Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Milwaukee Mayor and Sheriff Meet on CNN with Piers Morgan

British Accredited Judge Piers Morgan Presiding 
We The People are watching closely

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appear here on CNN with the mouthy Brit Piers Morgan.  

I haven't even watched this yet and here's what I have to say about it:

Piers Morgan wants to sport against we the people and continue to wreak havoc with the Constitution Of The United States Of America and The Bill Of Rights.  This is an example of government by talk shows, media propaganda and public opinions NOT BASED ON leaders upholding their OATH OF OFFICE but on reinventing this new spirit of American democracy which is moving to completely abolish the Constitutional Republic and blend it into the global community of The New World Order:

This interview will clearly show who the enemies of America are and who those are that represent we the people and take their OATH OF OFFICE seriously:
Now I watched the video above as every American worth their salt should do while these enemies of The U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights are assaulting the freedom and liberty of we the people.  It's really time to know your sheriff and whether they stand to uphold their OATH OF OFFICE of which they affirm:

My Letter to Sheriff David Clarke

Dear Mr. Clarke:

First of all I'm just a nobody. I'm one of "we the people" here in the United States Of America. But I have a personal interest in this nation and the current threat from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Today I telephoned your office but you were not available to take the call. Later I came home and I see that the court of public opinion with Judge Piers Morgan presiding managed to try and make sport of you on the CNN public opinion platform.

Thank you for what certainly appears to be upholding your OATH OF OFFICE and I'm wondering upon further study whether you have more authority in Milwaukee County than some people actually realize.

This all deserves further study as we the people are concerned at various enemies rising up against the Constitution of The United States Of America and The Bill Of Rights.

Thank you for taking a stand against that enemy Brat who hates Americans and our freedom. You are a brave soul.  Onward!

And may God bless you and your family.

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David Casper
The News UNIT


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