Friday, December 23, 2011

Ann Barnhardt Educates Peter Schiff

(The only woman with balls left:-)
NIA go home!  And all you penny pumpers that know nothing!  Shut up Peter and let her talk! Peter you're a wimp!---Really! You belong on Russia T.V. with the half-naked dollies!  

Everyone buy all the GOLD and SILVER you can carry---NOW!

(You can thank The News UNIT for being instrumental behind the scenes in bringing Ann to the forefront) 
IF there's one thing I learned most from this interview it is this:  PETER SCHIFF IS A POLITICIAN!---THAT'S ALL!  Ann is an American:

Ann:  You never answered my personal message!  Call me and I'll do an interview with you and let you get the message out without interruptions. Promise.

I remember posting Ann Barnhardt on The News UNIT on December 2, 2011. 
Then all of the sudden she was the topic of conversation among a certain group of SILVER and GOLD pumpers and alleged "truthers".  Now they are chasing after her like a bunch of ass clowns!  Well, I'm going to sit back and watch the show and watch these delicate men get owned by her.  Peter was probably sweating it out.  This will be entertaining! :-)  All men know how to do today is get on Young Turks or CNBC and drool over the Russian T.V. harlots.  They love to get on T.V. and shout at each other with vain jangling.  And the people that watch think highly of them?  What rot! 

STUDY and LEARN a few things from Ann Barnhardt.  She does have some tremendous zeal! 

I'm in Christ Jesus!
I'm not a nice person!  
And I got balls!