Friday, June 21, 2013

Next week's Wall Street rally is coming

Don't hesitate to LOAD THE BOAT 

The DJIA is going to keep charging up now as INSIDERS ARE BUYING STOCKS.  This recent pullback was just a little SHAKE OUT--nothing more, nothing less.  It's time to load up long and strong now:

Personally I don't believe in all the GLOOM AND DOOM although I look at various news items here the bottom line is that the U.S. economy is moving onward and there's no way you can sink this ship because the corporations and big government will not let that happen.  So rejoice and don't ring the register until DJIA 20,000:

What to do with GOLD and SILVER?

The King World News sentiment is moving toward CASH MONEY now. Take a look: 

And so government theft of assets is coming

At the risk of sounding off some gloom and doom I would say that we are all going to keep profiting from the FED POLICY and yet after some time they will chop our holdings at 50% with some emergency announcement and everybody will lose.  Some kind of devaluation is in the works so if you can make money and time it right you better get out and buy something tangible fast. 

Don't worry keep stackin'....