Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wall Street Casino Strategy

For entertainment purposes only:


December 1, 2011 Market Strategy:

I believe pre-market will be critical and you may want to SELL any LONG POSITIONS to avoid excessive loss since market will do a slight shakeout adjustment before mid to late morning.  If you feel it went low enough you might get back in but beware the rest of the day will be news driven and uncertain.  I'm expecting another climb but absent any alleged "good news" not as much as today.  Absent any important news we will either finish slightly positive or float about even with today's close.  So basically it's a SELL PRE-MARKET and BUY SELL QUICK TRADE day.  Don't remain too bullish even if news swings it up--GET BACK OUT!

Many of the big caps are back in play with a short term "risk on" but it's not real so be very afraid of any unstable and jerky setups. 

If you really want to play it right then SHORT ONE OF THESE PEAKS on a LARGE CAP or just stay conservative in some BEAR ETF and wait for next week's sell off to take a profit.  There won't be a Santa rally this time around. 

The News UNIT personally thinks as Gerald Celente and Bob Chapman have told us that this market is rigged.  Bob Chapman sounds more experienced in this matter and constantly tells people to be in gold, silver, and shares. 

Quite honestly I think Marc Faber has the best to say about the market among all the analysts in general and second to him would be Jim Rogers.  You can hear what Marc Faber has to say here:

The bottom line is that governments have the market so manipulated now that even the best analyst with his trend-lines cannot figure this out.  It's rigged, it's stacked against everyone except the insiders, and it's coming to an end.  If you read this blogspot you know who the insiders are.  And if you don't then find out here: 

How about that COMEX CASINO?

Also for the GOLD and SILVER chart masters CLICK on the CHART:


Marc Faber Concerned about China

The Chinese Economy Could Collapse

Legendary Investor Marc Faber talks with Eric King of King World News today concerning China.  CLICK LINK TO LISTEN: 


Gerald Celente and MF GLOBAL Developments

Is Celente the only one who lost his money? 

The News UNIT has learned from a major brokerage firm (under condition of anonymity) that clients of MF GLOBAL have been transferring large amounts of money from their accounts without any restrictions.   This is quite a contrast to what we keep hearing from Gerald Celente:


Bankruptcies and Bailouts Keep Coming


Who's next?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hey John Embry! Who cares?

Who cares about $70, $7, or $700 SILVER?
I don't care about GOLD, SILVER, THE US DOLLAR, or THE STOCK MARKET anymore.  I'm really getting tired of hearing these guys pull this crap over and over again with their GOLD and SILVER forecasts.  I'll still cover these stories but these Canadians are starting to get on my nerves along with Eric Sprott et al.

Gerald Celente covered it all too well recently with Alex Jones and the MF GLOBAL debacle.  The entire system is rigged and if you pay attention to anything here on The News UNIT you know this economy is doomed.  It's survival time and while the white shoe boys and their offspring hide in the caves I'll be standing with the Son of God coming in power and great glory! 

Next we'll hear from Bix Weir or some other retard playing the same tune over and over again.  Then SILVER will drop to $10.00 and everyone will cry "MANIPULATION BY JPM, GS, and HSBC", etc.  It's the same thing over and over and over and over again......! 
The charts are moving the wrong way:

Americans living in their vehicles

It's time to hit our knees before God if indeed it is IN GOD WE TRUST:



This is true and I have witnessed this as I have traveled somewhat extensively across the U.S.A. as a storm chaser/reporter.  Most of the families are staying in Wal Mart parking lots as Wal Mart is kind enough to allow people to park in Wal Mart parking lots.  

For now people can be grateful to have the relative freedom of living in their vehicles but I fear that the more exposure this gets the more the government will crack down on the freedoms and liberties of these nomads and restrict their habitat.  If our government ever turns that far on our people it will be time for a full scale revolution.  Stay tuned:

Other people are doing what they can to live in the same situation with makeshift RV's, campers, etc.  The problem is our government is becoming very good at restricting the ability to live life, have liberty, and pursue happiness.  Sound familiar?  That used to be the United States Constitution but it is becoming increasingly nullified.  

Those of us who are are still in our homes are wondering whether we will be able to continue to afford continual PROPERTY TAX INCREASES along with UTILITIES and the load of PROPERTY RESTRICTIONS being imposed on those of us who are called PROPERTY OWNERS.  They may call us PROPERTY OWNERS but we are finding out that we are actually renting our dwellings here and very often at a much higher and ever increasing cost of living. 

I have also notice many of our elected representatives who really are "the elite" as they have more than heart could wish with several empty mansions.  Isn't that convenient?  

