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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BUY SILVER and hang on for the ride


SILVER to launch to $65 and higher soon

Good luck traders

SILVER getting ready to soar


Donald Trump says, "Our country is honestly; it's going to hell."

Watch Donald Trump and Chris Christie tell it like it is:

This is a new and refreshing change for politicians

NASDAQ reports signs pointing to HIGHER GOLD PRICES

Will GOLD be affordable?

How high will GOLD go?

From the NASDAQ site we now hear higher gold prices are coming.  What does this mean?  What will Janet Yellen and the FED do about this?  Is this what the world's finance ministers want?


Supreme Court rules TEN COMMANDMENTS must come down in Oklahoma

Will they replace them with SHARIA LAW?

I'm surprised at what is going on in Oklahoma these days as cops are shooting unarmed men there and we are hearing from various sources that gangs of Mexicans are threatening various cities and towns.  Some of this isn't making the news lately because the news media is so selective in their agendas.  

Here is a report that shows America will soon take off any reference to God as also the phrase "IN GOD WE TRUST" on our money will be abolished also.  In Oklahoma now the TEN COMMANDMENTS will come down from the Oklahoma State Capitol display. 

I can only conclude that the world is getting ready to receive the man of sin the son of perdition who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped.  You can expect more of this in very short order.





Has anyone noticed THERE ARE NO RIOTS IN TH STREETS and THERE ARE NO POLICE IN RIOT GEAR?  There are also just a few people lined up at various ATMs.  And reporters are reporting tourists are coming to Greece to visit on a regular basis without fear of social unrest.  If this happened in the U.S.A. various cultures (of color) would be burning down buildings and looting stores and so forth:

Greeks are buying GOLD COINS for the crisis

This time PHYSICAL GOLD makes Greece headlines

Why are Greeks buying PHYSICAL GOLD COINS?


U.S. ECONOMY on the same path as GREECE according to analysts



There are still a few who believe contrary to the Federal Reserve's monetary policy and dual mandate.  They think as Ron Paul did that there is still constitutional money on the books and we are headed for problems like Greece.  Well Greece isn't a problem after all as they are voting to stay in the EU.  Not only that have some of these people forgotten that DEBT IS MONEY?  DEBT is a good thing and the unlimited supply of manufactured money available is also a good thing.  Soon we will see technology advance (and it already is) to give us a GLOBAL DIGITAL CURRENCY SYSTEM.  This will improve security and provide cloud based records of transactions to the benefit of all the end users:


Greece to cooperate and graduate in the EUROPEAN UNION

We knew things would work out fine...

Now the DJIA can rally again

President Obama and President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE


*****God is moving things in place for his judgement and wrath*****

Some considerations (may or may not be accurate):
  • Obama is concerned about Greece going to Russia and NATO falling apart.
  • Obama is concerned about Greece joining the BRICS nations so he will perhaps try to massage this President Rousseff over some issue.
  • We are on the brink of World War III
  • God is about to destroy America's GAY PRIDE as the scripture says PRIDE goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.
  • Putin is going to join forces with Greece take down NATO strongholds, etc.
  • The old Roman Empire is getting organized and Pope Francis I will rise up to have the answers to all the world problems and may actually reveal the man of sin the son of perdition.
  • We are on the verge of something big and the men in high places are terrified of this but God will arise to shake mightily the earth and they cannot stop him. :-)  I like that. 

We need to get off OPEC says T. Boone Pickens

CRUDE OIL PRICES will rise to $75 this year says Pickens


America's unjust justice system endorses SIN and SODOMY

Did GOD give us marriage?

Is it true that IN GOD WE TRUST?


Franklin Graham says, "...this court endorses sin...I'm saddened for our country..."

Puerto Rico wants a bailout of their $73 BILLION debt under U.S. BANKRUPTCY CODE

THE GOAL:  To create jobs and to accelerate the economy.  And of course to get handsome bonuses for the officials and financial ministers:

Monday, June 29, 2015

ATMs and BANK NIGHTMARE about to begin worldwide


The Lord spoke to me about it...

Jesus is angry and he's coming with wrath this time

His name is The Word of God

If you don't think so then I ask, "Where were you when I heard from God?"



This is not FEAR MONGERING because I have been speaking with people that have been hearing directly from the Holy Spirit and they feel it like electricity.  They are being told that a major systemic crisis is coming to America and across the world.  The time to prepare is RIGHT NOW!  It may soon be too late for action--so TAKE ACTION NOW before it's too late!  It is certainly time to FEAR GOD: 

And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.
--ISAIAH 2.19 


A CHAIN REACTION is about to occur...

