Saturday, August 18, 2012

Alex Jones and INFOWARS teams up with The Morning Myan?

I hope not!

I just saw this on ALEX JONES FAVORITES on YOU TUBE.  Maybe he's just studying videos for information gathering? 
Beware if Alex Jones joins up with this "Morning Myan" chick and probably her pal David Acton (the actor). Does she call herself "samanthawonderful" now?  

Keep an eye on INFOWARS because they have been snuggling up to many of these misinformation specialists like "G4T" and so forth.  There certainly is a strong delusion moving around.  I think I know what this is all about since I have the Spirit of God:

Hang some cleavage out too why don't you?  Maybe get it on with "Syrian Girl" too for a little entertainment for the INFOWARS GENTLEMAN'S CLUB:

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