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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jim Comiskey -- DEAD April 1, 2016

James G. Comiskey 1961-2016 

Jim's last video upload on YOU TUBE:



  1. Replies
    1. None of us are real legends other than maybe in our own mind. I'm saddened by the news and I truly enjoyed the few interviews I did with Jim. Just a regular guy chugging away in the futures market working with farmers and various investors that were involved in hedging and so forth. I would have like to take him and Teddy fishing but we never got the chance to do so.

      It's the regular people on here that are more important to me though. At least they go out of their way to do things others would not.

    2. Jimmy the Saint of the Markets will be missed..

  2. A brother goes down :-( - Jim was a good guy - it was a shock when i found out the man died - dos any one know what he died of ? his experience will be missed

  3. I've chat with him for several times and he had responded to my email on hit rant. The guy is a good man with knowledge and experiences. I just couldn't believe his journey. Please any one tell me what took his life. with respect, miss you, man... .


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