Learn about GOD'S MONEY in the LINK BELOW:

Dave Ramsey is a top financial Christian radio show host who advises on money matters according to what is described as Christian and biblical principles.  He advocates paying everything with cash and staying out of debt and living within your means and of course giving to God's work or the ministry.
Here's his home: 

(God's men are well taken care of but those of us without are just sorry excuses for calling ourselves Christians.)

GMV006 Money: Enjoy it Carefully or Else from Harvest Bible Chapel 2 on Vimeo.


Donald Trump is a discriminatory and hateful white man

Donald Trump now in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION

Donald Trump cannot be U.S. PRESIDENT

Trump may be thrown out of the Republican party

Trump needs to realize he cannot tell the truth and his free speech is curtailed by the U.S. mainstream media, the court of public opinion, and the new world order rules and regulations.  He is a very hateful white man full of vitriol for Mexican immigrants:

Donald Trump along with many of us white people who are filled with white hot hatred need a workshop on THE HATE OF THE WHITE RACE brought to us by the American Muslim Media Company, Al Jazeera:

Soon the white race will be phased out and will be a minority in 30 years and we won't have these problems anymore.  The culture will be rich in a mixed multitude led by African Americans with their motto of "niggas, bitches, and hoes."  And the Mexicans will be in the fields and food services keeping everyone well fed while they piss and shit on the lettuce:



Al Jazeera examines the HATEFUL WHITE RACE


The WHITE RACE will become a minority in 30 years

It's a good thing those of us who are of the WHITE RACE are being phased out of this world and people of color and culture can take over.  The WHITE RACE will also become a minority in 30 years according to statistics:

America will do well to be transformed into the new global community and perhaps even a country that can be made peaceful through Islamic understanding and education:

The Greece crisis is really overblown and not a crisis at all

If you watch the recent reports on Greece and are honest about what you actually see you will find even the media cannot manufacture any riots or mass mayhem in the streets because THERE ISN'T ANY.  This crisis is not a crisis at all and it will only become a crisis if Russia gets involved and NATO falls apart.  Other than that it's financial business as usual and the markets will continue to make their usual progress:


There appears to be a major scam being exposed over GOLD and SILVER

This guy from Canada is on a mission to expose and attack what he calls "The Circle Jerk of Corruption" in which he even includes The News UNIT for some reason:



Donald Trump tells the truth and gets fired from NBC

It's time for Donald Trump to remain strong and take a stand

The MAINSTREAM MEDIA has no respect for America and yet they want America to respect those who disrespect us.  Forget it!  Trump is correct that this nation has some real problems:




*****4th of July TERROR WARNING*****

CBS Senior Security Adviser Michael Morell said, "Don't be surprised if we're talking about a terrorist attack next week."

CNBC Anchor admits markets are all INTERNATIONAL now



Prepare for the New World Economic Order and new mandates:
  • Mandatory worldwide employment participation
  • price fixing and equality

CNBC Anchorman Joe Kernan just stated live, "The markets really are INTERNATIONAL now."  And yes they are!  They are covering the Greece crisis which really means nothing since the powers that be already have their plans in place for Greece and they will have their way with that country as all is to be blended into the New World Order.

Wall Street will no longer take precedence and there will be a major move to restructure all of the world markets into a one world entity to make the world one large union and completely reinvent economics.  It may be structured unlike anyone has ever imagined and in fact it may be a time of unusual prosperity for those who submit to the authority thereof.

There will be no need for investments anymore as the new world economy will be based entirely on 100% COMPLIANCE and OBEDIENCE TO THE BETTERMENT OF THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY.


Steve Quayle's 1994 Prophecy is coming to pass

God spoke to Steve Quayle and God is already fulfilling these prophecies

Lisa Haven explains...


President Obama is the most powerful Man of God on earth

President Obama - the most powerful man in the world

May the GRACE OF GOD, JUSTICE, and EQUALITY be bestowed upon America as God's minister Obama humbles himself to lead the nation in Amazing Grace and may GOD BLESS AMERICA and our GLOBAL COMMUNITY:

The GRACE OF GOD and forgiveness is spreading nationwide

The message of the GRACE OF GOD is also evident from the "Mother Emanuel" AME Church as they forgive the shooter for what he has done and encourage him to come to repentance.  Surely God is moving with his minister Barack Hussein Obama and he also is not forbidding to marry as everyone can now marry each other and we are all becoming one in Christ Jesus where we are neither male nor female:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warns the West is collapsing


WORLD WAR III could start at any given moment unless Greece joins Russia and the BRICS NATIONS...more...

