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Thursday, June 26, 2014


World War III is just beginning

The GLOBAL MEDIA is avoiding the subject

Is  this over CRUDE OIL or something greater?

I've noticed that the mainstream GLOBAL MEDIA is generally complacent about reporting this Iraq war.  It really is a war.  People are getting killed and many are beheaded upon capture.  Perhaps there are some Christians in Iraq that are being beheaded to fulfill the prophecy in the Book of Revelation?  Either way the media is at their assigned posts reporting what the governments tell them to do.  Those of us who are on the outside do not and will not know the facts.  We (especially here in the U.S.A.) will only reap the cost benefits of taxes and other legislation to fund the new war effort as the world's top cop sets out to police these nations.

And now at least 6 countries are involved in this.  I count more actually as it seems we already have the beginning of World War III upon us and more will soon be participating as soon as the missiles and weapons of mass destruction begin to be unleashed.

One thing every thinking person should do especially here in the U.S.A. is be on HIGH ALERT for terrorist attacks and the related false flag events.  Be especially careful while in and around populated areas and assemblies of persons.  Whatever this ISIS is they are well funded financially and have the power to cause some considerable damage.  Couple this with our current Obama government working to wipe out the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and we have some real problems on the horizon.


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