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Friday, August 24, 2012

How the FBI Soviets Detained Brandon Raub

The Psycho-theraputic Police State in America

This is no joke here as Alex Jones has guests now from the Rutherford Institute and other credible sources.  Alex is now entering into the thick of this case regarding Veteran Marine Brandon Raub:

Judge says there were no factual allegations to have this man detained.  Meanwhile a psychiatrist threatens Brandon telling him he's going to brainwash him and force medications on him:  

Notice how on Facebook you are being watched, you can be picked up for not committing a crime and committed to a mental institution or prison.  According to Attorney John Whitehead this is happening to thousands and thousands of people across The United States Of America: 

psychiatrist crazy's on on the loose in america, psychiatry is nothing but a fake science, thud, experiment, psychiatry, most psychiatrists these days are "schizophrenia. 'Psychiatrists love defining new disorders and creating more and more. Psychiatry is pseudoscience (fake) and a waste of money in society. It serves Psychiatrists who are the evil minions of the whatever hell-spawn their mental illness wants to believe in the fake 'scientific progress' with freedom hating psychs.
markhansel1 18 minutes ago


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