Greece will either prevent or incite WORLD WAR III

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts examines Greece

Greek government ASSASSINATIONS are coming 



Will Greece default lead to global collapse?

Some say there's nothing here to get too excited about while others seem to be terrified what will happen with Greece will have a domino effect on the entire world economy.  Whatever happens remains to be seen but I don't think it will utterly shake the foundation of the whole earth unless God is in it:

The experts are showing up again with their usual YOU TUBE interviews and so forth.  Even if they managed to get 50,000 views that is just the size of a small city in the U.S.A. about the size of Ames, Iowa or Gaithersburg, Maryland.  That doesn't hardly register as having any influence with the majority of the population.  The majority of people are not worried and are not concerned about such matters.  In reality even the video of Greece below doesn't seem to be that concerning.

The only thing I would be concerned about is if you find out that God is planning to dish out some of his wrath according to the scriptures.  If that's coming then you need to be concerned especially if you are in the category of "them that believe not."

Sunday, June 28, 2015

POLICE will kill if you flash your HIGH BEAMS -- be careful people!



7 SHOTS -- and he was a WHITE KID 

And of course JUSTICE decided it was REASONABLE FORCE 

Ever wonder if cops are more dangerous than fugitives these days?

The cop admitted he had a new squad car with bright lights and he had other vehicles that flashed him too.  Notice how the cop has an issue with getting flashed by other vehicles.  How stupid is this!  I can't wait to see how that cop is going to feel when he stands before God the Judge of all.  I wonder if God will as him for his license, registration, and proof of insurance:

And do this is a sad story of a power hungry cop who knew his new lights even on LOW BEAM was bright but he wanted to harass and interrogate drivers who simply thought they were BRIGHT LIGHTS.  It led from a traffic stop to shooting and killing this 17 year old kid who actually was learning he had certain rights being violated by the cop and he just didn't know how to deal with the cop.   The teen boy however did have some marijuana in his blood so maybe that justified the shooting a bit further after the investigation.

Some say the moral to the story is we the people are not safe at traffic stops either.  The bad thing is only concerns for OFFICER SAFETY are of top priority.  The concerns for our rights and our personal safety are of no concern:




WAR with GOD has just been declared.  Who will win?

And everyone is convinced that God is on their side



Here's a sermon that should be required to be played to every elected representative and official that professes to know God and who says "God Bless America" at the end of their speeches: 

Watch one American who has very little views look at the state of our nation today.  Does anyone else realize what is going on?


Gay Marriage rights opens up 14th AMENDMENT DISCUSSION for OTHER RIGHTS

*****Constitutional RIGHTS AWARENESS on the increase*****


Are more rights being INFRINGED or violated here in the U.S.A.?

How about our GUN RIGHTS?  other rights?

The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage now for all the states opens up some 14th AMENDMENT AWARENESS now in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights regarding other rights of we the people.  It could also make many of our OATH OF OFFICE VIOLATORS squirm and hopefully expose them for what they are.  Perhaps the ruling on gay marriage was rather constitutional after all: 


Could the recent SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) ruling on gay marriage reveal more unconstitutional state laws and restrictions?  Is this a good or bad thing?  What will become of all of this?  How about MARIJUANA RIGHTS? 



New York prison manhunt ends with one fugitive dead another captured

The New York manhunt is finally over

Richard Matt -- DEAD

David Sweat -- IN CUSTODY

The investigations at Clinton Correctional Facility will continue now regarding the two escaped convicts who are no longer on the loose.  A few days ago Richard Matt was shot and killed and now David Sweat was just captured.  However this may cause some thorough investigations into criminal personnel at various prisons who are assisting criminals even to the point of facilitating their escape:



Lagarde makes statement on Greece

IMF is at the ready to provide assistance

The IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde wants to restore growth and economic stability in Greece.  It sounds to me like a case where you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it: 

Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had this to say about the Greece banks and the stock market assuring everyone there is nothing to fear but fear itself:


Redefining marriage by COURT EDICT

Who's changing TIMES and LAWS?

