Friday, December 2, 2011

Get out of all paper assets NOW!

Meet Ann Barnhardt:

Ann Barnhardt is a commodity broker who recently shut down her commodity brokerage because of the MF GLOBAL collapse and her concerns of the current corrupt financial system.  Read her letter to clients, colleagues, and friends:

So far it appears this woman is right.  She makes more sense than many a man these days but I will obviously continue to review this subject further.  Listen to this AUDIO MESSAGE of urgency HERE: 

So what's this all about?  It's about the many things few people are paying attention to as usual---LISTEN!

I love her stand on the Koran! :-)
Where have you been Ann?  Are you married yet? Come on over and shoot some guns with me.  I'm sure you could teach me a few things...?  I would that there were more women like this!  You sure know how to fix that bacon!

The only way to fix this is... 

The News UNIT pays attention to details (at times).  Yes Ann the emergence of a new exchange is coming in the U.S.A. and I can confirm your mentioning of Dallas, Texas although the details have yet to be revealed...

...more to follow...

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