Friday, November 25, 2011

Eric Sprott Declares War on Banks

Now this is BIG NEWS for SILVER:
Eric Sprott Petitions Silver Producers to Boycott Banks

Eric Sprott has petitioned silver producers with a letter requesting they store their money in SILVER rather than CASH in banks.  Now here is where you have to start to pay attention:

There is an AUDIO INTERVIEW with Eric Sprott but Eric King from King World News usually takes a few days to upload this time critical information for some reason.  Why he gets The KWN Weekly Metals Wrap up right away but delays everything else is beyond my understanding....


ONE PROBLEM with Eric Sprott:  He's only a BILLIONAIRE and as GLOBAL DEBT climbs through the TRILLIONS it's next stop is QUADRILLIONS.  So for Eric Sprott to tip the scales in PRECIOUS METALS against the WORLD BANKS will be met with some resistance:

Sprott could ignite a huge physical demand in SILVER:

Sprott still has intentions of purchasing $1.5 BILLION in SILVER.  The News UNIT is monitoring this transaction concerning the PSLV: