Thursday, August 23, 2012

Texas Prepares For Civil War

*****NEWS ALERT***** 
Time to move to Texas!  I'm in!  I have all sorts of friends in Texas that are REAL BLOOD TEXANS.  I also have friends that have become Texans.  I've always been a Texan and am well received there.  Praise God, there's a place of safety:

Many of you dumb ass truthers and patriots wouldn't fit in in Texas.  You're too effeminate!  They will throw you out of town and ignore you completely.

Take a look at these men here.  These are men.  In case you haven't noticed they look like men too.  Real men like Texas! 

Keep an eye now on LUBBOCK COUNTY in Texas.  They may be surrounded one of these days by the Fed's like they did in Waco years ago.  Only one problem.  The people in Texas are many Cattlemen and have guns.  The rest of us are watching this too.  With great interest I might add:

Maybe it's time we make this election one that matters in the country.  How about it America?  Can you get off the Television and start checking The News UNIT, INFOWARS, and so forth?  There needs to be more than 20,000 people watching.  We need 200,000 Americans to wake up!  Vote these treasonous enemies out of office NOW!


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