If you managed to read this far here take a look at how some Americans are downsizing:

Another good LINK I posted here some time ago on where we are going as a nation:

For those of us who believe on The Lord Jesus Christ we have a house not made with hands:

For we know that if our earthly house of [this] tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

Are we going to be able to live a QUIET AND PEACEABLE LIFE IN ALL GODLINESS AND HONESTY much longer?

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, [and] giving of thanks, be made for all men;
For kings, and [for] all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
---I TIMOTHY 2.1-2


World War III Preview

Global Banking Cartel to spawn World War III
Dr. Jerome Corsi who writes for World Net Daily explains how WORLD WAR III is being constructed by the globalist banking cartel.  It's interesting how people are willing to receive this new government.  Sounds like the man of sin the son of perdition to me:

GOOGLE and YOU TUBE to remove "Terrorist Material"

Say goodbye to TERRORIST BLOGSPOTS and TERRORIST YOU TUBE CHANNELS.  I have never seen one myself but certainly our government knows what's best for us:

Senator Joe Lieberman on behalf of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs has requested GOOGLE CEO Larry Page to take action on BLOGSPOTS and YOU TUBE CHANNELS:


Gerald Celente Reveals MF Global Theft

Santa Rally or Santa Sell-off?

Herman Cain The 999 Candidate


Bob Chapman Intelligence Updates

Silver $70 Says James Turk


James Turk calling this chart a BULLISH FLAG and says SILVER will go to $70 quickly.  He says enjoy the ride and get ready for higher prices:$70.html


Monday, November 28, 2011


  • Christians
  • Helping
  • Retailers
  • In
  • Sales
  • Myth
  • And
  • Superstition 

    Check out the Santa Claus School in Michigan.  That's where the trolls live, I live on the other side of the Lake. :-)

      MF Global Investors Speak Out

      Thank you for shopping at Wal Mart

      America really is a CONSUMER DRIVEN culture:

      Free markets have been destroyed

      There is no such thing as INVESTING anymore. 

      Marc Faber reports that the governments control the world markets:

      Marc Faber was interviewed on King World News again and we will likely have to wait a week for the AUDIO FILE to be uploaded as usual.  If The News UNIT interviewed Marc Faber I'd have it up within a few minutes:,_Just_Government_Manipulation.html 

      CEO's "Bonuses for Bankruptcies" will Continue:

      It's time to let it sink in that when the governments manipulate the world markets by high speed computer trading, criminal CEO's that receive "bonuses for bankruptcies" you know the only thing left to do is remove yourself entirely from the system as much as possible.  

      The News UNIT is requesting Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, and Bob Chapman to do a telephone, SKYPE, or Oovoo interview with me.  I can't make any promises other than it would be a timely upload here on The News UNIT.


      The love of many shall wax cold

      And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
      ---MATTHEW 24.12


      Crude Oil Spikes Above $100

      Looks like INFLATION:
      But then a few hours later it changes:


      QE3 called Third Easing

      Third Easing or Turd Easing?

      QE3 is now official and called by a new name: 

      Well that changes some things including:
      • DJIA 15,000
      • GOLD $3,000 and SILVER $75 to $100
      • War gets put on hold but rumors continue
      • O.P.E.C. will raise oil to $200
      • Obama will get elected a 2nd term
      • We head for the QUADRILLION DEBT LIMIT



      Listen to Alex Jones LIVE (and CONTINUOUS RETRANSMISSION)

      You want to know what's going on in detail?  LISTEN TO THIS!

      Sunday, November 27, 2011

      Man is scared

      The ELITE want to kill and they lust for blood:

      ...all they that hate me love death.
      ---PROVERBS 8.36

      The wicked do not fear the LORD:

      In the fear of the LORD [is] strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge. ---PROVERBS 14.26

      A good place to be is at peace with God in these perilous times:

      Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:  ---ROMANS 5.1


      Bob Chapman on the Explosive Current Events

      Bob Chapman along with Ted Anderson on the Dr. Deagle Show discuss the current events of global economic conflict with the U.S.A., Europe, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, Syria, wrong move and it's WORLD WAR III:  

      PART 2
      PART 3


      Communication Breakdowns Likely Ahead

      The current and very real threats of world economic collapse and both war globally and here in the U.S.A. coupled with civil unrest comes an awareness that we could lose the ability to maintain communications services as we know them.  You cannot count on the internet and cell phone service to maintain operational continuity with what is likely to start here soon.  As a result you will have to revert to the old standard methods of information gathering and for that I recommend you to watch the following video:

      Some of us including myself are amateur radio operators or "ham radio operators".  It is important that you have a receiver that receives both the standard AM and FM bands along with the SHORTWAVE BANDS which are from 3 to 30MHz inclusive.  Historically on amateur radio there was a place where THE LIBERTY NET congregated and may in fact resurface during times of national emergency.  Look around 3.950MHz and also 14.300MHz and 14.313MHz should the need arise.  A good book to read would be "Passport to World Band Radio".   

