Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NBC Promoting REVOLUTION series

The age of STRONG DELUSION begins

This is how utterly ridiculous our networks combine forces with Hollywood to make movies pertaining to our nation's destruction and revolution.  All this so people can watch it and get revved up and then make some alleged threatening comments on Facebook to trigger Homeland Security, or an FBI response team to forcibly detain them and drag them into a mental health facility for evaluation.  This get tough mentality comes from Hollywood trash producers who manufacture this nonsense:

This is why even though our government is getting increasingly ridiculous too the solution is to capitalize on it and just make more money and profits for advertising, etc. so the dumb sheep "we the people" can watch this nonsense and get a rush over it.  And you know what?  It actually works! 

What this really shows is that the majority of the world has lost it's mind and God shall send strong delusion now to give them exactly what they want.  They want terror and they will get a good measure of the terror of the Lord very soon enough.  Those of us with renewed minds in Christ Jesus may not like it but we shall prevail by our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.  His promises are sure and steadfast: 

The News UNIT calls on the FBI and Homeland Security to fully investigate NBC and Hollywood and issue TEMPORARY DETENTION ORDERS FOR MENTAL HEALTH PURPOSES to anyone involved in the production and promotion of this type of offensive and threatening entertainment.  

There is one exception to this:  If it is their U.S. Constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression with this violence then leave them alone and also leave "we the people" alone along with those Veteran "we the people" who have recently been detained without committing any crime or evidence of damage from their actions:


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