Sunday, November 28, 2021

TheNewsUNIT You Tube Channel shut down by You Tube for MEDICAL MISINFORMATION


TheNewsUNIT channel (on You Tube) shut down until FEBRUARY 26, 2022

I'm not a Medical Doctor nor do I give anyone medical advice and now I know what it's like to be shut down for whatever it is and I don't even know the specifics concerning what they accuse me of.  This is very strange indeed folks this CANCEL-CULTURE or whatever you call it:

All I remember is playing Michael Savage's video on his dog Teddy dying and watching that news video out of Houston from the news media on a nurse who was fired from her job. (SEE BELOW)

Welcome to the NEW NORMAL USA folks!

Maybe these 2 videos are FORBIDDEN to watch as WE THE PEOPLE are under different rules and subject to false accusations by You Tube algorithms? 

Here's something I posted on TWITTER having to do with Dr. Bary Bowden being suspended for treating COVID-19 patients.  It was an actual NEWS CONFERENCE on You Tube:

UPDATE:  This is my last video on TheNewsUNIT You Tube Channel.  As I review this again this was not the video You Tube cited for MEDICAL MISINFORMATION.  I'm confused now even further as to what I violated as this is my second strike for so-called MEDICAL MISINFORMATION.  What a joke!  I never even give out any medical advice-EVER!