      Also get a HANDHELD SCANNER with both VHF and UHF frequencies for local emergency communication monitoring. 


      MF Global and The Chicago Mafia Enterprise

      I think Gerald Celente is right this market will be propped up until Christmas.  After that LOOK OUT BELOW!


      Pakistan Turns Against U.S.A.

      Operation World War 3

      The U.S.A. is going to be a GLOBAL CURSE after all of our killings and conquests in the name of "making the world safe for democracy".  Many of the elite hate each other as pointed out by Pastor Lindsey Williams and soon the bombs are going to fly again.  This time it will get real ugly both with internal U.S. conflict with several combinations of chaos involving civil unrest, emergency executive orders, martial law, and even unorganized civil war... 

      Pakistan tells U.S.A.F. to get out: 

      The global conflict begins now and keep your eyes on Israel, Syria, Iran, China, India, and others...

      Marc Faber recently said war is coming:


      Middle East and Iran War Coming Says Marc Faber

      Marc Faber says: "We are all doomed!"

      Marc Faber is not worried because he's DIVERSIFIED.  He is fully prepared to live on less money in times ahead.  When the S&P500 drops to 1000 or 950 then you will see QUANTATIVE EASING.  Now here is a guy that's right up there with the elite in the world and he's throwing out hints:


      Here comes Santa Claus Rally?



      Stocks rise on Best Buy holiday sales:

      Last week shoppers almost kill each other again in the current DEPRESSION.  Or is it RECESSION? 

      Now Germany and France are reporting a "STABILITY PACT":


      Beans, Bullets, and Bullion

      Some say this is THE END GAME:

      With the threat of a global economic meltdown comes a last ditch effort underway to save tangible assets and commodities such as gold and silver as global fiat currencies are being questioned as having any intrinsic value.

      Recently Canadian billionaire Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management in Canada announced his plans to purchase $1.5 BILLION dollars worth of physical silver bullion. This announcement comes in a time when the world markets are in disarray as the breakup of the Euro threatens to catapult the global economy into destruction triggering a domino effect of catastrophic computer sell off algorithms. 

      How much SILVER and GOLD should people own?

      Sit back, REMAIN CALM, relax, watch the stock market crash, watch a few YOU TUBE videos, and buy some emergency SILVER and GOLD when you see fit.  I got to thinking about GOLD and SILVER here and I figure it would be good to have 12 ounces of GOLD and at least 365 ounces of SILVER for an economic emergency.  Why I picked those numbers?

      I picked those numbers because I figure it's an INSURANCE POLICY and not an INVESTMENT.  I'm guessing an economic default would last about a year so then one ounce of GOLD per month would be good for barter and/or one ounce of SILVER per day for barter.  

      It's obvious that most of us couldn't afford to get both but you may be able to afford to get one or the other or perhaps both.  Do the math and this is just an idea.  And remember a good question to ask is:  HOW MUCH CAN I ACTUALLY CARRY WITH ME?...developing...

      A friend of mine wrote me and said:

      I keep saying it but people either ignore it or don't like the reality I preach.

      We are rapidlly approcahing the point when THE WORLD RUNS OUT OF INDUSTRIAL QUANTITIES of silver. There will be almost none left to be mined and that in industry can BOT be reclaimed. Unlike gold where 99% is reclaimed less than 1% fo silver is reclaimed. It is used in minute amounts meaning the expense of reclaiming silver from things like ofl integrated circuits or tiny parts in watches would cost thousands of dollar per ounce to reclaim. NOT going to happen.

      You can't grow it and nothing will substitute for it.

      Until that day arrives criminal governments, Goldman Sachs, IMF and many other can and will set the price to whatever they like.

      The price setting of supply and demand does not apply in illegal monopoly schemes.

      Fortunately the earth will run our of silver anywhere from next month to five years from now. The amount of silver is now a "secret" as of November 1st. We had less than one year's of silver remaining for industry at that time and miners were reporting new silver was DROPPING in spite of a tripling of mining (of all metals -- a silver mine is now very rare - most silver is found in very small quantities mixed with zinc, iron, etc

      Forecasting future prices is foolish. Like forecasting a Las Vegas card game where the dealer is cheating with marked cards.

      WHEN we run out and not until then and price is set by supply and demand will price become honest.

      Those who are investors just need patience. Those who are speculators and gamblers should get out of a game that is fixed by the house; Criminals all.

      Some people have crazy ideas about guns. BTW - in some states "concealed weapon" means just that. Concealed. A lady lost her hand gun permit after her sweater blew open at a football game showing her gun for a brief moment. A gun nut saw it happen. We all need to remain active in the NRA and make sure the 2nd Amendment is never touched. Without it the other amendments are worthless.


