Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alex Jones: What are you doing?


For every battle of the warrior [is] with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but [this] shall be with burning [and] fuel of fire.
---ISAIAH 9.5

Watch Amanda shoot her full auto rifle here.  You can rest assured that this is an "in your face" shot at the government and who do you think will win?  Alex Jones?  If you watch this she doesn't know much about that gun.  She's just showing off her cleavage to some of the pseudo-patriots who are nothing more than red-blooded Americans with these macho attitudes.  Even Paul Craig Robers would agree with me over Alex Jones on this---guaranteed.

Yea why is it you can have cheerleaders for football games and so forth?  You know why?  Because none of these people give a damn about guns and you know full well what this will ignite.  INFOBABES?  What next?  INFO-LESBOS? INFO-QUEERS? INFO-SWINGERS?  How about INFO-TERRORISTS?  I suppose the INFOBABES are going to be there in the trenches with you and your gang of militiamen hey Alex?  That's not smart.  But I suppose it's all part of the hidden agenda.  And that is my opinion to which I am entitled.

Am I scared?  Oh yea!...

Alex describes her as a powerful woman who loves freedom and is packing full-auto heat.

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price [is] far above rubies.
---PROVERBS 31.10

You want to know why this country will crumble?  Because we are raising up "INFOBABES" now.  There are more and more of these alleged "INFOBABES" and maybe even Alex can have an "INFOBABE PAGENT CONTEST" along with the reporter video contest?  I never thought I'd see him do this but I'm starting to believe now he might just be a double-agent for the CIA. 

This perverted society wants this with women.  They want these women to be sort a sexy gladiator type of dominant woman so they can feed their unbridled lust.  The INFOWARS team looks like the Secret Service perverts now.  They are no different.  Perhaps God is fixing to destroy America after all?  I'm beginning to think so. 

Get ready now:  Alex Jones will be promoting more INFOBABES and we will have to look at more tits and ass on INFOWARS and PRISONPLANET.  Hey it's all about filthy fiat money anyway right?  Sex sells. 

Truth is we don't have many lusty men of valor left in this country.  We now have women who will rule over us as the men (like Alex) have been turned into a piece of bread.  And they love to have it so:

For by means of a whorish woman [a man is brought] to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.
---PROVERBS 6.26

[As for] my people, children [are] their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause [thee] to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.
---ISAIAH 3.12 

Note:  The above verse in ISAIAH 3.12 does not have to do with the U.S.A. or alleged "spiritual Israel".  It has to do with God's physical covenant people--Israel.  However this same plague has spread across the globe now and the verse is profitable for our learning and our admonition.  (I CORINTHIANS 10.11; ROMANS 15.4) 

The problem is the people are dull of hearing and have heaped to themselves teachers having itching ears and have turned from the truth unto fables.  Be damned then!

And Alex Jones is carnal and he's not in Christ Jesus.  He's not even a "carnal Christian".   He comes straight out on his show and avoids the gospel of Christ while simple alleged Christians just pussy-foot around and wave the flag and exalt the U.S. Constitution above the word of God.  VOMIT!

...and that's my rant.   Here is a COMMENT on the Alex Jones Channel by one of these attitude Americans who are just as dangerous now as the gun grabbing government thugs are.  Anyone who disagrees with him and nevertheless knows what their talking about will be met with this type of remark:

Get a life douchebag! Alex Jones is a hero! And the girl in the video is practicing her right to have fire arms! The elites wants us unarmed so we're easy to kill! Well I got news for them, we the people know who they are and WE ARE ARMED SO FUKKEN DEAL WITH IT! Cant take advantage of someone when they have guns pointed at you from billions of pissed off people!
WeAreChangeLouisiana in reply to CubeRepublic (Show the comment) 14 minutes ago

This is one of those tough guys that will be first in line at the FEMA CAMP with his Budweiser in hand along with perhaps even a Johnsonville Bratwurst.  Typical BIG-MOUTH:

Here's another lustful and perverted COMMENT on sexy full-auto heat packing Amanda.  I'll be known as a boot-licking globalist for posting all this---good:

LOL I was gonna comment that despite this girl being everything a man could want for life, it wouldnt be a good idea if she won the contest because it would be an obvious target for mockery from the trolls and nay sayers. But you know what? A.J. is right! There should have a 'bikini girl with firearms' contest so this whole idea becomes popular and viral. Trolls and haters will always be the same, no matter what. I´d say screw the all the trolling and go full viral! Cheers from Brazil.

Maybe we will have a bunch of sexy "INFOBABES" who are either almost or completely naked running around to protect us from the criminal government?  Just imagine all the pieces of bread that are going to love this?  If anything shows the state of the Union, this does.


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