The answer is found only by wisdom and understanding:

And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.
--DANIEL 7.25


The drama continues with the GOLD and SILVER gang

Coins UNwrapped vs. the silver stackers' hangout

This stuff is getting more and more strange day by day:

And so here might be THE REST OF THE STORY:  Apparently there was a benefit auction on You Tube for this lady here and her family and FTIdeas and some of his crew were all upset about it:


Donald Trump is serious about running for U.S. PRESIDENT

Trump is serious about resurrecting America from big trouble:

Greece will default and then get a bailout


Greeks rush to take out cash from ATMs before the crash

Finally Greece will default on Monday as people rush to the banks and ATM machines to take out any remaining cash they can get their hands on   Notice it's CASH that people run to in an emergency situation: 


ILLUMINATI WIFE tells all in interview

What a whistleblower this is!


FBI and DHS warn of possible 4th of July terrorist attacks

Between Jesus coming soon and the potential for terrorist attacks there certainly are serious concerns rising across the entire world:


LIVE NASA LAUNCH: SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket and Dragon


Man is taking over space?

And so where is God in this matter?

Space X Falcon 9 Rocket and Dragon launches to INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION:

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.
--GENESIS 11.6


This might be the LAST POST on The News UNIT as Jesus is coming soon


The RAPTURE is on the doorstep

"My friends we are on the border line; we are on the edge of imminent rapture..."
--Paul Dockidds

Dockidds hears from the Lord and this is his latest message:

Why don't I hear from the Lord like these guys?  Am I not special?  Listen to the excitement in this guy's voice!  Something is really about to happen!

I am so proud to be an Oklahoman American

There once was an Okie from Muskogee...

...and he has all the answers to the idiots out there:

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lindsey Williams issues SEPTEMBER 2015 ALERT and NEW DVD

Without going into too much detail here since the exact description of things that are coming together to cause major economic and governmental instability are very difficult to specify, here are a list of some general things that are agreed upon by many sources who are monitoring world events and are warning of the things that are soon coming upon all people:

  • The Lindsey Williams SEPTEMBER 2015 warning: 
  • GOLD will be rising rapidly above $2,000 as extreme fear grips the financial markets worldwide.
  • A major ELECTRONIC CURRENCY WAR will send the FOREX MARKETS to be either halted or completely default.
  • Excessive rush on CASH worldwide in many currency forms but primarily in the EURO, U.S. DOLLAR, Chinese YUAN, and Japanese YEN.  If you don't have emergency paper funds the banks are going to run out in the coming crisis.
  • GUN and AMMUNITION shortages
  • WATER and FOOD concerns primarily CLEAN FILTERED PORTABLE WATER SYSTEMS and LONG LASTING FOOD SUPPLIES to feed families and neighbors.
  • Major store and services disruptions and also STATE BORDER TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS restricted to ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY due to a NATIONAL EMERGENCY.
  • Major hold on personal assets such as IRAs, 401ks, annuities, etc. which will cause many to lose immediate and much needed access to their own hard earned money.
  • Police and Law Enforcement concerns: Who is your friend and who is your enemy?  Will you know?  The time to find out is NOW!
  • World War III unlike every before
  • U.S. MAIL, FEDERAL EXPRESS, UPS, and the airlines may not be operating at full capacity and highly restricted.

Although I am not personally concerned about many of these things I consider myself prepared.  It is much better to be prepared than punished.

For those of you who are concerned about your financial solvency and how to protect your assets you might consider this idea as the financial collapse approaches: 

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.



Numismatic King from Canada explains:

Analysts and collectors alike are positioning themselves for a major sector shift in the commodities markets and rising concerns of various metals and rare earth metal shortages that are expected to have an adverse effect on supply and cause some major market disruptions soon:

The Numismatic King from Canada specializes in various rising silver bullion collectibles and is well known in the current You Tube silver community.  He will be explaining the controversy of these commodities and why every investor needs to take the current opportunities in this sector very seriously as things are setting up for an explosive summer and fall this year:

Analysts are keeping a very close watch on the the markets as this major sector shift will turn when traders and investors least expect it:


Government paid GAY MARRIAGE demonstrators marching worldwide

Most people don't realize they actually are paid to do this:

Although I don't know all the details the governments of the world and especially now the U.S. GOVERNMENT and the NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS that are in collusion with the U.S. GOVERNMENT are working diligently to spend money and establish their new political agendas to change the world into an entire planet of Sodom and Gomorrah:  

I remember Bob Chapman who was called the INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER used to say how perverted the majority of elected representatives are in the United States Government and also the military and other high ranking officials.  For some reason I think Bob Chapman (although he was somewhat of a con man) told the truth about some things that really bothered him before he went missing and was reported to have died.  Some say Bob Chapman is still alive:

Friday, June 26, 2015

EAT DA POO POO Barack Hussein Obama!

