Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Australian Calvary Chapel Pastor talks CURRENT EVENTS and BIBLE PROPHECY

Where are the pastors today?

Why do they seem to have no power today?

I've noticed that it is very difficult to find an American pastor who handles today's CURRENT EVENTS and BIBLE PROPHECY while preaching the word of God.  If you find anyone, please let me know.  Occasionally Pastor James Knox in DeLand, Florida and Pastor Charles Lawson in Knoxville, Tennessee can handle today's current events along with Pastor Steve Van Nattan near Austin, Texas.  The rest of them I find wanting:  

If you find anyone else that is at least providing some good warnings and exhortations in this present evil day please let me know:

Why can't the pastors calm the storms and tornadoes?

Pastors such as Pastor Paul Begley who are filled with the Holy Spirit and have the power to do all manner of signs and wonders cannot even calm the storms:

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