Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sean Turnbull CRIES WOLF again for COLLAPSE


Now the BIG BAD WOLF arrives and NOBODY CARES 

Sean Turnbull says all of these things they are going to talk about are true.  But there's a very big problem here as these PUMPERS and FEAR MONGERS have been crying wolf for a long time now and most people are not caring anymore.  What will happen now as NOBODY CARES?

The Sons of Liberty cult is hard at work deceiving and being deceived.  Sad thing is they have actually used TRUTH with their LIES and continue to make merchandise of people unawares.  

And so now these messengers say that the BANKS ARE GEARING UP FOR THE COLLAPSE.  What collapse?  Where?  Cyprus?  Panama?  Greece?  The U.S.A.?

Listen to Sean Turnbull talk with his guest Dave Hodges here talk about the banks gearing up for the collapse.  Will they be disappointed this week? 

Who is this Dave Hodges?  He is a SOCIOLOGY TEACHER that is studying EFFECTING SOCIAL CHANGE:  

Some of the TOPICS in the VIDEO BELOW are:
  • The power grid shutdown in October
  • Civil unrest
  • 3/4 of Americans are going to start shooting everyone
  • firearms
  • food
  • emergency preparedness
  • false flags


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