Sunday, April 29, 2012


The new "GLOBAL SECURITY FORCE" is coming:
Vigorous training of INFO-BABES.  Notice the camera man doing obeisance:

BREAKING NEWS:  There is an expected announcement that the TSA is hiring all women in light of their own scandals to prevent not only national but global embarrassment.  TSA officials are concerned that an increase in sex scandals is spreading from the U.S. Secret Service and military and may now seep into Homeland Security.  This way the men won't refuse pat-down checks and even women won't feel uncomfortable about their experience. 

These women will be armed and dangerous but they will be screened thoroughly by former CIA double-agent Alex Jones who will now be appointed to Chief TSA Administrator and responsible for screening and training the new hires. 

Even Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura are expected to start flying again and not be so sensitive to agents putting their hands down their pants.

The U.S. Military, CIA, Secret Service, Special Forces, nationwide law enforcement and other agencies are fully expected to change to an all woman INFO-BABE workforce.

And I thought Alex Jones didn't know what he was doing?  How foolish of me!
For my punishment I'll get me an INFO-BABE wife and stay at home, cook, and lift weights in the basement and provide stress relief for when she gets home later. 


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