Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gold and Silver were literally attacked today

This was a war by THE FED against Ron Paul:

Ron Paul and his SILVER ROUND vs. THE FED

The stock market today really didn't have a substantial sell-off today and nor was there any major news catalyst to propel any sell-off in a certain sector EXCEPT THIS:
Notice the S&P500 and DJIA didn't sell-off neither did the dollar rally much:

Ron Paul was questioning Ben Bernanke today and held up a one ounce silver round and showed what it's buying power was compared to years ago and THE FED stepped in and electronically declared war on precious metals.  There is no other explanation and it was a demonstration of force to show what they can do:

An Electronic Terrorist Attack

So what we have today is a demonstration of force by The Federal Reserve to devalue gold and silver.  GOLD and SILVER are GOING DOWN FOLKS!

And now you know THE REST OF THE STORY.

Not only is the media attacking Ron Paul in his campaign but we have inside collusion going on with Bernanke to coordinate an electronic attack on gold and silver today per Ron Paul's comments.  There really is no other explanation for this.  Furthermore I would expect this to continue now because statistics show only 1% of Americans own any gold and silver and the FED wants to take down those who support the U.S. Constitution and Ron Paul for president by convincing them through their electronic terrorist warfare to believe on this system of debt and destruction of freedom and liberty.

Other reactions to today's terrorist attack on gold and silver were from YOU TUBE below:

All eyes on a Mitt Romney/Ron Paul ticket:

The News UNIT believes that this could be the next scenario in the election campaign:  

Since the FED declared electronic war on gold and silver today, Mitt Romney and the Mormons might actually rise up to promote gold and silver which they already love.  Keep in mind the legislation recently in both Utah and Colorado to make gold and silver legal tender (or money) as a means of exchange in those states.  This could be the beginning of a very notable battle and you may see some incredible price volatility that you have never seen before.   Perhaps Ben Bernanke and the banksters are going somewhere they did not expect?  Just food for thought.

Mr. Raw Doglet's new SILVER STRATEGY:

Calm down Schaef.  It was manipulation today in a big way.  It was a terrorist attack by the FED:


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