Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Give Your Heart A Break

Here's a song you will hear at least 1,000 more times this month and next.  I've seen quite a bit of real estate over the last few weeks across the Midwest and I'm convinced that there are more "bitches" and "hoes" than ever before in history....more later...

ALSO:  They try to mask her saying "...when your lips are on my ASS..."  I guarantee it! :-) 

Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids.
---PROVERBS 6.25

The United States of America is being transformed into the land of bitches, hoes, niggas, mother-Fers, and the list goes on as sluts are exalted and soon we will have open perversion in full view.  It's soon coming folks!  You who think Jesus is some effeminate white guy pervert faggot have another guess coming.  He will set you in order when he comes! 

Kiss my royal ass bitch! 

And to those of you ass holes that read my blog and know me in real life especially those of you who are my enemies I say FUCK OFF with you.  I'm enjoying my retirement now.  Go slave on losers! 

I personally like REMIX versions of songs. I call it "dance party music" which is really what it is. Today's idiots who like to exalt niggas, hoes, and bitches, are about as brain dead as they get.  Superman dat hoe! :-)


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