Saturday, February 27, 2016

Advice from a TAX REBEL named Ann Barnhardt

Anne Barnhardt a true patriotic scoundrel

And by the way Ann Barnhardt is a conspiracy theorist:


Anne Barnhardt openly confesses that she no longer pays unconstitutional taxes to the IRS or even files any tax returns anymore since she has decided against submitting to America's criminal government system, etc. Ms. Barnhardt here is complaining also about how conspiracy theorists (in her definition) have been causing mischief but then she goes on to give her own conspiracy theories about what is coming upon the world here as everything falls apart.

She's likely terrified now because she will head to prison soon for her decisions to remain a TAX REBEL and she will have to be a hero eventually behind bars with her pocket U.S. CONSTITUTION.  Sounds like she wants a revolution besides and expounds on how these things should take place as our economy is collapsing and our privacy is being eliminated.

Good luck Ann!  I'm glad we will go cashless soon so it might be better served to keep people honest.  No more filthy dirty money full of germs isn't necessarily a bad idea:

Have a listen now to the words of wisdom of the disgruntled Roman Catholic Ann Barnhardt. She's actually right about some things but her self righteousness has already condemned her. It's too late now to salvage America and this world.  It is set on its course now as the scripture must needs be fulfilled:  

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