America is now GAY and PROUD

President Barack Obama is proud

America:  The Land of VILE AFFECTIONS

And GOD shall and will damn America!

God will certainly damn America and he will judge the world by that man that he hath ordained according to the scripture: 

It might be time to move to Uganda in Africa if it is still against sodomy since America has now legalized sodomy and shall come under the wrath of God very soon:


Here's an anthem for America as we now EAT DA POO POO as a nation:


Obama on The Confederate (Rebel) Flag


"By taking down that flag we express God's grace."
---President Barack Hussein Obama

I wonder if President Obama has ever considered GOD'S WRATH?

Preacher Obama at the "Mother Emanuel" AME Church

The Confederate (Rebel) Flag is unacceptable in America's new culture of chaos while the American Gay Pride Flags will now be waved, endorsed, and even given allegiance:


President Obama is proud of the LGBT COMMUNITY

America is GAY and PROUD

"....Your leadership has changed the country..I couldn't be prouder of you and your husband.  God bless you..."
---President Barack Hussein Obama


America is GAY AND PROUD

Nothing can take America down as it is IN GOD WE TRUST

Which god is it though?

Whoremongers and adulterers are now rejoicing as our honorable lawmakers in the U.S. SUPREME COURT have finally figured out what marriage is.   Perhaps they haven't considered the law of God in this matter but then of course who needs God to tell us anything?  We here in America have the Harvard and Yale graduates that can make these important decisions for us:

Has anyone noticed in the flags above that free speech is allowed to desecrate the American Flag but the Rebel (Confederate) Flag is now deemed a threat and offensive?  Has the U.S.A. lost its sound mind?

This was not a task for the U.S. CONSTITUTION it was a task for LAWMAKERS...?...




(sorry I'm late on this one)

UPDATE and new DVD: 

How did I overlook this that was posted June 10th?  I really apologize to my lack of awareness and please for those of you who read this blog please keep me aware of anything you might see or hear by leaving a COMMENT at any time.  Things right now are on the verge of collapse and we have all manner of imminent terrorist threats along with war with Russia and various other world conflicts that could escalate into WORLD WAR III at any given moment.

Here is a LINK to Pastor Lindsey Williams' site and I personally believe the man is 100% honest even though there's been loads of satire surrounding some of his information over the last several year.  I personally spoke to the man and he is in Christ Jesus and he is giving information out accurately and how he receives it.  Many of you have mocked me for doing so since you look for perfect answers in this current world of confusion and uncertainty.  We are all at the mercy of evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse and I appreciate what Pastor Lindsey Williams does even amidst all the gainsayers and disinformation promoters:

Some say the man of sin the son of perdition will soon be revealed as God sends strong delusion upon the earth.  The scripture must needs be fulfilled.

It is the time for those of us in Christ Jesus to be sober and watch unto prayer!




Are there any SAFE HAVENS?

The entire world is in chaos today as TERROR is striking France, Tunisia, and Kuwait while the U.S. SUPREME COURT rules just decided what marriage is for Americans.  We are also learning there is an ISIS threat along the U.S.A. and Mexico border now that directly impacts we the people.  Even guns were used in gun free Tunisia to kill 27 people in a massive massacre there.  The world needs answers and needs someone in our global government to stand up and protect us all at once!  When will the world be safe for democracy?  How long will this all take?  We demand answers!

Also the entire worldwide monetary system is falling apart as trading is going every direction with complicated computer driven trading systems and insiders in collusion with banks, hedge funds, and other financial business cartels.  We have a big mess that is only going to get worse.  Here in the U.S.A. the Dow Jones Industrial Index is up over 100 points while the NASDAQ is off about 16 points and no one can figure out that disconnect other than maybe Apple computer selling off rapidly.  

Things could really become dangerous in a matter of a few minutes.  STAY TUNED!


ISIS THREAT to U.S.A. along Mexican border region

America is not safe from ISIS

Can't Obama protect us?


TERROR HITS -- Tunisia, France, Kuwait -- GUNS USED





Is the world not safe for DEMOCRACY?

