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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obama hands out Obama-phones in Cleveland

He gave us a phone, he's going to do more...

Get your Obama CELL PHONE and vote for Obama---YEEEAHH BABY!  CRANK DAT OBAMA PHONE!

Lets turn the U.S.A into an entire culture of LOW MINORITY and FOOD STAMP servants.  Vote Obama! 

How about an entire nation of niggas, bitches, and hoes too?  Oh it's already happening.  Let's go get some bitches says this young boy:

The new Obama-culture of the U.S.A. is spreading rapidly.  More bitches, hoes, niggas, sluts, M-Fers and so forth.  We even have an URBAN ONLINE DICTIONARY with terms and definitions today:

Washington D.C. and the nation is catching onto this: 

Perhaps these programs and messages are being endorsed by JPM? 

It's all about Obama and the Obama-phone:
This culture is also spreading into the Dallas, Texas area as Raw Dog sings about his EBT CARD:

Here's the kind of YOU TUBE videos that don't get censored about "bitches" and so forth.  It's the new culture in America:
Learn about hoes here:

Even The News UNIT knows how to address the bitches and hoes in a news brief.  I'm catching on slowly.  Sorry it took so long folks:


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