

With some of the craziest laws being manufactured across America it's long overdue now that We the People wake up and see things going on that are threatening to our own well being and lifestyles.  If this is allowed to continue this nation is heading for disaster.  And you know what?  I think the nation is heading for disaster anyway:

If you come to pick up your kids and walk home you can be arrested for TRESPASSING?  The nation has gone insane folks:


Mysterious FOAM all over Japan appears after earthquake

No OFFICIAL WORD on what this FOAM is:

If any of you pay even the least amount of attention to what is going on in the world with these earthquakes and their aftermath you will notice some very creepy things that could lead the way to some very unusual and cataclysmic outcomes on the face of the Earth.  

We are always being made aware that the residual Fukushima fallout has ruined the Pacific Ocean to a very large degree and much of that radiation has been and continues to be transported via atmospheric circulation over the entire Northern Hemisphere.  

Has anyone seen the creepy LIQUEFACTION that went on in Japan after these big earthquakes?  There's something going on folks and even the officials either cannot or do not wish to say what it is.  And what is this MYSTERIOUS FOAM now?

Watch LIQUEFACTION in Japan...


UNBELIEF and TERROR on the rise in the U.S.A. and the entire world

I said this before and I will state it again:

The preparations are being made and the scripture is being fulfilled for the man of sin the son of perdition:

Many of you don't believe on the Lord Jesus Christ in accordance with the gospel of Christ but rather you liken Jesus to be some kind of Woodstock hippie that smokes a joint with the boys and parties it up every once in a while with his friends.  But the Lamb of God, the World of God, he will be the man that comes to judge the world soon as the scripture is being fulfilled.  

Right now the world is making preparations to receive the man of sin the son of perdition.  And they will worship him as he exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped. 

Also remember that God shall send strong delusion.  

YOU TUBE channels are reporting the same:

The prophecy of the Prophet David Wilkerson as taught by Prophetess Lyn Leahz:


The PLANET 9 discovery and destruction of the Earth within one month:




Something is getting ready to BLOW

Not if but when this blows it's going to be catastrophic

Just how much of North America would be destroyed by the YELLOWSTONE SUPER VOLCANO?  Virtually all of the U.S.A. would be wiped out:

TOP STORY: Saudi Arabia threatens Islamic Jihad on U.S. ECONOMY to the tune of $750 BILLION over 9-11 ATTACKS


DELIBERATE 9-11 COVER UP now causing conflict

Saudi Arabia threatens to dump $750 BILLION in U.S. TREASURIES...

President Obama heading to Saudi Arabia for talks:


CRUDE OIL already off 5% over this at the time of this post:

Saudi Arabia holds U.S. CONGRESS hostage

This is a HUGE FINANCIAL WAR threatening the price of CRUDE OIL, destruction of the U.S. DOLLAR and a MASSIVE SELL OFF in the U.S. STOCK MARKET.  Even President Obama has been stirred up over this situation:

Failed CRUDE OIL negotiations in Daho, Qatar

The recent talks in Daho went sour also over this regarding CRUDE OIL: 

Saudi Arabia threat could IMPLODE THE U.S. ECONOMY and they don't care with their reckless ways of Jihad: 


Sunday, April 17, 2016


The BIG WORLD ECONOMIC BANKS admit to rigging, they pay a fine, and the rigging continues.  There's no way to stop this WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC CASINO:

It's time to REPENT or PERISH

Pastor Lindsey Williams warns of REPENTANCE

Repentance is the only thing that will change God's actions

I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
--LUKE 13.3

I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
--LUKE 13.5