      Silver skyrockets 2% in 7 minutes

      W.W.S.D.?  (What will Sprott do?) Will he buy?

      Is the Gun Grab Coming to the U.S.A.?

      The government loves peaceful protesters:

      Look at how all the sheep line up and hand in their guns and then talk tough.  Yea right! :-)


      Behold the Israelites on Shofar Mountain

      Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!

      According to Pastor Dowell:

      All you have to do is repent and get your name written down in the Lamb's book of life.  They are buliding buidings and a community and are going to get it done before "the king" comes.  Looks like the king needs a stick built kingdom here on earth?

      Are these "Israelites" seeking a country?  An heavenly or earthly?

      But now they desire a better [country], that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.
      ---HEBREWS 11.16

      Methinks Pastor Dowell should read The News UNIT and learn the gospel of the grace of God according to the scriptures:

      To the ignorant of God's righteousness 


      Eric Sprott Speaks

      Sprott says get in GOLD and SILVER
      Your money is not safe in the banks
      Sprott is waiting for the right time to buy

      Eric Sprott, President and CEO of Sprott Asset Management has made some very large headlines over the last week both with his announcement to purchase $1.5 BILLION in SILVER BULLION: 
      Eric Sprott has also made headlines as he petitioned silver producers to store their money in SILVER rather than in BANKS:  

      Eric King of King World News said this interview was delayed due to the holiday but is now available here:
      Eric Sprott AUDIO FILE

      The News UNIT is expecting that Sprott will make his purchase very soon on this next buying opportunity. 

      The American Taxpayer just bought GOLD and SILVER and didn't know it.  And they can buy it again from the U.S. Mint.  See how this works?

      The U.S. Mint recently purchased $1.25 BILLION of GOLD and SILVER with TAXPAYERS MONEY to fund their operation.  Could December be another RECORD SALES MONTH for the U.S. Mint? 


      The Rogue Trader

      Directly from Wall Street:


      BrotherJohnF's Confusion

      Is anyone dizzy yet?

      ...$68 to $100 to $21.50 and $27.00 to now above $50 again...

      Or is this THE SILVER INDEX?

      BrotherJohnF and others are continually trying to give a technical analysis in uncharted and manipulated territory of today's electronically manipulated market.  You might as well throw darts at a dart board and see what you come up with in all these prices:  He's been all over the place with $21.50, $27.00, building a base above $50, $68 to $100, etc.  People are treating silver as if it is some kind of MARKET INDEX.  Maybe James Turk or John Embry will have a dollar value forecast update soon on King World News?  Here's what Jim Sinclair said recently about charts and outlooks:

      from Jim Sinclair’s Commentary:
      "I am always amazed by how bearish people become because of lines and squiggles on their charts at what could easily be the head fake of all time. Personally, gold is the only asset that stands to survive a Euroland unwind. The contagion in the financial sense would be global. Hold you insurance regardless of how prestigious the newly converted bear is."


      Pakistan tells U.S.A.F. to get out

      World War III is brewing! 

      What happens when most of the nations turn against the U.S.A. WORLD POLICE?  I think it's coming and we are going to be hated worldwide: 


      Saturday, November 26, 2011

      National Defense Authorization Act

      S. 3081; S.1867 and various other provisions and legislative manipulations:

      A unique group of BILLS is moving along to change Amerika:

      Our U.S. Representatives are hard at work enhancing the Obama administration's quest to destroy the United States of America and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  And some of you think Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones are conspiracy theorists?  READ AND WEEP Amerika:


      What is going on with HAARP?

      Find out what is going on with HAARP in a very in depth recent report...

      And the LORD said, Behold, the people [is] one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.
      ---GENESIS 11.6


      The News UNIT Highlights

      Recent POSTS on The News UNIT you don't want to miss:
      At least $1,000 silver coming!  BrotherJohnF updates his previous forecasts of $68 to $100 and the $21.50 reversal and says here comes $1...
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      Meet the man who fired the first shot around the world: Eric Sprott Sprott fires the SILVER BULLETS:
      SGTbull07 says $20.00 SILVER COMING BREAKING NEWS:   When others had opinions on the metals market they were turned into YOU TUBE for "hat...
      ALERT: Mike Maloney updates the recent pullback in GOLD and SILVER after receiving several recent requests...
      UPDATE: In addition to Bob Chapman's report on MF Global today It has been reported that Gerald Celente was taken in his gold investment...
      From IPO to BK in 4 Years Is MF Global really "global"? Here's a story for OCCUPY WALL STREET:  2,900 jobs in peril!  CEO Jon Corzine ...
      CLICK HERE FOR BREAKING NEWS and UPDATES. Forget computerized circuit breakers and market making and just let it play out.  We need a "fr...

      Precious Metals on Sale Soon


      Here's a scrap gold buyer that tells it like it is: