Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The deception of the OSAS Tim Henderson, Chelsi Bedell, Gregg Jackson cult rising rapidly

*****OSAS is a habitation of devils*****

God's strong delusion is on the way

...and they all think they're saved:

The Christian devils of OSAS and their alleged humor and spirit of entertainment:

The real LORD God and our Lord Jesus Christ is going to confound many here and he already has.  I told you these people are going to lose their minds and it's already starting to manifest...

This entire CULT of OSAS with Tim Henderson, Chelsi Bedell, Crissi Knox, Watchman on the Wall 88, Watchwoman 65, Robert Breaker, Gregg Jackson, Diamondustification, TrueSalvation, Defending the faith., Barry Scarbrouth, TOL End Times, Generation 2434, Wackadoodle Samoan, Mrs. Mustard Seed, and many more are really a habitation of devils and unclean spirits: