Saturday, November 26, 2011

Silver vs. Currency War

Meet the man who fired the first shot around the world:

I think he just might have started something very big.  How big?

Normally men like Ron Paul who defend the U.S. Constitution against all forms of enemies and Eric Sprott who also is not afraid to take on the banks were historically removed by the precious metals of copper and lead.

This will be an interesting next few weeks because I think that's all the time needed for this to develop.

Some say there are statements and interviews forthcoming regarding this MAJOR BREAKING DEVELOPMENT in PRECIOUS METALS.  The News UNIT is monitoring several sources including:
  • Peter Schiff
  • David Morgan
  • Mike Maloney
Remember GOLD and SILVER are falling with the U.S. Stock Market right now.  Silver may go down to some very historic lows here and then Eric Sprott and other large investors are going to load up and corner the market putting a very large demand on the physical market and probably shortages....