Gunmen shoot and kill 27 people in GUN FREE Tunisia.  Is this called a MASSACRE like it is in the U.S.A.?  The South Carolina shooting recently will cause we the people to turn in our guns.  But in Tunisia where citizens don't have guns this happens:

France BEHEADINGS by Islamic terrorists:

Kuwait suicide attack on mosque kills at least 25 and over 200 wounded.  Is Islam a peace loving religion?

Right now we need Obama to step up and talk about GLOBAL GUN CONTROL for our protection and how he can make the world safe for democracy perhaps through a coordinated effort with the Clinton Global Agenda.  Perhaps an emergency committee will be called soon and the man of sin the son of perdition will be revealed:


Muslim terrorist beheading in France

Is Allah well pleased?

We already had this in Oklahoma and I believe Ohio here in the U.S.A.  This is only the beginning with Allah the divine and merciful and the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him:

Now we shall see the salvation of the true and living God and also watch as he dishes out his wrath upon the ungodly and them that believe not.  As for this Allah and Islam we count it as the working of Satan.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Texas to secede from the U.S.A.

Texas - a whole other country

I knew something was up with Vladimir Putin


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Donald Trump on Pope Francis I and Scott Walker

Donald Trump for U.S. PRESIDENT 2016

Carl Ichan issues STOCK MARKET WARNING and begins selling his positions

Doesn't Carl Ichan trust the FED?

Watch NFLX, CHK, AAPL, and other stocks...

I don't believe any of this.  The U.S.A. Economy is strong and growing and the Federal Reserve led by Janet Yellen can do just about anything to ensure maximum employment and price stability so there is no cause for alarm.  All Americans should maximize their holdings and contributions in all their portfolios including 401ks, IRAs, savings accounts, stock portfolios, mutual funds, etc.  Don't listen to this guy!  

CNBC will have Warren Buffett on the morning edition to calm investors nerves soon and everything will be just fine.  In fact rather than being discouraged by Carl Ichan you might consider studying how to pick stocks with Warren Buffett:

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

High tech sex dolls and union of man and machine

The new goal is to unite man and machine

Mental health professionals endorse this relationship

Advanced technology is making these dolls more lifelike than ever before

In this report the sex dolls have an intelligent conversation with the user.  Isn't it interesting that the user is called THE USER? :-)  Well I have to say that at least you'll have an intelligent conversations with the computer enhanced and very lifelike sex doll.  These days it's very difficult to find a human to have an intelligent conversation with at all.

Some say the mental health industry will actually approve these for sex and relationship therapy for those of us who have certain disorders and Obamacare will cover the treatments.  The thing is though you will have to be diagnosed with the disorder otherwise it won't be covered under your health plan:


War with Russia is coming


Prepare for a large conflict with Russia

The United States is sending aircraft, troops, and weapons and meanwhile the enemies of the United States both foreign and domestic are trying to disarm we the people and abrogate the U.S. CONSTITUTION.  Everything is growing together toward a major conflict to result in the New World Order out of chaos:

Al Jazeera working to promote GUN CONTROL PROPAGANDA


The world wants WE THE PEOPLE of the U.S.A. disarmed


So far the majority of the American media is promoting GUN CONTROL and the abrogation of the U.S. CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS and now we are closely watching RT and Al Jazerra working to promote related propaganda.  Even Pope Francis I is telling that manufactures of guns cannot call themselves Christian:

Changing the fabric of society and the way we look at guns in America is a hot agenda.  What it really is is a move toward establishing the U.S.A. into the global community of disorder and a new one world government.

We are now going to allow the Islamic Muslim media along with Russian media and all manner of other enemies both foreign and domestic to have the rule over the U.S.A.


Ex-bunny says she really liked Hugh Hefner but...

When things don't work out WRITE A NEW BOOK...

Here's a good girl that just wanted a relationship with one man.  Unfortunately he didn't treat her well:

The REBEL FLAG is coming down

Confederate Flag Controversy 

Walmart, EBAY, and Sears ban the sale of the flag altogether

UPDATE:  AMAZON doesn't show listings now either...developing...

Will someone please ban RAP MUSIC (or HIP HOP) with the lyrics of "NIGGAS, BITCHES, and HOES" along with references to killing cops, shooting GLOCKS, doing drugs, and condoning all manner of violence and sexual assaults?

It was just fine to listen to Jay Z at President Obama's election festivities to sing on the stage and call Mitt Romney a bitch.  That certainly wasn't considered offensive and even President Obama likes gangster rap music as he was interviewed specifically about Jay Z:

Mitt Romney is da bitch to Jay Z:


Where's all the REBEL BOYS now marching for freedom and liberty in the new Amerika?  Will they form a procession of pickup trucks and bass boats with their REBEL FLAGS and start a peaceful protest? All the blacks that they call niggers are quick to protest in Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland, Oakland, and other places but the white rebel boys are no longer heard in this matter.  Maybe they will sing us a country western song about the end of the rebel flag.

Either way the nation has gone nuts over things considered to be OFFENSIVE and the REBEL FLAG is only the beginning of more chaos and laws.  America will now lose its freedom of speech and expression however it will succumb to the new culture of chaos and allow them to do so:

The Federal Reserve is above the law

James Corbett reports The FED is above the law

Rocky315w likes James Corbett and believes this guy is credible:

Greece tourism industry will save Greece

Greece thrives on LEISURE and TOURISM

Don't believe they hype about Greece or any other fear mongering news report that some kind of financial collapse is coming.  Greece is desirable to the tourism industry and in our current thriving global economy many people are enjoying a wealth transfer unlike ever before.  These people want to take trips and Greece is one of their destinations.  Greece will not fail; it will thrive: 

Deal or No Deal? 

More hubbub on Greece continues:

As usual more confusion and opinions on Greece are being manufactured each hour and the news is constantly changing.   What ultimately happens to this and how it really will change anything in the Euro Zone or across the world remains to be seen: 


URANIUM is the next precious metal


URANIUM is beginning to make headlines and it will be growing discussion as the battle over clean energy continues.  Although it probably isn't wise to stack physical URANIUM it may be wise to consider the sector:


CRUDE OIL to make rapid climb back to early 2014 levels


Price expected to rise well above $100


"The world got along just fine on $100 oil."
--T. Boone Pickens

Consumers need to enjoy the summer driving season while prices are still low however some technical observations and concerns are rising as the price seeks higher end range balance and threatening a breakout to the upside:


Monday, June 22, 2015

SILVER to go ON SALE SUB $10 for the next decade or more


SILVER heading for $10 soon

GOLD also falling out of favor; except with Texas U.S.A.

BULLION DEALERS expected to close down with lack of sales and oversupply

MINING COMPANIES prepare for strategic alternatives and possible bankruptcy

Some say the best trade right now is SILVER because it is heavily shorted and there is no reason for any long interest in the market given the oversupply and shrinking industrial demand.  Couple that with a waning COIN COLLECTING INDUSTRY that is becoming less and less attractive along with the annoying group of conspiracy theorists who are always trying to cause a din about hyperinflation and some kind of tragic economic collapse.   Even credible analysts are saying there may be no longer any safe haven interest in GOLD and SILVER in the new global economy and it may well turn out to be a sector heading for all time record low prices.  One analyst many of you know as The Apple Investor, Ernie Varitimos, was correct when he said,  "There's just no need for gold and silver anymore...and the price will continue to keep on dropping." 

Analysts are now shifting gears toward the S&P500 along with other U.S. EQUITY INDEXES as they are set to be accelerating much higher breaking new record highs again and again as the new world economy is indeed too big to fail and is ultimately expected to make some impressive progress.

Texas is stacking GOLD

For some reason Texas here in the U.S.A. wants their GOLD from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  I think Texas is making a big mistake as one Republican lawmaker is bragging that Texas is worth $1 BILLION in GOLD.  What he doesn't realize is the GOLD is valued in U.S. DOLLARS and Texas could ultimately lose their store of value.  It will be interesting to watch The Federal Reserve destroy Texas' store of value as some say Texas is getting too big for their britches in this matter and will ultimately end up with a depreciating and ultimately cankered asset: 

PANIC SELLING in GOLD to begin below $1140


Sunday, June 21, 2015

U.S. SUPREME COURT to decide what is marriage

Is marriage between a MAN and a WOMAN?

Let's let the Harvard and Yale graduates decide for us

Everybody wants their rights:


America's new threat category


The question is not IF but WHEN HYPERINFLATION is coming

In the meantime don't worry about it and don't buy anyone's latest best selling book:

Debt is money and the more debt the more money.  Have these guys forgotten that?  ANSWER:  No they haven't. :-)  They love real money:


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