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Friday, August 24, 2012

Who and where is this "Syrian Girl"? I want to know...

I want to know how this chick in Syria can get on the internet.  Is she in the U.S. Embassy?  Or is she down the hall from Alex laughing and joking around while drinking a Tangy Tangerine?  I really would like to know:

  • I don't like how she's laughing on camera and wonder why she's lauging. What the fuck is really going on here? Is this a bunch of bullshit?
  • It's easy to laugh when your in no danger, she doesn't live in Syria she has family still there. Any information she may have comes from second hand news via family. The only reason she's on the Alex Jones show is because she's good looking and Alex obviously has an eye for the ladies. Is this called disraction tactics?
I don't think Syrian Girl is in Syria.  If we find out what's going on with her what do we do with INFOWARS?  Do we believe them anymore?  Seems Syria has some real problems right now.  Take a look here.  WARNING GRAPHIC:


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